Music of My Soul

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Ran awoke entirely comfortable and rested. He stretched languidly and reached over only to find the other side of the bed empty and cool. ‘Yohji ?’ He sat up, glancing at the clock. 10:00 am? He hadn’t slept so late for quite some time.


Ran smiled as he thought of Yohji’s shower ‘massage’ last night that had left him so relaxed. ‘Yohji’ he smiled to himself, a shiver of pleasure running through him. ‘hmmm’  Ran got up and stepped into the bathroom. Considerably more alert, he emerged ready to go find Yohji.


As he moved around the room he caught the aroma of bacon. Yohji? Cooking?  Ran pulled on some sweats, ran his fingers though his hair and opened the door. He heard voices coming from the kitchen. Voices? Who could be over on a Tuesday morning? He started down the hall, then paused. Hmm, if they had visitors, perhaps he should put on a shirt. As he turned back he heard Yohji’s voice, ‘Ran?, that you?’


‘yeah, I’m coming….hang on.’ Ran grabbed a shirt and went to the kitchen. Yohji sat at the table while Schuldig was at the stove. ‘wow, hey Schuldig’, Ran started toward the coffee. ‘I knew Yohji couldn’t be cooking.’


‘Ha ha.’ Yohji stood and wrapped his arms around Ran kissing him, ‘morning babe. I’ll get your coffee baby, have a seat.’ He smirked as he poured, ‘So, sleep well?’


Ran turned into Yohji as he leaned over pouring the coffee. ‘I can’t believe you let me sleep this late.’


‘well, you looked so peaceful. I couldn’t bring myself to wake you.’ He traced a hand over Ran’s jaw, then reached down and patted his thigh. ‘for some reason you seemed to be so relaxed.’ He flashed a grin. ‘besides, last night you specifically told me not to wake you.’


‘hmph’ Ran snorted.  ‘so Schuldig, what’s going on? We haven’t seen you in quite some time. And now you’re here, in L.A., cooking Yohji breakfast.’


‘oh!’ Yohji smacked his forehead. ‘I totally forgot to mention it yesterday! Schu called Friday while you were at the store. I was watching the fight and forgot by the time you got home. He sent a text last night to make sure it was still ok to stop by and we were somewhat occupied.


He grinned, rubbing Ran’s leg under the table. ‘anyway, I woke early this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I texted him back to come anytime. He was awake and called right then. He got here about a half hour ago and took pity on me just before I succumbed to the cheerios.’


He smiled at Schuldig as he laid out the bacon to drain and sat three plates on the table. ‘looks real good Schu’ Yohji smacked hi lips. ‘beats cold cereal any day.’


Ran nodded as he sat up, ‘it does look good Schuldig. Thank you.’ He took a bite of the omelet. ‘very nice’ he swallowed. ‘you know, Yohji and I were just talking yesterday. Now that things have settled down again I plan to cook more at home. It’s been a while….


I know you’re an amazing cook and being Yohji’s best friend for so long I’m sure you know some of his favorite ‘home cooking’ dishes. Since Yohji is lost if it’s not grilled or nuked, I plan to take over the kitchen and cook again. Maybe we can finally start those cooking lessons we never got around to .... before.’ He turned his gaze to Yohji’s, finding warmth, love and support there.


‘Anyway, aside from the pasties I fell in love with in London, the majority of my cooking skills tend toward more gourmet dishes. He likes my cooking, but many of the recipes are ..... not really Yohji’s preference. It’s ok once in a while, but not on a regular basis. I’d like to be able to put together a repertoire of some of his favorites.’ 


He took another bite of the omelet. It really was good, simple yet… Yohji seemed to really enjoy it too. He wanted to be able to do this for Yohji. Another way of making their home truly theirs.


‘ah, Ran’ Schu smiled. ‘I’d be glad to provide some recipes. I have some of our favorites from our time as roommates and will gladly email you when I get home.  I’ll write a few down for you today if you give me an idea what you have on hand.’


‘that’d be nice Schuldig.’ Ran smiled. ‘now, what’s going on? You didn’t come over here this early just to make Yohji breakfast. Spill.’  


Ran was absurdly grateful for the relatively easy comraderie that had grown between him and Schuldig after Yohji’d taken him back. He’d worried, actually a lot, about what would happen if Schu had not accepted the reunion. How it would affect Yohji. What he would do if he’d been forced to choose.


But. Schu had been willing to accept Ran again as part of Yohji’s life. Knowing how badly he’d been affected too by Persia’s manipulations. And he accepted how happy Yohji was and trusted Yohji to make this choice.


Schuldig laughed. ‘actually Ran I am in the area this week for a conference. I’d hoped to get to visit while I was here. We haven’t seen much of each other this past year.  I missed Yohji’s smiling face.’ He grinned at Yohji,  ‘And yours of course.’ He turned back to Ran.


‘Tch, yeah – right’ Ran mock growled. He looked at Schuldig more seriously, ‘Schuldig, I’m glad we’ve been able to make our peace. We both love Yohji. I’d…I’d like for us to be .....friends, ... famly.’ He took Yohji’s hand across the table smiling warmly, turning back to Schuldig, ‘really’


‘I’d like that Ran.’ Schuldig smiled too. ‘I can see how happy Yohji is. His emails over the last year have shown how much you have grown, how happy you’ve made him. I’m very happy for you. Both of you.’


He looked around the room, breaking the somber mood a bit. ‘The loft is wonderful by the way. Yohji’d emailed me some photos, but it didn’t do the place justice.’ He turned back to them, taking a small breath. ‘actually, there was a reason for my visit beyond just getting to see Yohji. Do you remember Brad Ran?’


Ran winced  a little, then smiled. ‘yeah, a little. He was very…tolerant of my’ he cleared his throat, ‘my breakdown. I’m not sure I would have shown the compassion he did had someone shown up at my door as I did that morning. He was very gracious. Why?’


‘well,’ Schuldig blushed a bit and Yohji grinned ‘Schu?’ He drawled, “why are you blushing?” he grin grew wider “what’s going on?’


‘well,’ Schuldig began again, ‘as Yohji knows, Brad and I have grown….quite close these past 3 years. Well.’ He cleared his throat, ‘Brad was offered a very nice, lucrative position at a prestigious architectural firm here in LA, New World Industries. He’d be designing elite homes and resorts for the financial elite of the world: Dubai, some areas of the US, even a new Vegas they are considering in northern California. Anyway, accepting means permanently relocating to LA. He-he asked me to come with him. To make our relationship permanent. I said yes. We’ve been exclusive for almost 2 years now, but this…. This makes it more….we’re getting rings this weekend. I’m here to look for a home.’ He looked up and smiled.


‘Schuldig! That’s wonderful!’ Yohji whooped. ‘wait, he stopped, what about your teaching? You’ve been at that school a long time.’


‘well,’ Schuldig replied. ‘Brad is finalizing things at home. I gave a one month notice. I was already enrolled for the conference this week and I’ll be able to use the materials in my new position here. I’ve sent out my resume to various contacts. I am looking for tutoring positions. I don’t plan to return to full time teaching. Brad will sometimes have to travel…to Dubai or other locations, and’ he smiled and looked down, ‘he wants me to be able to go with him when he does.’


‘well, of course he does.’ Yohji grinned. ‘I’d die if I had to go too long without Ran. Two months almost killed me – if Brad has to go to Dubai that would just be too long. I imagine for both of you,’ he leered at Schuldig.


Ran cleared his throat. ‘so, you’re moving here. That’s great. I’ve heard of New World. Their offices are actually relatively close by. Have you selected a place yet? ‘


‘no. Actually that’s another reason I’d called. I hoped we could get together and you could give me some ideas about where to look. My conference runs through Friday evening and Brad’s coming Saturday after a morning meeting. We return to our respective jobs Monday. We have six weeks left on the lease to my apartment. Brad’s moved most of his things into storage and is staying with me while we get everything closed out and look for something permanent.’ He smiled again at the word.


‘it’s about damn time Schu’ Yohji growled. ‘it took you guys long enough. I mean, three years man.’


‘well Yohji. Schuldig replied, ‘you know we’ve been exclusive for two years, like I said, but moving in together, buying a place together in a new city, it’s a big step.’ He looked down, then back up, looking closely at Yohji. ‘we’ve both been in serious relationships before. It…..hurts when things don’t last, for whatever reason. We wanted to be sure.’


He flashed a grin, ‘and we are, both of us…..when Brad told me about the job offer, at first all I could think was how happy I was for him. It was his dream to get to do this type of work. Then, it hit me. He’d have to relocate. That struck me to the core, I was so scared. I could hardly breathe. He was watching me closely, he told me later, watching for my reaction. When he realized I’d figured it out, and the effect it had on me, he said he knew then I’d say yes.’


Schuldig smiled, eyes far away, ‘self confident bastard. But, he was right. It never occurred to me to resist. No regret to leave anything behind. I’d follow him anywhere…he’s my life…’ his voice trailed off.


‘I know exactly what you mean.’ Ran’s deep voice broke the silence. ‘when Yohji left-‘ his voice broke a bit. Even now, a year after getting him back.... thinking of that time opened a hole in his heart.


He cleared his throat as he felt Yohji’s warm strong hand grip his own. ‘anyway, though I’d deserved it, and that knowledge somehow kept me together those two dark years, even though – I felt like I was the walking dead, I wasn’t alive, I was just breathing.’


He looked at Yohji, ’I’ll never make that mistake again. Where he goes, I go. On tour, to the ends of the earth, to the moon…I’m there.’ He grinned at Schuldig. ‘not that I don’t trust him or anything, and we can be apart for short bursts, a week, maybe 2, but for too long and my soul withers. He’s what keeps me alive, like my air.’


He coughed, ‘anyway. Congratulations Schuldig, really. We’re very happy for you. So, you’re here all week for this conference? What hotel are you staying at?’ he sipped his coffee.


‘the Sheraton over by I-10-‘ Schuldig started to reply, but was cut off.  ‘No.’


‘No?’ Schuldig looked puzzled.


‘No.’ Ran said. ‘Come stay here. Your conference, is it days, evenings?’


‘it’s mostly evening sessions’ Schuldig said. ‘I had planned to use the days to look around for a place.’


‘well. Let’s move you here, forget the hotel, we can do that this morning. Then we can check out a few places this afternoon. Yohji returns to the studio tomorrow. You and I can check out things during the days and we can talk recipe ideas and blackmail material.’ Ran took another sip of his coffee.


‘wh-what?’ Yohji sputtered, ‘blackmail material? What?’


Schuldig laughed. ‘really Ran, you wouldn’t mind? I know how you value privacy. It’s only until Sunday morning. Our return flight leaves around noon Sunday I believe.’


‘yeah, well, six months plus on a tour bus will cure you of privacy issues pretty quick. You can have the guest room and Brad arrives Saturday, late morning you said?’  he laughed, ‘it will give us a chance this week to get to know each other better. Schuldig, I’m sure – really. It will be good.’


‘blackmail material?’ Yohji growled again, ‘Ran?’


‘well” Ran turned conspiratorially to Schuldig, ‘eventually the tabloids are going to get around to me now that we are in one place long enough, I need something juicy to throw at them right? To get them off my track.’ He turned back to Yohji who was staring at him bug eyed, ‘wha-?’


‘hmm’ Schuldig smiled. ‘you know, I think I may just have some old pictures from high school that-‘


‘Schuldig!’ Yohji cut him off, ‘you wouldn’t!’ he squeaked.


‘what?’ Ran turned intent on Schuldig, ‘what Schu?’


Schuldig laughed. ‘well, I guess not.’ He raised both hands in surrender. ‘don’t worry Yohji. I promised didn’t i? I’ve never shown them to anyone, no one has seen those pictures since they were taken. I’m sure no one remembers.’


‘you still have them?!’ Yohji squawked. ‘you said you burned them Schuldig.’


Ran looked from face to face. ‘what Yohji?’


Schuldig chuckled. ‘I couldn’t Yohji, I just couldn’t burn them. I mean, memories are precious, right? What if I started to forget?’


‘that’s the idea man’ Yohji growled ‘you’re supposed to forget. Everyone is supposed to forget.’ He took a deep breath. ‘I can’t believe you still have them’


‘what Yohji?’ Ran asked, growing concerned. He tilted his head to try to look into Yohji’s eyes. ‘forget what Yohji? Are you upset, really? Was it something bad? I was only teasing, I’d never really embarrass you. Yohji?’


‘No Baby.’ Yohji rubbed his eyes, a wry grin on his face. ‘I’m not upset like that.’ He turned a glower on Schuldig who sat still chuckling lightly, hand over his mouth. ‘it’s just…. There are some embarrassing parts of my life that this extortioner has held on to.’ He sighed. ‘parts I’d like to forget, to make sure the world forgets….’


WHAT Yohji? What?’ Ran was afire with curiosity now.


‘I am so gonna get you for this Schu.’ Yohji turned back to Ran sighing. He ran his fingers through his hair and his lips lifted, rueful. ‘well, I was not always-‘ he again glowered at Schuldig, ‘not always the astounding specimen of male beauty you see here before you.’


Schuldig burst into full laughter at that, holding his sides, hugging himself as if to control the outburst. ‘Yohji!’ he laughed, ‘oh my!’  he made an obvious effort to try to control himself.


Finally he seemed to get a handle on it. ‘Ran’ he shook himself and cleared his throat. ‘you’ve heard of late bloomers? Well, prince Yohji here started high school as a 14 year old shrimp. Skinny, short, shrimp. His freshman and sophomore years were not spent as Mr. Popular.’


Schuldig smirked as Yohji harrumphed, arms folded across his chest. ‘he was a good 4 inches shorter than me then, and I wasn’t exactly football team material myself. He wasn’t picked on too badly, but the suave, self-confident sex god we all know and love was not yet born.’


Schuldig shook his head ‘of course the girls still loved him, even then. He’s always had that beautiful hair, and those smoldering eyes, and that charm….but then it was more in a ‘aww, isn’t he cute’ way rather than a ‘damn he is hot” way. And other guys were not yet in awe yet. Thus explaining his intimate knowledge of the graffiti inside the school’s dumpster.’ He chuckled darkly.


‘Luckily, he hit his growth spurt toward the end of sophomore year, and over the summer began to grow into the Adonis you see here before you. Adding in muscle tone in junior and senior year, weight training class helped there, and his voice finally deepening to something one could bear to listen to’  


Schuldig leaned over and stage whispered to a wide eyed Ran, ‘before, he sounded like a cat getting a bath – it was awful.’ He chuckled again, sitting up, ‘NO ONE in the early years of high school would have ever imagined he would grow into this sexy beast front man for the hottest band around right now. Weiss didn’t really start making any impression until almost the end of senior year.’


He tilted his head and gave Yohji a speculative look. ‘You know, now that we bring it up, I’m surprised someone hasn’t come forward to interview of the “Yohji I knew before”. hmmm…’  Schuldig trailed off, musing.


Ran sat wide eyed watching Yohji, who was snarling around a cigarette at Schuldig. ‘do you really still have those pics Schu? Maybe I need to help you pack as you move. You know, things get lost when you’re moving, right?’


Schu laughed, “I do have them Yohji, but I’d never show the media, you know that. And I doubt anyone else from high school would have kept any from that time period. If there are other pictures floating around they would be more the later years, more the you we know now rather than the one I first grew to know and love as the brother I never had. I may show Ran though – hmm, maybe I’ll email you.’


Yohji sighed, ‘well, whatever. I’m sure I can come up with some dirt on you to share with Brad, just let me think a bit…there has to be something…..anyway, let’s go get your stuff from the hotel. Ran’s right, you’ll stay with us.’ He turned to Ran, leaning into his space, ‘Baby? You ok? You seem a little dazed.’


Ran blinked, ‘I’m trying to picture a short skinny Yohji. It’s not really coming into focus….’ He looked up at Yohji leaning over him, ‘this is my Yohji, here.’ He pulled Yohji forward for a kiss, soft and light at first, but deepening as his fingers threaded into Yohji’s hair, one hand cupping the back of his head.


He pulled back, ‘hmmm, what you do to me.’ He leaned his forehead against Yohji’s ‘Schuldig? I think you should email me some of those skinny Yohji pictures-‘


‘what?’ Yohji shot up, looking down at Ran, ‘what for?’


‘well, when you’re too sexy for your own good, it might help me resist a bit if I could picture the skinny you,’ Ran smirked.


‘hmph’ Yohji stepped back, ‘you can picture whatever you want, you’ll still have the real life me here to deal with – try resisting,’ he smirked himself, ‘might be fun…. Come on Schu’ he went to step into his boots, ‘the sooner we go, the sooner we can get back and look into places. Ran will put together a list of prospects while we’re gone’ he glanced at Ran as they headed out the door, ‘you got any areas in mind yet yourself?’




Schuldig and Ran entered the studio laughing, ‘really Ran, I swear. She was so jealous of his hair she was practically green. She swore he either had to cut it or wear a wig – a real diva this one – no Romeo could possibly have hair longer than Juliet, and of course the play could not go forward without her, she was simply too important. Of course Yohji flatly refused to cut the hair, and he conveniently forgot the wig on opening night. She came out on stage to face him and promptly fainted. The understudy had to perform in her place. Which was the girl he’d wanted to go to prom with anyway. Gorgeous long red hair, and what a figure. Anyway. She was so excited that Yohji ‘fixed’ it that she got to play Juliet that she was glued to him after that. Started talking about going steady and more. Yohji was not  going steady material at the time. He got so spooked trying to get away from her, he would’ve taken me to the prom if it wouldn’t have totally killed his rep.’ Schu laughed


‘He ended up getting me to take her to the prom, while he took two other girls. He finally told her the whole wig thing had been my idea. Convinced her I was the mastermind, he couldn’t have come up with such a plan, it had all been my idea. Took me a whole semester to pawn her off. Fun semester though. She was very thankful. Clingy, but thankful.’ He chuckled, shaking his head.


Nagi watched Ran and Schuldig with his mouth slightly open. ‘Ran? Who’s this?’


‘oh Nagi,’ Ran laughed and gestured to Schuldig. ‘I brought him here to see the guys for a short bit. This is Schuldig, WEISS’ old part time manager, and Yohji’s best friend since, what? ‘ he turned to Schuldig “6th?’  he nodded, ‘6th grade. This guy has all Yohji’s secrets.’ Ran smirked.


Nagi grinned, ‘nice to meet you Schuldig. I’m Nagi, band gopher extraordinaire.’ He shook Schuldig’s hand firmly. ‘the guys are about due for a break, want me to buzz them?’


‘no Nagi, Schuldig wanted to surprise Yohji and see a bit of the band in session. If we can, we’ll head on back. We’re not staying long, we have an appointment later.’


They headed down the hall. They were in luck, the guys had just started a new song right before they entered the viewing room, so Schuldig got to observe for a bit. This song was a ballad, a passionate song with a crescending swell leading into the chorus. Yohji sang with his eyes closed, clearly lost in the music, his voice caressing the words. As the duet chorus with Jei faded and Ken began his solo, Yohji opened his eyes. He smiled a small smile, his eyes sparkling, and waved.


As the song wrapped, Yohji waved them in. ‘hey Schuldig. Any luck today finding a place?’


‘yeah, Ran and found a few really promising places. One I especially liked. We’re going to meet the realtor to get a full tour on that one in a little over an hour. I just wanted to drop by. Haven’t had the opportunity to watch you guys in action for a while. Online and videos don’t count.’


Yohji turned to the band. ‘Yuushi, you remember Schuldig.’


Yuushi stepped up. ‘Of course. Schuldig, it’s great to see you. What are you doing in LA?’


‘ah, Yuushi,’ Schuldig stepped forward to clasp his hand firmly. ‘yes, I have wanted to visit for some time. Thank you.’ He said fervently, ‘thank you for being such a friend to Yohji. It was good to know someone level headed was there to keep Romeo here grounded.’ He grinned.


‘Romeo huh?’ Ken’s deep voice piped up he laughed, ‘of course, that tendency has been nipped in the bud now, hm Ran? Good to see ya Schuldi.’ He shook Schuldig’s hand.


‘hey man!’ Omi waved, ‘nice to see ya Schuldig. Yohji mentioned something about blackmail material being exchanged? Bet you’re having fun dishing up the dirt. Whatta ya got handy? Spill.’


Nagi came through the door just as Omi’s voice trailed off. ‘yeah Schuldig, tell them that Romeo story you and Ran were talking about when you came in. that sounded like classic Yohji.’


‘Romeo story?’ Jei turned to Schuldig ‘Suzanne?’ he asked, eyebrows raised.


Yohji growled, ‘You sure you wanna get into the details of that scenario Schu? I seem to recall a certain broom closet incident’-


‘ah!’ Schuldig started, glancing at his watch, ‘look at the time. Ran, surely we should go. Don’t want to keep the realtor waiting…’


‘relax man!’  Yohji laughed. ‘I’ll tell the youngsters after you’re gone.’ Schuldig’s eyes widened. ‘you wouldn’t,’ he gasped, then groaned, ‘yes…you would.’ He sighed. ‘hmmm, just remember Yohji, I’m with Ran ALL day. Sure you wanna open this can up?’ he grinned


‘ok – ok, I surrender.’ Yohji laughed. ‘So, what? You guys just stopped by for a few minutes, really? Well, let’s take five guys, water break.’ He turned, ‘Ran? Did you show Schuldig MY painting?’


‘oh! No, Yohji, we were talking when we came in and just came down the hall, I didn’t think of it.’


‘c’mon Schuldig, you have to see this.’ Yohji dragged Schuldig down the hall back to the lobby. ‘Manx got some good shots Babe,’ he called back to Ran. ‘they emailed them, I’ll show you at home. We were talking this morning and we wanna time the press release of the upcoming album cover and time it to just before your gallery showing. Spark some interest you know? Then we thought we’d do a video of the title track a little after. By then, we should have the rest of the songs together, let the video and Temptation posters float around a bit then we’ll release the album.’ As he finished speaking, Yohji turned back toward Schuldig, just in time to avoid colliding with his back as Schuldig had come to a sudden standstill.


‘oh my,’ he breathed, ‘Ran, that’s, that’s just really……incredible.’ He turned to Ran, ‘really. I had no idea…. Ran.’ He turned back, slowly walking forward, mesmerized. ‘it’s beautiful.’ He whispered.


‘yeah,’ Nagi chuckled. ‘that’s pretty much everyone’s first reaction. You shoulda seen the photographer’s face yesterday.’  He laughed.


‘I can imagine,’ Schuldig murmured.  He looked again at Ran, ‘really Ran, incredible. This is an album cover Yohji?’


‘well, it wasn’t painted to be one, but it was so perfect, when he gave it to us, we asked and he said it’d be OK – we’re gonna look over fonts and stuff tonight, plus, the guy took some single shots of the small pics too, Jei, Manx and the label guys were thinking about merchandising, t-shirts, posters.... gotta capitalize on the frenzy while we’re at the top.’


He smiled. ‘that can change so fast, you know. I’ll email you Schu, so you can show Brad.’ He tilted his head. ‘hey! – when you guys get settled in your place we should have a welcome to LA party. We haven’t christened the loft yet, not really, let’s plan a shindig.’ he said turning back to the band. ‘what do you guys say? A party sound like fun? Hmm, if you’re moving here in like six weeks, that’s right at Christmas. Very busy time... Too much too fast maybe. January, February?’ his eyes lit up, ‘I know! We’ll celebrate Ran’s birthday!’ He turned to Nagi, ‘kid, can you coordinate with everyone, pot luck and shit?’


‘sure Yohji,’ Nagi smiled. ‘I’ll check the band calendar and get a few prospective dates around then, and send out an email to everyone tomorrow – Schuldig, leave your email before you go, ok?’


‘hey kid’ Yohji looked at him, ‘that means you too you know.’ He turned back to Schuldig, the kid’s great, he’ll set it all up.’


Ran spoke up. ‘well Schuldig, we should probably head out, don’t wanna keep the realtor waiting.’


‘oh!. Yes, of course Ran.’ Schuldig turned, clasping Yohji’s forearm. ‘it was nice to get to see you in your element again Yohji. Good memories. Nice to see all of you guys again, really’ 


He turned to Nagi, ‘take care of these guys, make them eat once in a while. I know they get.’ He rolled his eyes at Yohji. He scribbled his email on a post it for Nagi while the others laughed.


Ran leaned over taking Yohji in his arms from behind. He leaned in breathing into Yohji’s hair, eliciting a delicious shiver ‘see you tonight lover,’ he breathed against Yohji’s ear, then trailed his tongue over the outer edge and down Yohji’s neck. ‘Have a good afternoon.’ He stepped back, trailing his fingers through Yohji’s hair.


Yohji shook himself and turned quickly, grabbing Ran before he could step away. He cupped Ran’s face between his hands, fingers entwined in those dangling eartais, leaning in for a deep kiss. ‘mmmm-yes’ he breathed against Ran’s mouth ‘tonight’ he stepped back, ‘now,’ he growled, ‘get out of here so I can focus.’


‘yes!’ Yuushi barked. ‘please go, or he’ll never get back on track,’ he grinned, ‘do you know how long it takes to clear the fog that is Ran from that idiot’s head in the mornings?’


He turned to Ran, ‘seriously man, it’s like you’re a drug or something. I think we need to limit his dosage.’ He laughed.


Yohji started to growl, ‘Yu,’


‘kidding Yohji, kidding. Get a quick fix and let’s get back at it.’ He turned to Schuldig, ‘nice to see you again Schuldig, look forward to you moving to sunny LA and the party.’ He turned down the hall.


Jei spoke up, ‘Yu’s right Yohji, let’s go. Say goodbye to Ran, you’re busy.’ He followed Ken down the hall.


Ran turned to Yohji, ‘I hope I’m not causing any conflict Yohji, we just wanted to stop by. I should have considered the interruption, especially after Monday….’


‘no baby, it’s OK. They’re just teasing, really.’ He took Ran in his arms. ‘they’re just jealous that’s all, we were about to break anyway. But, I do need to get back to work, and it is hard to focus when you’re close,’ he leaned in, breathing deeply of Ran’s  hair, nipping at his neck, ‘you intoxicate me-‘


Suddenly, Yohji froze, then he leaned back with his mouth partly open, his eyes slightly unfocused, head tilted.


‘oh man,’ Schuldig spoke up, ‘I know that look.’


‘what?’ Ran asked, turning to Schuldig, then back to Yohji. ‘Yohji?’


‘don’t’ bother Ran.’ Schuldig spoke up. ‘he’s gonna be out of it for a bit. Likely off and on this afternoon, they’ll be lucky to get any more songs done today.’


Schuldig cleared his throat, ‘that glazed look there is the result of those rusty gears turning in that incredible mind of our dear Yohji. Something you said, or did, something, has triggered an errant thought and he’s composing a masterpiece. I take it he hasn’t done much writing since you’ve been together?’ Schuldig tilted his head. ‘I know he wrote a song or two while you were dating before, but not many, if I recall right. He hasn’t written since your reunion?’


‘Jei has written most of their songs as far as I know. He helps with arrangements and such, but no, I can’t say he has written any of their new songs. He may have written some on the old album, but those were done by the time we’d reunited.’


Yohji was still standing, head tilted and slightly back, eyes now closed, lips barely moving, and his left hand tapping against his thigh.  Omi and Nagi had stopped talking together at the other end of the counter and were watching with interest. Yohji was oblivious.


‘watch,’ Schuldig murmured. He leaned over the counter, grapping a notepad and pen. He leaned in closer to Yohji. Quietly he spoke, ‘Yohji, I can’t quite hear you, speak up a bit.’


Yohji stopped a moment. His eyes briefly focused on Schuldig, ‘Schu? You got paper? Oh!, man, thanks….here – get this’ his head tilted and he began to sing quietly for all the world as though he and Schuldig were the only people in the room.


Schuldig wrote quickly, focused on Yohji who still seemed to almost be in a daze, eyes unfocused, staring at something only he could see, fingers obviously playing a guitar that wasn’t there.


The others in the room were watching, transfixed. They couldn’t quite catch the lyrics, Yohji was quiet, Schuldig close by. But they could hear the melody, alternating between harsh and haunting.  After a few minutes, Yohji seemed to come to himself. His eyes searched and found Schuldig. ‘Schu? You get it? Make sense?’


‘yes Yohji, I got it. It’s good. Really good. Yohji, you know I can’t get the music written. Wanna record it real quick while it’s fresh to keep it in your head, or you think it’s ok?’


‘no man, I’m good. I got it, right here’ he tapped his temple. ‘let me see’ he took the notepad, skimming the page. ‘yeah, maybe this part,’ he made some notes, underlining some passages, quickly altering others. ‘this looks good here…..’ his voice trailed off as he seemed to realize he wasn’t alone. He stopped, looking around sheepishly. He chuckled, ‘sorry guys, umm… it just came over me. I had to catch it while it was hot.’ He looked around. ‘where’s Jei?’


‘he went back before your epiphany.’ Ran’s deep voice filled the room, rich, loving, amused.


‘Ran!’ Yohji swung around, ‘baby! I’m sorry! I kinda, I just…spaced out there. Do… would…. do you mind if I? ‘ he stopped and took a breath ‘I gotta go over this with Jei, I’ll show you later at home ok?”


Ran laughed, grabbed Yohji in a quick kiss and shoved him toward the hallway. ‘it’s ok lover, get back there, I’ll see you tonight.’ He steered Schuldig toward the door, turning to Nagi and Omi. ‘don’t let him stay too late, ok guys? We’ll see you guys later – I’ll leave the studio alone for a while.’ He grinned ‘I’ll email you Nagi’ he called as he and Schuldig left.


Shortly outside the door, Ran turned to Schuldig. ‘I take it that’s happened a few times, hmm?’


‘a few,’ Schuldig acknowledged, ‘but not as much as you might think from that display in there. It’s just, we were best friends for a long, long time. And long before he could consider being a singer, music was his passion. These ‘flash songs’ as I think of them, would just come on him. First they were poems. And back then he’d kill before he’d admit to anyone he wrote poetry. But someone would say something, or he’d see something and suddenly he’d be furiously scribbling. It took a while before he’d read them to me, and a little longer before I figured out he was writing it all I one shot.


Finally he talked to me about it. He said he’d get whatever trigger it was, and it’s like it’d just come to him, complete almost, and it was like he could just read it from his mind. Everything just flowed, clicked perfectly, from whatever idea set it off. Finally it evolved from poems to music. I’m glad I was there, it’s been a long time.’


Schuldig turned to look at Ran. ‘I’ve missed him Ran. More than I realized. He looks so happy. I’m glad everything is so right. He’s deserved to be happy for so long. And he really, really loves you.’ He smiled, ‘so, where are we to meet this realtor?’


Ran checked his PDA and looked steadily at Schuldig. ‘it’s this way.’ They turned the corner, ‘He’s missed you too Schu. More than he wanted to let me know. I’m glad you’re coming here. It will be good for him. I love him too Schuldig, so much sometimes it – so much. I’m glad he’s happy, we’re happy. Things are good. Come on, let’s hurry. I know you really liked this place.’ They hurried on their way.


Yohji turned to Omi with a far away look, one hand on the back of his head. ‘sorry man. Haven’t had that happen in a while. Let’s go bug Jei and Ken, huh?’


‘yeah man! Sure. I’d love to hear it, what I caught was interesting. Let me see, is it ok to look at the lyrics?’


‘sure! I need your guys’ input. I’ll need a guitar though, to show you.’ His face lit up, growing more animated, c’mon, let me show you.’ He led Omi down the hall calling out, ‘Ken! Man, can I borrow your axe for a second?!’





Schuldig lay on the bed in his robe, a towel around his shoulders, his hair still damp, phone cradled against his shoulder as he typed. ‘so, which do you think you like best love?’ he asked


‘hmmm,’  a deep voice mused across the phone line, ‘I think I like the one with the atrium, the sky light one? That one or the one on Beach Blvd. Tell me, which did you like best? Are we on the same page?’


Schuldig laughed, ‘yes we are. The atrium is my favorite one too.’ Schuldig sighed, I can’t wait until you get here tomorrow Brad. I wish you didn’t have that meeting in the morning. I …I miss you. Yohji and Ran have been very generous this week, but,’ his voice roughened, ‘watching them together these last few days, while you’re so far away, has really been rough. They adore each other, they touch all the time, I don’t think they’re even aware of it sometimes. It’s like they’re drawn to each other.’


He cleared his throat, ‘anyway. We have appointments tomorrow afternoon for both the atrium and Beach Blvd units, and the white condo unit too, just in case. It’ll be one of those for sure. Now, about the furniture, I know we agreed to keep some on both, but-‘


‘Schuldig’ Brad’s musical voice cut in, ‘stop’


‘what hun? What’s wrong?’ Schuldig asked, puzzled.


‘I don’t care about the furniture right now Schu. It has been too long. Too long since I’ve held you, touched you. I need you Schuldig. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow. I need you now.’


His voice dropped to a growl. ‘Schuldig, I need you. I need your voice, your touch.’ Schuldig heard him take a deep breath. ‘are you alone?’


‘yes’ Schuldig’s breathy voice replied, he was trembling. ‘I’m alone Brad,’ he took took a deep breath. ‘Ran and Yohji are out. I wasn’t scheduled to be home from tonight’s session for another two hours, but it ended early. I…I need you too Brad, I’ve missed you. It’s been so long’ his voice dropped to a moan at the last.


‘turn on the webcam Schuldig,’ Brad’s voice was hoarse, ‘let me see you’


‘hold on a sec.’ Schuldig got up and quietly locked the door, just in case. He situated the laptop for comfort on the bedside table and activated the camera. Brad’s face filled the screen. ‘hey Babe,’ he smiled and slowly licked his lips. ‘you look tired, Schu, but so beautiful. I missed looking into your eyes, you soothe me baby, make everything so good. All my stress, worries, frustration over work or traffic or whatever just drown in those beautiful green depths.’


Schuldig smiled, ‘well, if I look tired it’s because I haven’t’ slept as well this week. I seem to have some unrelieved tension.’ His smile widened, and his eyes darkened. His voice rough he asked, ‘think you can help me with that?’


‘Schuldig’ Brad’s voice was breathless, ‘Schuldig, I want to touch you. I need to touch you.’ His voice deepened, almost a growl now. He closed his eyes a moment. ’24 hours. Only 24 hours until I can hold you’ he opened his eyes and smiled a predatory smile at Schuldig. ‘be my hands baby, lay back. Close your eyes and let me touch you.’


‘yes’ Schuldig moaned, tilting his head back, only to look back up swiftly, ‘but only if I get to return the favor Brad.’


‘of course, but my idea, my turn first. Lay back and close your eyes baby. Be my hands.’ Schuldig reached over to the bedside table, grabbing something from the drawer, then scooted down, getting comfortable, head cradled in the pillows, positioning in full view of the camera.


He closed his eyes. Robe slightly open at the thigh, he was a beautiful sight. Toned, muscled legs, just a hint of inner thigh showing. Brad liked his lips and leaned slightly closer. ‘ok baby,’ he breathed, voice deep, sultry, ‘I reach forward, and run my fingers through your beautiful hair, tracing behind your ear, down your neck,, and down to the lapels of your robe’


Schuldig shuddered delicately at the first soft touch. ‘ooh yeah, I reach one hand inside you robe, caressing over your chest, firm tone muscle under my hands. I run my hand over your shoulder, across and down, flicking over your nipple, the other hand tracing over your neck.’


Schuldig was slightly panting now, his fingertips tracing over his skin, his head back on the pillow. His legs had fallen slightly open allowing a swollen, beautiful cock to just peak between the folds of the robe.  


Brad watched avidly, letting a moan escape his throat. ‘yeah baby, you are so perfect. I reach down and untie your robe, letting it fall open so I can see you. I push it off your shoulders and run my palms over your pecs, pressing so you feel the heat. I run my palms over your nipples, not twisting, just caressing, I reach up and lick each palm, rubbing them back across your nipples. Oh dam Schuldig,’ he moaned throatily as Schuldig traced his tongue over each hand, wetting the fingers and palms.


Brad took a deep breath. ‘I run my wet palms over your nipples, down your tight abs, back up, teasing over your nipples again. I take them in my fingers, pulling, twisting lightly.’ Schuldig moaned, stretching as though searching for more.


‘yes baby’ Brad moaned, ‘yes. I pinch you harder, pulling just how you like it, wetting the fingers of one hand, keeping the other busy, then switching.  I trace one hand down your belly in that crease between your abs, swirling around your belly button. I trace down, just teasing around your balls, that crease of your groin, almost touching your cock.’


Schuldig had started panting lightly, his hips slightly rocking, his head back, jaw clenched as he breathed through clenched teeth. His cock at full attention, begging to be touched. Brad took pity on him, ‘I trace my palms over your beautiful cock, just tracing, not gripping, but rubbing, pushing you into your own belly, up………  down………. up……. down……’


‘Brad! Please!’ Schuldig’s voice rasped,


‘yes Schuldig, OK babe. I take you in my fist with one hand, slowly baby, slowly pulling. Reach down baby, right next to your left hip, the lube bottle is right there, flip the top , there you go.’


He watched as Schuldig drizzled lube onto his cock while pumping oh so slowly, slicking the length. He let the bottle fall from his hand, taking the sheets into his fist as his hips canted upward, ‘Brad, oh gods,’ Schuldig panted, he moaned deep in his throat as his thrusts grew more obvious, ‘baby, I’m….hurry’ he gasped


‘I reach up with my other hand and rub over your slit while my fist tightens, pumping faster...., harder...., STOP!’


Schuldig froze, trembling with need, ‘ I squeeze you tight keeping my palm against your head, no pulling, no movement, just squeeze, then release, and again…..squeeze, and release…. Now I push harder against the slit, and start to pump you, pulling baby, then pushing back down, pulling, pushing, faster, harder – oh Schuldig, gods you’re so….’


‘Brad hurry, please Brad, please’ Schuldig panted ‘oh please’ he whimpered,. ‘Brad! He called, ‘it doesn’t matter, Brad. I’m…..i’m gonna,,,,,,’


‘yes Schuldig, yes, cum for me baby, erupt for me, all over me.’ And he did. Hips thrusting upward, erratic, lost to all but the sensation of his own tight fist and pushing palm, He froze for a moment, ‘Brad!’


That throaty moan of his name shot straight to Brad’s cock. He was rock hard watching Schuldig arch upward, then thrust a few more fast times into his fist, his heels digging into the mattress, then finally falling back to the bed, pulling on himself, hips rolling, milking the last of his seed from himself, seed that now covered his hand and belly. ‘Brad’ breathless, Schuldig opened his eyes to see Brad watching avidly, face close to the screen, ‘10 days Brad, 10 days. Gods, so long….never so long again.’


‘I love you Schuldig’ Brad said, ‘I love to watch you cum, even from hundreds of miles away. I am so hard right now, if you breathed on me I’d cum in an instant.’


‘hmm, well then,’ Schuldig purred, ‘we’ll just have to wait a bit and let some of that ease off…. I don’t want you to explode that quickly – I wanna play too.’


He smiled languidly at Brad. ‘that was….amazing. incredible. We are going to have to try this again, but no long distance. I want you in the bed right  there next to me next time. Then, just before I cum, I want you to take me…..i wish I could feel you inside me right now Brad.’ Schuldig’s eyes smoldered as he heard Brad moan.


He raised up, taking the towel from around his neck, cleaning himself up. ‘my turn now Brad, I want to taste you, touch you, watch you.’ He sat up, readjusting the laptop, ‘strip for me gorgeous, lay out and let me look at you.’


Brad obliged. Quickly undressing, grabbing the lube from the headboard and stretching out on the bed. ‘oh, is that the warming lube?’ Schuldig asked, ‘perfect baby, just what I was hoping for. Lay back, put a little on each hand and keep it close just in case.  Ok, close your eyes for me baby….just…feel.’


Brad rubbed some gel into each palm and over his fingers, then lay back – his cock still standing straight up. He’d almost cum before just watching Schuldig. He knew this wouldn’t last as long as it could. It’d taken all he had not to fist himself as he’d watched Schuldig explode.


’Schuldig,’ he breathed, ‘I am so close already – tease me tomorrow. Make me cum lover, but don’t’ take too long.’ He was panting as he waited for Schuldig’s instruction.


‘it’s ok baby, I wont tease too long. Ok, I’m with you, there. I lean in, running my tongue over your nipples, nipping, licking,’ he watched as Brad’s fingers pinched and pulled his own nipples, harder maybe then Schuldig had intended, but he could see the precum leaking from Brad’s cock, he was so ready.


’I trace down your belly, and engulf your cock in my mouth, sucking, hard, then pushing down to throat you, taking so much of you in my mouth. Both hands baby, your whole length….yes, reach one hand down a little to your sac. Yes I trace my tongue over where your cock meets your balls, I reach down and take one of your balls in my mouth, don’t squeeze, just cup it.’


Brad moaned deeply, his hips thrust upward as his hot hand cupped his balls, surrounding first one, then the other, the sac growing tighter and harder. ‘gods Schuldig! Unh! Damn’ he panted, ‘Schuldig, I’m gonna cum soon, let me cum baby, hurry!’


’yes!’ pump it for me, I suck on you, hard, bobbing my head, swirling my tongue over your slit, my hot mouth running up and down your shaft. Fuck my mouth Brad, yes, baby, I suck you so hard, faster, deeper…..damn! I flip around Brad, and slide down over your length, squeeze tighter baby, I’m straddling you, riding you, yes, you’re so big, you fill me so good baby. Fuck me, please. Brad! Fill me! Brad.’


Schuldig chanted his name, just as he did when Brad took him, ‘harder, deeper, faster Brad faster, tighter’ he watched as Brad jerked harder and harder, faster, his hips thrusting up with his own rhythm,


‘Schuldig Schu! Fuck!’ hehissed, one hand slapped down against the mattress, fisting in the blanket as Brad arched like a bowstring, thrusting his hips up almost completely off the bed. ‘Schuldig!’ his hand came back up to fist around his cock as he started to cum, both hands, squeezing, pumping furiously, ‘Schul..dig, Schu.. ah! He flipped over, thrusting into the mattress for a moment, needing that extra friction, that feel of something pushing back against him. His head turned to one side, he continued to chant Schuldig’s name as he drew the orgasm out.


Finally, his thrusts slowed, tapering off. He eased down, still holding himself, squeezing, lightly pulling. He let go and turned on his side so he could see the computer. ‘Schuldig. That was….that was… damn!’ he panted, ‘I need you still baby. If we don’t’ stop this I am gonna get hard again, and waste all that release.’


He smiled at Schuldig. He slowly rolled completely back over, reaching down the side of the bed for a damp towel there to clean up. (he’d been prepared for this Schuldig thought, the brat) Brad leaned a little closer to the screen. ‘I love you Schuldig’


‘I love you too Brad. Get some sleep. Do well at your meeting tomorrow and I’ll be there at the airport when you get off the plane. Tomorrow you can teach me how to cum silently here in Yohji’s lovely loft with the very thin walls as we listen to Ran try to do the same thing.’


He grinned at Brad. ‘sleep well baby’ he leaned over shutting down the computer. 


The screen went blank and Schuldig lay back, pulling his blanket up around himself. He was semi hard again from watching Brad lose it. He just held himself, as he drifted off to sleep, imagining Brad there with him....


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