Breaking Time

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Izuku sighs in relief once the door to the Midoriya apartment closes behind them then looks at Tōya. "Sorry about my mom. She tends to be a bit of a worrier when it comes to me." He ducks his head slightly as Tōya ruffles his hair with a fond smile.

"It's fine, Izu. I'm glad that you have a parent who is able to care for you as much as your mother does." There's a weight to Tōya's words that has Izuku looking back up at him and he sees a hint of sadness in the man's eyes.

"We'll go see your mom as soon as we're done with this, uh, meeting," Izuku says softly, his gaze flicking to Detective Tsukauchi to gauge his reaction. The Detective seems more preoccupied with what's going on down on the sidewalk below and Izuku can only guess that it's because Todoroki Enji is putting up a fuss still. "Looks like we might not be able to avoid Endeavor though."

"It'll be fine if we can't avoid him," Tōya murmurs as he withdraws his hand from Izuku's hair.

Izuku catches his hand and gives it a squeeze, his mouth curling into a smile as Tōya returns it. "I'll give him a piece of my mind if I have to, Tōya."

"I'm not sure his fragile ego could handle what you have to say." There's a glimmer of amusement in Tōya's expression that makes Izuku feel better about a possible confrontation with Endeavor, which seems more and more inevitable at this rate.

"I'm sorry that we can't do more," Detective Tsukauchi says as he turns to them, looking apologetic.

"It's fine, Detective Tsukauchi, I know how to handle Endeavor," Izuku says with as innocent an expression he can muster, drawing a low, raspy chuckle from Tōya.

"Let him handle the bastard," Tōya cuts in before Tsukauchi can argue against letting Izuku deal with Endeavor, no doubt because Izuku is a minor. He doesn't know if the Detective knows that Izuku is Quirkless but that is neither here nor there.

"This is completely irresponsible," Tsukauchi protests as he looks from Izuku to Tōya. "I can't condone this."

"Well I don't condone the Quirk Marriage that Todoroki Enji forced Tōya's mom into, nor the abuse that he put Tōya through and is currently putting Shōto through under the guise of training," Izuku says sweetly, an innocent smile still in place, and Detective Tsukauchi goes ramrod straight.

"Is that true?" The Detective looks at Tōya to verify the accusations, his expression serious.

"Not only is it true, that man emotionally abused my mother to the point that she poured boiling water on my baby brother's face when he was seven years old and he subsequently had her hospitalized." Tōya's voice is deceptively calm as he speaks but his hand is trembling in Izuku's and the temperature around them is growing warmer. "And these scars are a result of him forcing me to overexert my Quirk when he knew that my body is ill-suited for it, all for the sake of surpassing All Might."

Tsukauchi's expression darkens considerably as he listens to Tōya, no doubt because his Quirk is confirming that Tōya is telling the truth, and then he looks back down at Endeavor on the sidewalk below. "Why wasn't this brought to light sooner?"

"Because he's the number two ranked hero," Izuku answers coldly and he squeezes Tōya's hand again to ground him. "And he has more than enough money to throw at his problems."

"The Hero Public Safety Commission-"

"Would only help to cover all of it up," Tōya bites out sharply, his free hand clenching into a tight fist. Tiny blue flames spark across his shoulders and in his hair for a few seconds before he takes a deep breath to force himself to calm down.

Tsukauchi looks like he's swallowed something particularly sour when he turns back to them and for a moment he doesn't say anything.

"We will talk about this later with everyone," Izuku reminds them and Tsukauchi dips his head slightly in acknowledgment. He gives Tōya's hand one final squeeze before he lets go and leads them down the stairs where Endeavor is still trying to bully information out of Midnight and Sansa.

Midnight looks like she's at the end of her ropes with the number two ranked hero while Sansa, the poor guy, is still attempting to be polite while telling Endeavor that everything is under control and that he should leave. Endeavor's gaze flashes in their direction as they exit the stairwell and he tries to move past the pair.

"Let him through," Tōya calls out from behind Izuku, startling Midnight and Sansa enough that Endeavor shoves his way through them.

"Tōya, is that-"

"Don't you fucking dare say his name," Izuku snarls out and all eyes are immediately on him. Endeavor looks taken aback at first and then angry but Izuku is beyond caring as he continues. "You don't have the right to say his name after what you did to him! Child abuse under the guise of training, just like you're doing to Shōto now! And for what?! So you can say that you've surpassed All Might?! You're supposed to be their father! A father doesn't force their child to use their Quirk until it fucking harms them! A father doesn't push his children until they hate him so much that they'd consider becoming a villain out of fucking spite or they refuse to use half of their Quirk because they believe using it will turn them into a monster like you!"

Izuku glares up at Endeavor as he finishes his rant and the silence following it is almost palpable. At least until Tōya breaks it by slowly clapping. "I couldn't have said it any better, Izu," he praises as he comes to stand by Izuku. "A monster is precisely what you are, Enji, and monsters like you should be in prison."

Endeavor's anger is gone now, having vanished at some point during Izuku's rant, and he looks from Izuku to Tōya. "I-"

"No! I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth unless it is to divorce my mother and cede custody of Natsuo and Shōto to her," Tōya growls out, interrupting whatever it is that Endeavor wants to say. "We're done here, Detective."

"Of course, right this way," Tsukauchi says and leads them over to the patrol car. "I've got something to take care of with these two first so I'll see you back at the precinct later, Sansa. Midnight, thank you for your help. I'm sorry it was a waste of your time."

"It's no big deal, Detective! I'm just glad that those two are on the right path! Such commitment!" Midnight gives them a wave and a smile before she turns to leave, giving Endeavor a wide berth and a look of disgust as she walks around him.

Endeavor doesn't seem to notice because he's watching Tōya as he climbs into the back seat of Tsukauchi's patrol car. Izuku sends Endeavor another glare before he joins Tōya, who immediately grabs hold of his hand and laces their fingers together.

"I could kiss you right now, Izuku," Tōya whispers with a squeeze to Izuku's hand.

"What happened to waiting?" Izuku asks as he leans into Tōya's side.

"I'm still going to wait," Tōya huffs at him then raises the back of Izuku's hand to his mouth. He presses a kiss to it, letting his lips linger on Izuku's skin for a few seconds before he lowers their hands.

Izuku wants to roll his eyes but he settles for smiling instead. Up in the driver's seat, Tsukauchi adjusts the rearview mirror before he buckles himself in and starts the car.

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