Music of My Soul

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Chapter 4



Yohji woke slowly, confused. Something was off. The feeling penetrating his fog that this was not his bed. He tuned over slowly, mind clearing as he became more alert.  Aware now that he was in Ran’s bed, he wondered why he was alone. Ran was nowhere to be seen and the apartment had that empty feeling that just made you know no one was home.  He sat up fully, pulling himself up against the headboard, rubbing his face.  How late was it? He felt slept out. Rested and hungry. He knew Ran had an early appointment, he must have gone to work. Oh well, so much for his brief thought last night of waking up with an arm full of Ran. Or, given how he’d nodded off, being an armful to Ran.



Shrugging off his disappointment, Yohji began to climb out of the bed. His eyes fell on a bright green envelope on the dresser bearing his name. He made his way over. There was piece of paper folded in half, laying in front of the envelope. It read, “READ FIRST” Curious, Yohji unfolded the sheet.



Yohji. The note began. You were so tired, and resting so well, I couldn’t bear to push it when you wouldn’t wake after two tries. It’s ok. You were obviously exhausted. I woke very... content this morning, with you in my arms. While I would have liked to see you wake, watching you sleep had its own rewards. My Nissho. Even asleep you fill me with your light. I thought you may be hungry when you wake. There are breakfast burritos in the fridge, and a fruit tray ready for you.  There is oatmeal in the cabinet. This is our first breakfast (almost together) so I am not sure what you prefer. Have whatever you like. I won’t call, in case you are still sleeping. It is my hope you will rest without any bother and wake refreshed. I told the desk guard you may be staying all day, or a day or two, depending on your schedule. So don’t worry about anything if you need to go out for cigarettes or whatever. There is a key on the rack near the door. It’s yours. I’ve been meaning to give it to you for a while. I would like for you to stay Yohji, at least for today. And to feel at home here. I missed you Yohji and I’d like to make your birthday dinner for you that we’d planned. But, if you can’t stay today, I understand. I expect to be home around six. Give me a call when you wake and let me know, if that’s alright.  Last night you were so tired, I didn’t even try to give you your birthday card. One of my little rules this time. Everyone should get a card for their birthday. It’s probably better though thhis way. You can read it without me fidgeting in the background. Anyway, call me later.         Ran.


Yohji smiled then frowned. Ran had tried to wake him? And more than once? Damn. He must have been even more tired than he’d thought. Yohji closed his eyes remembering last night, his pet name, the flat tire story and Ran’s laughter, and his gift... the orchid. Yohji’s eyes flew open. He wanted to look at it again, in the light of day. He grabbed the card, making his way out of the room. As he started moving, his bladder made it’s protests known, and he stopped off for his morning duties.


Making his way to the front room Yohji took a moment to admire the bonsai table near the window, imagining Ran with his morning tea grooming the small trees. He loved to watch Ran with the trees, so gentle as he carefully groomed each one, and he remembered Ran’s comment about spending a small amount of time each morning with his tea watching the day begin at this table. Yohji indulged himself in a small vision of Ran, snuggled in a luxurious plush robe, instead of the thin yukata he was much more likely to wear, or maybe even better, in nothing as he sipping his  tea cradled in Yohji’s arms watching the sunrise from this spot.... well, maybe someday.


Sighing, Yohji made his way to the coffee table, and gently lifting the box, he headed into the kitchen. He sat the box on the table and turned toward the coffee pot. Caffiene was a very important nutrient. One which he’d been without for far too long. He stopped a moment and smiled as he took in the bright sticky note “I’m just waiting for you to turn me on”  He grinned imagining Ran’s adorable blush in creating such a suggestive sticky just for him. He pressed the button, popped a burrito in the toaster oven, and poured a small glass of OJ while he waited.


Sitting at the table, he slid the box closer. Carefully Yohji removed the bunting and lifted the orchid sculpture from its cradle. He marveled at the detail now that he was fully awake to appreciate it. As he let his eyes roam over the piece, the angel blending into the orchid, encased in the honey strands, it hit him .... the honey wires shielding, the emerald leaves cradling the fragile orchid angel within... ‘Ran,’ he whispered, tracing a finger over the petals.


The oven dinged, pulling Yohji from his musings. He shook his head and gently returned the sculpture to its encasing foam. He grabbed his burro, poured a cup of coffee and returned to the table to open the card. As he did, he glimpsed the clock on the wall. It was almost half past 11. Hmm... maybe he should call Ra first. It was almost lunchtime. He couldn’t believe he’d slept so long with the chance to be with Ran, and didn’t want Ran sitting there convincing himself Yohji wasn’t gonna call. He stepped into the front room and grabbed his cell from his pant pocket dialing Ran’s cell as he returned to the kitchen. He was surprised when a woman’s voice answered. ‘Ran Fujimiya’s office.’


Yohji blinked. ‘um... excuse me...’ he glanced at the phone, yep right number..., ‘I... I dialed a cell phone?’ he lightly inquired. The woman answered pleasantly, ‘yes, you did. This is Ran Fujimiya’s phone. He stepped out a moment for a short meeting, and asked me to monitor for calls. Can I take a message?’ 


‘Well. .... um... just tell him Kudoh called. He’ll know.’ Yohji replied.


‘ok, I will do that. Thank you.’ The woman disconnected the call.  Well. At least Ran would know he’d called. Yohji turned to his breakfast and the card.


He opened the envelope and removed the thick, herbal scented paper from within. This wasn’t a typical hallmark... this was hand crafted. The paper was that very thick paper with bits of leaves and what looked to be rose petals imbedded within. It held a light, herbal fragrance that reminded Yohji of Ran’s herbal soap. On the front was traced simply his name in both English and beautifully drawn kanji. He opened the card and within on the right was Happy Birthday Nissho, followed by Ran’s signed name. The left side was taken up by a hand written poem:





I cared not for the present, all my thoughts upon the past;

Lost, I knew not of the future, life was dark with clouds, o'ercast.


Storm-clouds billowed and darkened, as my hollow soul withered, hope gone as fears grew;

for I foresaw an empty life full of nothing, alone I had no hope, no glimmer of you.


But now, the beauty of your sunshine, to the present gives a glow,

casting warm beams upon the future, one I yearn now to know.


My soul impossibly grown lighter, alive, as I bask in pleasant dreams;

with warmth and light grows brighter, soaked in your life reflecting beams.


And the storm-clouds that o'ershadow, fade away beneath the rays;

as your warmth and golden sunshine with warm brightness fills my days.


You cast away the shadows, light o’erpowering the darkness in my soul;

as you lead me on this journey, give me reason, a life, the future now a goal.


You teach me that beneath into my soul, where the darkness would abide,

where dark thoughts would cast a shadow, to let the sunlight flow inside.  

Thus in moments when I’m weary, when the shadows would in darkness nest,

Now comes your sunlight - warm and golden, to give my soul its needed rest. 

And my troubles quickly lighten, as the storm-clouds backward roll;

from the glory of your spirit, from the sunlight of your soul.


You warm and fill my empty heart, give me strength and light to grow,

Shine on me always, My Yohji, My warmth, My sunshine, My Nissho




Yohji read the poem through twice, stunned. Man, Ran really was a poet... such passion hidden inside. Yohji was so excited to see Ran bloom, to watch him open and let his soul come forward. Yohji knew no one else had seen this side of Ran, and for him to put this in writing for him.... Yohji smiled, warmed from deep inside. He cleared the kitchen table and made his way to the balcony for a cigarette.


Yohji inhaled the smoke and took a sip of his coffee. Man, what a beautiful day.  He finished his cigarette and went inside for a coffee refill. As he stirred the creamer his cell rang. Hm? Omi? Yohji answered. ‘hey bishounen, everything ok?’


‘Yohji. Good, I was a little worried since it was so late and we hadn’t heard from you. Not too worried, Jei said you were with your guy, but you were so tired last night.... well, I’m just glad you’re alright.’


‘yeah Omittchie, I’m fine. I barely woke half an hour ago. I’m gonna hang here today kiddo. Angel’s gonna make me a special birthday dinner. How’s Ken Omi? Did you talk him into stitches?’


‘ch, yeah, right. Stubborn idiot. I cleaned it really good and bandaged it up. It’s good we have this time off. It’ll be time enough to heal as long as he takes it easy and there’s no infection.’


‘That’s good Omi. You take good care of him. I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow-‘


‘Well, Yohji, actually, I... I hoped to get the van back. I wanted to take some of the instruments in for maintenance this week. My keyboard is a little sticky, and Jei’s amp has been cutting in and out.’


‘oh. Sure Omi. Hmmmm... well, I need smokes anyway. How about I bring the van by in about an hour? I can show you guys my gift and grab my souvenier for Ran. I left it. You can drop me back here on your way to the music shop. Deal?’


‘yeah, that works Yohji. I’ll have all the equipment ready. See you then.’  Yohji hung up and went to get his bag together. Hmmm. Maybe he should leave the overnight bag just in case. Can’t hurt to be hopeful...


Yohji leaned against the wall of the music shop enjoying his cigarette as Omi finished up inside. He could hear the kid haggling. No one could haggle like Omi.... he chuckled, then jumped a bit as his cell vibrated in his pocket. Oh good, Ran. ‘hey angel.’ Yohji answered, ‘your girl tell you I called?’ 


‘yes. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you Yohji. I’ve been in meeting after meeting. Father returns tomorrow and I have several loose ends to wrap before then.’



‘it’s fine babe. I slept way late anyway. Sorry, angel, for not waking this morning. I can’t believe I was that tired. I mean, I sleep like a log, but.... I was looking forward to waking up with you.’ Yohji couldn’t help the smile as he finally said that out loud.


Ran cleared his throat lightly, then answered, voice just slightly husky. ‘me too Yohji. But, still, it was nice the way it went anyway. I enjoyed it just as much this way.’


Yohji realized Ran must have someone in the office with him and decided to play nice. ‘ok babe, I can tell, you’re not alone. I wont give you a hard time. I let the guys know I will be staying with you tonight. I’m looking forward to it. I’m at the shop with Omi now, dropping off some gear. Need me to pick up anything for tonight?’


‘oh Yohji, that’s great. I’m very glad you can do that. How is Ken by the way? Did he need stitches?


‘need em? Probably. Get em? Nope. Omi’s gonna watch him for any infection and wait it out. We have this coming holiday weekend off, he can rest up. Hopefully, there wont be any issues.’


‘oh, well. That’s good then. Um... well, as to dinner, if you’d like you can bring the drinks. I had thought perhaps some sake, or maybe a nice Reisling. And, well, I’m sorry Yohji but .... I hadn’t made a desert. I wasn’t sure if you’d prefer cake or..... Well, anyway, why don’t you choose a sweet dish? I have everything for the meal. If that’s alright?’


‘Yeah Babe. That’s just fine. I didn’t expect you to make me a cake Ran. I mean, I know you like to cook, but you don’t have to do that.’


‘but Yohji!, I want to, someday. Just, I hadn’t really talked to you about it, so I didn’t know your preference. I will next time.’


Yohji smiled at that. Ran was planning for a year down the road? ‘that sounds great Angel. Just great.’


‘Well Yohji, I have a client waiting. I will speak to you later this evening. I hope you have a nice afternoon.’


‘oh I will Angel, I can’t wait for tonight Babe. I’ll be waiting.’ Yohji smiled as he hung up. He wondered if Ran had even realized what he’d said about wanting to make a cake for Yohji’s next birthday.


Yohji was still grinning when Omi came out from the store. ‘what’s got you so excited?’ he asked.


‘Huh?’ Yohji shook himself. ‘oh! Nothing. Just my Angel making me happy. All ready to hit it kiddo?’


‘Yeah I’m done here. Want me to drop you at the apartment Yohji?’


‘well, can we swing by the store first?’ Yohji asked, rubbing the back of his neck.


‘sure Yohji, no problem.’ Omi answered and led the way to the van.




Ran bit back a growl as yet another idiot practically ran the limo off the road. He sat back, determined not to watch the traffic or  the clock as Yuri did his best to get them to the Gardens without incident. Ran laid his head on the back of the seat and let his thoughts drift back to that morning. Waking so content, so warm, with Yohji wrapped around him. Rolling them so he could look down on Yohji’s sleeping, peaceful face. Enjoying the light kisses he’d trailed as he tried to wake his Nissho. Yohji’s softly spoken words as he slept on, the way he’d said Ran’s name, so softly, so breathless as he dreamed. Yes, Ran could get used to waking like that. He smiled. As wonderful as it was to be held and comfortd by Yohji, he enjoyed just as much holding Yohji too. Taking care of Yohji... tucking Yohji’s head under his chin for a change. Yes, it has been a very pleasant change.....


The limo stopped and Ran realized they’d arrived. ‘Oh finally. Traffic was certainly a bitch tonight, hmm Yuri? He commented as Yuri parked.  ‘yes sir, it sure was.’ Yuri replied.


‘I will not be going out this evening Yuri. Take the night off. I won’t need a car until morning.’ Ran exited the car, grabbing his briefcase from the seat beside him.


‘very good sir. Good evening then.’ Yuri closed the door, gave a small bow, and got back in the car.


Ran made his way through the lobby and entered the elevator.  Arriving at the 9th floor, he exited and went to pull his keys from his pocket. Before he could, the apartment door opened, just slightly. Ran paused, just for a moment, then entered the door.


There, off to the side, out of view of the hallway, stood a grinning Yohji. Wrapped in a plush bathrobe of deep, forest green and holding a wineglass in each hand, he looked simply breathtaking. His honey locks falling to brush the extra wide collar of the robe, shining even more golden against the dark green, his eyes shining as he smiled Ran’s warm smile. ‘hey babe,’ he husked as he held out one wineglass to Ran, ‘I was waiting for you.’ He reached behind Ran to lightly close the door as Ran stood there not quite stunned, but close.


‘Yohji.’ Ran smiled, ‘I’m glad you’re here.’ He accepted the wine and took a sip. ‘oh, that’s very nice, perfect.’ He took another sip, then leaned in to gently kiss Yohji’s lips. ‘hello Yohji’ he breathed. ‘did you have a nice day?’


‘oh baby, yes I did.’ Yohji laughed, then hooked one arm into Ran’s that held the briefcase and steered them toward the sofa.  Ran stopped for a moment to leave the case on the table near the door, then let Yohji pull him along.


‘really?’ Ran asked. ‘tell me about your day Yohji.’ He sat on the sofa near Yohji, and just let himself melt into Yohji’s side. Ah, he could quickly get used to coming home to an apartment that was not empty, cold, silent, but instead was warm, with Yohji waiting for him.... it made such a difference. ‘I should start dinner.’ He made to stand, but Yohji kept a firm hold of the arm around his shoulder.


‘Not yet Babe, not just yet. First relax for a short minute. Finish this welcome home glass of wine, then I will follow you to the kitchen and watch you do your magic.’ He pulled just a bit until Ran relaxed again into Yohji’s side.


Ran sighed and let himself snuggle against Yohji’s shoulder. ‘hmmm.... this is nice Yohji.’ He sipped his wine as Yohji chuckled. ‘uh huh, I know. Very nice.’ Yohji squeezed Ran briefly, then relaxed himself against the back of the sofa. ‘well, my day... hmm. I woke up in a very nice, very soft bed, wrapped in this warm, lush blanket that smelled of my favorite herbal shampoo for some reason,’ he smiled down at Ran warmly, ‘then I got to read this incredible love poem that made me feel like I was something really special. I had some perfect coffee, and a very tasty breakfast burrito, then I did some shopping.’ He looked down at Ran again, eyes twinkling. ‘there’s a beautiful strawberry cheesecake in the fridge by the way... mmm, mmm. Anyway, then I came back here and shamelessly spent the afternoon dozing and being generally a complete lazy bum just like you’re supposed to for your birthday. How about you Angel, how was your day?’ Yohji sipped from his wine and placed a kiss against Ran’s temple.


Ran took a deep breath against the side of Yohji’s chest, then sat back, just a bit, to sip his wine as well. ‘hmm, I awoke this morning very warm, and exceedingly comfortable and rested, considering the bony hip digging into me.’ He grinned at Yohji’s sputtered squawk ‘b -bony? Why you-’ Ran laughed lightly, then leaned forward to kiss Yohji softly. ‘it was perfect.’ He whispered before reaching up to cup Yohji’s face in his palm as he opened his mouth to kiss Yohji deeply. Yohji melted into the kiss, wrapping his arm tightly about Ran’s shoulder and pulling him closer. He leaned back against the sofa so Ran was more on top of him than just beside him and rubbed with the back of his hand that held the wineglass against Ran’s back. Yohji hummed lowly in his throat as Ran slowly pulled back. ‘perfect Yohji, I ..... very much enjoyed waking with you here.’ Ran leaned in for another quick peck, then stood up.  He held out a hand to Yohji, ‘come Nissho, talk to me while I prepare your dinner.’


Yohji sighed, grinned, and let Ran pull him up. ‘ok, I guess, but I get to sample everything.’ He followed Ran to the kitchen. There on the table sat a gift box. Ran blinked and stopped for a moment before going to the fridge to take out the dinner preparations. ‘what’s this Yohji? Did you get another gift from the guys you wanted to show me?’ Ran asked as he laid out the pre-rolled meatballs and diced peppers and mushrooms for the pasta sauce he planned.


‘No. this is a present I got for myself. Here, I’ll show you.’ Yohji reached over to open the box as Ran placed the meatballs in the oven and poured the other items into the saucepan to sauté. Ran turned as he caught a flash of dark violet from the corner of his eye. There stood Yohji holding a robe just as plush and full as his the one he wore in a shade of deep violet so dark as to almost appear black. The light bringing out highlights of violet as the velveteen fabric moved when Yohji shook it out. ‘it’s a souvenier for you baby. As soon as I saw these at the hotel I had to have them for us. This color will look incredible on you. Your hair against this deep dark color, your skin, and I know it will make your eyes even more intense than they are. And it’s so soft Ran. Feel it, it’s like..... wearing a cloud or something. Warm and cozy, soft and plush. I can’t wait to see you wear it. This is a present from me to me – go change baby. Let that simmer and go put this on. I wanna hold you and run my hands over this velvet up and down your arms as I hold you against me, feel that deep collar against my face as I nuzzle you.’ Yohji’s eyes had darkened by the end of this, ‘Damn Ran.’ he whispered. ‘I thought about it all the ride home until that fucking tire blew out, then I forgot to bring them last night with everything. Really, I can’t wait to see it on you.’


Ran smiled at Yohji’s enthusiasm and reached out to run his fingers over the thick collar. ‘it’s beautiful Yohji,’ he murmured. ‘I can’t wait to wear it, it looks incredible soft.’ Ran began to undo the buttons on his shirt and Yohji softy covered his hand with one of his own. ‘Ran’ he spoke softly, ‘I have really been thinking about this too long. If you plan to finish cooking that pasta, trust me, go change in the other room. I will wait here.’ He smiled an incredible smile, eyes shining, full of want as he caressed the side of Ran’s neck. ‘go on baby, but hurry back.’


Ran blushed, and took the robe from Yohji’s outstretched arms, edging past Yohji to leave the kitchen, murmuring quietly with a smile, ‘yes Yohji’ as he left the room. Yohji laughed, a full sexy, happy laugh and turned to the counter to refill their wineglasses. ‘I’ll get you for that later Angel, just you wait.’




Dinner was incredible, just as Yohji’d known it would be.  Now he and Ran were on the sofa, coffee on the table with two slices of cheesecake, a Clint Eastwood western playing on the TV. Neither man had any idea of the scene playing out in the film. No thought was given to the cooling coffee, or the slowly melting glaze adorning the cheesecake. Instead, soft panting and moans filled the room. A name floated above the moaning. ‘Ran’ Yohji groaned as he kissed Ran deeply, more fully than he had yet before. He lightly rocked against Ran’s thigh as he caressed Ran’s chest through the opening of the robe. ‘Yohji’ Ran moaned, then he whimpered completely against his will as Yohji’s mouth closed over one nipple for the first time. Ran arched upward, ‘Yohji’ he gasped, ‘that’s....ungh!’


Yohji smiled to himself as he continued to torture Ran. He’d just known Ran would be incredibly sensitive. And, knowing Ran had never experimented, he knew Ran wouldn’t have thought to test his nipples. Hell, for all he knew the other night’s touches were the most Ran had done. He moved to the other side, twisting the one he’d left as he nibbled on and licked the other. Ran was squirming now, not knowing what he wanted, but needing something. ‘Yohji, ngh, ah... huh... Yohji please’


Yohji gave one last, full lick over Ran’s chest, pushing firmly against that nipple, before raising his head. ‘Ran’ he husked, ‘Ran. I’ll take care of you baby, it’s ok. But Ran. Look at me.’ He waited for sense to return to Ran’s eyes. He didn’t want the fire to cool completely, but he wanted Ran fully aware as he spoke. ‘Ran.... I want to take this new step nice and slow too.’ He held up a hand as Ran opened his mouth to protest. ‘No Babe, listen. I will definitely take care of this, I swear. Just, I want to experiment, get to know every hot spot,’ he traced over Ran’s nipple, relishing the gasp that followed, ‘every special spot on your body, one at a time. To show you mine, to explore each other and take our time. There’s no rush. One of these days, we’ll make love completely, but there will be many make out sessions first. Many touches, tastes, discoveries first, if I have my way. I won’t hurt you Ran any more than can be avoided. I know you know what’s involved, but you haven’t known it. Baby steps Angel. I will take you over the edge, and fall with you, so many times, but... let’s learn each other before that final cliff. Okay? Let me open each layer, bit by bit. Is that alright, Ran? Do you... understand? Let me guide you in this, please. I swear it’ll be so so worth it.’ He tweaked Ran’s nipple again, and ran his other hand down Ran’s abs, stopping just below his navel.


‘Ran?’ Yohji watched as Ran smiled, slowly, ‘yes Yohji.’ He whispered ‘I trust you, completely. Guide me, show me, but.... let me touch you too Yohji. I want to touch you too, please?’ his eyes held just a hint of uncertainty as he voiced this request. Then, that faded completely to be replaced with wonder as he felt Yohji’s cock jump against his thigh. He smiled, confidence in his eyes as Yohji moaned, ‘oh god yes Ran, absolutely yes.’


Yohji leaned down to kiss Ran thoroughly, again tracing over Ran’s nipples with both hands. He lifted to watch Ran’s face as he tweaked each one. ‘See Ran’ he whispered as Ran whimpered and writhed again under him. ‘This, this is one of those buttons I was talking about. Clearly, your nipples are a hot spot.’ He leaned down to catch one between his teeth, pulling gently, causing Ran to arch up from the sofa. He released Ran and ran his palm over it as Ran panted and blushed. ‘I bet you didn’t know that about yourself, did you? This is why I want to explore. I want to find every little spot that does this to you. I know another already. Not as strong, but still...’ and he leaned in to bite lightly at the junction of Ran’s neck and shoulder. Again Ran started to writhe against Yohji’s thigh searching for pressure, friction, a wordless plea torn from him as he moaned. ‘Ohh,’ a deep, throaty moan, ‘ ..unh... uh...hah... ahhh.....Yo.... Yohji.....’ breathlessly panting now. Ran was every bit as hard as he was earlier and Yohji couldn’t wait any more.


‘ok Angel, ok.... I’ll fix it, trust me’ Yohji pushed Ran’s robe open off his shoulders and, for the first time, looked over his Angel fully. ‘Damn Ran, you’re so sexy, incredible.’ He lay down beside Ran on his side and trailed his hand down Ran’s abs, tracing that line of hair below his navel. Ran’s hard, straining erection twitched, and a pearl of pre-cum overflowed the tip as Yohji’s fingertips brushed over him for the first time. Yohji caught that pearl on his fingertip and brought it to his lips. Ran moaned deeply and Yohji reached out to palm him against his onw belly, applying just a bit of pressure, loving the feel of Ran’s cock jumping under his hand.  ‘Ran, Angel.... you are so ... so hot, so sexy, so beautiful.’ Yohji glanced back up at Ran to find him lifted up on his elbows, smoldering violet eyes locked on Yohji’s hand resting against him. Those beautiful eyes tracked Yohji’s hand as he raised it to lick several times over his palm and fingers. Ran’s eyes widened and his breath sped up grew more frantic as he watched Yohji. Then, they slammed closed, only to snap open impossibly wide to search out Yohji’s own as Yohji gripped Ran tightly in his fist, again for the first time. Yohji didn’t move, not yet, just held Ran in his palm, tracing his thumb up over the head of Ran’s cock in his firm grasp. A gripping squeeze, then relaxing only to begin to squeeze again.


There was such a look on Ran’s face. Wonder, lust certainly, almost a look of pain as Ran tried to speak, ‘Yoh.... yohj... ah!’ Ran almost screamed as Yohji began to pull him. ‘Ran’ Yohji moaned helplessly, ‘oh Baby, yes’ Ran immediately lost himself, head thrown back, eyes wide, he thrust upward completely on instinct, unable to form any coherent thought, ‘ah... ngh!.... hhhuhh! Oh!’ Yohji began to pull harder, faster, still squeezing tightly as Ran’s thrusts grew more frantic. Yohji had just known, been certain, that Ran would shatter at the first touch of another. Yohji drank in the sight of Ran, panting, flushed, thrusting up into his hand.... Yohji was painfully hard and almost gripped himself, but forced that back. He pushed against Ran’s hip, just a bit to take the edge off. But this, this first time, was about Ran.


Finding Ran’s rhythm, Yohji continued to stroke, murmuring encouragement all the while as Ran panted, knuckles white with the grip of his fingers in the robe spread out beneath him. Ran was beyond any semblance of speech now, moans and groans even giving way to sounds in the back of his throat and the occasional whimper as he fucked Yohji’s fist. Yohji was transfixed as he watched Ran’s abs contract, felt Ran’s sac tighten against his hand, ‘Yes!’ he hissed, ‘Yes Ran... cum for me Ran, let go, give it to me Ran, give me your pleasure, you..... Cum Ran, please!’  


‘Yohji!’ Ran did scream as his body went completely rigid, arched upward from the sofa, ‘uunnnnhhh!’ Ran’s body completely on its own thrust upward in staccato thrusts, deep shudders, really, as he erupted. Hot, white essence pulsing out in bursts to stripe his own belly and Yohji’s hand.


Yohji continued to pull, milking this amazing orgasm for all he could as he helplessly pressed up against Ran’s hip. Despite his tightening his stomach and holding back as hard as he could, he couldn’t .....  ‘fuck! Ran, I’m....’ Yohji couldn’t hold back his own eruption, pressing tightly against Ran’s hip and thigh to throb out his cum. Still holding Ran in his fist, not pulling now, just holding, feeling each softer throb of Ran’s cock as his pulsed too. His other hand shot out and grabbed Ran by the back of the neck, pulling Ran against him, he buried his face in Ran’s shoulder and came, overcome by bring Ran over this cliff. Ran’s arms shot up to encase Yohji, holding him tightly as he rode out the rest of his climax, and felt every beat of Yohji’s pulse against his hip and thigh. Each hot spurt shooting out with such force.....


Finally, panting, each man’s grip began to loosen, to be replaced by stroking caresses, Ran over Yohji’s back, Yohji tracing circles in Ran’s hair against the back of his neck and over Ran’s hipbone as he released Ran’s cock from his hand. Yohji relaxed, easing down so he was partially splayed out over Ran’s torso held in Ran’s arms. ‘Ran.... god, I.... I meant to wait.... to hold back, but’ he panted, placing light kisses against Ran’s chest.


‘Yohji,’ Ran breathed, ‘Nissho, that was.... that was incredible. I’ve.... I never..... we have to do that again.’ Yohji chuckled, ‘only next time, I want to touch you too Yohji, promise.’ Yohji lifted his head, ‘oh Baby, that is one promise I absolutely cannot wait to keep.’ He smiled that amazing, warm, beautiful smile and leaned in to kiss Ran. A slow, languid, deep tender kiss. He pulled back. ‘C’mon Babe. Next step is a nice warm shower and massage, then I get to sleep with you in my arms while I’m not dead exhausted and can enjoy it. Then I get to wake up with you still here.’


Ran smiled back, tracing a hand over Yohji’s cheek, ‘yes Yohji’ he whispered, ‘anything you say, Sensei.’ He leaned up and kissed Yohji lightly as Yohji blinked. ‘Sensei huh? Hmm, I could get used to that. Yohji have to obey like a good apprentice now, remember that.’ He kissed Ran once more, a nip to the tip of his nose and pushed up to stand.


Yohji looked down, taking in Ran spread out on the sofa, robe open, legs splayed, one knee slightly bent....’Damn Ran, you are...... truly beautiful. My Angel. Come. Shower, then sleep. Thus ends lesson one. Let me hold you Babe’ He held down his hand, smiling.




Ran woke to the sensation of an incredible heat engulfing him. He moaned from deep in his chest as he opened his eyes to see Yohji’s mouth wrapped around him. ‘Yohji!’ he gasped, then again as Yohji sucked on his cock, rubbing a hand over his balls, the other running up his abs to trace around a nipple. ‘Yohji.....’ he moaned again, completely overwhelmed by that heat .... and the suction.... ‘Yohji! Wait Yohji, he panted, ‘wait.....I’ll..... wait, let me touch you too Yohji, please.’ Yohji moaned at the request and Ran almost lost it right then. Would have, if Yohji hadn’t sat up, letting Ran fall from his mouth. He kept pressure on Ran’s cock with his palm as he spoke. ‘Damn Ran. I woke up next to you, from reliving the sofa in my dream, and .... well .... fuck! I was so horny, I couldn’t stand it. I had to touch you again. Then.... to watch you grow and harden under my hand, even while you slept....’ His eyes smoldered at Ran as his palm began to slide over him, ‘you said my name Ran, even sleeping you respond to me Baby, god, I had to wake you, and I wanted so badly to taste you. Look at me Ran, I am so fucking hard .... It hurts Angel.... hurts so good.’


Ran was looking, had been unable to stop looking. Yohji kept calling him beautiful when it was Yohji  who was so gorgeous, incredible, sex personified, Adonis... perfect. Ran reached out and took Yohji in his hand, eyes locked on the beads dribbling from Yohji’s slit as he slowly squeezed and..... Yohji’d done to him last night. ‘Yohji’ he moaned, ‘let me..... let me taste you.’ His eyes flew up to Yohji’s face as Yohji hissed and his cocked.... pulsed. A large dollop of pearly fluid overflowing. ‘Yohji’s eyes were closed, his head tilted back. He was panting and his grip on Ran’s cock squeezed as he hissed, ‘yes Ran, please.´


Ran smiled, and eased up to gently push Yohji back onto the mattress. He looked into Yohji’s eyes, a hint of uncertainty twinging in his chest. ‘Yohji, I ...... I’ve never.... but I want to’ he quickly went on before Yohji could speak, ‘I want to Yohji, tell me Sensei,’ he smiled as Yohji’s eyes flew open and his cock jumped again, ‘teach me, tell me what to do... Sensei.’  Ran leaned down to lightly tasted Yohji’s juices as Yohji watched, stunned. ‘talk to me Yohji. Tell me Yohji, tell me how to pleasure you, don’t stop talking.’’


 ‘God Ran’ Yohji breathed, then flopped back completely.  ‘just... taste me baby.... lick me. Ran’ Ran’s name came out a deep groan as Yohji jerked up just a touch before forcing himself to stay put.  ‘Ran!’ he hissed as Ran traced his tongue over the slit, tasting, darting in quickly. Then Ran twirled his tongue around the tip, tracing the contour of the mushroom head, back down to the underside, following the vein down to the base of Yohji’s shaft. ‘Ran.... R.... uh, Damn! Take .... take me.... into your mouth Ran, please..... Yohji almost whimpered.’


Ran quickly complied, sucking Yohji into his mouth, rolling him around on his tongue like a hard candy. ‘uhh... hah.. hah... Ran....’ Yohji whispered, almost unable to talk. He panted now, eyes closed, teeth clenched, ‘Suck me Ran’ he rasped, ‘oh fuck!.... hah.....unh... Ran! suck me Baby, Angel.... don’t.... don’t try to .... take too.... too much.... hold..... hold the.... the shaft in your ha-..... hand... Ran!’ Yohji arched upward as Ran began to suck on him in earnest, determined to bring Yohji to the same point of no return he’d faced himself last night.


Ran moaned as he felt his cock throbbing, growing harder as he pleasured Yohji, then when Yohji jerked at that, he remembered how it had felt when Yohji moaned around him a moment ago and he moaned again, determinedly this time, dragging it out into a hum. ‘mmm – hmmmm’


‘Ran!’ Yohji called out, ‘Ran! yes, fuck!... Suck me Ran, god, taste me... Ran,..... pull.... squeeze, yes! Angel, don’t....hnnnggh....don’t stop, Ran,!’ Yohji whimpered now, so close!


Ran could feel something changing, Yohji began to tighten,  his balls starting to draw up under Ran’s palm that rested there and he pressed down, ‘Ran!... shit!..  Ran.’ frantically Yohji pushed at Ran’s head, giving warning, even as his fingers entwined in Ran’s hair. Ran pulled back at the first spurt, unsure and not wanting to do anything wrong here. Yohji was so insistent that he pull back, so he did, tightening his grip around Yohji’s length, he pulled Yohji out of his mouth, swallowing the bit from that first pulse, watching entranced as Yohji’s cock twitched in his hand, erupting over his fingers that continued to squeeze and pull, trailing down to Yohji’s thatch of golden curls and even one or two forceful spurts shooting up toward Yohji’s belly.


As the spurting pressure eased and Yohji’s short thrusts reduced to tremors, he leaned down to taste it, just a bit, on the tip of his tongue. ‘oh Ran...’ Yohji whispered and Ran looked up to find Yohji watching him, eyes wide, dazed. Unsure, Ran sat back. ‘I’m sorry Y-‘


“sorry?! God! What for?’ Yohji was floored. Sorry? After that.... incredible.... fucking hot blow job? ‘Ran! you were.... I mean..... fuck Ran! That was amazing! What could you possibly be sorry for?’ his eyes were round, incredulous.


‘Well,’ Ran lowered his eyes, ‘you... you didn’t want me to .... swallow you, and I... I just wanted a taste, just to see-‘


‘What?  Ran.  I wanted to warn you, it..... it snuck up on me... I was gonna cum, and I ... I couldn’t stop it, I knew. This was your first time baby. I didn’t ... I didn’t want you to have to.... if you didn’t like it or....’ he sighed and reached for Ran’s hand. ‘some ... some people don’t like to taste it Ran. Pre-cum is... lighter, sweeter. Getting shot with a mouthful, and I knew it would be a mouthful baby, I could feel it building. Well, I didn’t want to surprise you your first time, especially if you don’t like it.’ He tilted his head, and rubbed the back of Ran’s hand. ‘when you leaned down for a taste just now, I swear I shot another small load just then. That was.... the hottest thing Angel, damn.’


Ran smiled shyly, ‘Really Yohji? You weren’t .... upset? It’s... ok, if I... try a taste?’


“fuck yes Ran, it’s ok. It told you before Babe. What makes you feel good. If you want to taste me, by all means,’ he leered and waggled his eyes just for a second, ‘feel free Angel, any time.’


Ran smiled then and leaned down to run his tongue through a white spatter just below Yohji’s belly button. He rolled it on his tongue a bit. It was .... different. Not warm any longer, this had a slightly different flavor than that first dose he’d taken. Not bad just..... different. It would take a little .... getting used to, but it wasn’t as bitter as medicine or anything, and he thought maybe the more he tasted, the better it could be. He determined next time to ignore Yohji and let it erupt into his mouth. If he didn’t like it, he could always not swallow it.


He looked up from his musings to find Yohji watching him. Eyes half lidded, intent. ‘Fuck Ran..... you are.... you have no idea..... just...  no idea.’ He whispered. Then he sat up, deliberately grazing his arm along Ran’s still hard cock as he did so.


‘Your turn baby. Let me finish this. I am going to taste you now. All of you. Lesson time.’ He pushed Ran down, ‘feel and learn, grasshopper.’ He smiled


‘grasshopper?’ Ran growled, ‘Yohji I swear-‘


‘oh yes. Grasshopper. Let me impart my wisdom.’ He cut off any protest Ran could voice by leaning down and swallowing him. Whole. Fully seated in Yohji’s throat Ran could do nothing but cry out, ‘Yohji!’ his hands shot to entwine in Yohji’s hair as his neck arched back against the pillows. Then Yohji swallowed, or something, constricting his throat as his tongue darted around Ran’s cock and Ran helplessly arched further back. ‘oh fuck! Yohji, what.... what the..... shit! What are you doing?’


Yohji gripped Ran’s left hip in his hand, the other hand shooting up to wrap his fingers with Ran’s right hand. Gripping tightly, he urged Ran to rock into his throat, ‘Go Yohji!, I..... oh! ..... never...... felt..... anything Then Yohji eased back, just a bit and began to suck him, like he was trying to draw Ran’s soul out through his cock. Ran felt tears running down the sides of his face as he cried out, Yohji! Yes, oh god!’  Yohji. That’s..... I....Please!..... Yohji!.... please........ it... Yohji!’ he hissed, ‘’god! Yohji, it’s... it’s coming Yohji.... I ..... can’t..... believe.... so.... quick... Yohji! I can’t st-.... stopit.... Ahhh!’ Yohji clamped onto Ran to keep him from pulling back, in fact, pulling Ran in deeper as he just held Ran’s pulsing cock deep in his mouth. He closed off the back of his throat to let the cum pool there around the head of Ran’s cock, knowing it would intensify the heat surrounding him.’


Yohji waited until Ran’s tremors stopped, then swallowed with Ran still in his mouth, drinking Ran down. He hummed at Ran’s hiss, and fondled his softening cock with his tongue until he was drained and clean. Finally, Yohji let Ran fall from his mouth and looked up. Ran lay there, completely boneless. Eyes closed, cheeks flushed, sweaty hair tendrils around his face. ‘so beautiful’ Yohji whispered. He crawled up Ran’s side and pulled Ran into his arms, running his hands up and down Ran’s back until he felt him stir. ‘Yohji?’ Ran mumbled.


Yohji chuckled, ‘yeah Babe. I’m here. You okay?’


‘more than.’ Ran mumbled softly, ‘what time is it Yohji?’ Ran asked, breathless, eyes still closed. Yohji glanced at the clock. ‘not yet seven Angel. You got a bit. Doze 15 minutes or so, then we’ll shower and you can face the day.’


‘ok’ Ran breathed against Yohji’s chest and Yohji felt him nod off almost immediately.  Well. It had been a mind blowing orgasm, just as Yohji’d planned. Especially for a first time blow job. Yohji smiled smugly and snuggled Ran in closer to his side. Resting his head against Ran’s hair, he breathed in deeply. ‘damn Ran.... I am falling here babe, and hard.’ He kissed Ran’s head, then reaching over to the bedside table for a smoke, he lay back to wait until it was time to wake Ran and go back to real life.....




Friday afternoon.  Just two more hours and Ran would be done for the weekend. Nothing scheduled for Saturday, no priority paperwork demanding his time. Just two, maybe three more hours, one more investor to smooth things with and he would have a whole weekend to himself. A whole weekend he had promised to Yohji. A holiday three-day weekend at that. For once, no Friday gig tonight,  no weekend trip, no office Monday. Three delicious days to relax and just be. He’d  promised Yohji to meet the band on Monday, and honestly, he was nervous. But, tonight, tonight was just for him and Yohji. Ran had a surprise in mind and was eager to see Yohji. He smiled just slightly, completely unaware of the look on his face as he pictured Yohji in his mind’s eye, smelled Yohji’s scent – a hint of spice, like cloves maybe...that special soap he used lingering around him, heard that warm voice murmur his name….

‘So, you have been busy, hmm Ran? Suddenly you’re making friends now.’ His father sneered at him across the conference room table as they awaited the afternoon’s meeting. Ran tensed immediately, cold inside. What was this? Obviously he hadn’t spoken to anyone at the office about Yohji. It had to be about Yohji, he had no other *friends* Although Ran gave no outward sign of his dread, his father had been taunting him long enough to catch the slight tightening of his jaw, the hardness in his eyes.

‘Oh yes,’ Persia laughed darkly, ‘I’ve heard about your little excursions lately with that Kudoh. It had better be just a friends thing Ran….. Hmph!,  Nevermind, I don’t have to warn you about indiscretion, I’m sure. You know better than to disgrace yourself or me, in public. I’ve taught you that much at least. I better have.’  He glared a moment at Ran, then a truly wicked gleam came into his eye and his lip curled. Ran braced himself. Whenever his father got that look he knew something truly viscous was about to spew from his mouth, ‘So, what?’ he sneered at Ran, ‘Decided to give up on sleeping beauty?’

Ran almost gasped aloud. If he hadn’t braced himself in advance, he would have. As it was he was helpless to stop the widening, then reflexive closing of his eyes, the automatic clenched fists.  ‘I told you she was more trouble than she’s worth. Finally came to the conclusion that your time can be better spent hmm? No more Sunday afternoons whiling away the hours at the bedside? No need to waste time talking to a vegetable huh? Got your own place now. Time to be a man, find some *outside interests*.  Finally. Took you long enough.’ He murmured under his breath ‘even if they are a perversion. Figures. Wasted DNA,’ His voice returned to normal volume, jeering ‘ Even if you have elected to make friends with a loser like Kudoh.’

Ran seethed, he was trembling, clenching his jaw so hard he was sure his father was fully aware of the effort the self control was costing him. Aware and reveling in it, it seemed. Persia had scorned him his entire life, and since Aya’s injury, the open derision had grown, but this.... this eclipsed anything thus far. It was almost as though he *wanted* Ran to lose it, was waiting for him to do so. Ran took a deep breath, convinced this was Persia’s goal. An excuse to rescind on Aya’s ongoing care, to goad Ran into something.... Ran fought with all he had, every ounce of strength directed to the need for control, to hold back, to find some semblance of calm.

Persia went on with his tirade, obviously looking for reaction now.  ‘Yeah, I did some checking into that Kudoh kid Ran. Your friend. You’d better know better than to bring that excuse for a band of his before Krittiker. How long has this little friendship of yours been going on Ran? How long has he been trying to worm his way in? Been nice to you despite who and what you are. Oh, wait. He’s one too isn’t he? Not completely, they tell me. He’s a switch hitter huh? Is that why you pushed for WEISS over Mercury? You playing catcher for this loser Ran?’ Persia swiped a hand across the table in front of him ‘Forget it, I don’t care. I wouldn’t have backed WEISS anyway, not once I got further into just who these losers are. Has he told you about those excuses for bandmates of his? Criminal records, trouble in school, and this before they were in a rock band and needed hype or press. Foster homes, wards of the state. Ch.’ He sneered more fully, leaned forward just a bit toward Ran. ‘What a bunch of trash. None of them except that Takatori kid had a proper upbringing. I wonder how he got roped into them. His family is well off. He’s supposed to be a true computer wizard. Why his father would have sent him to a public high school where he could be influenced by loser rats like that Kudoh is beyond me.  They probably keep him around to finance everything. Must have something over his head…. Maybe he’s a little whore like you......’ Persia mused a moment, eyes distant, as though really trying to figure out why Omi was with WEISS.

Ran’s heart was pounding.  He couldn’t breathe fully, could barely see he was so angry. Just as he gained a measure of control over his throat, he realized he was about to try to vocalize his hatred, his anger, and damn the consequences. Aya. God Aya. He had to focus, get through this. He swallowed, or tried to. His dry mouth preventing, almost choking him. He focused all his intent on picking up the water bottle in front of him and taking a drink without wearing it. He knew his hands were shaking. He squeezed the bottle in his grip, trying to minimize the effect. He swallowed a small sip of the tepid water. Just enough to moisten his mouth.

As he returned the bottle to the tabletop Persia went on, oblivious to the eruption building right in front of him, borderline on exploding already. He continued to heap coals on the flame, unaware of Ran’s slipping grip on control.  ‘Whatever. I don’t care. His fault he didn’t raise his son right. Some men just don’t care about honor, family pride. Pathetic. Then there are those of us with no options but to make do with the trials life throws at us.’ He studied Ran intently.

Ran remained rigid, his eyes never leaving Persia’s face, waiting for the next bomb Persia would lob at him to make him lose his hold. ‘Did you know Ran? Kudoh’s father had a chance in Japan to make something of himself. He was a promising prospect in the company he worked with. Could have done something with himself. Instead, he threw it all away for some off breed American military slut he *fell in love with* of all things. He got her pregnant and came here to live as practically a pauper in America – willingly, with no company backing, no expansion or reason. Raising a half breed mongrel with no proper Japanese influence. Let the rat be a ‘mutt’ in New York of all places so his slut wife could stay here... Well, I guess he probably never really would have amounted to anything anyway. Breeding will tell. He had no proper upbringing either. He probably would have screwed up before he went very far, promise and potential be damned. If he was that much of an idiot it would have developed soon regardless. May as well go on and throw it away for Love as for anything else. Psh! Love. Whatever. You know Kudoh’s only pushing this friendship thing with you to get a contract, or to get to your wallet right? So, what? You reliving your so called *missed childhood* Ran? Going to the Aquarium, fancy car shows, all that fun stuff you never did as a boy? Getting some male bonding time? You didn’t *have* to spend all your free time locked up entertaining that whiny brat of a sister you know. She would have been just fine locked in her room with her stuffed toys. Wouldn’t have hurt her to spend some time alone. A few tears never hurt anyone. Might have toughened her up a bit…. Maybe a few nights locked up would have dried those tears right up, like they did yours. At least you learned when to shut your trap. But no, that’s right, you liked spending time with her didn’t you? Making her feel better. Singing songs, playing doll house, tea time. That’s right… I forgot how delicate you were as a child.’ 

Persia sneered again at Ran, then dropped his voice to a deep growl. ‘you just remember boy, how much you care about that lump of clay laying in that bed’ Ran saw red for a moment, his control precarious. Persia’s voice penetrated the haze. “Yes. That’s right. For whatever reason, you do, and that means you do as I say. You want to be friends with this Kudoh, fine. You do that. But you remember Ran – discretion. I mean it. If one inkling of anything…. off..  hits the press and splashes your muck on me I will destroy you. She will be gone. For now, I don’t care…. Well, forever I don’t care – about you, her, your friends your hobbies, not a bit. If I could, I’d erase you Ran. You know that. But, you are rather… memorable, with that horrid hair, those demon eyes. So. I can’t get rid of you, erase you. You’re too public. But this means too Ran that what you do, reflects on me. If you drag me into muck Ran so help me….

For now, play. Hell, set him up like your damn geisha if you want. Ran ‘s eyes widened the tiniest bit. Just remember geisha are meant to be discreet, in the shadows. And remember too, nothing lasts forever. At some point I will put a stop to this. It’s just not worth the trouble right now. Besides,’ that gleeful malice crossing his face again, Persia purred evily, ‘I will relish it when I do end this.... friendship, whatever it is . You won’t know when I’m coming Ran, when it will be done with. Yes. That’s the way to deal with infection. Let the wound fester, come to a head, then lance it. Oh yes, some day I will lance it Ran. You just remember that. You revel in the festering now Ran, let the infection run rampant, spread. Just know, someday I will prescribe that you exercise Kuhdo from your system, your life, and cauterize the wound so it doesn’t recur. It would be a shame if he were to lose control of that sportscar of his someday, wouldn’t it? Remember that when the time to lance this festering comes, and be sure you do as you’re told.’

Persia straightened up, sat back. ‘Now, you’re obviously not up for this meeting. I doubt you’ll hear anything we say. Get out of my sight Ran. I don’t want to have to look at you any more today. Get out.’ Persia dismissed Ran and got up from the table to fill his drink from the wetbar in the corner.

Ran sat there for an endless moment. Too furious even to move his head, his eyes tracking his father’s movements. His fists and jaw clenched so tightly it required a conscious effort to loosen each enough to move. He took a shuddering breath, clenched his fists again to prevent his hands wrapping around his father’s throat and slowly stood. Battle tense, trembling in rage, he closed his eyes again a moment before forcing himself to speak through his frozen throat. ‘father.’ He all but growled. Persia turned, anger and no small amount of shock on his face at hearing that tone from Ran’s mouth.  ‘I swear to you, if you.... harm Aya or .... Yohji ... in any way, god will not be able to protect you’ Persia made as if to answer, but Ran growled, low in his throat. ‘No! I will say this. My entire life I have lived to appease you. First, as a child, wanting your approval, your affection. Well, I soon learned the folly there, didn’t I?. Still, I worked hard to keep you.... content. To ease the strain on Aya, to make her life bearable, maybe happy in some measure after I’d failed with mother. Since her injury you have done your damndest to make her your tool. For her,’ Ran rasped, ‘for her I let you own me, let you..... direct me, my life. Yohji and I have maintained discretion in our friendship as you are fully aware. There is absolutely nothing wrong with me developing friends finally in my life.  Again, you know I have never acted inappropriately. For now, I will continue to be your puppet. You pull the strings and know it. I will work for Krittiker, travel, do the amateur forums, make appearances, deal with the horrible clients no one wants to work with, whatever it is you throw at me. But know this, someday, she will wake. Someday, I will be free of you. And I tell you now father,’ and now Ran released a good portion of his control on his ice cold rage burning through his heart, ‘if you ever bring harm to Aya, or god help me, Yohji, in any way, discretion will be the least of your concerns. I promise you father. If I have to come back from the grave, if you are responsible for harm to either of them, I will not be responsible for my actions. I will annihilate you. Physically, financially, socially, in every way I possibly can. I swear it.’

By the last, Ran’s voice had dropped to a raspy whisper, cold and dead as he felt himself to be at that moment. The ...... rage ... yes rage. There was no other term to describe this within him. It burned, but from cold. He couldn’t believe how something that left him so cold could burn as it did. 

Persia sputtered, outraged, ‘you dare to threaten me boy?’ he growled.

‘no father. No threat. I told you.’ Ran’s voice was calm, dead, like he felt inside. ‘A promise. A vow. In every way a man can swear a vow, I swear this. If you bring harm to Aya or Yohji, in any way, I promise my retribution. I will allow you to dictate, for now, while she sleeps, but I will not allow you to harm her, or him. Yohji knows, of your manipulations, of the hold you have over me. Yohji cares for me. He will not stop being my friend, despite long hours, distasteful assignments, travelling. Get used to it. I was perfectly content to keep this from you, not least to prevent your threats against Aya, against him, but as you felt the need to bring it to the open this way, know this, I will not give up this friendship father. I can maintain my professionalism and my friendships.’

Ran turned to leave by the rear entrance of the conference room and noticed the door, slightly ajar. As he stalked from the room he caught a glimpse of someone in the alcove of to the left where his father’s private secretary often awaited instructions during long meetings. Was it the secretary? Whoever it was, they’d at the very least overheard his response to his father. No matter, whoever it was had no bearing on Ran. No one here did, apart from his bastard father and his assistant Tina. The rest could all cease to exist and he doubted he’d notice.



Yohji waited for the elevator in the Garden lobby. John, the door guard on duty, called out to him. ‘Mr. Kudoh?’


Yohji turned, ‘yeah John? What’s up’ Yohji and John had hit it off pretty well. He was most often the guard on duty in the afternoon hour when would arrive, and he’d fallen in love with Yohji’s ‘vette instantly. He was a laid back guy, and seemed genuinely pleased that Ran had a friend. If he suspected there was anything more there, well.... he’d never indicated anything other than friendliness with Yohji.’


‘would you mind taking this up with you? Mr. Fuijimiya was .... not in a mood to hear me when he returned earlier this afternoon.’


‘What? What do you mean? He came home already?’ Yohji was concerned, ‘what do you mean *not in a mood*?’


‘well, it’s not my place really, but..... something seemed..... off. He was.... withdrawn. In a way that I haven’t seen for some time. He came home relatively early, about 3:30.... do you mind, taking it up?’


‘nah,  I got it, no problem.’ Yohji took the package, then looked a John and nodded, ‘thanks John.’ He said quietly, ‘thanks for the heads up. You have a good night.’


Yohji entered the apartment quietly. The apartment was dark, no lights on, no music. ‘Ran?’ he called out quietly. Maybe Ran was sleeping, sick.... ‘Angel? You here?’


He turned on the living room standing lamp and made his way to the kitchen and found Ran seated there at the table. The light from the living room outlined his form at the table. He was..... stiff, rigid, actually. Fists clenched on the table top, his katana that he practiced his forms with resting there just out of reach. Sweat plastered his hair to his head and he trembled. Yohji took this in in an instant, then dropped to his knees at Ran’s side, ‘Ran? Angel, what’s wrong?’


Ran turned his head slowly toward Yohji and the first thought that slammed through Yohji’s mind at that deadness in Ran’s face was ‘oh shit, what happened? Aya..... he was afraid, truly afraid to ask now. ‘Ran’ he whispered, ‘what..... what’s wrong?’


Ran blinked, some sense of awareness entering his eyes, ‘Yohji?’ he asked quietly, ‘when did you get here? Why....’ he swallowed, ‘why’s it so dark?’


How long had he been sitting here like this? Yohji reached up and cupped the side of Ran’s face, noting the sweat damp hair was barely that, flattened down, but only slightly damp, almost dried. “angel.’ He whispered, ‘are you....okay?’


Ran blinked, then sighed. ‘no Yohji’ he whispered. ‘I am ..... not.... okay.’ He closed his eyes briefly then looked back to Yohji. ‘but..... I am..... better, now. Now that .... now that you’re here.’ Ran’s face crumpled for a moment before this incredibly vulnerable, lost little boy look came into his eyes and Yohji’s heart broke. ‘Yohji?’ Ran asked quietly, ‘hold me, please.....please’


‘oh Ran’ Yohji raised up and took Ran into his arms. If anything, the trembling increased as Ran obviously fought for control. ‘Ran... Ran what’s happened?’


‘not yet Yohji.... I ... I will explain, but.... not yet, please. I need you Yohji. I’m.... sorry, but..’


‘don’t be sorry Angel, god please don’t be. I ... if I’d known.., you should have called me. Ran, if ... if you need me, if ever anything happens, call me Baby. I would have been here, with you.’ He held Ran tight, trying to stop the shaking. Damn. What were the symptoms of shock? Think. He stroked Ran’s back forcefully. ‘Ran, let me get you something to drink, warm you up.’


‘you do warm me Nissho, just your presence.’ Ran sighed. ‘Yohji,...... Persia knows.’


Yohji froze. ‘What? He... knows? You mean, about us?... God Ran! he didn’t! did he-‘


‘no, Yohji. Not.... yet. Aya is safe, for now. He...... he doesn’t care about me....’ Ran’s lips curled into a sneer, ‘about my...perversion. For now. He.... some day, he said.....’ Ran cut off. ‘It doesn’t matter Yohji. I... I warned him....’


‘warned him? Ran? what the hell’-‘


Ran sighed again, seeming almost asleep now. ‘yes, he mumbled. ‘I told hjm. I wont lose you. if he.... if he hurts Aya, hurts you, I’ll kill him Yohji, I swear.’


Ran said this with such a matter of fact, calmness that it chilled Yohji to the bone. He held Ran tighter. ‘c’mon Babe. Enough time to talk about this more later. You need rest. Come with me.’  Yohji gently guided Ran to the bath, filling the tub with warm water, easing Ran in. He sat there, holding Ran against his chest as Ran finally broke. Sobbing, shaking so hard Yohji could hear his teeth rattle. Not entirely aware of what he was saying, just that Yohji was there. Holding him, keeping him safe. Finally he calmed, slipping almost in to sleep.


Yohji got him out of the warm water and bundled into his robe. He eased Ran under the covers and laid there, cradling Ran in his arms until he finally fell into a relaxed sleep, certain Ran hadn’t realized his words as he fell into oblivion ‘I love you, Nissho, Yohji. Don’t leave me, please.....’


Yohji trembled slightly himself with rage. Rage at the bastard Persia. At the threat to ‘lance’ this, to harm him, or worse, a defenseless, comatose girl. Not to mention his casual disregard and venom directed to his own son. This amazing, passionate, man... so full of love. For Persia to spit on that, to degrade him so viscously.....


Well, Ran was his. Ran wanted him.... loved him. And he had Ran for the whole holiday weekend. He’d take Ran for his special surprise tomorrow, help erase the awfulness of today. Then, Monday, they’d go to the picnic. Ran would meet the guys and together they’d brainstorm....


Yohji sighed. He knew, likely there wasn’t a way to break Ran free. Ran was smart, very smart. If there was a way... well, he’d have found it by now. Short of Aya wakening, there was likely no way to ease Persia’s hold. And while Ran may hate him, killing him really wasn’t an option. Yohji squeezed tighter, kissing the top of Ran’s head. Well, he could be here for Ran. Support him, regardless. Ran wouldn’t give in to this, and Ran needed someone to be there for him, to hold him... love him. Yah, Yohji could do that............. he would do it....... as long as Ran would have him.

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