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Ran and Schuldig entered room 412 to find the lights muted, the only sound the quiet beeping of the monitors. Yohji lay on the bed, centered in the room, still...pale...silent. Ran’s breath caught in his throat. He looked so still, so lost. His vitality smothered by the thick white hospital blanket draped over his form.

They came to the bedside, one to each hand. Schu gripped Yohji’s right hand. Ran reached for his left, but stopped short, the IV tubes and bruising causing him to pause. He reached instead to brush Yohji’s hair from his face, taking in the bruises, eyes trailing down the to the taped shoulder, the obvious swelling. He trailed his eyes further taking in the bandages, wrapped ribs, before the blanket at halfway down his chest blocked the view. Then, elevated at the end of the bed, his leg, casted and held up by wires.

Schu leaned in and touched Yohji’s right shoulder, just watching his face. “well Yohji, you sure know how to get all the attention, hmm?” he smiled tenderly and Ran whispered, “now wake up baka.”

“Yes. Wake up so we can smack you around for making us worry so much.” Schu whispered. Ran smiled faintly, eyes still locked on Yohji’s face. He slowly sank into the chair behind him, keeping his hand in Yohji’s hair splayed over the pillow. Schu sighed and pulled up the other chair as well. The two sat, one on each side, guarding, watching, waiting.....


Brad jumped out at the entrance while Ken went to park. Before Brad could reach for the door, Masato came out, followed closely by Manx. “Brad,” he called, breathless, worried, “What news?”

“Ah.” Brad’s voice conveyed slight reassurance, followed by a small smile. “Let’s go inside, and I’ll tell you everything.” They turned to head in, Ken bringing up the rear. “He’s out of surgery. Has some broken bones and a concussion. We wont know more until he wakes, but the doctor seemed optimistic. Yohji’s out of danger he says, but...” Brad paused.

Ken picked up the narrative, “Ran’s a mess, obviously. Worried, angry.... Schu’s not much better.” Brad sighed at that, running a hand through his hair. “Yeah, we’re all a bit off kilter right now.”

They sat at a table near the kitchen, the other staff coming to listen in. “I know Jei gave you a brief rundown; we were on our way here. Yohji was on his bike, and had taken the lead in front of the rest of us. As he passed, hot on his tail were some paparazzi. The damn black Nissan that’s been hounding us lately, and a silver Kia I’d never seen before. The Nissan got too close and cut off a Toyota close behind Yohji. She clipped his back tire and sent Yohji flying. He landed on her hood, then hit the pavement. It seems the helmet caught on something as he landed and he took a head injury too.”

Brad stopped as one waitress sat tea glasses at the table for all. “Thanks” Ken nodded to her and took up the story. “he’s got a broken leg, damn near lost the leg” Manx gasped and covered her mouth at that. Masato put an arm around her shoulders and nodded for Ken to go on.

“The boots saved the leg. The doctor said he’s gonna be off the leg for a few weeks, then he’ll have to start therapy, so plenty of time for that to heal, so there’s no worry there. We’ll have to make sure he gets another pair of the same boots IF he decides to ride a bike again. The Harley’s totaled.... maybe he’ll give up the bike and use the insurance to get that special kit car he’s been going on about.” Ken sighed, “We’ll see I guess.” He stopped and took a moment to look at Manx and Masato solemnly, then glanced at the other staff listening to the breakdown, he looked around at the eager, concerned faces. “anyway, he’s gonna be ok. It’s just gonna take a while.”

Ken looked at Masato. “I’m sorry about all the food man. The doctor set us up at the hospital with a room. Think maybe we could make up some take out trays for the guys? And maybe when Yohji wakes up we can tempt him with some crab cakes.” He gave Masato a look and briefly tilted his head at the waitress to his left. Masato was quick to catch on.

“Jenny, can you make up, what? Six? Eight? Eight trays. For the guys to take back?” The girl nodded and lead the group back into the kitchen, leaving the friends alone. “Ok Ken. Spill. There’s obviously more than your telling.”

“I, just....just, keep this between us for now, huh?” They both nodded and Ken went on. He brought his gaze back to Manx, the one likely to be the most affected by his next statement. “It ... he.... Yohji has some amnesia.” Manx sat up straighter, obviously about to ask for more, but he held up a hand.

“We don’t know how bad, or how permanent. But, it seems when he woke up in the trauma unit, he didn’t remember our band being called Weiss. He kept asking for Schu, and when the orderly mentioned him singing for Weiss he didn’t recognize that as the band name.”

Manx looked confused. She’d come on as manager a few short months after the name Weiss was taken, signing up with them at a talent showcase much like the one Krittiker had hosted years before. She’d promoted the group, steadily signing them for more and more lucrative gigs until the Krittiker contest then the accolades that followed. “Not Weiss?” She asked.

Ken shook his head. “Yeah. We’d only taken on the name Weiss about two or three months before we met you. A friend of ours, Jason Weiss, was killed in a sandrail accident. Actually,” Ken swallowed, took a deep breath, and went on, “I guess you could say his death saved Jei’s life. That’s part of why we chose Weiss as our name.....” Ken closed his eyes, then went on firmly. “Jei’s dad was an asshole. Of epic porportions. He....he beat Jei regularly. And we all know damn well he was responsible for Jei’s mom’s death. Though obviously he got away with it. He’s the reason Jei lost his eye too.”

Ken looked down at the table, “that weekend, he’d gone on a real rampage. We all used to go on weekend camping trips with Jason pretty regularly. He was a repeat senior due to some stupid shit the first time around, causing him to drop out. He’d come back to finish and was straightened out. Applying himself and working at finishing school. He also had a not so ideal home life, and had moved out the minute he turned 18 that summer. He had a job, just enough to manage a small apartment while he finished up at school. He was a year older than Yohji, Schu and Jei. They were 17, almost 18. Jason was already 18 and a half. We all thought it was so cool he had his own place. Needless to say, we all spent a lot of time there. And Jason had to burn steam to keep himself focused. So, every other weekend or so, we’d go on a roadtrip together, or camping. Then, Jason got the sandrail in payment for some sidework he’d done, some remodeling project. He worked for like 3 months for this guy for that sandrail”

Ken grinned, lost in the memory. “We went out a lot with that thing. Everyone taking some time driving. Jason loved the damn thing. Was a regular speed demon. That –“ he faltered, cleared his throat and went on, “That weekend, Jei’s dad had decided Jei wasn’t going, no matter what. While Jei was getting his backpack ready, he came up from behind and hit Jei over the head with a bottle. Some.... some of the scars on Jei’s cheek are from that beating. When he landed, some of the glass shards cut his face up. His dad, just kept beating on him, kicking him.... screaming.....” Ken trailed off a bit, eyes unfocused, then Brad’s hand on his shoulder brought him back to the present. He shook his head, “Anyway. Yohji and I had come to pick Jei up and heard the bastard screaming at him from all the way outside. We ran in and found him kicking Jei in the back. Jei was out cold.”

Ken’s voice darkened, “We rushed the prick, knocking him away from Jei. Yohji decked him when he tried to come back, still holding the broken Jim Beam bottle in his fist. Guess we were lucky he hadn’t used that on Jei, just kept kicking him after he fell. Once Yohji decked him, he just kinda sat there in the corner, plastered, swearing at Jei, and us.... We couldn’t get Jei to wake up at first, he finally started coming around but there was so much blood and glass.....  He wouldn’t let us take him to the hospital, just wanted to get the hell out of there, ya know? He staggered up and finished getting his gear. Said we could clean up his cuts and stuff once we were on the road... We drove out to the campsite. Jei washed up most of the blood, but obviously I couldn’t work on the gashes on his face, or the glass, while we were driving.”

Ken shook his head, took a sip of tea, and went on. “When we got to the site and Jason saw Jei’s face, he was so pissed off at first I thought he was gonna hit Jei himself. “That fucking prick!” he yelled, “Again Jei? Damn, how much more you gonna take before you do something?” he got right in Jei’s face. Jason wanted Jei to report the bastard, go into the system, whatever it took to get away. It would only be a few more months until he was 18. He was convinced he was gonna kill Jei – and his beatings were getting a lot worse -  but Jei refused. He didn’t want to end up who knew where, likely in some kind of protective program to keep him hidden from his dad, and away from us. He wouldn’t do it. Just determined to hang on until he was 18 and could get out. Anyway, Jason finally calmed down and held patch Jei up. Cleaned the glass shards, even stitched up his cheek. He was pretty good at field medicine. Jei just sat quiet for the most part. We all thought he was just... upset, ya know? Tired.... anyway, once Jason was calmed, and we’d all eaten, to make it up to Jei for being so pissed off, he took Jei out for the first ride of the night.”

Ken stopped suddenly, his voice having caught on the last sentence. He took a deep breath, clenching his fists on the table in front of him, then looked up at the ceiling as he went on... “They,” he started, and had to clear his throat, “They went out just after sundown. We could the engine and Jason’s yelling as he tore it up. Fuck he loved that damn rail....” Ken’s voice trailed off, “Anyway, as he tore up over the hill, the rail went airborne. We could hear the free-rev.... we knew something was wrong, then.... the crash... Some asshole had shredded a tire on a rail, and just..... left it. And not like, near a tree or something, or off in an area where no one would be off-roading, they’d left it like, right near the beaten trail. Jason could never have seen it in time to go around, we don’t even know if he saw it or not. The rail went airborne and came down upside down, landing mostly on his side. Jason broke his neck. Jei was.... pretty banged up.”

Ken looked back down, eyes finding Manx’s, tears trailing down his cheeks. “The thing is, they said later at the hospital they couldn’t figure out how the glass got in the back of his head, must have been some broken bottles at the rail site..... He had a hematoma on the back of his head, that if they hadn’t crashed, he would have died in his sleep that night. The bastard had actually broken that Jim Beam bottle against the back of Jei’s head and if they hadn’t crashed, if Jei hadn’t gone to the hospital and they hadn’t drained it, he would have never woke up. I looked up the signs later. The lethargy, the sleepiness, he would have died. And, God, all I could think later, even as much as it hurt to lose Jason that way, was thank God they’d crashed.....and now....”

Ken took a deep cleansing breath, then another. Shaking his head he drained the rest of the iced tea, then looked up. Manx just sat, watching him. Brad reached out and clasped Ken on the shoulder. Masato stood. “I’ll go check on the food guys.” he stopped, patting Ken on the shoulder as he passed his chair.

Ken looked up. ‘There’s gonna be a press conference in a bit. Jei and Omi are taking care of it. We’re not telling about the amnesia, since right now we have no idea how bad or how permanent it is. We’re gonna focus for now on pressing charges against these bastard reporters and getting Yohji well.”

Masato turned to Brad. “Brad.” He said, “I am so sorry, to see such a joyous occasion marred this way. If there is anything I can do, please, don’t hesitate to ask. Tell Schuldig too. You are all in my thoughts of course.” Brad nodded his thanks and Masato went into the kitchen to gather the containers to be taken to the hospital.

Manx turned to Ken, eyes wide as the implications of things began to set in, “Ken” she whispered, “Oh God. Ken, if Yohji doesn’t remember .... Weiss..... what.... what about Ran?” she asked

Brad spoke up now, letting Ken pull himself together. He was calm, solemn, “If the .... regression is as far back as it seems, then.... it seems Yohji may have forgotten Ran.” Masato returned just at that moment, hearing Brad’s answer, and couldn’t help the flinch and involuntary, “No” that tore from him. Manx looked up as Masato sat the bags on the table. “Fuck, for them to go through so much, to be so so happy now, and to lose each other this way. For Ran not to be able to comfort Yohji in this time of pain and hurt because Yohji doesn’t know him? That’s just..... horrible.”

He sat at the table again, running a hand over his face. “They have endured so much, especially Ran, I know what a prick Persia was. To lose Yohji this way.... I can’t even imagine. How is he?”

“a mess, of course.” Ken answered, “Terrified, waiting for Yohji to wake up more than anything, then at the same time scared to death of it.” He puffed out a frustrated breath. “It’s all speculation right now. It’s gonna be later this morning before Yohji wakes. They knocked him out pretty good. We’re all just exhausted. Coming down from the adrenaline, and fear, then the waiting while he was in surgery and all.... we’re gonna stop by their place, grab some stuff we hope will jar Yohji’s memories, and then take turns waiting with Ran. The doc wants Schu there first when Yohji wakes since he asked for him by name. Then we’re gonna take it as we go from there.”

As Ken finished, Jenny came back: “Masato!” she called, “it’s on – the press conference!” The group jumped up and gathered in the kitchen. The news anchor’s voice was heard announcing the press conference as Jei, Omi, and the Dr. took came to stand behind a police officer at the microphone.

“Gentlemen.” The officer’s voice called the milling reporters to silence as he stood behind the podium. “Thank you for your patience. As you are aware, Yohji Kudoh of the band Weiss was involved in a serious motorcycle collision a few hours ago on the I-10. Investigation is in the early stages, but we have confirmed that he was being followed closely by members of the press. At that one of the vehicles cut off another innocent traveler, causing the collision, and then fled the scene. While we have not yet confirmed the identity of that driver, rest assured, we will. Charges will be brought to the fullest extent of the law.”

The officer stopped a moment and glared. Grim, he went on, “We have repeatedly asked that the paparazzi lay off the celebrities while on the freeways. Our traffic is bad enough without the recklessness sometimes displayed while on a hunt. The D.A. is fully prepared to pursue this to the fullest. How far prosecution can go will also depend on the severity of Mr. Kudoh’s injury. I understand that this is still in question. For that, I give you Mr. Kudoh’s treating physician, Dr. Brice.”

Dr. Brice came to the podium. “Mr. Kudoh has sustained serious injuries. Broken ribs, a seriously broken leg... he is very fortunate that he did not lose his leg. But, he will recover. He will be under care for some time. His bandmates and family have allowed this recitation to be given to you. Now, as his physician, I request that his recovery be uninterrupted. No reporters will be tolerated at the hospital. Should any updates be given in future it will be through his family or friends, and will not be conducted here. Mr. Kudoh has not yet regained consciousness, he will need quiet and a stress free environment as much as possible for recovery. Before I ask you to leave, I understand his bandmates wish to say a few words.”

The doctor stepped back and Jei took the podium. His honey eye glared fiercely around the room from a face darkened by barely suppressed rage. He cleared his throat. “Weiss, Yohji in particular, has always been very open and tolerant of the press. We have worked with the photographers and such with humor and acceptance. Some regulars are almost like friends, we see them so much. Once in a while, on special occasions, we have asked to be left alone. To be allowed to be normal for a short time. Last night was one of those times. Yohji asked, more than once, that we be left alone last night for a family event. I myself explained that this was something special, not Weiss related, family, and that we be left in peace for one night. But they just would not leave Yohji alone. I know, he’s very visible. He sells. But this tragedy is not only so because of the injury, but because it has forever marred what should have been a joyous event. Forever tainted by the selfishness and arrogance of”  Jei’s voice broke and he clenched his teeth and his fists, visibly bringing himself under control.

The room was quiet as his rough, pain filled voice spoke again. “Yohji could easily have been killed. And I am sure the cameras were still clicking as he.. flew off that bike.” Jei closed his eye and bowed his head, then looked back up, face a thundercloud. “Weiss will be working closely with the police and the D.A. Whatever it takes to get the practice of photographers on the freeway banned. This has to stop before someone IS killed.”

He stopped again. This time, Omi stepped forward, Nagi at his back. He placed a hand on Jei’s shoulder and gently pushed him to one side. “Now.” Omi’s voice came out dark, angry, catching several people in the room off guard at that hard voice coming from such a seemingly innocent young man. Omi cleared his throat and started again, “Now, we ask that you leave us alone. We know there are fans out there that care for Yohji, and we’ll keep the press – meaning ONLY those represented here – informed of his recovery. We’ll call another conference soon, from a location to be disclosed later, when we know more about how his recovery is progressing. Let me make this clear” his voice hardened again: “I or Nagi,” he gestured to Nagi behind him, “or our agent, Manx, will be the ONLY contact regarding this matter. We will NOT tolerate pressure on this. LEAVE. US. ALONE. Let us deal with this, please.” by the end, his voice had gone soft, eyes large, and filled with barely held in check tears. He took a hitching breath, “please” he whispered. “That’s all. Thank you.”

Jei stepped up then, steering Omi away from the podium, followed by a very subdued but glaring Nagi. People began to call out questions, but the officer came back to the mike, “That’s all.” He said “Go. Write your stories, replay this video over and over, get the cursed pictures from the vultures who were there last night. Whatever. But do NOT come back to this hospital. And show some decency. Let these yoing men be with their pain. Wait for them to call you. That’s all” with that the officer and the doctor made their way back inside the hospital with the doors then blocked by two uniformed officers.

The group was silent for a moment before a woman with a microphone bearing the station’s logo stepped in front of the camera. “Well folks, there you have it. Yohji is out of danger, in recovery, but still seriously injured. Keep him, and Weiss, in your thoughts. We’ll keep you posted as we can on his recovery. Now, back to the regular morning programming. And a Happy New Year’s Day to you and yours.”

Brad turned to Ken. “Well. Jei handled that rather well. And who knew Omi could be so scary.” He mused.

Ken grinned, “you have no idea man, no idea” he shook his head and turned to Manx. “We should be heading back. We still have to swing by Ran’s place for those pictures”

“Oh! Of course.” Manx answered. She stepped forward and hugged Ken, then briefly, Brad. She stepped back, “ hadn’t asked, How is Aya taking all this? You didn’t say.”

Ken closed his eyes and sighed, “She ... kinda freaked a bit. All the blood at the scene I guess got to her. She kinda went into shock, but they gave her an IV and some valium and sent her home with Yuushi to sleep it off. I expect they’ll come up to the hospital this afternoon. We’re gonna have to take shifts. We gotta get some sleep. I’m about to come crashing down, I can feel it now the adrenaline is wearing off, and Jei looked beat. Like I said before, Brad’s gonna stay with Schu at the hospital to be there when Yohji wakes. I’m gonna take Jei home to get some sleep, as much as he wont like that. We’ll head back up this afternoon or early evening.”

“I’ll come up later then.” Manx said. “I’ll stop by and check on Aya in a few hours and make sure they’re doing ok.”

“Thanks Manx. Really” Ken hugged her again, then Masato pressed the bags into their hands. “We’ll get the rest of the food packaged up. You guys won’t have to worry about anything like cooking for a while. We’ll take care of it. Call if you need ANYTHING. Really”

“Thanks Man.” Ken shook Masato’s hand.

“Yes Masato, thank you. For everything.” Brad shook his hand as well and then led the way out from the restaurant, eager to get the things they needed from Ran’s home and get back to his lover’s side as soon as possible......


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