Music of My Soul

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Jei made his way down the hall, balancing the tray he carried. As he approached Yohji’s room, he couldn’t help but grin. Ken’s dismayed voice rose over Yohji’s satisfied cry, “Again? How did you get me again?” Just as Jei entered the room, Ken tossed his cards on the side table in disgust and stood with a growl. “Shh Ken,” Jei scolded. “The nurses are gonna comein here again and get on you. You gotta tone it down Tiger.”


Ken whirled, started to give Jei the rundown, finger raised, and caught himself instead. In a clam quiet voice he said, “do NOT paly Gin with this guy. He’s charmed or something, I swear.” He grinned at Yohji and shook his head. “you buy my coffee lover?” he stepped forward and relieved Jei of the tray.


Jei leaned forward as Ken’s hands were full of the tray and stole a quick kiss. “Mmm, yah, cinnamon coffee  for you, in the red sleeve. “ he reached and lifted the other two off the tray. Turnign toward the bed, he held out one with a green sleeve, “your doctor approves apple tea for you.” he handed off the cup to Yohji and sat into Ken’s vacated chair. Ken perched onhis left knee and nuzzled his neck.


“so Yohji,” Jei began as he sat his cup own on the table. “How you doing, aside from killing my boy here?” he grinned at Ken’s groan.


Yohji sighed, “I’m fine I guess. Frustrated a bit. Supposed to meet the outpatient therapy people today, figure out a visit schedule and stuff. “ Yohji heaved himself into a more comfortable position. “Brad and Schu are gone, Brad texted from the ship, just before cast off.” Yohji frowned a bit. “I’m glad he convinced Schu to go, really, since Schu said Brad’s job here is a recent development. Don’t want them to miss on the honeymoon just cuz I don’t remember the wedding, him?” he gave a little self-depreciating laugh and sipped his tea.


“I know it  sucks Yohji, but yah, I’m glad they’re going too. Schu was really excited when they planned the cruise. And now that he knows you’re going to be okay, he can enjoy this with Brad.” Jei tilted his head, and caressed Ken’s back as he leaned forward a bit. Ran was supposed to be here, with Yohji, while the discharge details were worked out. They’d discussed this part, in detail. Jei forced himself to ask. “Yohji...” he waited until Yohji made eye contact. “Yohji. Where’s Ran?”


Ken stiffened a bit at the question,  confirming Jei’s thought that something was definitely off. He squeezed Ken’s waist in acknowledgement that he’d noticed, but kept his gaze on Yohji.


Yohji huffed, “he took his sister somewhere. The blonde” Yohji stopped s second, “Yuushi, dammit!” he took a deep breath, “Yuushi left earlier with Omi, said something about meeting photographers. She said something about the gallery, a meeting..... Guess he’s dropping her there, then.... well I guess then he’s coming back.”



Jei nodded, prodded Ken off his lap and stood, stretched. “So,Yohji. Still some gaps hmm?” Yohji glared at Jei, “You could say that.” He huffed and crossed his arms, as Jei strode over to look out the window. “I get.... flashes, patches. Schu told me some stuff.... last night. I don’t remember most of it. I remember,” he swallowed, “Jason, actually, all of that... and.... my parents, the vette” his voice trailed off to a whisper and Jei returned to his side.


“we’re here Yohji, your brothers. We’re not going anywhere, regardless of what you remember. All of it, or not a damn thing more.Of course, we want you to remember everything, if only to see that wrinkle of worried confusion gone from your eyes, but, really, it doesn’t matter to us as much as you might worry.”


Yohji looked up, “I get some flashes, but some big holes are there too, and it’s damn irritating. I see Yuushi playing, onstage, and it looks right. But I don’t hear it, ya know? And I don’t remember actually meeting him, or .... you know, knowing him.”


“And Ran, Yohji?” Jei asked, “do you remember anything about him at all?”


“Paint” Yohji whispered, “I smell paint,.... and strawberries, and...... fuel, oil?” Suddenly Yohji looked up, a flash of anger in his eyes “Dammit!  Since that first night when I woke and met him, I’ve got nothing! Nothing else! And I KNOW I’m supposed to, and I SHOULD. But I DON’T! And I don’t know why! It’s just gone, ok!, I’m sick of everyone asking me all the time. FUCK! IF I could just fix it I would, right? Shit!”


Yohji sat back, arms crossed as Jei stood rigid, a bit surprised at the sudden outburst. Ken reached from behind and squeezed his shoulder. Jei turned to look back, catching the “we need to talk” look in Ken’s eye and throwing up both hands turned back to Yohji. “Ok Yohji. That’s at least an honest response. Anger, frustration, are completely normal. I’m sorry. I wont ask you again, and I’ll make sure –without beign obvious –“he rushed to assure at Yohji’s horrified gaze “I’ll make sure without giving this away, that the others back off. Ran’s right” he grinned a wry grin at Yohji’s wide eyes “He’s been telling us to leave you alone. I guess we all just wanted so much for it to just work out, we pushed. And I told Ran we wouldn’t. I’m sorry.”


Jei held Yohji’s gaze a bit until the tension in Yohji’s shoulders eased noticeable, then said, “Look, let’s just keep ourselves to what’s happened since you woke, k? You still obviously know how to kill at Gin, let’s deal a hand, huh?”


Yohji breathed then ducked his head, a sheepish look on his face. “It’s just.... I’m sorry. It’s frustrating to know it’s there, that there is something so important that should be like breathing, and I cant remember it. And the guys is just so intense, ya know? The way he looks at me, even without saying anything, just.... intense.”


Jei chuckled and Yohji relaxed even more. “Yeah. That I do know. Intense is a very good word for Ran.” He turned to Ken, “So he took Aya to the gallery? He’s coming back?”


Ken nodded, “Yeah. He wants to be here when Dr. Brice stops by this afternoon. The doc said depending on the PT evaluation, he may let Yohji out in the morning as planned, or may wait one more day. Ran wants to know the plan. You know how he is, gotta know the mission – tomorrow, or another day? How many dinners? Light the candles tonight or tomorrow?....” he grinned, “intense, right?”


Jei snorted, “well. He’ll be back anyway. So, for now... let me remind you who taught you to play Gin, hmm?” Yohji grinned and sat up straighter....


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