Breaking Time

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The food is good, or maybe it's because Tōya had realized he was hungry halfway through his interview with Tsukauchi, and he'll have to thank Eraserhead—Aizawa-sensei? Shōta?—when he returns with Present Mic. Tōya absentmindedly hums to himself as he watches Izuku clean up Eri's face and All Might—Toshinori?—helps Tōya clear off the table, and his mind wanders to Izuku's retelling of his and Eri's time spent in the break room. It will do Izuku some good to learn a form of martial arts which Tōya himself could also benefit from given the risk of his Quirk, so he considers asking Shōta to teach him as well. Hell, Tōya needs to build his body up too, and he gives Toshinori a thoughtful look.

"Hey, Toshinori-san." Tōya's call is met with an inquisitive stare from Toshinori's unsettlingly sunken eyes and he takes it as his cue to ask his question. "Would you give me a training regimen that will help me strengthen my body? I know it might not help with my Quirk but I don't want to rely on it unless I have to."

"Why yes, Todoroki-san! I'll even make a meal plan that will help you make your body stronger!" Toshinori manages to not puff up into his All Might form but his hero persona definitely comes through with his enthusiasm. "But make sure you don't overdo it as Young Midoriya did," he adds, his voice low.

"I thought it would get me stronger faster," Izuku explains with a pout. "But I was obviously wrong."

"And I'm glad you remember to not make that mistake again, Young Midoriya," Toshinori praises with a small smile.

"Well, you won't have to worry about me overdoing it, Toshinori-san." Tōya knows better than to overexert himself ever again, Quirk or otherwise, and he's sure that Izuku will be watching him to make sure he doesn't. Tōya will have to keep a close eye on Izuku in return, pointless as it may be, if only because Izuku had a penchant for overdoing it with One For All. He might not anymore, but Tōya was and still is serious that he is going to worry himself to death over Izuku.

"We can clean up Takoba Beach together, Tōya," Izuku suggests as he takes his seat again. "It'll be a good workout for us even though it'll go faster with the both of us."

"Sounds good to me." Tōya isn't going to say no even if it means that it'll cut into some of Izuku's training—there are other ways to build up the body and Toshinori will probably cover them once it's needed—because he knows he'll start to worry if Izuku isn't nearby. He knows it's an issue, one that they both have, and that they need to work on it so that it won't become detrimental to their overall well-being down the road, but they can't just go to a therapist with what they've been through.

"Well, I have some good news for you kids." Tsukauchi appears in the doorway, a tired smile in place. "Nedzu got your enrollment into Aldera Junior High approved, Todoroki-san. Congrats, you start tomorrow. You will, however, need a temporary guardian despite the fact that you are technically an adult. Your mother cannot assume custody over you just yet, unfortunately, but you are able to go visit her whenever you want."

"We could ask my mom if she'd be willing?" Izuku tentatively suggests. "She doesn't have to know that you're the guy that she called the police on but then that would be lying to her and there's so much I'm already keeping from her, so maybe it's a bad idea."

"It is a bad idea, Midoriya-san, but it's also been recommended by Nedzu that the three of you are to stay together, given your circumstances, and we'd hate to separate you from your mother on top of everything," Tsukauchi explains with a drawn-out sigh, looking for all the world like he doesn't like this idea. "She will be compensated, of course, and given a stipend to use for each of you."

"And where is the money for all of that coming from?" Tōya asks suspiciously, and he hopes that the Hero Public Safety Commission isn't getting involved.

"U.A. is going to cover everything. Nedzu insists on it." Tsukauchi grimaces a little then offers them a weak smile. "He also insists that the three of you attend therapy with Inui Ryō, U.A.'s lifestyle guidance counselor, starting this Sunday."

"I'm not sure-" Izuku starts to say only to stop at the look that Tōya gives him. "I guess we do need therapy but what are we going to tell my mom? How much are we telling her?"

"Nedzu is taking care of that right now, Midoriya-san." Tsukauchi grimaces again, making Tōya arch an inquisitive brow at him. Tsukauchi catches it and something akin to guilt flashes across his face. "I don't like that we can't trust the Safety Commission with this but I understand why. They'd try to find a way to use it in their favor, along with the three of you, and I have to agree with Nedzu—we need to completely reform the Commission and the system."

"The Commission isn't going to take any attempt to reform them lying down," Tōya points out because it needs to be said.

"Nedzu expects for them to fight back," Izuku surmises and then frowns in thought.

"He does, and he expects that they'll underestimate him too," Tsukauchi confirms for them with a slight nod. "But that's not something you three need to be worrying about right now."

Tōya wants to scowl in response to that but Tsukauchi isn't telling them that they can't think about it ever, just not now, and he's right. There are other things for them to worry about, like getting Tōya and Eri settled in with the Midoriyas or whether Midoriya Inko will even take them in or that Tōya can visit his mother whenever he wants, and Tōya wants to see her sooner rather than later. "If that's all then can we go visit my mom?"

"That sounds like a good idea, little listener!" Yamada Hizashi says enthusiastically as he squeezes past Tsukauchi. Shōta peers at them from behind Tsukauchi, looking particularly tired and doesn't even try to enter the break room. "We can take you to see her, can't we Shō?"

"I wouldn't mind taking them," Toshinori says as if to remind the other heroes of his presence.

Hizashi stares at Toshinori for a long moment, like he's dissecting him, and then he grins. "We'll tag along!" And Shōta sighs like he's suffering.

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