Music of My Soul

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Schuldig trembled as he adjusted his tie, just barely, but Yohji noticed. “Schu,” his voice broke the silence of the room as he gripped Schu’s shoulders. His emerald gaze locked with Schu’s own in the free standing mirror. “you can’t be nervous. You KNOW he loves you. I know you do.” Schu took a deep breath, reaching up to cover Yohji’s hands with his own. “yes Yohji, I do know it. It’s just... this makes it more.... you know. Now it’s not just “I’ve changed my mind,  or “I want out” – it’s more, you know.... I know we are forever, I love him. Trust him. I just can’t believe..... He knows me, so well. To see the fear hidden inside me, that I didn’t even realize was there. It’s gone now, and I only realized it was there when it vanished when he proposed.” Schu turned, “I love him so much, sometimes.... it floors me.”  He grinned, “Thanks Yohji, for giving up your New Year’s Eve for my silliness, to stand with me.”

Yohji’s eyes widened, “give up? I didn’t give up anything, I can think of only one way I’d rather spend my midnight.” He leered, “and I’ll just ring in the dawn of the new year after we send you guys off.”  He chuckled as he pulled Schu in for a quick hug then stood back. “now, let’s do this. Your love awaits.” He bowed a sweeping bow toward the door, laughing.

As he stood, he gently patted the right pocket of his pants for the small box there, turned Schu around and cracked the door open quietly. He listened for the music that was due to play any moment. Within seconds, the soft strains of Three Days Grace, “Lost in You” began to play from the speakers mounted at the end of the hall. Movement caught his eye, and he saw the door at the other end of the hall open, and a head of crimson poked out. Violet orbs locked with his own, a soft, almost shy smile on the face of his own love caused Yohji’s breath to catch in his throat.

“ready?” Ran whispered, and Yohji nodded. Reaching behind him, Yohji squeezed Schuldig’s hand briefly. He stepped out into the hall, and walking forward took Ran’s deceptively delicate hand into his own. Thrilling at the strength there as Ran entwined their fingers, Yohji waggled his eyebrows playfully as they turned forward. “Love you Angel.” He whispered, as they paused together on the doorway of the studio.

“love you too Yohji. Always.” Ran whispered back as he leaned into Yohji, breath warming his ear just as they crossed the threshold into the room. Twirling Yohji’s band between his fingers for just a moment before releasing Yohji’s hand, Ran stepped aside to allow the lovestruck couple behind them to come into the room.  Schu and Brad stood just inside the room, facing each other. As the song came to a close, they leaned in for a light, sweet kiss, then stepped back and turned to face the room. Taking in the smiles of their friends, they entwined their hands and walked forward together to come to stand before the soundboard that had been draped with cloth, and was now covered in multicolored strips of leather.

Standing beside the covered table, a woman waited, smiling softly. She was dressed in a soft lilac, long silk jacket, draped open over a creamy white, simple straight cut dress, over white stilleto heels. Jet black hair was cut to frame her delicate face, with a  pert nose, and wide, luminous grey eyes that sparkled. She raised her eyes to take in the group arrayed around the room, and cleared her throat. “Schuldig, Bradley, as you stand here before these witnesses who mean so much to each of you, and this night bind your souls together, remember the love you share. Remember what has brought you to this moment in your lives.”

She reached into the array of leather before her and came up with a long red strand. Reaching forward she lifted Schuldig’s right hand, then directed Brad’s own right hand to clasp with it. Patting their clasped hands, she then wrapped the red strip of leather around the two hands, binding them. “Love, first, brought you here.” She said. “Love for, and because of, each other. A love that commits to, and raises the other above yourself. Each placing the needs and desires of the other above his own.”

A blue strip was next, “understanding.” She intoned, “understanding in times of stress or sadness, in times of frustration, or simply when time is needed for self. To understand that each Omi vent, but that this in no way lessens the love that is there. “ A purple strip followed, “Passion, the result of you love and understanding. Desire and passion for and with each other, both physical and of the soul. A need for each other, precluding all else.”

A pale yellow was added to the rest. “Sunshine, laughter, joy. You have found your joy in each other. Renew it, often. Encourage and cultivate laughter. It lightens the soul and renews the spirit. If you find it dimming, plant new seeds of spontanaeity, of fun, surprise each other, be grateful for each other, and reward each other often.”

A white strip joined the weaving, “trust, purity, a prOmise always to belong forever more only to each other. To share all things, always. Open and honest. Remember to turn to each other always. Friendship is important, and it is understandable to share burdens with friends or family. But, keep no secrets. Allow no darkness to creep in or dampen the light of your trust in each other. These are the ties that bind. Unbreakable when woven together, they Omi hold your souls bound to each other, always, as long as you keep them woven in your lives together.”

She released her hold on the wrists, allowing the men to hold their own hands aloft, then turned slightly to look at Yohji. Raising one elegant eyebrow. Yohji grinned and handed her the small black box from his pocket. Opening the box, she lifted the two silver bands from within. Two Celtic knot bands rested in her palm, earning a quick grin as she looked up again. “These bands of metal, also woven together, must rest in harmony to come together and form a smooth, whole weave.” She lifted each man’s left hand and eased the bands onto their fingers, giving each a soft squeeze before release.

The radio,  which had been turned on to play soft jazz quietly in the background after “Lost in You” had ended, began the countdown to welcome the new year just as she released their hands.

She fell silent a moment then, allowing the countdown to play into the silence, with Schu and Brad watching each other, digesting words. Around the room lovers’ eyes devoured each other as the numbers ran down... “three.... two..... one. Happy New Year!” The radio host cried out.

As the strands  of the traditional Auld Lang Syne filled the room, she gently disengaged their still wrapped right hands, pulling them barely apart. Then, raising a gleaming dagger from the table, she quickly sliced through the cords at the space between their hands, severing them from each other. “Only you can break the bonds that entwine your souls. And only then, by pulling apart from one another.” As she spoke, she deftly wove the ends together, leaving the remnants securely wrapped around each man’s right wrist. “May your bonds hold strong, souls strengthened in each other for all time.” She quickly finished off the weaves and looked up. “Keep these weaves to remind you of the ties that bind your souls.”

She then turned the two to face the room, “I now present to you Brad and Schuldig Crawford. Soulbound.” She smiled warmly at the joined couple, “A kiss to welcome the new year and seal your bond!”

“hear hear!” Jei called out as Brad dipped a laughing Schuldig over his arm and devoured him. Jei quickly followed suit, dipping Ken. Yohji, not to be outdone, leaned over to dip Ran, only to be surprised as Ran deftly turned the tables, instead bending Yohji over his own arm. Omi was surprised by a shy, but determined, Nagi leaning forward for a soft kiss. And Aya blushed sweetly as Yuushi cradled her face between his hands and leaned in for a teasing kiss, nipping gently at her bottom lip as he pulled back.

After a few moments of New Year kisses, the group surged forward to engulf the newlybonded in a group hug with much back slapping and laughter. They broke apart and made their way to the side table for drinks to toast the New Year.

Ran turned to the mistress of ceremony as she rolled the spools of leather twine, placing them into her bag on the table. “Thank you Birman.” Ran said as he took her hand. “It was a beautiful ceremony, truly.”  Birman let the bag rest on the covered table and stepped forward for a quick hug. 

“I’m glad, Ran, really. Thank you for recommending me to Bradley. I was touched.”

“Well,” Ran smiled, “Brad was very impressed with your poetry and weavings at the last gallery showing. I know he bought a few pieces, and if I’m not mistaKen, he commissioned some of your work for the new hotel he’s designing, right?”

Birman blushed delicately, “yes, you are correct Ran.” She answered, “he did.” She glanced at the happy couple. “They certainly seem to be in love. Their bonds are strong. Almost visible without the cords.” She tilted her head as she considered Ran. “Much like your bonds with your soul mate. They shine for all to see. When Omi you let me weave them for you Ran?”

Ran smiled, “We’ll see Birman. We’ll see. For now, let’s concentrate on these two.  Time to celebrate this binding.” He looked over the group, smiling at Yohji across the room before turning back to Birman. “I’m heading over to Masato’s to set up. You’re welcome to join us for the reception.  Would you like to ride over with me?”

“No Ran. Thank you, but I Omi meet you there. Thank you, again, for your introduction, and for the offer.” Nodding, Ran stepped away, leaving her to finish packing her things.

He made his way across the room to the happy couple. Smiling widely, Ran leaned in for a quick hug with Schuldig, and firmly shook Brad’s hand. “Congratulations. Both of you. I know you’ll both be very happy.”

“thank you Ran.” Brad answered quietly. “You and Yohji, and the rest, are true friends. Thank you for standing with us tonight.”

“it was my pleasure Bradley. I only wish your family had been able to stand with you on such a momentous day.” Ran answered.

“Well, we are definitely a bunch aren’t we?” Brad grinned wryly, “Only Omi and Yuushi among us having living, or welcome, parents. There’s something for Aya to think about. Think he’ll ever take her ‘home to meet mom,’ hmm?” He laughed softly.

Ran tilted his head. “Wow Brad. I hadn’t even thought of that. You’re right. Well, I guess if he brings up any long weeKend trips I’ll have to wonder about that. They live in Chicago, right?... Maybe we don’t have to worry about that for a few months anyway. Not much incentive to travel there during the winter months anyway.... hmm.” Ran’s eyes unfocused slightly as he considered this new development.

Schu laughed. “Well then, wait for Spring before you worry too much Ran. It’s still early. We’ll all keep an eye on him, don’t worry.”

Ran grinned sheepishly, shaking his head. “Well. I’m off to Masato’s. You guys give me a little bit to set up. Go get changed, load the rest of the bags into the van, and meet me there. I know Manx is already there, and I’m sure others are trickling in. I’ll see you guys over there in a few.” He shook both their hands again and walked over to Yohji.

“Hey lover.” Ran husked into Yohji’s ear as he came up from behind to wrap his arms around Yohji’s waist as Yohji talked to Jei in the corner of the room. Yohji leaned back into the embrace, moaning lightly as Ran nibbled on the edge of his ear. “mmm. Take me Angel.”

“love to, but I have to get a raincheck.” Ran stood back, resting his chin on Yohji’s shoulder. He huffed a small sigh. “Ah well, later Nissho. I prOmise.” He nuzzled Yohji’s neck briefly and squeezed just a bit before standing back. “I’m off to the Crab Shack. You get the lovebirds changed and loaded up and meet me there, kay?”

Yohji turned in the embrace. Taking a moment to look into those incredible amethyst eyes of his Angel, he basked in the warmth of loving Ran. He leaned in for a deep, soul wrenching kiss, leaning back reluctantly after a too short moment.  Resting his forehead on Ran’s, he took a deep breath. “ok lover. We’ll meet you there.” He smiled, wrapping his arms around Ran and leaning in to whisper in his ear, “But later, after we welcome the first sunrise of this momentous new year, we go home and I get to stroke and pet my kitten all I want for the rest of the day, hmm?”

Ran gave a toKen glare at the newest nickname, then chuckling he nodded, “I prOmise Nissho. The whole day is yours.”

“ok then.” Yohji stepped back. “Go on, do your perfectionist thing and set everything up just so. We’ll meet you there in a bit.”

Ran nodded to Jei and Ken, and unable to stop grinning, made his way out of the studio for the drive to Masato’s and the reception, slated to begin around 1am. Ran pulled out of the parking lot for the drive over. Traffic was still light, most revelers still at the bars or wherever they’d gathered to celebrate.

What a way to bring in the New Year, with such a declaration. Schu and Brad had made certain their vows would commence within moments of the year’s beginning. A new life beginning with a new year... He made a mental note to reopen the discussion with Yohji about exchanging their own vows. The more he considered the ceremony, and the happiness shining from Brad’s and Schuldig’s faces, the more he liked the idea. Yohji was certainly enthusiastic about the possibility, and WEISS was doing remarkably well.... maybe, if they kept it private and small, well... perhaps they could have their own ceremony without it having too much of an impact. Something to think about... maybe summer.

Ran pulled up at Masato’s and made his way through the back door left open for his entrance. Ran went straight to the kitchen to help bring out the trays and the double chocolate, three tiered wedding cake Brad had ordered for Schu. He was greeted shortly after his arrival by an enthusiastic, excited Masato and Manx. Small groups had started to trickle in already and were seated in the front area. He was greeted by light cheers and well wishes as he helped roll out the cake. “The groomsmen Omi be here shortly everyone,” Masato called out as he, Manx and Ran set out the buffet tables. “Help yourselves to drinks. We’ll wait for the guests of honor to open the buffet.”

They went about finishing everything, setting out trays, spreading table cloths. More and more attendees arrived, all routed to the drink stations. Once all the tables were done, and double checked, the three sat for a drink at the table of honor. Noting the increased number of guests glancing at the buffet tables, Ran grew troubled. Glancing at his watch, Ran’s brow wrinkled. “they should have been here by now Manx” he looked up from his watch to the wall clock on the off chance that his watch was wrong. No, the time was right.... it was close to 1 now. “They should have been here by now.”

“They’re only about ten minutes late Ran. It’s New Year’s Eve. Well... New Year’s now, I guess” Manx soothed, “relax. Traffic is probably getting crowded. Give them another ten minutes. If they aren’t here by then, we’ll go mother hen and call Omi. ‘Kay?”

“yeah, I guess you’re right. Don’t know why I’m so worried about ten minutes. Guess I just feel guilty keeping everyone from food that smells so damn good” Ran grinned. He stood to go refill his punch.

“I’ll get a refill too.” Masato grumbled good naturedly, following behind Ran. As Ran made his way to the drink table, his cell began to vibrate in his pocket. Grinning, he reached to answer. It was Jei’s cell “checking in huh Jei? I was beginning to wonder about you guys.” Ran answered with a grin.

Suddenly, Ran froze. His face went chalk white, his gasp loud enough to capture Masato’s attention. One look at Ran’s wide eyes and white face was enough to alert Masato that something was definitely not right. “Manx!” he bellowed as Ran’s knees gave way. He lept forward, steering Ran into the nearest chair.

Ran’s grip was knuckle white on the phone as he listened intently to whoever was speaking on the other line. Masato turned to look for Manx, who was just cOming up behind him. “What’s wrong?” she asked, eyes wide. “I don’t know.”  Masato answered, turning back to Ran to find out.

Then, suddenly the phone was dropped, forgotten, and Ran was running for the back door. “Ran!” Masato called, but Ran ignored his cry. Manx reached down, picking up the cell. “Hello?” she asked, “Jei? What’s going on?” She listened a moment,” No, Ran tore out of here.” Another moment, then her own face paled, and she eased herself down into the chair Ran’d left.  “Oh my God. No.” she whispered.

“what’s wrong?” Masato asked.

“We’ll.... we’ll wait here. I’ll tell everyone to... to go home. Call me Jei. Call me the minute you know anything.” Closing the phone, she raised eyes swiftly filling with tears to look at Masato she whispered, “It’s Yohji.” She choked, “there’s accident... his motorcycle.....’s bad Masato. They don’t know.....” she slumped forward, head in her hands as Masato wrapped his arms around her. “

Yohji.” He whispered.......




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