Music of My Soul

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Yohji lounged on the sofa in his robe, finishing his cigarette, and watched as Ran finished packing, the redhead latching closed the last suitcase. He couldn’t help but grin as Ran winced just a bit as he straightened. But the grin was quickly replaced by a frown.

He stood and took Ran into his arms. ‘Angel. I’m sorry.’ He kissed the side of Ran’s neck, inhaling the sandalwood of his hair. ‘I got carried away last night. You just.... you’re so....’

‘What are you talking about, Yohji?’ Ran asked. He turned in Yohji’s arms. Nuzzling into the crook of his shoulder. ‘there is nothing to be sorry for. Last night was perfect. Everything I’ve hoped for.’

‘you’re gonna be sore on that damn plane, Babe. Sitting for so long. Especially after the night we had. I shouldn’t have-‘

Ran cut him off. ‘It’s ok Yohji. More than ok. I.... I can take a bit of you with me this way. Every twinge will just bring last night to mind. It nice, to have that. Besides,’ he kissed Yohji quickly, and stepped back. ‘I fully intend to sleep most of the flight. Otherwise, I’ll never get switched to London time. Really, Yohji. It’s ok. Though, I do regret one thing...’ he let his voice trail off and dropped his head to hide the slight smile as Yohji responded the way Ran had known he would.

‘What Babe? What’s wrong? Did I-’ Yohji asked quickly, concerned, Just as Ran knew he would be.

Ran quickly him off. ‘No. Yohji No. nothing is wrong. It’s just....’ Ran took a deep breath, ‘well, Yohji.... since... since the first time you... touched me... inside. The first time you showed me, what it could be like, I’ve....I’ve wanted to .... give that to you... to be ... inside you. I regret that, that I did not get the chance for that Yohji. I still feel you, will feel you, inside me – for a few days, I imagine. I would have liked....  I’d like to leave that feeling, of Me inside you, with you as well. To know you are feeling me..... while .....’ he couldn’t go on. He just stood there, looking at Yohji with such a look.... hungry almost, but... uncertain.

‘Oh Ran. yes... yes Angel. Let me give this to you too, before you go. Give me that feeling babe, to tide me over until you come back to me.’ Yohji’s eyes smoldered, as he brought Ran’s hand down to his hardness. Instantly full at Ran’s request. ‘I want you Ran... I want to feel you filling me, deep deep inside me. Ran, I want that too, so so much. Take me. We have time Baby..... Take me now.’

Yohji’s eyes closed at the growl from deep in Ran’s chest as Ran pulled him in close to his body, feeling Ran’s own shaft rock hard against his as Ran devoured Yohji’s mouth, thrusting his tongue deep, fast, in a parody of what was to come.

‘yes Yohji’ Ran growled, dropping to bite at Yohji’s neck as he steered them back to the bed.  He bit down on the junction of neck and shoulder, suckling, licking, ‘I want you Yohji. I want to make you call my name, I want to make you mine. To make you forget everything else.’ Ran hurriedly removed his own clothes even as he pulled Yohji’s robe away. He ran his hands over Yohji’s chest, down his abs, to cradle his hot, hard length. ‘yes’ he hissed as Yohji arched into his touch.

‘yes Ran,’ Yohji panted, ‘yes... take me Angel. I am yours, feel me Ran, remember the feel of me wrapped around you...ah Ran.’ Yohji arced his back again as Ran slid down his body to lightly lick the slit of his cock.

‘this lesson, Sensei, I have learned well.’ Ran smirked as he took Yohji between his lips, sucking him deep into his throat in one swift movement.

‘ah! Yes, gr-grass... hopper... you...huh...ah... have... mas.... mastered.... this ..ah...lessON!’ this last almost a scream as Ran swallowed around his length, deep in his throat, and hummed his pleasure as he buried his nose in the blonde curls at the base. ‘Ran....uh..ngh...Ran!  wait!....oh..gah... hurry... I want...i want to.... cum...with...RAN!’ Yohji couldn’t’ hold back any longer as Ran did that with his tongue. Sucking fiercely as he slipped a slicked finger inside Yohji, Ran twisted that finger just so and Yohji came, seeing stars as he called Ran’s name, ‘Ran... oh fuck!’ he curled forward, both hands on Ran’s head, holding him close as he emptied his essence into that hot, spasming throat.

Ran swallowed, swirling his tongue around Yohji’s softening shaft as he pressed another finger inside, then raised his head to watch Yohji’s face. ‘I will make you cum again Nissho, while I am inside you, but I needed to taste you Yohji, to bring you to that point, with my mouth, I love the feel of you on my tongue, the smell of you, the rasp of your hairs against my cheek.’

Ran kept talking as he finished preparing an almost insensible Yohji, stretching, scissoring, as Yohji’d done for him... ‘Yohji,’ he growled, ‘Yohji I can’t wait, I ... I want you, I need you.’ Ran raised himself up over Yohji, his eyes never leaving Yohji’s emerald depths. ‘feel me Yohji..... take me in,..... Yohji ....Nissho, ahh! You are so hot! So.... Yohji.... so tight... ah!...I.’

He couldn’t talk, couldn’t think. As he sheathed himself inside molten velvet, his eyes slid closed, head thrown back, fists clenched so tightly in the sheets on either side of Yohji’s head Yohji could hear the sheets tearing. ‘Ran!.... Angel, yes... fill me, all the way in Ran. yes!’ Yohji arched himself to take all of Ran fully inside, ‘oh Angel, ungh!’

Yohji brought his hands up to hold Ran’s biceps, arcing his back, pushing his hips up into Ran’s, pressing his cock between their bodies. ‘Move Babe. Move..’.

Yohji squeezed Ran’s muscled arms tighter as he tilted his head back, exposing his throat. Ran couldn’t resist, leaning down to sick at Yohji’s pulse. The lean caused his cock to shift inside Yohji and he was startled as Yohji cried out. ‘Ran!’ Yohji panted beneath him and Ran moved experimentally, grazing his cock again at that angle. ‘yes ...Ran... ngh!’ Yohji was rocking against him almost frantic now. ‘yes Ran.. there... ah! More, ...harder.... uh... huh... faster... Ran!’

Ran loosed all restraint at that call, pistoning into Yohji with deep, full thrusts, ramming into him, calling out his own cries, ‘yes Yohji, Yohji! Yes, yes. Feel me Yohji, that is ME inside you, only me Yohji.... my cock.... mine!..... Yohji.... say my name, Yohji, cum for me... Yohji. Calling my name.....’

Ran’s thrusts increased as sweat rolled down his neck, down his back, stinging the claw marks left behind as Yohji switched his grip from biceps to upper back, anchoring himself to Ran, arching, pulling Ran closely to himself. Ran struggled, forcing his hand between their bodies to take Yohji’s perfect cock into his fist. ‘cum for me Yohji, give yourself to me....’

Ran panted, pumping Yohji’s cock in time with his breaths, faster, harder... ‘Ran! I’m... oh, da... damn, Ran... I can’t ... it’s..... Ran it’s..... hold me, Ran! ple... please.... Ran, I... aaaahhh...ngh’ Yohji gripped Ran so tightly, channel tightening around his cock, legs clamping around his waist, arms clenched, holding Ran so closely, he could barely breathe. Yohji’s cock swelled and throbbed in Ran’s fist, hot wetness pulsing between them.

Yohji’s body spasmed with each pulse, milking Ran’s cock. ‘Yohji!’ Ran managed two more full thrusts, freezing deep inside Yohji, pushing as far as he could into that tight, squeezing heat. ‘ah! Yohji!’ Ran’s whole body went taut, head thrown back, left arm locked beside Yohji’s head, trembling with the force rushing through his body. An endless moment, whiteness exploding across his sight, then Ran came back to himself only to have his arm give out, and to fall forward into Yohji’s embrace. Yohji gripped him all the tighter, planting kisses on his head, stroking his back. ‘Angel, Ran.... oh Ran...’ Yohji whispered between kisses.

After a moment, Ran regained sensibility enough to nuzzle into Yohji’s neck, ‘Nissho,’ he croaked, ‘Yohji.. that... was ...’ he tried to lift himself off, but found his arms unwilling to cooperate. A second try yielded better results. He rolled to one side, allowing Yohji to pull him into his arms. ‘Thank you Yohji, thank you.’ Ran felt himself begin to doze, and realized Yohji was shaking – ahh, chuckling.

‘Oh no Angel. Thank you, believe me... that was... God Ran, just.... damn.’ Yohji kissed Ran’s hair, running his fingers through it over and over. ‘Really. We have to do that again.... you... you fit me... remarkably well, Angel.’  Yohji looked down at their sated, entwined bodies, ‘we need to clean up Babe,’ he tilted Ran’s head back to look him in the eye, and realized Ran had dozed off. ‘ok then, a short nap I guess.’ He grinned, pulling his robe over them softly, glancing at the clock. Hmm, a shot nap, quick shower,  yeah, they could manage it.... he set the alarm, then snuggled deeper, holding Ran tightly to his body, and smiling as Ran reflexively squeezed back with a murmured, ‘Yohji.’

‘I’ve got you Baby, it’s ok... I’ve got you.’  Yohji whispered as he too fell into oblivion.


Yohji watched solemnly as Ran made his way down the long corridor, one final glance back as he turned the corner at the end that would take him to the terminal for his flight. Frustrated at the requirements that caused Ran to have to go through security and wait alone for the fight to board, the lousy reception the airport afforded preventing them talking on cells too, (that restriction lasting until Ran touched down in London, or more likely until he got out of Heathrow...) and add in the fucking social complications that prevented Yohji from kissing him properly goodbye.... Yohji turned and made his way out to parking with a sigh.

Two weeks, damn... their timing just really sucked. To finally consummate things fully just to be separated for such a long time. Ah well, he certainly had enough fodder for his fantasies while Ran was away..... Yohji closed his eyes and took a full deep breath, still able to smell Ran’s shampoo in the car. He pictured once more the look on Ran’s face as he’d taken Yohji only short hours before, his first time experiencing that hot, tight, vice wrapped around his cock. Ran had fit so well, his cock seeming almost made just to fit inside Yohji, grazing Yohji’s sweet spot as soon as he’d been fully seated, almost dead on with every thrust....

Yohji took another deep breath and let it out with a short moan as he shook his head at the feeling of his cock beginning to swell. ‘ah Yohji, you’re such an idiot.’ He grumbled to himself ‘nothing like self torture.’

He turned on the radio as he made his way out of the parking garage, and once on the open road dialed Schuldig’s number. ‘hey Schu. You busy? ..... Good, thought I’d swing by, seems I have some time to kill. No, things are.... okay, just – fucked up.’ He let loose a short, bitter chuckle. ‘I’ll explain when I get there. I have a short stop to make, but I’d like to come by this afternoon, have dinner, hang out, ok? ..... great! I’ll hit Giorgio’s on the way over, grab us both a sub...... No, everything’s ... okay – look, I’ll explain everything when I get there, ok? Good... good, see ya say.....’ Yohji checked his watch, thought a moment, ‘say 3:30.’

Yohji disconnected and drove on. Considering his upcoming schedule, really it could be worse. WEISS had a couple of three day gigs booked, and these always limited his time with Ran. It wasn’t like Ran could just skip everything and hang with Yohji when they had these, but with him up most of the night and sleeping days away, and Ran’s prick father increasing the demands of Krittiker and the traveling..... well, their days were short enough together. This two weeks would go by fast enough. And they had cells, sure the time difference could be a bitch, but... Yohji clenched his jaw. He was NOT allowing this to be an issue. He’d miss Ran, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? And at least for a bit Omi couldn’t bitch about missed practice or late arrivals....

Yohji pulled into the hospital parking lot and found a spot far away from all the other cars. A bit of a walk was more than worth it to keep inconsiderate pricks from scratching his baby.  He took a deep breath and made his way to Aya’s room. He’d promised Ran to keep an eye on her while he was away, and ... well, may as well see her now – after all, Yohji’d planned to be able to waste this whole day with Ran.

He entered her room, as always feeling a bit out of place, but doubly so for this first solo visit. Wishing he could sit back and watch as always when he tagged along with Ran, instead he made his way to the bedside. He placed the fresh bouquet of daffodils on her table and leaned over. ‘well Aya. Hi. It’s me, Yohji. Ran, he had to go away for an extended trip, for work. He... asked me to keep an eye on you.’ Yohji trailed his fingers through her hair, then lifted one hand, placing a short kiss on her palm. ‘I brought ya flowers princess. Daffodils. They always seem.... I dunno, happy, bright.... anyway. Ran knew I’d get nervous, so he gave me this book... to read to ya. Said it’s one of your favorites, something light, he said.’ Yohji pulled out a book from the small bag he carried and sat in the nearby chair. ‘I’m gonna leave it here, in your bedside table. The nurse said it was ok. I’ll.... I’ll try to come by, like every couple days. So you wont be too lonely, with Ran away.’ Yohji cleared his throat, ‘Anyway, let’s see.’ He turned the book over in his hands to read out the title, ‘Where the sidewalk ends.....’


Ran groped along the bedside table blindly, anxious to stop the infernal buzzing. Finally opening his eyes, he squinted until he found the source of the irritating noise and flipped the cell open without looking at it. Just as he did so, he caught a glimpse of the time, 5:30 am. His mind instantly making the conversion to New York time as 1:30 am, it entered his mind that a call at this hour could be one he didn’t want to ever get. He shot upright in bed as he gasped out, “this is Ran!’

‘Hey Angshel’ a slightly slurred, humming voice responded. ‘You ok Babe? Or jusht excited for me to call ya?’

‘Yohji’ Ran groaned as he fell back on the pillows. ‘What? Is everything ok? What’s going on?’

‘well, damn Ran, don’t sound all disappointed. Yeah, it’sh me. Nuttin’sh wrong. Why ya all upset?’  Ran heard the pout, the little boyness in the voice, ‘I - I thought ya’d be glad to hear from me... thought maybe... maybe ya mished me. Forget it, I’ll-‘

‘Yohji. Of course I am glad to hear from you. and I do miss you. I just... with it being so late, I was worried perhaps it was the hospital, that’s all.’ Ran soothed, rubbing a hand over his face to wake himself up. It was only little over an hour before he’d planned to wake anyway, may as well wake up fully. He stood from the bed and made his way to the hotel’s mirrored sink. He drew a glass of water as he went on. ‘are you sure you’re alright Yohji, it is rather late to call.’

‘oh shit, I guess ish – it’s a little too early for you, huh?’ Yohji sighed, ‘I planned to call you more close the time you’d be getting up. I guess I washn’t paying attention.... mished you, so much,’ he whispered, ‘guess tired of waiting. ‘m sorry. Just how early is it Babe? I’m sho - sorry...’ he whispered again and trailed off, the slur again a bit noticeable as he mumbled.

‘Yohji. It’s fine. It’s almost six, and my alarm was going off at 6:30 or so anyway. An hour of lost sleep is definitely worth it to get to talk to you for a while. You’ve made my morning Nissho, and I can carry your sunlight with me all day, especially since there is no sun here.’ Ran chuckled. ‘Really Yohji. It’s fine. Are you ok. You sound..... tipsy, maybe.... upset. Have you been out drinking? Did something happen?’

‘No... un-uh, nothing happened I, jush, just.... mish... miss ya Angel. I do mish ya, a lot....’ Yohji’s voice was low, almost sad, quiet.

‘Nissho. Yohji’ Ran spoke warmly, letting as much emotion as he could flow into his voice. ‘I miss you too, terribly. I so wish you could be here, to help keep me awake at these stuffy ceremony dinners as much as anything.’ Ran groaned, just a bit, as he thought of the dinner last night. It would have been nice to have Yohji there to distract him from some of the formality, the stuffed shirts he had to deal with, with their pompous attitudes, their sneers hidden behind hands, courtesy Ran was sure, of Persia’s disdain coming through in his descriptions of ran to these people.... then, the other end of the spectrum, those Brits who found Ran’s coloring “exotic” and made their desires openly known. London certainly was more open than New York, he’d had to fend off more than one man, and a few women, last night too... they just didn’t seem to want to take “I’m with someone” as an answer. Yes, it would have been nice to have Yohji with him......

‘yeah’ Yohji breathed, ‘those ritzy dinners huh?.... Angel, you.... shure ya... ya mishin me?’ Yohji huffed an exaggerated breath, ‘don’t let nun of thosh fuckers toush – touch you Angel – you tell em, yous got me’  Yohji’s voice cracked a bit, but he went on determinedly, ‘Babe, I mish you, I wish we... we hadda had more time Baby, more time to make you mine afore ya went over there to those.... those people..... Ran’ Yohji’s voice dropped to an intense whisper, ‘Ran. Don’t you forget me,  while you’re there. Don’t let shome – some.... high class fucker ... mesh with you, ‘k? Promish Ran, please?’ by the end, the plea was almost childlike, soft, heartbroken....

‘Oh Yohji’ Ran whispered, “Yohji. I miss you too... I’m sorry, Nissho, that it had to be this way, that I had to leave for so long... right after.... but, Yohji, please don’t doubt me.... I miss you, I think of you constantly. I’m sorry.’ Ran closed his eyes, wishing so badly he could be there to hold Yohji with him like this. Normally, Yohji  was the strong one, being there for Ran, holding him, strengthening him through all the stress, the worry. For Yohji to need Ran and him unable to be there.... it was torture.... torture of yet another kind that Ran would have to endure.

Maybe... maybe if Ran shared the ... other torture thoughts of Yohji brought, maybe that would... boost Yohji’s mood, to know how Ran thought of him, how hard it was to sleep this past week, for dreaming of Yohji’s touch. Determined to drive that tone of lost sadness from Yohji’s voice, Ran dropped his voice and breathed into the phone  ‘Yohji’ Ran moaned, only slightly embarrassed as he let his thoughts wander to bring to mind the look on Yohji’s face when they’d been together that last morning, the taut muscles in Yohji’s neck as he’d thrown his head back while his orgasm rippled through his body and around Ran’s cock.... ‘Yohji’ Ran breathed, ‘I miss you Sensei’

Yohji’s gasp was loud in the phone as Ran closed his eyes and imagined..... ‘Angel’ Yohji breathed, ‘oh Ran.... I’m sho -so hard Ran, I miss you too, I need you Ran.’ the slur was less noticeable now, Yohji’s voice growing clearer, and his throaty moan was .... inspiring.

‘Yohji....’ Ran almost purred, ‘yes Yohji. I need you too. I dream  of you, Yohji... you fill my thoughts, I want to feel your touch Yohji, your kiss.... tell me Yohji. Talk to me, touch me’

‘Ran’ Yohji growled, ‘yes Ran... let me touch you, let me taste you’ Yohji’s breathing was louder, and his voice firmer now... he took a deep sigh, then spoke forcefully, ‘Lay back Ran, tell me – are you on the bed, are you undressed?’

‘yes Yohji,’ Ran purred as he switched his phone to the headset, ‘I’ve lain back down, I’m on the bed Yohji, and I’ve pulled off my boxers... I need to feel your touch Yohji, to touch you back. Feel me Yohji, running my hands through your hair.... tasting your ear... feel me Yohji, and touch me.’ Ran couldn’t help but run his hands over his chest and abs, but held back taking himself in hand, wanting Yohji’s direction to guide him to release, needing Yohji to be a part of it, ‘I’m hard Yohji, so hard, missing you.... tell me Yohji, touch me, tell me what to do’  Ran whispered.....

‘Ran...oh damn.’ Yohji groaned, ‘I wanna suck you babe, and damn I miss that tongue of yours... touch your cock Ran, squeeze it, close your eyes Angel and see me there, that’s me, pulling on you, sucking you... ungh, Ran, I can feel  your hot, tight mouth sucking me... ngh!’ Yohji was panting now. Ran could hear the rustling and knew Yohji was pumping his own hard length

‘yes Yohji’ Ran moaned, ‘oh Yohji’ he hissed as he wrapped his hand around his cock, the other dropping to cup his sac and gently fondle, ‘I feel you touching me Nissho,... you’re squeezing me, pulling, your fingers rolling my sac, pulling .... squeezing... Yohji, oh Yohji’ Ran was thrusting now, eager to cum, needing it. It had been so long... for one who’d gone for so long walled off from life, from any pleasure, now to spend so long away from Yohji, from his life giving sunshine, Ran needed Yohji, in so many ways, needed his touch, his taste, his love....

‘Yohji!’ Ran called out, ‘Yohji, I’m .... I think I’m going to...’

‘yes Ran! yes, cum for me Angel, cum for me, call me, Ran’ Yohji almost sobbed, ‘mine Ran, be mine, cum for me , only me.... Ran!’ Yohji growled, ‘yes Ran! I am now babe, Angel, I’m fucking your mouth, your tongue swirling.... twisting, suck me Ran, unngh! Ran.. Ran I... I’m gonna cum Ran, cum with me ... ah –R..Ran... fuck!’ and Ran knew, could almost feel it, that Yohji’d cum and that vision, coupled with the obvious desire, the pleasure Yohji voiced as he described his fantasy, pushed Ran over his own edge, ‘Yohji! Yes... yes Yohji! Taste me, feel me, yours Yohji, I am yours, this is yours, take it.’ Ran growled as he throbbed, pulsed, hot life pulled from inside him to spill out over the sheets, over his thigh and belly... his strokes slowed, vice like grip eased, and his breathing slowed... ‘Yohji’ he whispered, ‘you there?’

‘yeah Angel’ Yohji chuckled, ‘I’m here.... I’m... sorry Ran, that I unloaded on ya, I just... fuck I miss you.’ he sighed, ‘I admit it Angel, I ... worry, with you there, I want you home....with me.’

‘I want to come home too Yohji.’ Ran answered softly. ‘soon, only 5 more days Nissho... not too bad.’ Ran sighed, ‘Yohji, I’m sorry, i... I need to clean up, to get ready for my breakfast meeting, I...’

‘It’s ok, Angel. Really.’ Yohji made an odd noise, kind of a moan, squeak.... ‘ah, that was a nice stretch .... look, I should crash anyway... call me Babe, when you get back to your room tonight, I’ll tell ya about my last poem with Aya and about tonight’s gig, remind me to tell ya about the chick with the freakin orange hair.....’ Yohji cut off with a yawn, ‘I’ll dream of you Ran. You’ll call me, tomorrow night? Tonight, I mean, for you? Promise?’

That lost boy voice was back as Yohji’s post orgasm sleep crept up on him, Ran could hear him curling up into the blanket, his breathing evening out, ‘I promise Yohji’ Ran whispered, ‘thank you, for watching over Aya, for loving me.... sleep Nissho, sleep and dream of me...’ Ran listened a few moments longer, until certain Yohji was sleeping before disconnecting the cell. With a sigh he climbed from the bed and made his way to the shower. Five more days of endless meetings, repeated explanations, and discussions over various positions... Five more days before he could go home. He stepped into the steaming shower and once again congratulated himself for bringing Yohji’s shampoo with him – that earthy citrus scent surrounding him, giving him a dose of sunshine, he fortified himself for another day here....


Ran browsed the shops at Heathrow, quietly fuming.  Stupid fog. Delaying his flight. Now he would be late, wouldn’t get home before Yohji’s concert Saturday night.... maybe not even until Sunday morning. Two damned weeks, and now a fucking fog delay. Fucking London. Ran heaved a deep, irritated sigh and forced himself to calm. Ah well, at least they’d have the rest of Sunday, and he’d already called the office to take off Monday too. With the flight delay and the jet lag and trying to switch back to New York time, depending on when he got in Sunday there was no way he was gonna be ready to go back on Monday. Besides, dammit, he’d missed two – whole – weeks with Yohji, not to mention not seeing Aya.... another deep breath. He was getting angry again. He forced his thoughts to something else.

The deep breath had been full of the mouthwatering aroma of the pasties that were sold all over London. He’d told Yohji about them and was eager to try out a few recipes. With Yohji’s penchant for burritos he was sure to like these flavorful treats with the flaky crusts, and there were so many variations..... the aroma of a  hot fruit pastie made Ran’s mouth water for a moment, peach it smelled like. Yes, he definitely wanted to try some of these on his own. Imagining Yohji’s appreciation for the syrupy sauce from the strawberry pastie Ran had enjoyed for breakfast caused a warmth in his groin.... Yohji could do incredible things with strawberry sauce..... Damn. It had just been too long away.

As Ran growled and shook his head, a gleam off to his left caught his eye. There. Up ahead, a jewelers’ shop. The lighting was set for the best effect and the sparkle of the rings on display caused rainbows to twirl about the mirrored case. Ran made his way over, a niggling voice in the back of his head urging him on.

He’d been looking for a souvenir for Yohji this whole trip. Something special, something more than the designer shades he had in his carry on. Truthfully, he’d been toying with an idea for considerably longer. An idea that had almost been eradicated the night of the masque, but which had only grown in strength after the hours that followed.

At first, when the idea had blossomed, Ran had quelched it immediately, not about to consider any such thoughts with Persia hovering over his life.... with his... insinuations when he’d confronted Ran about Yohji.  But, since then, Persia largely ignored Ran’s choice. No further references had been made to Yohji or their relationship beyond that first blustering threat. It was like Yohji didn’t exist. Perhaps Ran’s defiance had finally made an impression. They’d been careful, to draw no attention to their ...... friendship. There had been no hints of scandal, no media attention, no interference with Ran’s work. Yohji just fit into his life, like he’d been there, all along. If anything, his insight into music minds had helped Ran with his work. He’d been more productive, and more ..... maybe not sociable, but.... approachable, since Yohji, making interaction with clients and prospects easier.

Persia must have figured out it was no harm to Krittiker for him to be with Yohji, in fact it was a benefit. Ran was just happy Persia had lost interest. Life now was..... calm, normal. Well, relatively normal anyway. Aya was still sleeping, but her condition was stable. Persia’s venom seemed.... neutralized – he was generally just apathetic now, didn’t care what Ran was about one way or the other. It was nice, the lack of attention.

Ran had truly feared for Yohji, and his own heart, at first. Afraid to let himself fall for Yohji, fearful of what Persia would do. But, now.... it seemed Persia was content to ignore Ran as long as this didn’t taint Krittiker in some way, as long as he didn’t have to hear about it, or see it. Out of sight, out of mind, they say. Perhaps he’d finally realized Ran was an adult. He still held some control over Ran’s life, with his custody over Aya, but seemed to focus on his uses for Ran with Krittiker and finally to not care either way about Ran’s personal life.

This was good. Ran knew with a soul binding certainty that he loved Yohji. There would never be anyone else for him. He’d finally admitted it fully to himself and, given Persia’s waning interest, Ran finally felt ... confident, almost. Maybe his life was finally going to be.... normal. Ran was ready to consider..... more, now that Persia had finally given up controlling everything about him. Now that he could be his own man. He was ready. He wanted nothing more than to confess this love to Yohji while wrapped in those strong arms... to commit to, and ask for.... forever.

Given Yohji’s worries from his early morning call a few days ago, the idea Ran toyed with had gained new strength....Yohji said he loved Ran and Ran had grown to believe it. Even if he hadn’t felt it, in Yohji’s touch, seen it, in the way he treated Ran, Yohji’s growing fears and worries over losing Ran to another made it oh so obvious.

Despite the relatively short amount of time they’d been together, Yohji seemed to love him just as deeply as he felt, and the more Ran considered it, the more the idea grew until Ran found himself walking determinedly into the shop. He could at least look around, he didn’t have to buy a ring yet but, he could get some ideas.... and ring or not, he wanted something special to take home.

Ran browsed the main display cases, many gaudy or unsuitable pieces immediately dismissed. Then, he saw a smaller display in the back of the area. These appeared to all be men’s rings of various designs, and not just standard gold but the tri-color gold.

There in the corner of the case was a rack of men’s rings of various designs. The one in the back looked to be made of interwoven strands of the different metals; the rich, deep red gold; warm, shining yellow gold, and what looked to be platinum maybe.  Woven together like strands of wire, coming to the center to enmesh an amethyst of a pure, deep hue, bracketed on either side by small diamonds. Beautiful, perfect. Ran was transfixed. He had to have it. It was almost like an omen it was so perfect.

He realized a clerk was speaking to him, ‘I’m sorry. What?’ he looked up and the woman smiled. ‘Would you like to see that rack sir?’ she asked.

‘Oh, yes, please. Actually, just that one.’ Ran indicated the band. The inside of the band had been smoothed with a layer of gold. ‘How much for this ring?’ Ran asked as he tried it on.

His middle finger was of a size for Yohji’s ring finger, he knew. He’d tried on Yohji’s class ring that he wore on occasion. Usually, Yohji wore that ring on his right hand, but he’d jokingly out it on his ring finger once, so Ran knew it fit, although a little loosely. This was a perfect fit for Ran’s second finger, it would be ideal for Yohji. Yet another sign that he was meant to have this ring.

What were the odds of finding such a perfect, unique, ring in exactly the size?... Ran would have this ring, right now.

The woman quoted a price, Ran didn’t realy hear her. It didn’t matter anyway, the cost was irrelevant. He looked up, ‘does that include engraving?’ he asked. He had an idea to make this wholly Yohji’s ring.

She blinked a moment at the intense violet gaze and into the pause another clerk responded. ‘generally sir, no, it would not. However, if paid in full immediately then yes, engraving would be included.’ Taking in the Armani suit Ran wore, the expensive watch, the gold tie clasp, the clerk knew this man would be one who’d expect to pay and walk out with the purchase immediately. ‘ the engraving can be completed while you wait.’

Ran blinked, he hadn’t even considered walking out without the ring. His flight could be called any time to board. He explained the situation to the male clerk, handed over his Visa card, and was given a pad to write out the inscription. Ran thought a moment and wrote carefully his thought. He returned the ring and pad to the man and watched as the girl prepared a gift box and bag.

Ran’s eye was caught by a display of bracelets in the tri-gold case while he waited. One looked almost a match for the ring. Again woven of strands of the metals, the strands at closer look also woven from yet smaller strands, twisted together. ‘I’ll take that bracelet as well.’ Ran informed them, ‘wrap it separately please.’ He watched as the bracelet was packaged as well, then signed the slip for the purchase. The engraver completed his work and Ran tilted the ring to view the inscription:  /// Nissho, your light warms my soul. Forever, Ran ///

‘Thank you.’ Ran returned the ring for wrapping and returned his card to his wallet. He took the two small bags and left the store, smiling. Happy in a way he hadn’t been since he’d left for the airport that morning two weeks ago. He and Yohji would have Sunday and Monday together before he had to report to the office, and the coming weekend was a down weekend for WEISS. Both Jei and Omi insisted that they take some downtime now and then to recharge, rest, do maintenance on equipment and the like. Even bands on tour took a few days now and then, Omi insisted, and Ran was very glad it was this weekend coming. After two weeks away, a weekend alone with Yohji would be Heaven…..




Yohji paced the airport, cursing the regulations prohibiting him from waiting at the gate. He could remember as a boy waiting right there at the gate when his mom got off a plane. Able to watch her coming down the long tube, and able run to her arms as she exited the walkway. Now, he was reduced to waiting at the end of the excessively long hallway leading to the various gates, trying to catch a glimpse of that beautiful red hair…. There! Was that?.... no, a stupid hat.

Damn. The board showed Ran’s flight had landed almost twenty minutes ago. What the hell? Yohji fidgeted, wishing for a cigarette to help calm his nerves, to take the edge off his Ran craving. Ran had been gone two - whole – weeks, dammit. Then, he was due to be home  yesterday evening, but no – freaking London had to be beset by a fog bank from hell, and he’d spent the night in Heathrow airport.

Thankfully the fog had finally lifted and Ran had texted last night while Yohji was at the show that he was boarding and would see Yohji in the morning. He didn’t expect Yohji to be waiting here at such an early hour on a Sunday morning after a late night show, but Yohji couldn’t imagine not being here. Now, if only Ran would come down the damn hallway…. Wait – there! There he was…

Aww, poor baby. Angel looked so, so tired. He must have had a rough flight, and that after spending hours waiting. His head was down and he was almost dragging.

Yohji smiled a small smile. Ran didn’t expect him to be here. With the time difference what had been 2:00 am for Ran had been 9:00 pm for Yohji, right in the middle of the show. Now it was 5:30 am. (11:30 for Ran’s poor body clock right now – the poor thing had to be exhausted) Ran would never expect Yohji to be waiting at 5:30 in the morning. Surely he’d be at home, sleeping, waiting to see Ran later in the morning. In fact, Yohji knew Ran hadn’t expected it, the text had been: just to let you know, we’re finally boarding. FYI, I will get in around 5 or so. Come by later after you wake.

Yohji couldn’t wait. No way was he gonna let Ran come home and take a cab. It had been much too long without his Angel. He’d seen the text on his break between sets and had told the guys, As soon as the gig wrapped up Yohji’d skipped the after party and gone home. He showered, checked the airport website for the flight’s estimated arrival and crashed for a few hours. He’d been here for an hour now, waiting, as the arrival time had been approximate and the flight had encountered some turbulence, delaying things further….

Finally they’d landed and he’d been reduced to pacing, waiting for that vision to come closer. Now, here he was, stumbling up the hallway, dead on his feet, with no clue Yohji waited at the end of the way. Yohji watched, wishing with all he was he could run to Ran and take him in his arms. He stepped out into the center of the walkway and watched as Ran raised his head to navigate the roped area preventing anyone from running down there. He smiled warmly as Ran noticed him and blinked, stopping a moment. Ran’s eyes widened and a smile blossomed over his face, transforming the look of exhaustion to one of pleasant surprise. Damn, he was beautiful, even with dark circles under his eyes, hair all mussed, clothes all wrinkled. And he was Yohji’s, all Yohji’s.

‘Yohji’ Ran breathed as he finally crossed the roped area. He stepped forward, entwined in Yohji’s arms for a brief embrace, leaning in without being obvious. ‘I missed you Nissho’ he breathed into Yohji’s neck before stepping back.

‘Yeah Angel. I missed you too. A lot.’ He leaned his head onto Ran’s for a moment, then threw his arm around Ran’s shoulders. ‘c’mon Babe. Let’s get your stuff and get you home.’

On the lower level Yohji steered Ran to a bench near the baggage claim and grabbed one of those wheeled carts. He knew Ran’s luggage set, the tan and black trimmed leather bags standing out among the duffles and totes. Verifying that he had everything he loaded the cart and lead Ran toward the parking tower.

He had Ran settle in the car while he loaded the bags, and then, finally, he was sitting next to him. He allowed himself to pull Ran into his arms again for an awkward but so needed embrace, then treated himself to a deep, slow, languid kiss that ended in a throaty moan before he force himself to start the car.

‘sit back Babe. Close your eyes. We’ll be home in a jiff.’ Yohji steered through the parking garage and out onto the freeway.

Ran dozed lightly almost immediately, obviously done in. By the time they pulled into the parking at the Towers, he was asleep. Yohji carefully parked near the entrance in a spot shaded from the risen morning sun. He angled his car such that the brightening sunlight would not disturb a sleeping Ran as he unloaded the bags and carefully exited the driver’s side. Taking an armload of bags he quickly made his way to the door guard. ‘hey’ he said quietly, ‘keep an eye on these for a bit, huh?’ he sat the bags near the elevator and returned to the car. He grabbed the last bag, threw Ran’s carryon over his shoulder and knelt down at the now open passenger door. Ran was beginning to stir, but to think, he’d trusted Yohji so fully, to be able to sleep in such a situation, knowing Yohji would take care of him, keep him safe... even after the car was parked and Yohji unloaded bags... damn he looked so tired, so vulnerable.

Ran slowly opened his eyes, confusion plain, as he looked toward the empty driver’s seat, ‘Yohji?’ he croaked, cleared his throat and tried again. ‘Yohj?’ he turned his head toward the door as Yohji answered, ‘I’m here babe. It’s ok.’

Ran’s eyes widened as he sat upright, ‘oh Yohji. I’m sorry.’ He gasped, rubbing his eyes and Yohji chuckled at how adorable he looked, ‘I’m not’ Yohji answered. ‘you were obviously exhausted, I’m glad you could get a bit of rest. Come on, let’s get you inside and out from under the security’s scrutiny before I lose it and kiss you senseless right here in the parking lot.’

‘we’re home?’ Ran asked around a yawn, and at Yohji’s quick nod let out a fervent, ‘finally’  Yohji smiled, held out a hand, and stood, pulling lightly to direct Ran to stand. Ran blinked, still a bit out of it, but tightened his hold on that hand and brought himself upright. He let Yohji steady him as they made their way inside, stumbling just a bit as his legs balked at his demand that they carry him yet further.

Yohji was immensely proud of himself at not dragging Ran into his arms at that stumble, not to mention quelling the desire to just lean down and damn well pick Ran up altogether. He did squeeze Ran’s arm a bit as he steadied him, catching Ran’s small smile at the gesture.

‘Just a bit more Ran, almost home.’ Yohji murmured as he directed Ran into the elevator and leaned him against the wall while he grabbed the stacked bags and brought them on board too.

‘Yohji, Mr. Fujimiya, would you like some assistance with the bags?’ the door guard asked as Yohji grabbed the last two. ‘Nah John, I got it.’ Yohji answered just as he entered the elevator. ‘thanks though. Say, Ran just got in from an international flight, jet lag after a hellish layover, can you make sure he’s not disturbed before evening? No deliveries or calls or anything, you know, that thing you do with the phone? I’m gonna feed him something, then get him to crash while I unload his stuff. I’ll be in and out a bit, but I got the key. Don’t buzz the apartment, OK John?’ Yohji grinned as he pressed the floor button and readied to close the elevator doors.

‘Sure thing Yohji’ John answered, ‘not a problem. Hope you get some rest Mr. Fujimiya.’ John nodded as the door closed and they were alone. Ran remained leaning against the wall, almost dozing, for the short ride. He roused enough to hold the door button for the while it took Yohji to unload the bags to the hallway.

Yohji unlocked the apartment door and led Ran straight to the bath. ‘Strip’ he ordered as he began to run the tap in the sunken tub. ‘into the hot water with you, then bed.’ He adjusted the water a bit then glanced back at a blinking Ran. ‘seriously. Get in the tub while I bring all the bags in and set up the bed. Relax a bit and I’ll be right back.’ He gave Ran a light kiss, helped him into the tub to sit down and went out to bring everything inside. He returned a few minutes later to find the water still running, but thankfully not overflowed, and Ran’s head cradled on his arm on the edge of the tub.

‘hey Babe.’ Yohji said softly. Ran stirred, raising his head. ‘Yohji.’ He breathed. ‘mmm. I dreamed of this on that damn plane. Especially that last hour. But... one thing was different.’

‘what’s that Angel?’ Yohji asked as he sat the towel on the counter and turned off the tap.

Ran sat up and smiled. A full, slow smile. Full of love as he gazed into Yohji’s widening eyes. ‘you were not unloading bags, or watching over me, you were holding me. Come here Nissho, I’ve missed you.’ Ran reached out, taking Yohji’s hand and kissing his palm.

Yohji undressed and stepped into the water. Sinking down behind Ran, he pulled Ran tight against his chest. Holding him tightly, he whispered against the back of Ran’s neck. ‘I missed you too Ran. Glad you’re finally home.’

Ran leaned into the embrace, a low moan escaping as he answered, ‘It is ... good to be home. Tell me how things went while I was away. How’s Aya?’

‘she’s fine.... same. I went every other day, read a few poems. That was a silly book you gave me Ran.’ he chuckled, then sobered. ‘sorry, about the other night, Ran. there was a couple, at the gig that night, made me think of us.... and I just ... got scared, worried about you, over there... with those.... anyway. I am very glad you’re here, in my arms.’

They relaxed together for a few moments before Ran stirred, turning in Yohji’s embrace to straddle him. Wrapping his arms around Yohji’s neck, Ran leaned in. he kissed the side of Yohji’s neck, just behind his ear, then down, tracing along Yohji’s jawline, rasping his tongue over the mild stubble there, then up to nip at Yohji’s lips, gently.

He was only a little surprised when Yohji lunged upward to claim Ran’s mouth in a hard, desperate, passionate kiss. Ran moaned with need. This, this was what he’d been waiting for, what he’d longed for. ‘Yohji’ he moaned, pulling back to arch back in Yohji’s arms, fingers entwined in Yohji’s hair, ‘yes Yohji’ he hissed. ‘touch me, kiss me. I missed your touch Nissho, I thought of you,  so much, while I was away. It has been too long Yohji.’ Ran moaned again as Yohji sucked on the side of his neck, one hand dropping down to softly fondle him, edging around his growing need, but not touching.... ‘Yohji..... Yohji.’

‘I need you Yohji, please’ Ran rasped, his groin tightening, almost painfully hard in an instant, ‘I do. I love you, I admit it. Two weeks without you, i..... can’t believe.... how much, how much I need you....’ Ran was panting lightly now, he leaned forward to rest his head on Yohji’s shoulder as he shuddered, ‘I shouldn’t need you, this much’ he whispered, so quietly Yohji almost didn’t hear it over his own rough breathing.

Almost. But, he did hear it, and made sure to respond. ‘I need you too Angel. I’ve fallen, hard, deep, completely. You own me Ran. In a way that I am sure isn’t healthy. These two weeks almost killed me. It’s pathetic to be so wrapped up in one other person like this, but I ... I can’t help it.’ He’d stopped stroking Ran’s cock now, and just held him tightly, rocking gently against Ran’s body, wanting..... needing.... ‘I need you Angel. I was scared, while you were away. I know Ran, how.... how much better you can do, than me. I know all too well where I don’t measure up. But,’ and he lifted Ran’s head, hands on both sides of his face. ‘No one. And I mean, no one, can love you like I do. I love you. all of you, and will do whatever it takes to make sure you know it. Don’t’ .... outgrow me Ran, don’t .... stop, needing me..... loving me. Let me love you, the way only I can.’ He kissed Ran then, a deep, exploring kiss, growing more insistent, until he eased back and smiled. ‘come on Babe. Let’s get out before the water’s cold. Let me relax those tired, cramped muscles for you.’ Yohji smirked now, and eased Ran out of his lap.

He stood, pulling Ran up with him, and wrapped Ran in one of the towels. ‘Go on babe. I’ll be right there.’ Yohji stepped toward the kitchen and Ran turned to the bedroom. As he entered, he reached down and grabbed his travel bag near the door.

As he leaned over to drop it next to the bed, he felt a slap against his ass. Turning, Ran's indignant glare was cut off by Yohji's smiling mouth. Ran relaxed against him and returned the kiss eagerly, his body trembling a little with nervous excitement.

Yohji took it slow, kissing Ran thoroughly before letting his hands wander. He traced Ran's spine with his fingertips, skimming them up and down over the soft skin before sliding lower. Ran was likewise touching him, exploring his neck, shoulders and back. He tensed briefly as Yohji's hands slid over the firm mounds of his slightly stinging bottom, but he relaxed after a moment and didn't protest as Yohji  kneaded and fondled.

Yohji deepened his kiss and his breath quickened. He swore he'd never felt such a fine ass before in his life. He thought he could die a happy man if he could spend his last moments squeezing Ran and he chuckled into Ran's mouth at his own thoughts.

 ‘It's not funny,’ Ran mumbled indignantly.

Yohji pulled his mouth away and kissed Ran's cheeks and eyelids. ‘No,’ he agreed softly, ‘but it's mine, and I felt like .... marking it, just a bit. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. Do you know how much I've thought about this ass since you left. I craved you Ran. Your hot mouth, your hard cock, your tongue.... ’

 ‘I ... can imagine,’ Ran chuckled, his face heating. He shoved his hands under Yohji’s robe, pushing the material back to drag his palms over the tight knots of muscle on his stomach and chest. ‘I can't say things the way you do, Yohji...’

Yohji purred, kissing the soft, pliant lips close to his. ‘Believe me, the sounds you make are ten times hotter than any cheesy lines I can come up with.’

Ran huffed with laughter, his breath tickling the blonde’s cheek. ‘I like your cheesy lines, even though they embarrass me, sometimes....’ he blushed, just lightly.

Yohji was already aware of that fact and he grinned. Ran might blush like a schoolgirl sometimes, but his body language and reactions told a completely different tale when it came down to business. He kissed Ran again and murmured with arousal as he helped to lay him back, warm hands relearning Ran’s body.

‘Mmm, feels good,’ Ran whispered when Ran Yohji teased and stroked his nipples to hardness. He sucked in a sharp breath when Yohji lowered his head and took one of them into his mouth. ‘Good.... Yohji

Yohji's response was to flick his tongue back and forth over the taut bud and Ran groaned softly with pleasure, squeezing Yohji’s shoulder. His thinking abilities deserted him as his lover moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

Yohji gasped as one of Ran's hands cupped and massaged the bulge between his legs, rubbing through the fabric of the robe and making him want to flip Ran onto his back and pound into him until he couldn't walk anymore. He'd never felt so wanted, or wanted anyone so much.....


‘Ran…Ran,’ Yohji panted mindlessly, flexing his hips as Ran rubbed his straining erection. ‘Oh Angel…wait…I'm gonna lose it if you don't stop.’

Ran paused his massage and looked into the hazed emerald eyes. His expression was open and inviting. ‘I want you to cum inside me, Yohji, hot..... deep inside. I'll quit for now.’

Aloud, Yohji gasped, ‘You lied Babe, when you said you aren't good with words.... Wait, give me a minute…I almost lost it, just now.’

‘Really?’ responded Ran with a ridiculously innocent smile.

Yohji rolled his eyes. ‘Yes, you little .....! How Ran, how can you be so freakin' sexy and still be so…so…innocent, how?’

‘Sexy huh?’ Ran said shyly, but then he licked Yohji's chin and contradicted the innocent routine.

Yohji rolled onto him and growled, ‘If there was a male version of a shy but slutty schoolgirl, you'd fit the bill’ He kissed him hard, his arousal at such a painful state that he could feel the ooze of precum dampening inside the robe. He panted as he reached with one hand and began to fumble the robe off.

Ran immediately reached to help, and when Yohji felt Ran's hands trembling against his, he gentled his kiss and murmured softly. They’d only had the one night of full lovemaking before this two week separation.... Determined not to rush it and risk accidentally hurting Ran, Yohji tempered himself and fought to keep his passion controlled. He moaned softly as the robe’s tie came undone and Ran pulled it back off his shoulers before gently stroking him again.

‘Seriously, I can't take much more of that,’ Yohji warned in a breathless whisper as he grasped his lover’s fondling hand to still it.

Ran stopped, biting his lip. ‘Sorry, I forgot,’ he murmured. 

~Somehow I don't think that's true,~ Yohji thought as he stared down at Ran.

Ran knew more than he let on—he was good at reading people and there was little doubt that he was getting a thrill out of keeping Yohji on the very edge of control. Rather than press, Yohji dropped the robe off the edge of the bed and rolled to press himself against Ran shoulders to knees. He felt an absurd urge to sob with relief when his swollen cock pressed tightly against Ran’s own. He'd heard of men claiming ‘blue balls’ as an excuse to get into someone’s pants before but until now, he'd always thought it was just a dramatized version of being plain old horny. Yohji actually almost looked down at his genitals to see if his balls had turned blue. Two fucking weeks.....

He shrugged away the brief curiosity, knowing that logically his balls couldn't literally turn blue with arousal. He resumed exploring Ran’s body, listening to Ran's soft sighs and moans and coming close to losing it several times. He rolled to the side, reached down and eagerly grasped Ran’s stiff sex, enjoying as Ran arched back with a cry, ‘Yohji’.

He could have used his hand, loving the feel of Ran in his palm, he was tempted to stay like this, feeling Ran’s heavy hardness in his hand, kissing him , stroking him until he reached orgasm, but he had a better idea. He milked Ran's straining erection until he had the smaller man groaning and pleading with him, and he purposely stopped just before his ministrations would have made him cum.

‘Yohji!’ Ran gasped as the sensations stopped.

‘Just wait Angel, I promise, I’ll make it worth it. I want you to cum with meinside of you,’ Yohji, panting himself, said with smile.

‘Yes Yohji, hurry’ Ran gasped, but he was grinning up at him.

‘I have to Babe, or I won’t last myself. You’ve got me ready to burst,’ Yohji agreed with a nod, making Ran laugh and blush at the same time. He kissed his love's flushed cheeks, then his lips. After a few moments of kissing, he pulled away and reached over to find the lube under the pillow he’d planted there before leaving for the airport.

Ran's amethyst eyes held deep, burning desire, tinted with just a hint of worry as Yohji lubed the fingers of his right hand. It had been two weeks, and there hadn’t been the days of buildup foreplay to stretch Ran, but he kissed Ran and promised him softly that he'd take it slow. Ran relaxed a little and Yohji talked to him as he slipped his hand beneath the covers and searched with skilled hands.

‘Just lay back and relax,’ Yohji murmured as he pressed his slick index finger against the tight, puckered entrance he'd located. ‘You know I'd rather die myself than hurt you, right?’

Ran looked up at him with parted lips, his violet gaze soft and warm. ‘I know,’ he whispered. He spread his thighs and took a deep breath, keeping his eyes locked with Yohji's as the other man carefully pushed. He grimaced with discomfort as Yohji's finger pushed into him and he gasped softly as it breached the resisting entrance, trying so hard through the haze of desire to relax.


‘I know it's uncomfortable ,it’s been a while’ Yohji said tenderly, kissing Ran's gasping mouth. ‘But remember Babe, remember, it's going to get better. I…I love you, Ran.’

Ran looked at him with such warmth and love, such trust..... Yohji was overwhelmed with his need .... He smiled warmly down at Ran and pushed his finger the rest of the way in, holding it there for a moment to let him adjust, moaning himself as Ran did. The volet eyes closed briefly and Ran licked his lips and sighed. Yohji bent his head and kissed him again, unable to resist the sight. He'd seen some pretty amazing looking mouths before but Ran's was so .....

Ran gasped again as Yohji slowly withdrew his finger and repeated the thrusting motion slowly. He kissed him more deeply, sliding his tongue between Ran's lips to explore while he carefully began to rhythmically thrust in and out. The tight heat of Ran's body clenching around his finger left no doubt in his mind that Ran needed the extra prep, even wanting it as he did, his body had not been invaded since their first time and needed to be reminded. Yohji felt a flash of love and burning desire, quickly followed by a surge of gratefulness to be Ran’s first and only, that Ran was his. 

He'd never been particular with a lover's virginity status before but with Ran, it was like being given the most important gift on the planet. The thought of another man touching him this way made Yohji crazy. He was the possessive sort, and he knew that if anyone else ever tried to do this to Ran he'd go off the wall. He thought it made him an awful hypocrite, because he'd had plenty of lovers before , maybe had no right to be jealous, especially of non-existent lovers, but he was.... oh he was...

‘Oh no…I'm turning into one of THOSE guys,’ Yohji muttered against his companion's lips.

‘W-what?’ Ran panted, frowning with confusion.

‘Nothing, Angel, later. I'm just worrying. I'm not hurting you, am I?’ Yohji felt his face warming and he hoped it wasn't obvious.

‘No, it doesn't hurt,’ Ran answered in a breathy voice. He jumped a little when Yohji's finger brushed the gland inside of him. He stared up at Yohji, gasping, and jumped again when he repeated the action. ‘Oh! Oh…there, yes…Yohji…right…OH!’

Yohji grinned. ‘there Ran?’ he purred, fingering the gland once more. Ran trembled and nodded, putting his arms around him and squeezing reflexively. He would have loved to keep doing it but he hadn't been lying earlier when he said he wanted Ran to come when he was inside of him. Confident that he could find the right angle and rhythm to stimulate the area again when he was making love to him, Yohji stopped teasing the spot and cautiously added another finger. Ran's eyes flickered shut and he moaned, arching his throat. Yohji kissed his Adam's apple and worked his fingers slowly and gently, making the muscle relax and accept the penetration.

‘Fuck Ran, how did I manage to resist you before?’ Yohji groaned as he stared down at Ran's flushed, impassioned face. He used every ounce of restraint he possessed to keep from losing control and mounting his gasping lover without finishing preparing him. ‘Relax Ran, relax’ he soothed. He kept stroking within Ran and kissing him sensually until he felt he was stretched enough to take him. He then withdrew his fingers and raised himself up over Ran.

Ran watched him do it with heavy-lidded eyes. He reached out and petted Yohji's weeping erection as the blonde looked down at him. Yohji sucked in a sharp breath and held still, trying not to let the stimulation of his warm hand send him over the edge.

Ran seemed to sense how fine the line of control was getting and he stopped stroking and rolled onto his side, presenting his back to the other man. ‘Like this Yohji?’ he asked softly, craning his neck to look over his shoulder at the other man.

Yohji licked his lips, staring at the smooth roundness of the top of Ran's butt cheeks that were visible above the line of the sheets. ‘Oh yeah, that's perfect. Are you sure you're ready?’

‘Would I be laying this way if I weren't?’ Ran smirked over his shoulder. There was a hint of fear in his eyes but the passion in them was stronger.

‘I guess not,’ chuckled Yohji huskily. He spooned up against him and propped himself on one elbow, while grasping the base of his sex with the other. ‘It's probably going to hurt a little at first Babe. Promise, Ran, let me know if it's too much, okay?’

Ran nodded and Yohji positioned himself. He rocked forward slowly and kissed Ran's ear when he gasped. ‘Easy,’ he soothed, feeling his tight almost virgin entrance resist the intrusion. ‘Push out Babe, relax, then push.’ He pressed a bit more firmly and it gave. The head of his cock entered Ran's body and he shuddered with pleasure, releasing his shaft to put his arm around Ran and hold him tightly.

‘Ungh…Yohji,’ Ran groaned, tensing as the other man slowly drove into his body. He panted softly and Yohji's mouth brushed over his jaw and neck. He felt like Yohji's cock was going to impale him all the way through until it was sticking out of his mouth—it just kept going deeper and deeper. He’d forgotten this part, remembering only the passion later, the feeling. The blonde held him tight and kept pushing, whispering huskily to him all the while. ‘Oh Angel..... Ran.....,’ Ran whimpered, just a bit. Yohji froze. ‘No, Yohji don’t.... don’t stop.... I want you, fill me Yohji, please.’ 

‘yes Ran, oh yes’ Yohji panted and rocked lightly , deeper with each stroke. It finally stopped when Yohji's hips pressed against his ass, and Yohji stroked his belly and murmured soothingly to him.

‘I'm sorry, baby. Just try to relax and it'll start feeling better.’ Yohji was now showering Ran's neck and shoulder with kisses, his voice sweet and gentle. ‘I’ve gotta relax you all over again... Ran, fuck, you’re so.... so tight, so hot...’ he panted, waiting for Ran to adjust, ‘Ran.... love.....Ran.’

Yohji bit his lip and forced himself to stay still. He'd never felt so much pleasure breaching someone in his life. His pleasure unfortunately brought Ran pain and he felt guilty as he tried to sooth him. If it didn't get better for Ran soon, he'd withdraw. It wasn’t worth it if Ran couldn't enjoy it too. He could bring Ran pleasure in so many other ways. What had he been thinking, rushing it... he should have waited, no matter how much he’d wanted this... Just as he’d decided to find another way, he felt Ran's muscles slowly relax and stop clenching spasmodically around him and he hugged him tightly.

‘Oh Angel....Better?’ Yohji inquired softly.

‘Yeah,’ Ran gasped in response. ‘It…it doesn't hurt anymore. It feels…full, good. Move Yohji, make love to me’

Yohji nearly laughed he was so happy. Instead of giving into mirth, he slowly withdrew and thrust again, grunting with pleasure. Ran's sharp gasp of pleasure encouraged him and he began to rock against him slowly. Yohji trembled and rested his forehead against Ran's shoulder.

‘You feel sooo good,’ he groaned, kissing the shoulder blade. ‘I missed you Ran, I missed touching you, smelling you, kissing you....damn’

Ran couldn't have answered coherently if he tried. He stared at the wall with wide, glazed eyes and parted lips. Each thrust of Yohji's cock pressed against that something inside of him that made him jerk with sensation. Ran gasped an exclamation, moaning Yohji’s name with each thrust, reveling in the shocks of pleasure, vision going white as Yohji's cock pushed into his body again and he nearly went cross-eyed. ‘Yohji!’ Ran gripped Yohji’s arm in front of his body tightly and thrust back against Yohji, then, Yohji reached down, taking Ran’s shaft into his other hand.

‘Oooh…Yohji…you're.... again…harder....there... Yohji, yes’ Ran panted, sweating now, torn between thrusting into Yohji’s tight fist, and pressing back to drive Yohji deeper.

‘Oh, Ran,’ Yohji groaned. He began to thrust harder and faster. His arm was like a vice around Ran's waist and his hand around Ran’s cock. Ran felt his thigh muscles jump involuntarily with each spark of sensation. He heard Yohji growl in his ear and felt his teeth nibble the lobe.

Calling out breathlessly, Ran began to instinctively rock. He moved against Yohji's pumping hips to increase the penetration and he squeezed the arm that was around his waist. He called out Yohji’s name in a breathless voice, his cock twitching with pleasure. Yohji's hand stroked him hard and fast.

‘Oh fuck…OH FUCK…Yohji…YOHJI! Wait…s-stop, it's…it's, I’m.... I ’ Ran didn't even know what  he was saying anymore and Yohji was pumping his hips hard and fast. He felt the blonde’s mouth against his shoulder, warm and wet. Kissing him, over and over. 

‘Yeah, baby…Yes, ah!’ Yohji howled as he felt Ran’s cock swell and throb in his hand. As Ran called out with a deep, throaty moan, ‘Yohji’ He thrust home once more, hard and deep, groaning as Ran's ass clenched rhythmically around his cock, milking him. ‘Ran.... Ran....ngh!’ Yohji’s whole body tightened, every muscle rigid with the force of his release as he came.

He came to, trembling, to the sound of Ran’s voice, murmuring over and over, ‘yours Yohji, love you, missed you’ as he stroked Yohji’s arm with one hand, and patted Yohji’s hair with the other. Yohji took a shuddering breath and kissed Ran’s jaw as he gently pulled out. He grabbed a wetnap from the canister he’d planted on the bedside table and gently cleaned Ran as he rolled him over. Satisfied for now, he pulled Ran against him and trailed his fingers through that soft, silky red hair. ‘you’re amazing Ran, perfect.’

He took in Ran’s boneless state, his half closed eyes, and smiled, ‘sleep Angel, rest... I love you, I’ll be here when you wake. Let me hold you. ‘

‘no Yohji, wait’ Ran roused, missing the small quick frown Yohji made, ‘wait, before... before I go to sleep, I ... have something for you.’ he reached over Yohji, grasping for his carry on bag. He fumbled for a bit, finally finding the case and the jeweler’s bag.

He sat back up, smiling softly and Yohji melted, ‘presents Ran? it coulda waited hun, you’re exhausted.’ He caressed Ran’s cheek softly, leaning in for a small kiss.

‘yes, it could have, but... I wanted to ... I’ve been waiting, to give you’ first he held out the case.

Yohji’s eyes widened at the embossed Gucci emblem on the case. He opened the latch and gasped as he took in the sleek black shades. ‘Ran. these are expensive, too much... Angel.’ He reverently removed the shades from the case, deftly easing them on with a practiced move. He grinned, ‘well, how do I look?’

‘sexy’ Ran answered, ‘I knew they’d look amazing on you. I saw you, eyeing that display last month at the expo.’ He smiled, reaching up to tilt them down so he could see Yohji’s eyes. ‘they suit you, Nissho. Very sexy.’

He leaned in and kissed Yohji quickly, then dropped his eyes. ‘I..... I have one more, gift Yohji. I was going to wait, to give this to you, wait for the right time..., the right....setting, but. This. This is right, with your touch still felt on me, in me.’ He raised his eyes to Yohji’s. ‘I love you Yohji. More than I should, but....i cannot imagine, being without you. you have become... part of me. I... I know, it’s too soon, but I ... can’t wait, don’t want  to wait.’ He took a deep breath, closed his eyes. ‘Yohji, I want to....i want to ask you, to stay. Stay with me Yohji, be mine.....’ he trailed off, swallowing. He looked back up, ‘wear my ring Yohji, please’ he held out the case, opening it to show the ring nestled in the black velvet.

Yohji traced a finger over the ring and looked up at Ran. ‘I’ve told you, Ran, I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.’ Yohji looked at him intently, ‘Ran , ‘I promise you, as long as you want me-.’

‘but,....’ Ran cut him off, then hesitated, ‘what.... what if I want.... too much Yohji’ Ran whispered, looking at Yohji’s chest. ‘what if... what if I want.... forever?’ by the end he was so quiet Yohji could barely make it out, but he was watching, listening so closely he did hear it, every word. His breath caught for a moment before he could answer and in the time it took he felt Ran tensing again. ‘I’m sorry Yohji.... I ... it’s too soon, I know-‘


Yohji reached forward, removing the ring from its box, tilting his head, looking at it, thenback to  Ran. ‘No Ran.’ Yohji cut him off solemly and he felt Ran..... crumple. ‘oh-‘ Yohji cut Ran off before Ran could make another sound, pulling Ran in forcefully to claim Ran’s mouth,laying them back down onto the bed, holding him close, wrapping arms and legs around Ran so he was completely entwined with Yohji. He kissed Ran soundly, deeply, passionately. When both men had started to pant, Yohji pulled back. ‘ you didn’t let me finish. No Ran, it is not too soon, No Ran it is not too much. Yes Ran, I want forever too.’ He eased the ring onto his finger, a perfect fit. ‘Forever Ran. I’m yours, you’re mine... always.’  He kissed Ran again, his mouth, his shining eyes, his forehead. ‘Sleep Angel, rest. Let me get my fill of you in my arms. We’ll talk more when you wake. I love you Ran.’


‘I love you too, Nissho,’ Ran yawned and snuggled into Yohji, letting his heartbeat lull him to sleep............



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