Music of My Soul

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Schu stumbled into the darkened hotel room, stopping just inside the doorway. He couldn’t think, not really. He was just so tired.....  Exhausted, depressed, terrified that things were going to stay this way, that Yohji would never be Yohji again....


Brad reached between Schuldig’s back and the wall to press the light switch, raising the lights. As the room brightened,  he gently eased Schuldig forward. “come on Babe. You’re done -in, you need to rest.”  He guided Schu toward the bed,  easing the tote bag from his shoulder. Stopping next to the mattress, he sat the bag down and began to loosen the buttons on Schu’s white dress shirt.

Schu seemed to awaken from his daze and reached up to finish the task. “I’m sorry,” he began, but Brad cut him off immediately, “Stop.” He said as he continued to help divest his love of the wrinkled clothes. “What can you possibly be sorry for? We’re all tired, and worried, but it’s entirely understandable for you and Ran, and probably Jei too, to be affected even more deeply than the rest of us. Now.” He turned Schu to seat him on the mattress and began to remove his own shirt. “you are going to rest, sleep for a few hours, then we’ll get something to eat and go from there.”


“No.” Schu said, as he began to unbuckle Brad’s belt. “First, we are going to shower, THEN we’ll get some sleep. As tired as I am, I really, really need a shower first.” He stood up, dropping Brad’s pants to his ankles, and helping him step out. He smiled softly, “come husband mine, let’s shower.” He turned and led the way to the bathroom off to the side of the room.


As they entered the room, he gasped, then laughed out loud. “Well, guess Ken knew a bit more than he let on huh?” He grinned back over his shoulder at Brad and leered, just a bit. “Change of plan. A rinse, then we soak in this beautiful hot tub, THEN, if we can muster the strength to climb out, we sleep in that wonderful bed. If not, well, we can doze off right here.”


Brad pulled Schu back against his body, relishing the skin to skin contact, nuzzling Schu’s beautiful red-gold hair, and stepped back. “Ok lover, how’s this? You jump in for a rinse off. I’ll start the tub to fill and call and order some room service to be delivered. Then I’ll rinse and join you in the bath. A little honeymoon pampering is in order, and no arguments.” He kissed Schu, briefly, sweetly, and steered Schu to the shower stall.


Schu stopped him before he could step out of the room. “I love you Bradley. More than I can ever ever say.” He leaned into Brad’s embrace, content for the moment to stand there, wrapped in the strong arms. “I’m glad we’re here, for Ran, and Yohji. But, God, the idea, of anything like this happening ... to you, to us.... “ he sighed, deeply, “Just hold me for a minute Brad, hold me tight.” he whispered.


Brad clutched Schu to him tighter. He ran one hand up and down Schu’s back while the other just wrapped tighter around Schu’s waist. “I love you too Schuldig, my husband, my lover.” His voice lowered by the end, and he couldn’t hide his body’s response to the warm skin pressed so close together.  Schu moaned and wrapped his arms tight about Brad’s neck. He leaned back and, looking up Brad’s eyes whispered, “Kiss me Brad”


Brad leaned down, hungry, desperate, and devoured Schu. They lost their footing just  a bit and stumbled into the shower stall to come up against the back wall. Brad brought his arms up to either side of Schu’s head, pressing his hips against Schu’s. “Schuldig,” he moaned. “Wait” he forced himself to pull back, leaning his head down to rest his forehead against Schu’s shoulder.


Schu was wracked by a fierce shudder as he grappled to bring himself under control. “Brad” he whimpered, “Brad, I need you, to feel you, love you.”


“Yes Baby, yes, but wait.” Brad pulled back with effort, standing up to gaze down on that beautiful face, those intense emerald eyes. “Rinse off, I want to make this perfect Let me fill the tub and pamper you. Not a rushed fuck against the wall.” He leaned back to leer at his love, “not that I don’t love to fuck you against the wall,” he leaned down for a quick kiss, “But today, let me romance you.”  


Schu smiled softly at the softly uncertain look on Brad’s face and trailed a hand down one arm. “Ok baby.” He took a deep breath and pushed Brad carefully back. “Go on, fill my bubble bath. And make it hot, with jets, my good man.” He ended with a haughty air, waving one hand languidly, “On with you sir. Hop to it.”

Brad laughed and stepped out of the stall, “your wish is my command my prince” he bowed with a flourish and closed the stall door so Schu could engage the shower. He made his way to the Jacuzzi and opened the faucet. One side of the tub had several candles waiting to be lit. He made short work of that and then searched the curtained area below for the various fragrances. He found a cinnamon solution and dropped a few droplets into the tub. With the jets it wouldn’t take much....


As the warm scent of cinnamon filled the room,  Brad shrugged into the plush robe hanging behind the door and made his way into the main room. He quickly placed an order for room service, keeping it light: a cheese tray, some fruit and bagles with cream cheese. “Please add a rush order, charge whatever it takes, to get it here in say 10 mintues, can  we do that?.... great, thanks.”


He hung up and registered the sound of the shower turning off. Making his way back into the steamy bathroom he was treated to Schuldig’s dripping form framed in the shower doorway as Schu lifted the towel from the bar. Brad leaned against the door frame, arms crossed, and soaked in the view. “mmm, yummy.” He smiled.


Schu used the towel to wring the dripping from his hair, then dropped the towel across his shoulders and made his way across the room to his lover. “Bubble bath, gorgeous, now.”  Grabbing Brad’s belt, he backstepped toward the tub. He dropped the tie as he reached down to turn off the tap, then slid the towel off his shoulders to fall at the side of the tub. He reached over engaging the jets, and stepped down into the hot tub, again pulling on the belt at Brad’s  waist, this time to jerk the tie loose.


Brad reached forward quickly, grasping at the ends of the belt before the robe fell open, and tied it back in place. Schu looked up, confused, as he lowered himself to the bench seat, his eyes slipping closed as the warm water enveloped him. “oh Brad” he breathed, dropping his hands down at his sides, head falling back against the edge of the tub. “C’mon lover, get in here.” He moaned.


Brad knelt down to brush Schu’s hair back from one side of his face, placing a gentle kiss to his temple. “In just a bit my love. The tray will be here in a few moments, then I’ll lock the door and guarantee no interuptions.”


“mmm” Schu breathed again, and Brad gently shook him by the hair. “Stay awake husband mine, I’ll –“ before he could go on, the buzzer sounded from the other room. “There’s the food. Open your eyes beautiful, sit up until I get back....Schu?”


Schuldig sighed and forced himself to sit up straight. “Alright, I’m upright. Hustle your butt back here then.”

The bellhop – a young guy with short black hair and a single earring in his left ear – flushed at Brad's grin and wink when he accepted the food, and excused himself quickly once their transaction was done. Brad chuckled, well – he still had it, it seemed. Now, to give it to his lover....

He helped himself to a quick nibble of cheese and grabbed a handful of grapes and a water bottle before sitting the tray on the bedside table.

There was still nothing from Schuldig – no noise or anything to indicate that he was still alive in there. Better get in there and make sure he was still awake. Brad grinned at the thought and pushed the door open.

What a sight greeted him, Schuldig lay reclining in the tub, his naked body mostly obscured by bubbles. His eyes were closed and his face completely calm as he relaxed in the tub, hair spread out behind him over the edge. Brad began to wonder if maybe he HAD fallen asleep.

Walking softly, Brad stepped closer before kneeling on the bath mat and resting one elbow on the edge of the tub. With his other hand, he reached toward Schu, but didn't get a chance before Schuldig's wet hand was gripping his arm, and he was reminded of how strong Schu actually was.

"I wondered if you were coming back or not," Schuldig said, eyes still closed. His thumb was on Brad's pulse, and Brad was sure that he could feel the quickened heartbeat that way, but the other man didn't comment on it, just pressed his thumb harder onto Brad's wrist, and began to rub gently back and forth.

"Of course lover, there is nowhere I would rather be," Brad replied quietly, as he leaned forward to taste the side of Schu’s neck. His heart began to pound loudly in his chest, and his cock throbbed almost painfully.

Schuldig finally released Brad's arm and opened his eyes. The water sloshed as he sat up, taking the water bottle from Brad’s hand and dropping it to the bath mat next to where Brad was kneeling. Brad hoped he’d remembered to tighten the lid after he’d taken a drink... Then, he wondered why he even cared when there was a naked Schuldig kissing him and pulling him over the edge of the tub.

There were still bubbles in the tub, but they'd dissipated some, and Brad couldn't stop his eyes from taking a peek at Schuldig's body under the water. He bit his lip as he took in the sight – a chiseled muscular chest gave way to well-defined abs and Brad's breath caught in his throat when he saw the prize, nestled amongst dark copper curls - Schuldig's cock. An awake cock, eagerly straining upward,as though begging for his touch. Brad couldn't take his eyes off it, couldn't help thinking what Schu tasted like, what he felt like on his tounge...

Brad took a deep breath and pulled back a bit. Smiling, he trailed his wet hand down the side of Schu’s face, the other hand kept carefully out of the bath water and full of grapes, he brought to Schu’s mouth. “here love, nibble on these.” Brad eased a few grapes into Schu’s mouth before popping the rest into his own to free both hands.

"Looks like you may need some help with that," Brad husked. He licked his lips and offered Schuldig a grin.

Schuldig was breathing slowly, carefully, even as his cock twitched at the thought. "Hm," Schuldig moaned. Then he reached out and tugged at Brad's arm, pulling him so close that their faces were almost touching. "I need you, Bradley. Touch me”

Schuldig made a noise low in his throat – almost like a growl – and the water sloshed in the tub as he pulled Brad even closer, mashing their mouths together in something that was really too rough to be called a kiss. Despite the forcefulness – or perhaps because of it – Brad's entire body hummed with sexual attraction and he braced himself, hands flat on the edge of the tub, as the kiss softened into something more sensual more romantic. Schuldig grip was tight on his shoulder. “I need you Bradley.”

Brad let his mouth fall open to the onslaught of Schuldig's tongue, tasting the peppermint toothpaste he'd used earlier. It was a bit silly to think, but Brad felt like there was some sort of magnet drawing them together, or like their bond was tightening around him, around them.... making it impossible for him to pull back, even if he wanted to.

There was a moan – which he belatedly realized came from his own throat as Schuldig's hand relaxed its grip on his shoulder and the other man pulled back to look at him.

Schu didn’t say anything, just looked at him, but after years of time together, he’d grown more adept at interpreting the thoughts. Instead of waiting for the explicit request, for Schu to ask again, Brad sat back, dropping the robe to the floor.

Schuldig watched him, eyes following as the fabric slid away to reveal lightly tanned, muscular shoulders, a lightly haired chest and defined pectorals, then slid down to take in Brad’s firm abdomen, and strong thighs.

After leaving the robe, Brad stood. Schuldig never took his eyes off Brad as the robe fell away, but he shifted in the tub, the water swirling around his legs as the bubbles all but disappeared completely.

Once he was completely undressed, Brad stood for just a moment longer, taking in the sight of his lover, flush with desire, waiting for him...

That was all the thinking he needed, and Brad climbed into the tub atop Schuldig, water splashing a bit as he lowered himself onto Schuldig's lap. He cupped Schuldig's face in his hands and kissed him, wet and groping, swirling his tongue inside Schuldig's mint-flavored mouth, licking every place his tongue could reach.

It seemed to take a moment, but then Schuldig was reacting, grabbing Brad's shoulders to pull him even closer, tilting his head just right to make the kiss that much deeper. Beneath him, Schuldig writhed against him, the water swirling and sloshing around their legs.

Schu broke off the kiss and tucked his head into Brad's neck, sucking on the vein there and making Brad go crazy from the contact. He rocked against Schuldig, grinding his cock against Schuldig's thigh and making noises that would have been embarrassingly loud if not for the need overwhelming him.

Brad moved one of his hands between their bodies, reaching for Schuldig's hot, hard cock and taking it in his hand, making the first, careful stroke. It had been a while they’d been together, and things had been so .... bad, lately, but it was impossible to forget how good it felt to hold Schuldig in his hand like this.

At the contact, Schuldig hissed and bit Brad's shoulder hard, arching up toward him and gripping Brad's ribs. His fingers were bruising, but Brad didn't care about the pain. “Brad,” Schu moaned, low and long, “Bradley.” His breathless cry went straight to Brad’s cock.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed, and pressed closer to Schuldig, needing to be touching everywhere possible. He kept stroking, and Schuldig was alternately licking and biting his shoulder – not hard, but hard enough to have Brad grinding against him.

“Wait," Brad panted, stopping his motions for a moment. He waited for Schuldig to pull back and meet his eyes before he continued. "I have to taste you," he said, and gave a pointed glance down to Schu’s swollen cock. Then he looked back up at Schuldig with a slow smile, and pulled back to lower himself into the water.

Schu’s head fell back against the tub as Brad took him into his mouth. The warmth of Brad’s mouth overwhelming the heat of the bath. And the suction.... “Brad” Schu cried, arching up into that tightness. His fingers entwined into Brad’s hair and Brad moaned, scraping Schu with his teeth on the next pull.

“Brad” Schu panted, “Brad  ley” He rocked his hips, grip tightening in Brad’s hair, “Ah...” Schu dropped his hands to Brad’s shoulder, “Fuck!” he hissed, “I’m.... Brad, I’m...” 

Underneath the water, recognizing the signs as his lover’s body tightened, Brad pulled back, letting Schu fall from his lips. “Brad” Schu groaned as the water swirled around his aching cock. Brad kept his hand tight around the base, the fingers of the other hand twirling Schu’s sac gently, “Not yet lover” He rasped, “together. Touch me Schu, please....”

Schu reached down blindly until he felt that velvet hardness and took Brad into his hand. “Yes Brad” he panted, “So hard, so hot, so big.... you’re so perfect.” He moaned as he began to pull on Brad’s cock, “cum for me brad – here, now, in my hand, then.... again, lover, inside me....”

Then the bathroom was full of echoing wordless groans and moans as they slid together – hands and cocks and mouths and the bath water swirling around them, spilling out over the side of the tub. Schuldig was – as always – skilled with his hands, and his motions quickly reduced Brad to a babbling mess. The only recognizable words from Brad's mouth were "fuck, fuck, oh fuck yes," then quickly “Oh god Schuldig yes, love you love you love you, Schuldig .....please!”

"Yes Brad.... Ah!  Bradley, a little harder," Schuldig urged against his neck, and adjusted his own motions on Brad as an example. Brad followed suit, gripping Schu tightly, pulling hard and fast, then he found it hard to focus when Schuldig took control suddenly, as he brought the second hand lower and pushed his finger barely inside Brad, and crooked it twisting, pulling against Brad’s pucker, thumb pressing between balls and hole. Control, when Schu was touching him like that, was impossible. His whole body was on edge as he came closer to falling over that precipice.

Then Schuldig bit his ear with a hiss, “Cum for me Brad, now!” and it was over – Brad came, spilling into the bathwater, body taut, frozen. For a moment he had to close his eyes to gain his faculties back before he continued his motions on Schuldig's cock, as he felt Schu swell in his hand, pumping faster, faster, squeezing tight, bringing Schu over his own edge into orgasm shortly after.

They remained in the tub for a moment, both of them spent. Brad sat back, pulling the stopper from the drain, and dragging Schu into his lap. Even as hard as he’d climaxed, he was still half hard. “It’s been so long Babe.” He moaned, plundering Schu’s mouth, “I love you Schu, I need you, I needed this....” He wrapped his arms tight around Schulding and sighed.

“we both did Brad, I need you too, just as much” Schu whispered, them reached between them to bring Brad back to full hardness. “I need you inside me husband mine, fill me, fuck me.” He drizzled bath oil down over Brad’s cock and raised himself up on the bench, legs on either side of Brad’s thighs. “Don’t you want to take it to the bed?” Brad asked.

“No, I want you right here, right now. I can’t wait any more. I need Take me Brad, now” Schu pressed his face into Brad’s neck, body hitchin with a barely controlled sob. “I need to feel you Brad, to know... you’re with me, here.”

“I;m here Schuldig. I’m not going anywhere lover, it’s going to be alright... I promise.” Schu felt Brad's hands gripping him securely but gently around the waist and they were holding him up slightly so he was hovering over his cock. “We didn’t prep you Schu, go slow....careful”

Brad and Schuldig' eyes met in a smoldering gaze and Schuldig nodded to let him know he was ready. Then, he was being slowly, so slowly, lowered down onto Brad’s shaft. Schuldig suddenly felt his breath stolen away as he stretched hard to accommodate Brad, rocking gently. He couldn't ever get over how thick Brad was! “So good, Brad, you fill me so good” me moaned, mouth agape as he settled against Brad, his cock buried all the way inside him.

"I know you like that." Brad moaned, holding onto Schuldig' hips and shifting his hips beneath him.

Schuldig nodded rapidly and looked at Brad longingly. “So deep, so big.... Ah!” he rocked, "Let me ride you, take my mind off everything except you, filling me." he sighed, leaning in to capture Brad' lips in a smoldering kiss.

As a moan slid from Brad' lips, Schuldig raised himself up so only the head of Brad' cock remained inside him. Lowered himself, achingly slow, then again. The third time, he paused briefly where he was, just at the edge, feeling Brad’s cock pulsing against that ring of muscle. Locking eyes with Brad, he pulled back, gripping Brad’s shoulders tight, he slammed himself back down, water sloshing over the edge of the slowly draining tub.

Brad’s eyes flew wide, his head falling back. A deep groan of pleasure erupted from them both. Schuldig quickly regained his composure and he began to ride Brad, slow at first, it had been too long since Brad’s big cock was inside him, and he’d been so tense, so worried....but then his thrusts grew faster.

The escalating groans coming from Brad turned him on even more. He could tell Brad was close again, and reaching back behind him, Schuldig grabbed a handful of Brad's thick, wet hair and yanked his head back and leaned forward so their faces were a breath apart. Brad let out a grunt of surprise and pleasure at the sudden animalistic motion.

"Cum for me, Bradley, again." Schuldig groaned, squeezing his muscles hard around Brad as he rode him.

Gasping in pleasure, Brad lurched forward and captured Schuldig' lips in a deep, passionate kiss. At the same time, he grabbed ahold of Schuldig' wrists and held them securely to restrict his movement slightly.

"Are you close, Schuldig?" Brad gasped into their heated kiss, thrusting up into the redhead as hard as he could.

"Ugh, yes! I'm close!" Schuldig moaned, feeling light-headed from the intense pleasure.

"Do you want me to cum inside you?" Brad moaned deliciously.

The whimper that left Schuldig' lips answered his question perfectly. Angling his hips slightly, Brad thrust hard up into Schuldig' tight hole, hitting his sweet spot perfectly. Schuldig cried out and threw his head back in ecstasy. He was so close, he could almost taste it. Brad dropped one hand taking his cock into a vise grip, pumping to match each upward thrust. Finally, he felt the building sensation in the pit of his stomach explode into the fires of orgasm.

He and Brad both cried out as Schu came, his muscles clamping down so hard Brad froze...... he gripped Schuldig' hips hard and with one powerful thrust buried himself up, deep inside his love as he exploded; there would surely be bruises there tomorrow, but they didn't care.

As they rode out the last waves of their orgasm, Schuldig collapsed into Brad' arms, gasping hard. Also gasping, Brad reached up to tenderly stroke Schuldig' wet hair as the redhead rested his head on his shoulder.

"That was so good." Brad whispered into Schuldig' ear. “perfect”

“mmm, yeah” Schu sighed, boneless now, completely spent, eyes rolling back.

Brad chuckled, then gently rinsed them with the last of the bath water, and climbed out, lifting his exhausted lover into his arms. Schu was barely awake, the last few days’ toll finally claiming him. Brad draped his robe over Schu to avoid chill, and carried him to the bed.

He eased Schu down under the comforter, and climbed in behind, to hold Schu tight against his chest, legs entwined. “Sleep now lover. Phone’s on, and we’ll go back as soon as you wake and eat, but for now, rest. I’m here.”

Schu sighed gently, asleep before he could voice a reply. Brad gently stroked back that beautiful copper mane, finally allowing himself to slide into oblivion after his exhausted mate.



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