Breaking Time

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"What's going on is that I'm Quirkless and everyone in this school, from the students to the staff, thinks that it's okay to bully me because of it," Izuku explains bitterly and Fuyumi covers her mouth as she gives him a horrified look. "And it has been like this since I was four."

"T-that's…" Fuyumi trails off and she lowers her hand, her expression becoming stricken as she looks between Izuku and Tōya. "Is this why you had your age reversed? So you could keep Izuku from getting bullied?"

"I didn't think you were listening when I told mom that I chose this," Tōya says with a slight frown. "But, yeah, I'm doing this to protect Izuku."

"That's very sweet of you, Tōya-nii," Fuyumi half-gushes with a smile but after a few seconds, her expression hardens. "But you can't murder someone just because they're bullying your boyfriend. Instead, you ruin their careers and futures."

Izuku sighs softly and pinches at the bridge of his nose for a few seconds before he decides to address Fuyumi. "Tōya isn't going to murder anyone." At least not right away, and at least not anyone who doesn't deserve it. "And Nedzu has something planned for the staff here anyways."

"Why does the Principal of U.A. care about what goes on here?" Fuyumi arches a brow inquisitively as she looks between the two of them again.

"That's something you don't need to concern yourself with, Todoroki-san," Shōta says from the doorway of the Faculty Office and he scowls as he looks over to Tōya and Izuku. "And you problem children are late to class."

Izuku looks from Fuyumi to Shōta and grimaces slightly then tugs on Tōya's hand to get him to follow. "Our class is this way."

"C'mon, Shōto," Tōya calls out as he lets Izuku tug him along while Fuyumi starts to sputter indignantly, her face flushing red with anger at being told that she doesn't need to be concerned with this.

Shōto blinks owlishly as his name is called and then he looks at Fuyumi for a second before he follows after Tōya and Izuku. Once they get far enough away from Fuyumi and Shōta, by at least a couple of hallways, he says, "It's strange."

Izuku frowns slightly as he looks at Shōto trailing behind them over his shoulder, his brows knitting together. "What's strange?" The question comes out tentatively, and Shōto seems to consider it for a moment.

"I just…this feels off," Shōto says slowly, his mouth twisting into a frown. "Like this shouldn't be happening."

Izuku comes to a stop with Tōya and they both look at each other before they face Shōto. "What do you mean?" he asks softly as he studies Shōto's face.

"I shouldn't be here, I'm not supposed to meet you yet, not until…" Shōto trails off and then grabs his head, his expression becoming pained. He starts to double over but Izuku and Tōya both move and grab hold of him only for him to shrug them off. He staggers back a step, still holding his head, and then there's a brief flash of golden light.

It shouldn't be possible. Mei had only made the one device. Eri had come with them, meaning that no one else should be able to join them in the past, and yet…

"Shōto?" Izuku's voice is just barely above a whisper, a fragile note of hope taking the shape of Shōto's name in the form of a question.

Shōto stiffens slightly at the sound of Izuku's voice then slowly lowers his hands and stares at him. "Izuku?"

"Holy shit," Tōya says faintly in disbelief while Izuku throws himself at Shōto and nearly knocks him over.

Shōto manages to keep his footing as he wraps his arms around Izuku and he returns the fierce hug that Izuku gives him. "It's good to see you too, Izuku," he murmurs, his voice full of warmth and affection.

"How?" It's just one word, the only thing that he can get out at the moment because he currently can't remember all of what he wants to ask, and he pulls back a little to look Shōto in the eyes.

"Mei tossed something at me before I could even join the fight against All for One and then the next thing I know I'm standing here and you said my name." Shōto's answer comes out softly, and Izuku frowns slightly in response.

"Of course Mei's crazy enough to make another Rewinder but that doesn't explain how it worked for you," Izuku half-mutters to himself and he loosens the hold he has on Shōto. He doesn't pull away, not entirely, but he turns to look at Tōya. "Because Eri came back with us."

"I honestly don't care how it worked, I'm just glad that it did because having Shōto remember too will make things easier for us," Tōya says with a nod towards Shōto, and Shōto finally looks towards him and blinks.

"Niisan? Is that you?" Shōto asks a little tentatively, and he lets go of Izuku to approach Tōya.

"Yes, it's me, otōto," Tōya responds with a fair bit of amusement and Shōto closes the gap between them to give Tōya a hug. "As happy as I am for all of us right now, we're already late to class."

"Class?" Shōto blinks as he pulls back from Tōya then looks from him to Izuku and notices that they're wearing school uniforms. "Where?"

Izuku comes between them and grabs both of them by the hand to start leading them in the direction of the classroom again. "Yes, class. You and Tōya have been enrolled into Aldera Junior High with me."

"Okay… So how far back did we get sent? And why do you look like you're our age, niisan?" Shōto asks as he keeps pace with them.

"We can explain everything to you after school, otōto," Tōya answers in a low voice. "I'm sure Fuyumi wouldn't mind it if you hung out with us."

"I'm sure Fuyumi wouldn't mind it either but I'm pretty sure that Endeavor will," Shōto says in a soft voice right as they come to a halt outside of a door with a sign above it that reads 1-A. "Which begs the question of how you even got me enrolled here in the first place."

"We will explain it all after school, Shōto," Izuku reiterates as he lets go of their hands to reach for the door to open it. He pauses with his hand just shy of the handle and looks at both of them over his shoulder. "Remember that-"

"Bakugō gets one warning before I tear into him for bullying you," Tōya grumbles with a fair bit of exasperation to his voice.

"Well, I was going to say try to remain calm no matter what happens today but that seems like an impossible request when you already want to murder everyone for bullying me, Tōya." Izuku gives Tōya a flat look while Tōya merely arches a brow at him in return.

"To be fair, saiai, I only intended to murder the adults," Tōya retorts in a hushed tone. "But I like Fuyumi's suggestion of ruining their careers more, which keeps me from getting labeled as a villain again."

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