Breaking Time

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Dabi examines the raised red lines marring his fingers and the top half of his palm on his right hand—where his skin had been in contact with the Rewinder—before he lets his hand drop back to his side. He shifts his attention back to the boy that he knows to be Izuku and frowns. "Are you sure you don't remember me?"

"S-sorry, m-m-mister, b-but I really don't k-know who you are," Izuku stammers out nervously and he ducks his head as he drops his gaze to the ground, missing the way that Dabi's frown deepens.

Did something go wrong? Dabi thinks to himself, his right hand twinging slightly as he clenches both of them. He's in the past, by about five years, and he knows that Izuku had been holding on to the Rewinder with him and Eri, so the kid in front of him should remember who he is but he doesn't. He doesn't remember and Dabi doesn't even know where to begin with fixing everything because Izuku is the one with all of the plans!

"Sorry to have bothered you, kiddo," Dabi finally says with a heavy sigh, relaxing his hands so he can shove them into his pockets. "You should get home before your parents start to worry."

"O-oh no, it's f-fine, m-m-mister." Izuku gives him a weak smile as he lifts his gaze back up, holding Dabi's for a few seconds before dropping it again. "It's j-just me and my m-mom, and she's at w-work right n-now, so I u-u-usually hang out w-with my f-friend Kacchan."

"You should be careful who you tell that kind of stuff to, kiddo. I could be a villain for all you know," Dabi chides with another frown because, boy, this Izuku sure is a mess right now and he doesn't know if it's due to nerves or shyness or some other underlying issue. "And stop calling me mister, kiddo, my name is-" He pauses for a few seconds and debates on which name to give to Izuku because he's not a villain yet, and Dabi is a villain. Tōya, however, is not. "-Tōya. Call me Tōya."

"I d-don't think you're a v-villain, m-m-uh-Tōya-san. You s-seem nice to me," Izuku explains, correcting himself from calling Tōya mister again with a slight flush to his cheeks. "P-please call me Izuku," he hastily adds with a bow.

Tōya wants to tell Izuku that he's wrong, that he's a terrible person who has done terrible things—though they have yet to happen—and that he shouldn't be so open with him after such a short interaction. He's a stranger to Izuku, with possibly ill intentions for all Izuku knows about him. "You're mostly right," he says instead and Izuku gives him a look filled with curiosity. "I'm not a villain-" Not yet. "-but I'm not a nice person."

"You're being nice to me, Tōya-san," Izuku counters in a steady voice, surprising Tōya just a little.

Tōya refrains from sighing because of course Izuku is confusing the two. "I can be nice but that doesn't make me a nice person," he explains patiently and it seems like it finally clicks for Izuku.

"But you don't seem like a bad person, Tōya-san." Okay, so maybe not. Then again this conversation is taking a completely different turn.

"There's no such thing as a bad person, Izuku. Actions can be bad but a person is either good, evil, or somewhere in between depending on their actions." Tōya notes how Izuku frowns but gives a slight nod of his head as he listens, and almost swears that he can see the gears turning in Izuku's head.

"But good people can do bad things," Izuku muses, almost as if he doesn't mean to say it out loud. "Does that make them evil then? What if someone evil does something good? Are they good now? What about someone who sees something bad happen and they don't do anything?"

"It's complicated," Tōya answers, breaking Izuku out of his musings. "And something you shouldn't be worrying about right now. You should be hanging out with your friend, Kacchan was it?" Does he mean Katsuki?

Izuku hunches in on himself at the mention of 'Kacchan' and drops his gaze, but not before Tōya catches the fear that flashes through his eyes. Why is Izuku scared? "O-oh, n-not today." And there's the stammering again. "Kacchan d-didn't want to h-hang out today."

Tōya finds himself frowning again because it doesn't make any sense to him. Izuku and Katsuki had been friends when he had joined their group so he just assumed that they had always been friends, which doesn't seem to be the case at all. "Why not?"

"B-because I'd just g-get in the w-way," Izuku admits, withdrawing even further into himself. "Because I'm j-just a Q-Q-Quirkless Deku."

Tōya blinks in confusion at the admission because Izuku does have a Quirk, or at least he will five years from now. Izuku doesn't have any reason to lie to him though, so it's possible that he's just a really late bloomer. It's not unheard of for there to be some late bloomers but Izuku is twelve if Tōya is recalling his age correctly, which is four years later than when a late bloomer usually gets their Quirk.

Then there's the way that Izuku spits out Deku like he hates being called that. It's odd because Izuku had chosen it as his hero name, which in itself is odd since it means useless. Something isn't adding up, or maybe it is and Tōya just doesn't want to acknowledge it. "Does Kacchan call you that, Izuku?" His confusion quickly turns into anger at the nod that Izuku gives him and everything neatly slots into place.

That little shit is bullying Izuku and pretty badly too if Izuku's behavior is anything to go by. How in the hell does Izuku even consider him a friend?!

"D-do you have a Fire Quirk?" Izuku asks him suddenly, snapping Tōya from his thoughts and making him realize that he has ignited his Quirk in his anger.

Tōya quickly extinguishes his flames and looks around to see if anyone had noticed it—it won't do to get slapped with accidental Quirk use right now—before he focuses on Izuku. Izuku, who is looking at him with wide, awe-filled eyes. "It's called Cremation," he answers and the boy slings his backpack around to dig into it.

"That's so cool! Is it hotter than regular fire? It felt pretty hot just from where I was standing, so I imagine it is! It's a lot brighter too," Izuku half-mutters to himself as he pulls out a notebook and pencil. He flips the notebook open only for his expression to drop when he realizes that there aren't any blank pages in it.

"You can go get a fresh notebook if you want and I'll tell you what I can about my Quirk," Tōya offers, glad for the distraction from the issue of Izuku being bullied. As much as he'd love to kick Katsuki's ass, he simply can't for the fact that he's an adult and Katsuki is just a kid. A kid who needs an ass-kicking which will land him in jail or worse and get him labeled as a villain.

Izuku perks up with the brightest smile Tōya's seen on the boy so far and he feels like he's made the right call. "You could come up to my apartment with me if you don't mind, Tōya-san."

Tōya hesitates, only because of how inappropriate the suggestion seems, but eventually nods. "If you're okay with it, Izuku."

"It'll be fine!" Izuku all but chirps out, his smile blinding, and he leads Tōya up into the apartment. "Just let me go get a new notebook from my room." And just like that, Izuku leaves Tōya standing here in the entryway to his apartment.

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