Breaking Time

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"Let's start with your name, dearie," Recovery Girl says as she produces a clipboard and an empty form for her to record Tōya's information on.

"Todoroki Tōya." Tōya lays his coat down across the end of the first bed then lets his gaze stray towards Izuku. "Born January 18th. Twenty years old. Male." He turns around to face Recovery Girl as he emotionlessly rattles off his information like he's done this before.

"Okay, please remove your shoes and step on this scale over here so I can get your height and weight," Recovery Girl instructs and motions to the scale with her pen.

Tōya toes off his boots, nudging them under the end of the bed, then pads across the floor and steps onto the scale. He stands up straight, centering his weight so that it reads correctly, and stares ahead at the wall while Recovery Girl fiddles with the sliding weights on the beam until the arrow is completely level.

"Approximately 87 kilograms." Recovery Girl slides the weights back to the left then starts adjusting the height rod.

"176 centimeters," Tōya intones blandly before Recovery Girl can get the height rod up high enough that she has to use the stool next to the scale.

"Let me do my job, dearie," Recovery Girl says firmly as she finishes adjusting the height rod then she climbs onto the stool to fiddle with it one more time. "176 centimeters on the nose, now go ahead and step off."

Tōya huffs in exasperation and steps off of the scale, his gaze flicking back towards Izuku who is now sitting on the bed beside his coat. "My hair color is white, originally red, and my eye color is turquoise," he says before Recovery Girl can ask and Izuku covers his mouth to stifle a laugh.

"Any allergies?"

"No, and the answer will be no to all of those medical conditions you have listed on that paper too." Tōya redirects his gaze back to Recovery Girl, a severe frown on her face as she marks down his answers on the sheet. "Anything else?"

"I need to see the extent of your scars and photograph them," Recovery Girl informs him as she lowers the clipboard.

Tōya arches a brow at the need for his scars to be photographed but he removes his tank top and tosses it at the bed. He waits as Recovery Girl walks around him, the sound of pen on paper unusually loud, and lets his attention drift back to Izuku.

"Evidence for an abuse report," Izuku signs to him when Recovery Girl's back is to him.

"I figured as much," Tōya signs back as soon as Recovery Girl goes to her desk to procure the camera. "You're up next, Izu."

"Don't remind me." Izuku scowls at him, half-heartedly of course, then drops his hands as Recovery Girl returns with the camera.

"This will only take a moment," Recovery Girl informs him, none the wiser to their exchange, and it does indeed take a moment for her to get the pictures she needs. "You may go lie down now."

Tōya pads back over to the bed and sits down beside Izuku, his mouth curling into a small smile as he watches Izuku from his peripheral. "Your turn, Izu," he says, voice low.

Izuku grimaces before he slips off of the bed and removes his shoes before Recovery Girl can say anything to him. It's clear that he doesn't really want to go through with the examination but he trudged his way over to where Recovery Girl is standing with a fresh empty sheet waiting for him.

Tōya listens intently as Izuku answers all of the questions in a neutral tone, and then comes the part he's interested in the most. The extent of the bullying that Izuku has suffered at the hands of Bakugō Katsuki. He makes a mental note of the locations of each scar left behind by Bakugō's Quirk, his hands twitching slightly with the itch to flame up every time a new one is revealed.

By the time Recovery Girl finishes documenting Izuku's scars Tōya has thirty-three more reasons as to why he should go hunt Bakugō down but the look that Izuku gives him snuffs out any immediate urges. Tōya has a promise to keep after all and he is damn well going to keep it.

"Hey." Tōya blinks and finds Izuku standing in front of him. A quick survey of the room finds Recovery Girl at her desk, no doubt writing up abuse reports with all that she's acquired, so he scoots fully onto the bed and lays down on his side.

"C'mere." Tōya pats the space next to him, which is all the prompting that Izuku needs to climb into the bed with him.

"Look, I know that what Katsuki did isn't right but it really isn't his fault because everyone always told him that he has the makings to be a great hero and didn't see fit to correct him when he was doing something wrong." Izuku's words come out just above a whisper and they hit close enough to home that Tōya doesn't know what to say at first.

The whole truth is a good place to start. Tōya frowns as he considers it and the potential consequences. Izuku might hate me. But it's what he deserves for not being entirely honest. "Izuku, I need to tell you what really happened with me and my family."

"I already know what really happened, Tōya." Tōya stares at Izuku in shock because, wow, he really didn't expect that Izuku already knew. "Shōto told me after you first joined up with us."


"What Enji did to you is abuse, Tōya. He exploited you emotionally to get what he wanted from you, which was for you to push yourself to the point of self-harm, and then he abandoned you in favor of Shōto who—to him—has the ideal Quirk for surpassing All Might." Tōya squeezes his eyes shut because it hurts so damn much to hear it, let alone remember it, and his body trembles slightly.

"All I wanted was for him to see me again, to say that I could become a hero and surpass All Might as he had always told me before Shōto was born." But that had all stopped when Shōto had been born, and oh how Tōya had hated Shōto for it. "I tried to kill him…"

"But you didn't," Izuku says gently, the weight of his hand coming to rest on Tōya's cheek. "And it's not your fault."

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