Music of My Soul

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The weeks that followed Thanksgiving were hectic, but in a happy, heart-warming way. Ran threw himself into the Christmas scene, enjoying it to the fullest; celebrating, participating, in a way he had never before. He and Yohji were together, Aya was awake, he found himself immersed in the joy of the season as he’d never imagined. He and Aya took it upon themselves to be “secret santa” to one and all, gleeful in a way that just blew Yohji’s mind. They even pressed him into service... Band members would find small packages anywhere from perched carefully on the drum set to carefully interlaced into guitar strings, to tucked under doors or windshield wipers. Nagi and Manx would get silly deliveries at all hours of the day, either in person or anonymous electronic gift certificates from various retailers. It took a bit before the gang figured out that it was Ran and Aya, Ran’s stoic calm broken only by the twinkle he could not dampen. Finally, the bouncing hyper-excited Aya just could contain herself no longer and the secret was out. Thus, the “elves” recruited more helpers for the biggest “visit from santa” yet....


Arriving the week before Christmas for their move, Schu and Brad were pleasantly surprised to find several small gifts in each room of the condo as they made their way through the home turning on lights, bringing in luggage and sleeping bags. In every room they discovered housewarming candles, new kitchen and bath towels, a small decorated tree.... They’d arrived two days ahead of schedule, wanting just a little special alone time in their new home before letting the others know they’d arrived. A day to two with sleeping bags since they’d arrived ahead of the furniture was so worth it to have that quiet personal time alone for their first night in their new home.  In the kitchen they found pasta, sauces, and other staples stocked in the cabinets, duly decorated with ribbons and bows, and two six-packs each of Bud and Pepsi in the fridge festively wrapped. Drawn by soft light spilling from the open door at the end of the hall, they entered the room they’d dubbed the rec room to find the biggest surprise yet....


There in the center of the room sat a new, pristine pool table, with a big red envelope propped in the center against the ball wrack triangle. Walking toward the table a stunned Schuldig took in the foos-ball table in one corner and several bar stools in another. Wide eyed, Schuldig opened the card:




The little love packages all over the place are the work of Santa’s newest work-aholic elves, Ran and Aya, who are entirely too wrapped up in this whole thing. But anyway, the rec room set up is from all of us. A Christmas slash homewarming slash “bonding” gift. Pull the curtain on the wall behind you to finish it off.  We love you man, and we’re happy you’re here with us, and that you and Brad are happy. Call us once you’re settled, and Christmas dinner will be at our place, no arguments. See ya Schu,




Bemused, Schuldig handed the card to Brad and turned to the wall behind him. A curtain was draped over the wall with a braided cord attached. He hadn’t even noticed the hanging, taken in completely by the pool table in the center. Reaching for the pull cord with the “pull me” tag attached he glanced at Brad who’d just lowered the card. Pulling the rope gently, Schu gasped aloud as the curtain fell. “Son of a-”


There, recessed into the wall was a large LCD screen, and below it a brushed aluminum sound system. The screen had a sticky note in the center “press play” it read, with a large arrow pointing to the remote perched on top of the DVD player below. Schu’s hand trembled as he reached for the remote and Brad stepped forward to take Schu into his embrace from behind. Pulling him back against his chest, Brad rested his chin on Schu’s shoulder. “some surprise huh Babe?” He asked with a smile.


Shaking his head, Schu chuckled and leaned back into Brad’s warmth. “It’s amazing Brad, just.... wow.” He reveled in Brad’s chuckled “You’re speechless, incredible,” and pressed play. The screen came to life and Yohji’s warm, rich laugh filled the room. The whole gang stood around the pool table, smiling at the camera as Ran’s distinctive red hair came into view as he made his way around from behind the camera to nestle into

Yohji’s arms, much as Schu rested in Brad’s now.


Jei cleared his throat significantly , then raised a hand with a silent count “1” ... “2” ... “Merry Christmas – housewarming – bonding!” they all sang out, then burst into laughter. Jei’s voice called them to order. “Schu. Welcome to LA. You too Brad.” He said dryly then yelped as Ken elbowed him in the ribs and laughed, “Really. Especially you Brad, since it is your vision that brought the two of you here so we can all be together. Chances are you are seeing this a night or two before the trucks come, if I know Schuldig. And I do. If you haven’t made it to the master bedroom yet, surprise. We set up an air mattress for you guys.  If we’re wrong and you waited for the trucks,well, I doubt that, but if so and we are all watching this with you, then forget that part, I took it down before Yohji could test it. “


“Jei!” Ran snapped, “of course Yohji wo-“


“Hmm,” Yohji’s laugh cut Ran off as he turned Ran around in his embrace. “Should we christen the place for them Babe?”


“NO!” came a chorus from the group before Ran could protest. Yohji chuckled darkly and looked straight to the camera, “Well, now you’ll wonder won’t you Schu?”


“No. He wont.” Ran sternly glared at Yohji then turned back round to the camera. “You wont wonder Schu, Brad, I promise.” He glared back over his shoulder at Yohji a bit then relaxed back against him with a huff.


Aya giggled and waved. “Well. We will see you guys in a bit if we’re not watching this with you. Manx and I will be over with breakfast Friday before the trucks are due to arrive. Not too early, around 9-ish. Sleep well. She and Ran and I have a whole stack of bonding ceremony things to go over with you guys. Bye!” She turned to take Yuushi’s hand, leading him out the doorway, “c’mon Yuushi, you’re buying me lunch.”


“Of course beautiful, anything you want.” Yuushi bowed gracefully and kissed her hand. Giggling, she led him from the room.


Ran’s fond gaze followed them out, then Manx came forward. She waved brightly, “Merry early Christmas guys, we’ll see you Friday,” then she, too, was gone. Omi and Nagi left hand in hand with a cheerful call from Omi, “Can’t wait until you’re living here, part of us again Schu, welcome home”


Jei, Ken and Yohji straightened up a bit as they left, all three solemnly looking a moment at the camera. Ken spoke first, “You’re our brother Schuldig. We love you man, you know that. By extension, we love Brad too. You’re family now, ceremony or not. Thanks. Like Jei said, thanks for moving him here. These two” he nudged against Jei and hooked a thumb over at Yohji, “They need you around even more than the rest of us I think. Anyway, welcome home. Hope you like the rec area, don’t worry. We’ll break it in for ya real good soon enough.” He flashed a grin, then took Jei’s hand and tugged a bit.


Jei watched the screen a moment then, “Yes. Welcome home Schuldig. Finally.” He turned and followed Ken from the room.


Ran remained quiet, content in Yohji’s arms. Yohji smiled at the camera. “It’s good that you’re back with us man. Email just doesn’t cut it, ya know? I hope you’re both happy here. And judging by the way your eyes light up when you touch Brad, I am guessing you’d be happy in a shack as long as he was there with you. Merry Christmas, and happy bonding. Both of you.” He kissed the top of Ran’s head and Ran smiled, “Merry Christmas.” Ran flashed a quick grin, then his eyes softened, “And,happy bonding. You really are good together. We’ll be here with Aya Friday too. See you then.” He stepped forward and turned off the camera and the screen went blank.


“Wow” Brad murmured. Schu couldn’t find his voice, shaking his head as he looked around the room again. Brad chuckled, “You really are speechless? You must be tired. Come on lover, let’s go check out that air mattress and see if I can revive you a bit.” He led Schuldig down the hall to the bedroom. “Time for US to christen our new home.”


“Our home” Schu murmured, “I like that love. I like that a lot”  He followed Brad around the corner into the master bedroom.


Just inside the doorway they dropped the last of their bags and took in the air mattress set up, complete with comforter and pillows, and the wood stacked in the fireplace just waiting for the spark to light it and warm the room. Brad made his way to the fireplace while Shu turned to the bed, pulling back the comforter and dropping their bags on the floor.


Kneeling, Brad adjusted the kindling and struck a long match to start the blaze. Coming back to the bed, he started to speak when Schuldig reached up, pulling Brad down, “Shut up and kiss me.'

Brad leaned forward and gently pressed their lips together. It was a soft, chaste kiss to begin, but Shuldig changed that. He gripped Brad's arms and pulled the brunette closer, deepening the kiss. Brad shuddered a bit and let a small gasp of surprise pass his lips. Shuldig used the opportunity to slip his tongue past the soft lips, into his warm mouth. Shuldig left no part untouched. His actions coaxed a small moan from the brunette's lips.

Brad was slowly falling into a haze of pleasure, letting Shuldig do what he wanted. The next thing Brad knew, they were both laying on the bed, with Brad pulled down onto Schuldig. Shuldig had quickly relieved the both of them of their shirts, gently removed Brad’s glasses, and now explored the brunette's bare chest. Brad’s own hands explored just as eagerly.

Schu gasped sharply at the feel of those hands, so deft at putting his vision to paper with his artistry and his drafting tools, those thumbs and fingertips, slightly calloused from his favorite hobby of shooting at the range. As those talented fingers traced the back of Schu’s neck and found a nipple, one giving a twisting a pinch, while the other cupped the back of Schu’s neck, holding his head at a slight angle Brad’s hot mouth sucked intently, tongue swirling, forming hickey on the right side of Schu’s neck, Schu cried out, breathless, “Brad, ahh.”

Brad’s hands then traced down to Schu’s pants and unbuttoned them.  Schu moved his hips just right so that Brad could get them off for him. The process was repeated once more, until both were bare naked on the bed.

Shuldig ground their hips together rather roughly, drawing a moan from Brad as their members were rubbed together. "Oh damn Schu! Love,” he panted, “I want you, want to be inside you, fill you.”

“yes Brad, please” Schu moaned, “fill me up baby, so hot, so hard.” Schu wrapped his hand around Brad’s length, pulling gently while squeezing tight.  “Now Brad, hurry” he gasped as he rocked himself against Brad’s hard stomach.

“ok” Brad gasped, “Ok, hold on” he stretched over the side of the mattress for the duffle bag tossed there, rummaging in pockets while Schu continued to squeeze and pull, all the while nibbling and suckling on Brad’s neck and jaw line. “Hurry Brad” Schu panted, “I need you lover”

“Got it!” Brad crowed as he lunged himself back up to hover over Schuldig. He stayed there a moment, holding himself up on both hands splayed on either side of Schuldig’s chest, just taking in the sight of a flushed, panting Schuldig, eyes hooded, licking his lips. Brad couldn’t resist and leaned down to take Schu’s bottom lip between his teeth, pulling back gently he flicked his tongue over that lip then let it fall. “I love you Schuldig, my lover, my mate, my life. I am going to make love to you, here in OUR bedroom, of OUR home, and forever you will remember this first night.”

He turned to look over his shoulder to glance at the stars shining through the window set high in the wall, allowing the moonlight to come spilling in, “Whenever I see the moon now Babe, it will bring this to mind, you, laid out for me, shining in the moonlight. My fae one, with the beautiful eyes, enchanting hair, and the sexiest damn mouth ever.” He leaned in for another kiss as he popped the cap from the lube in his hand and made short work of preparing his impatient lover.

Schu’s head rolled back, eyes tightly closed as he lost himself to the sensation of his lover’s touch, thrusting, stretching, questing deep inside to rub against his pleasure center, “Brad” Schu moaned deeply as he wriggled to nudge Brad’s long fingers back to that spot. “Take me lover, now Brad, inside me, please”

Panting, Brad aligned himself and reaching up with one hand he cupped Schuldig’s jaw, encouraging Schu to look into his eyes as he pushed in slowly, unending, one long slow push until he was seated, holding Schu’s eyes the whole time. Once in place, he traced the edge of Schu’s jaw, whispered “I love you” before quickly pulling out and thrusting back in, deep. “Brad!” Schu cried out, clenching Brad’s biceps, rolling his hips forward, arching his back, “Yes Brad, more Brad, ahh... ahh... ngh” he called out with each thrust, until his cries dropped to wordless sounds as he pushed back. He raised his arms until he was wrapped around Brad, pulling him tight against himself, pressing his own hardness into Brad’s lower belly.

“It’s here Brad, right here, don’t... don’t stop, please” Schu panted as he increased the pace. Brad thrust faster, deeper, pressing down to pin Schu to the bed, keeping their bodies close, sweat dripping off his face, onto the top of Schu’s head now curled in against his collar bone. “Cum for me Schu, lover, Cum for me, christen our home. Cum with me! Schu, Schul....dig!” Brad cried out, unable to hold back as he felt Schuldig tighten around him. Letting loose a keening cry, Brad arched as hard as he could, pushing himself as deeply into Schu, trying to become one with his love. Schu clenched impossibly tight around him, he knew he’d have bruises on his shoulders from Schu’s fingers digging  in.

As they came down from their heights, they entwined themselves together, too sated, too far gone to worry about a shower for now. “sleep Babe, wrapped in my love” Brad murmured against Schu’s neck, lightly stroking his fingers through that beautiful hair as he felt Schu go boneless against him, nodding off. Soon enough they’d wake, he’d drag Schu to the shower, they’d freshen up, and start again. After all, they had all the time in the world now to enjoy their home together, starting with this night, and continuing the rest of their lives.....




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