Music of My Soul

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Yohji woke rested, and for the first time in as long as he could remember, completely clear. He knew immediately where he was and who he held close against him. He inhaled deeply, savoring the fragrance of Ran – his familiar ( and oh how sweet it was that it WAS familiar) shampoo, a slight salty tang that still lingered in the air from Ran’s tears of the near hysteria from last night, and a very slight undertone of citrus from the all purpose cleaner Ran had used obsessively in readying the shower and other assistance equipment delivered for Yohji’s recovery.

Yohji let his mind wander over the last few weeks, then deliberately dug deeper into his now restored memories, memories of the time in the hospital – waking not knowing where OR WHEN he was..... then, he went further back: revisiting the wreck. He went over as much of the scenario as he could recall, dissecting what he could see in his mind’s eye. He knew he’d seen that car before.... somewhere.... He’d have to ask Schu or Jei about it.

He shook off the curiosity and let himself relive the bonding ceremony and the surge of love and warmth he’d felt standing there for Schu, but watching the other half of his soul standing there before him as the ceremony played out. ....

Inevitably he replayed the drive again, picturing what the cars behind him would have seen. Damn. Ran’s worst fears, realized as he watched, helpless to stop it. Ran had commented more than once about his worries about the bike since the move to LA and the horrendous traffic....

Yohji shuddered as he tried to imaging the horror Ran must have felt as he watched the collision, tried to envision himself watching RAN mangled right in front of him. Then, for him to wake up and not recognize Ran, to not KNOW him..... fuck.

Yohji unconsciously tightened his hold, shaking a bit. Just to imagine Ran’s feelings then..... Yohji took a calming breath, and then, feeling Ran stir slightly, forced himself to ease back on the vise-grip hold he’d wrapped around Ran. He mentally shook himself, forcing his thoughts to something lighter, something that didn’t hurt so much.

He purposely brought to mind the memory of Ran’s sparkling eyes and growling laughter at Christmas with the mistletoe hat and that dipped kiss.... Ran’s tearful, wistful smile as he went through the box of photos from Aya.... The soft sweet lovemaking of that night once they were alone at last. He lingered over that night, Ran arching into his touch, Ran calling his name, clutching at him desparately, Ran moaning, begging, Ran’s soft sleepy smile and trembling against Yohji’s body as he panted, sated and happy....

He lay there, letting the warmth of that memory soothe him, fill his body with tingling, and reached over to lightly stroke Ran’s beautiful, silky soft hair, twining an eartail gently through his fingers.

He let himself drift into other memories of their time together. The first sweet months, coaxing out a smile from Ran, so precious and rare then, dancing with Ran for the first time, Ran’s amazing strength and martial arts skills..... Ran’s wide eyed excitement over a chili dog of all things and visiting the boardwalk, Ran’s endearing shyness at giving him gifts...... Ran’s opening to him and exploring all the many layers that made up this exquisite man.

He deliberately pushed forward in his recollections, glossing over the terrible loss and pain of the months of the sham marriage and their separation, then the reunion, rebuilding of their lives together and the restoration of their warmth, their security in each other. Relearning each other, and their bodies.... again he dwelled on flashes of Ran’s passion, of Ran’s mouth and hands, of Ran hovering above him, head thrown back as he would lose himself inside Yohji..... then, lingering over images of Ran writhing under his hands,  under him, watching him with those beautiful violet eyes as Yohji thrust above him, the look on Ran’s face when Yohji would enter him, possess him..... then when Ran would succumb to his desires and cum, calling out for Yohji....

God. He loved Ran so much. To think he’d almost lost this, and wouldn’t have even known what he’d missed.... and Ran would have .... gone, let him go, still somewhere deep inside convinced that in the end he didn’t really deserve Yohji.... a fear that would have been fed by what he would have believed to be fate giving Yohji a chance at life beyond Ran....

He sighed softly, and lightly caressed Ran’s face, almost, not quite touching, as he traced over those cheekbones, and down his neck, then back up over his ear, and behind, twirling his fingers again into Ran’s hair, playing again with an eartail. His little kitten.... Yohji chuckled softly as a sleepy Ran batted softly at the fingers twisted in his hair.

Ran woke, comfortable, warm, cocooned in the familiar feeling of Yohji holding him tight in the crook of one arm, while softly tickling the side of his neck with one of his own eartails. Without thought, Ran mumbled, “gonna cut ‘em off for sure Yohji, I swear.”

The warm chuckle and soft, “the fuck you will” penetrated his sleep-haze and Ran bolted upright, “Yohji!” eyes wide Ran took in the golden body lounged so relaxed beside him. A bit paler than normal, still a few bruises, splotches of livid purple or green here and there, and his leg wrapped in the steel and nylon brace. God.... he was so beautiful.

Then, Ran’s eyes raised to the sparkling, and above all, KNOWING, emerald eyes, full of love – for him -  and the warm smile – Yohji’s smile, familiar, loving..... it took his breath away.

He stared a moment until Yohji raised his hand and touched Ran’s jaw. “I missed you Angel. I just didn’t know it. I’m sorry.” Yohji whispered.

Ran gasped and trapped Yohji’s hand against his face and drowned in those wonderful summer green  eyes. “I love you Yohji.” He said solemnly, “So much. I missed you too.”  he leaned down and kissed Yohji lightly, then deeper as Yohji surged up to kiss Ran fully, hungrily. Yohji’s hands came up to bracket Ran’s face, tongues tangled, twisting. Yohji sucked harder, suddenly starving for Ran’s taste, feel...

A groan rose unstoppable from deep in Ran’s chest,  Yohji’s fingers fisting tightly into his hair.  Ran’s breath came faster, as he kissed Yohji, drinking him in, determined not to break contact for as long as possible.... Yohji dropped a hand down from Ran’s hair to the back of his neck, pulling him closer, tighter in, then dropped down across Ran’s back, pulling their chests in closer against each other.

Ran responded with another, louder, deeper moan, “Yohji” Ran dropped from Yohji’s lips, to trail down his jaw and across his neck, to the join at the shoulder, “Yohji” Ran panted, one hand clutching Yohji’s bicep, the other clenched so tightly in the sheets the knuckles creaked. The creases of those knuckles bleached white as he shuddered and tightened his grip with a breathless cry of “Yohji” as Yohji leaned in to bite briefly at that special spot just under Ran’s jaw. “Ran” Yohji whispered, “yes Angel”

Without any conscious thought, Ran’s body began to rock lightly, pressing against Yohji’s leg, “Yohji” Ran whimpered, panted, “Yohji..t-touch me, please Yohji.”

“yes” Yohji growled, as his fingers were already reaching for the elastic waistband of Ran’s sweats, and he reached in confidently, quickly taking Ran in his sure grip. Ran’s head snapped back, neck taut, jaw clenched, as he hissed through his teeth, “nnnngh...ah!” Ran tensed, “Yohji...” he panted, “Yohji... wait.” Ran desparately tried to backpedal, amazed by just. how. close. he was to the edge at only Yohji’s touch. He was poised on the brink at just that first grip. “Yohji” he rasped, eyes screwed shut, his grip on Yohji’s bicep sure to leave a bruise

Yohji, taking in the beautiful sight before him, spoke finally as he squeezed, and  pulled, at Ran’s cock. “Yes. Beautiful. Fuck yes. Cum for me Ran, yes... oh yes Angel”

And Ran did. Completely helpless to stop it, beyond any control, that tight, pulling, sure hand brought him fully over the cliff, floating on Yohji’s warm, confident voice calling him. His whole body spasmed as he thrust into that tight hold, hips thrusting forward with a stutter, fingers clenching, neck cords prominent. Ran’s scream tore through his clenched teeth, drawn from his very core....

Yohji kept a  steady, tight pull through the spasms, until Ran’s hips began to move again, now with short, sharp stutters, tremors of aftershock from the soul wracking orgasm torn from him. Ran abruptly dropped, limp against Yohji’s chest, a sigh escaping aginst Yohji’s neck.

Yohji stopped pumping, now just lightly squeezing, milking those last few precious drops, then easing his grip on Ran’s softening shaft, and caressed the back of Ran’s neck.

After a moment, when Ran didn’t sit back up or speak, Yohji grew concerned, “Ran?” he asked quietly. “angel?”

Ran still didn’t respond and Yohji gently eased Ran over onto his back and leaned over him. Brushing Ran’s sweaty strands back from his face, Yohji leaned in, comforted by the steady heartbeat visible in Ran’s neck. Now slowed, but still almost pounding.... “Ran” Yohji called lightly, then leaned over and kissed against Ran’s neck.

Finally, Ran stirred. Eyes fluttering then opening, his half lidded gaze rose to Yohji’s and he smiled a soft smile. “mmmm” Ran blinked slowly, then took a deep breath and stretched, languid and cat-like. “I missed that Yohji”

Yohji chuckled, “yeah, I kinda guessed that”

Ran began to caress Yohji’s shoulders, then  trailed down his sides, across his abs, ready and eager to return the favor. AS he cupped Yohji’s sac, and lightly fondled, his expression changed from sleepy heat to lightly puzzled, to almost worried.... unsure, as Yohji remained flaccid in his palm.

Yohji’s smile remained though. Warm, loving... his eyes closed in a long, slow blink, then opened, still shining with a soft smile. Finally Ran stopped, just gently cupping Yohji in his hand, feeling the heat. “Yohji?” he asked quietly.

Yohji traced Ran’s cheek. “It’s ok Babe. It’s the meds. That’s all. Dr. Brice said it might... be  a while, before I’m back to myself again. Memories aside.” He smirked. “But don’t stop baby. Just because I can’t get hard, doesn’t mean I can’t feel  it, feel you.” He leaned back, eyes never leaving Ran’s.

Ran gently cupped Yohji in his palm, then raised up above him and leaned in to kiss Yohji, open mouthed, tongues caressing. He mapped Yohji’s body under his hands, relishing the freedom to enjoy touching his lover again.

He squeezed his eyes tightly for a moment, determined not to lose himself to melancholy again as the pain and loss of the last few weeks rose up inside him. Instead, he leaned down and deliberately began to mark Yohji. High on his neck, in such a way that anything short of a high turtle neck couldn’t hope to hide it. Yohji was finally his again, and by God, the world would know it.

Yohji moaned deliciously at the marking, and they enjoyed a drawn out session of necking and petting. Finally, Ran eased off and raised above Yohji again... “Well my Nissho, I suppose we should get a start on the day hmm? Your first therapy session is early this afternoon” he tilted his head, “I’d really like to have the first test out with the shower set up while Jei is still here....” he trailed off

“Yeah,” Yohji sighed, “I kinda thought that too....” he lightly slapped against Ran’s hip, “Though, I was looking forward to showering with you....” he leered, then grinned opening as Ran’s eyes widened.

“After Jei and I have it worked out for safety Yohji.” He mocked glared, then smiled and leaned in for another short kiss. “Alright lazy bones, let’s get this show moving then...” he pushed up and stood at the bedside drinking in the beautiful sight of his lovely Nissho.

He pulled the wheelchair in close by the bed and eased Yohji up into it. “let’s go see if Jei’s ready for this....”

Yohji crossed his arms before his chest and gave a nod, “onward driver, step on it”


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