Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Rei knows that she has a lot to make up for, years and upon years of pain and suffering that Tōya has endured because she had, in fact, been complicit to a degree, and her chest constricts with the answer that Tōya gives her. It's almost like she's being given a second chance to do right by him, and by the gods, she is going to do right by him this time. It pains her that she couldn't have done right by Shōto any sooner, and she is going to have to make up for that too.

Never mind the fact that she knows that there is more to Tōya's situation that he and Izuku aren't telling her. His eyes are far too jaded, they look too old, for such a young-looking face. Like he's suffered much more than the twenty years he's lived so far. Gods, her baby. Her precious Tōya. What she would give to erase whatever it is that makes his eyes like that.

"I had hoped to have seen you all grown up-" Rei starts and she catches the slight flinch that Tōya gives but she chooses to ignore it. She can see that it's too painful for him to share with her, so she will bear not knowing what it is that hurts him so in silence. "-but now I can watch you grow up properly."

"It's better that you didn't see me before this," Tōya says softly, his head bowing slightly. "It wasn't pretty."

"I thought you looked fine," Izuku grumbles from beside Tōya, and he's giving her son a look that doesn't belong on a twelve-year-old's face. There's more than adoration in that gaze, making Rei purse her lips slightly in thought as she recalls that Izuku's eyes were almost as jaded and had the same older look to them like Tōya's had.

"Of course you would, Izu. You are literally the only person who didn't mind all of the scars I had." Rei's chest constricts again at that tidbit of information and she tries to imagine it. She tries to base it on what little she knows about the time Tōya had vanished, but all she can see is the boy standing before her right now, physically whole but mentally fraying at the seams.

"So, was this an accident or did you do this by choice?" Rei asks suddenly and both Tōya and Izuku noticeably stiffen, and it's enough of an answer in and of itself than whatever they might tell her.

Tōya looks towards Izuku, like his opinion determines what answer he's going to give to her, and after a few seconds he looks at Fuyumi, who is too busy sorting out getting Shōto enrolled into Aldera Junior High to pay attention, and then back to Rei. "I was given an offer I couldn't pass up," he says quietly and he subtly shifts closer to Izuku, like he's protecting him.

"Well, as long as you're happy and safe, I don't need to know the whole reason, Tōya." Her answer seems to put the both of them at ease, and she gives them a warm smile. "Now, where will you be staying?"

"I'll be staying with Izuku and his mom," Tōya responds with a faint smile. "But I'll come and visit you as often as I can when I don't have homework or training."

"Don't push yourself too hard, Tōya." Rei can't help the worry that seeps into her voice and Tōya's smile sharpens into a grin.

"Oh, I won't, mom. I can promise you that much 'cause he probably won't let me overdo it." Tōya nods towards Izuku and Rei's smile returns.

"I actually have some ideas on how you can train so that your Quirk does little to no damage to your body," Izuku pipes up and Tōya fully turns to face him, his expression morphing into one of shock. "Basically, you need to raise your heat tolerance which you can do by training in a boiler room or somewhere hot in general. It'd be best to train without your quirk first and-oh, I'm rambling. Sorry, I-"

"No, keep going. I want to hear this," Rei interrupts before Tōya can, because he's clearly interested in an actual training method that will help him and so is she.

"Really?" Izuku asks tentatively, voice almost above a whisper and Rei feels a rush of motherly protectiveness towards him.

"Yes, really," Tōya answers with a glance in her direction, and then his attention is fully back on Izuku. "Why?"

"Well, nobody ever liked to listen to my Quirk analyzations before, not even when I suggested ways to improve how they use their Quirk. They said it was creepy because I could pick apart their Quirk just by watching it being used," Izuku explains, his voice wavering slightly as he speaks.

"Is that what was in that notebook you had? Quirk analyzations?" There's something in Tōya's voice, and it's almost akin to awe as he asks Izuku those questions.

"Yeah, but I only analyzed heroes' Quirks which, in hindsight, is an oversight on my part. I should be analyzing any Quirk I come across but again, people usually find it creepy," Izuku answers and he ducks his head slightly.

"I think it's amazing and I want you to analyze my Quirk," Tōya says softly and he grabs both of Izuku's hands. "And not just because I could benefit from it, Izu. This is something that you should be encouraged in, not suppressed just because someone might be uncomfortable with it."

"I agree," Rei adds in and takes a few steps closer to them. "You should be nurturing this, Izuku-san, because I would have given everything I had to find someone who could help Tōya safely train his Quirk and nobody could, so, please, finish what you were going to say."

Izuku blinks and a couple of tears slide down his cheeks before he pulls a hand free from Tōya's grip and wipes at his eyes. "Sorry, I just…"

"Never really got the encouragement you needed?" Rei tentatively asks and her heart aches for Izuku when he nods after a few seconds. "May I hug you, Izuku?"

"Yes," Izuku says, and Rei closes the gap between them to wrap her arms around him. She doesn't mind that he cries on her, because he might as well be her son too.

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