Breaking Time

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Todoroki Rei is prettier in person, Izuku decides, even though she's currently crying, and Izuku wishes that the circumstances for meeting the mother of his boyfriends are different. That he's currently not in a romantic relationship with either of them (one of which doesn't even remember anymore) is neither here nor there, and he can refer to them however he damn well pleases. Still, telling Rei to give Tōya some space hadn't been how he had wanted to start things off, and Fuyumi is looking at him weirdly.

"Are you okay?" Rei manages to get out and she wrings her hands together as she watches Tōya anxiously.

"Honestly? No, I'm not okay. That's the second panic attack I've had today, and I'm pretty sure I have PTSD as well as separation anxiety, but hey, I didn't burst into flames this time." Rei flinches with each thing that Tōya lists but her absolute worst reaction is to his almost off-handed comment of bursting into flames. Her face goes deathly pale and Tōya immediately curses under his breath.

"I was able to calm Tōya down fast enough that he didn't get burned by his Quirk the first time!" Izuku says hastily, which honestly doesn't help any. It only makes Fuyumi give him a look that is filled with suspicion while Rei blinks and seems to actually see him now. "Um, hi? I'm Midoriya Izuku and I have experience with panic attacks?"

"How old are you, Midoriya-san?" Fuyumi's question comes out sharply and Izuku does his best to not flinch.

"Before I tell you-"

"He's twelve and it's not what you're thinking, Fuyumi," Tōya interrupts, his voice as sharp as Fuyumi's, and his grip on Izuku's hand tightens. "And even if it is, it's none of your business."

"None of my-he's twelve, Tōya! That's-"

"I would never-"

"Both of you stop! We're here to visit Rei-san, not argue over our relationship!" Izuku doesn't want to yell but it's what makes Tōya and Fuyumi stop, and why are they doing this in the middle of the hallway? They should have gone to Rei's room as soon as Tōya could stand again, or somewhere other than the very public hallway. "So let's please just focus on visiting your mom, preferably in her room and not out here where prying eyes and ears are all over."

"I agree," Rei says after a beat, and she's regained a bit of color and composure. She wipes her face dry with her sleeve then takes Fuyumi by the arm and leads all of them back to her room. Rei goes straight for the chair by the window once they reach the room and takes a seat in it. "Please, sit and introduce yourself."

Izuku looks from Rei to Fuyumi and then finally to Tōya before he lets go of Tōya's hand to take the seat adjacent to Rei's. "Hello, Todoroki-san, my name is Midoriya Izuku and I am a friend of Tōya's."

"Please call me Rei like you did out in the hallway, Izuku-san," Rei says immediately, her voice kind and warm. "And tell me, how did you meet my Tōya?"

"Oh, uh, okay, Rei-san, we officially met about a year ago," Izuku says, which isn't a lie per se. "I was being bullied and he helped me out." And this one is a mix of lie and truth but Rei seems to buy it. Hopefully, she buys it. "He looked physically older then-" Not a lie. "-but was recently affected by a Quirk that reversed his physical age." Again, not a lie.

"Huh, I thought he looked younger than he should be," Fuyumi mutters mostly to herself, and Tōya shifts a little uncomfortably from foot to foot. "And his clothes do look a little too big for him."

"The Quirk only affected him, not what he was wearing," Izuku explains with a slight grimace. They should have gotten Tōya some better fitting clothes but it wasn't something none of them had thought about, and there won't be time to get him anything to wear before school starts tomorrow. Unless Nedzu already saw to it? "But it was decided that since the effect of the Quirk is not reversible that Tōya would attend school with me."

"I see." Rei smiles and looks from Izuku to Tōya, her expression growing fond and wistful. "I'm glad, and so very happy to see you doing so well, Tōya." And her eyes glisten as tears start to well up. "And I'm so very sorry that I didn't see you sooner. I should have noticed how much you were hurting and I-"

"I was wrong! About grandma, about you, and I shouldn't have said what I did!" Tōya trembles where he stands and bows his head while he clenches his hands into fists at his sides. "I shouldn't have gone up to Sekoto Peak by myself because if I hadn't…then maybe things would have been different and I wouldn't have-"

"You wouldn't have met me," Izuku says firmly before Tōya can say something that he won't be able to take back. "I don't think I could have made it through the last year without your help, Tōya, because you being there made a difference then and you're making one now."

"Izuku-san is right, and despite how much it had hurt to think that you had died I am glad that you were able to be there for your friend when he needed you the most. All that matters is that you're here now, Tōya." Rei gives the both of them a tearful smile and then she stands up from her chair to make her way over to Tōya. "And you can still become a hero if that's what you really want."

Tōya trembles again before he suddenly closes the gap between himself and Rei to wrap his arms around her. She returns the hug, a hand raised to rest in his hair and sways with him in her hold as he cries.

Izuku is both happy for them and torn by wanting to give them some form of privacy, so he looks to Fuyumi who is watching them with tears in her eyes and a hand over her mouth. She also ends up looking away after a moment, her focus shifting to Izuku, and she gives him a look full of guilt. "Sorry we had to meet like this, Fuyumi-san."

"No, it's-I'm sorry for assuming that Tōya would, you know." Fuyumi winces and looks even more guilty at the thought of implying that Tōya would get himself romantically involved with a twelve-year-old.

"A lot of people have been assuming that, my own mom included, but we're waiting until I'm sixteen to… Uh, yanno, forget I just said that." Izuku winces as Fuyumi's guilt shifts into something akin to, well, not quite disgust. Anger, maybe? "He insisted that we wait!"

"But he is eight years older than you," Fuyumi tries to argue and she starts to turn back to Rei and Tōya.

"Seven and a half, actually, but we don't care about that, and it really isn't your business who he is interested in romantically, nor should you judge him for it just because there is an age gap. The only thing that matters is legality and he is not doing anything illegal by waiting until I'm sixteen." Izuku gives her a pointed glare, his ire up, then winces when a hand drops onto his shoulder.

"Thought we weren't gonna argue with anyone about our relationship, Izu," Tōya practically breathes into Izuku's ear.

"Well, in my defense, it keeps coming up," Izuku grumbles and he gives Tōya a sour look.

"And what anyone else thinks doesn't matter," Tōya reminds him with a faint smile.

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