Breaking Time

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The reminder that Tōya doesn't have anything else to wear comes when they make it to Izuku's bedroom, and he frowns down at his now too large clothes that he's worn for two days straight. Anything else he does own won't fit him either so there's no point in going back for it, especially since the place he had been holing up in is halfway across Musutafu, which is a shame since it had taken him forever to get clothes that are decently fire-resistant. Well, he'll be getting something better soon.

"You'll have to wear something of mine until we can go shopping tomorrow," Izuku says as he goes over to his dresser and starts rifling through it. "I hope you don't mind hero merch since, uh, I'm clearly obsessed with heroics and all that."

Tōya looks up and around at the room, taking note of all the All Might merchandise on display, then looks at Izuku. "I couldn't tell." He isn't going to complain or turn it down though since Enji would have an apoplexy just seeing so much All Might stuff in one space, let alone know that Tōya is wearing it. "Just give me something with All Might on it."

"Are you sure?" Izuku asks as he turns around with an armful of clothes, and he takes one look at Tōya before holding out the clothes without Tōya needing to answer the question. "I can show you where the bathroom is so you can get cleaned up first," he offers and Tōya arches a brow at him with an incredulous expression stealing across his face. "It's not me being modest or anything, it's just that our bathroom is kinda small," Izuku quickly explains while a pale pink dusts his cheeks.

Tōya decides against pointing out the fact they have spent the last eleven months with little to no privacy whatsoever and instead takes the offered clothes from Izuku. "Then lead the way, Izu," he says, his voice soft, and Izuku gives a jerky little nod, the pale pink lingering on his cheeks before he guides Tōya to the bathroom.

It is definitely small, and having the two of them occupy the space would have made it cramped, but it's better than nothing. Tōya won't complain beyond the fact that it might be wiser for Midoriya Inko to upgrade to a slightly bigger apartment with the four of them living together, at least so Eri can have her own bedroom. That it will maybe net them a bigger bathroom will only be a bonus, so it's something to put forward to Inko if it hasn't already been brought up.

Tōya forces himself to take his time getting cleaned up and changed, if only because it's ingrained that time is of the essence and he doesn't know when another attack will come, which is going to be a hard mentality to break. They have the time now, for relaxing and preparing, and, more importantly, they are safe. He repeats this to himself the entire time he's in the bathroom and until he makes it back to Izuku's bedroom with his old clothes bundled up in his arms.

"I hate to get rid of these seeing as they were a pain to acquire in the first place but it doesn't make sense to keep them when I'll be getting better fire-resistant clothes that fit me." Speaking of getting new clothes, Tōya fishes Enji's Black Card out of the pocket he had stored it in so that it doesn't get accidentally tossed, and he sets it on Izuku's desk.

"My mom might be able to alter them once they're clean," Izuku suggests but Tōya shakes his head no.

"As much as I appreciate the suggestion they're really not worth the hassle of altering." And that's only because the material is only decently fire-resistant.

"Well, if you're not going to keep them then can I have them?" Izuku asks and Tōya blinks at the request before he arches a brow inquisitively. Izuku goes full-on red in the face and splutters something out that is pretty indecipherable as he starts waving his arms around, and, really, it isn't going to hurt anything to let Izuku have his old clothes. It's endearing.

"I don't care why you want them, Izuku, you can have them," Tōya finally says after a moment of listening to Izuku's incoherent babbling, which thankfully makes Izuku stop. Thank goodness, because it was starting to look like Izuku was going to pass out. "Go get cleaned up, Izu, and I'll make sure these get washed."

"Uh, yeah. Okay." Izuku collects the clothes he had pulled out for himself then quickly leaves the room, his face still flushed.

Tōya gives a faint shake of his head then carries the bundle of old clothes out into the kitchen where Toshinori and Inko are in the middle of a discussion that stops once he appears. "Is there a place I can put these so that they can get washed?"

"Oh, I can take those for you, dear," Inko says as she gets up from the table. "Those don't fit you anymore, right? I could alter them if you'd like to keep them."

"You don't need to alter them, Midoriya-san. I already plan on getting clothes that are more fire-resistant tomorrow, which you don't have to worry about paying for because my sister gave me the money for it," Tōya explains as Inko takes the bundle from him.

"Then why…" Inko trails off with a slight frown, her brows knitting together.

"Izuku wants to keep them," Tōya answers the unfinished question, and Inko laughs softly after taking a few seconds to process the words.

"I expect it'll end up with all of his hero merchandise," Inko says amusedly, and Tōya blinks a couple of times because he hadn't considered that. It's still endearing but at the same time it's also unsettling, and that's only because they're the clothes of a villain. "Go ahead and help yourself to the katsudon, dear. I'll take care of these."

"I should probably get going, Midoriya-san," Toshinori says quietly and he stands up from his seat at the table.

"Please do come by again, Yagi-san. I would love to hear more about Nana, and maybe have some tea with you," Inko responds with a smile that is tinged with sadness.

"I would like that, Midoriya-san. It was wonderful to be able to talk about her with you." Toshinori gives a faint smile of his own then looks to Tōya after a few seconds. "I will see you and Young Midoriya for training starting this Saturday after you two finish with school for the day."

Tōya nods in acknowledgment and Toshinori takes his leave, Inko walking him to the door. Looking around the kitchen, Tōya sees a couple of bowls of katsudon sitting on the counter and though he ate within the last couple of hours he still goes over and picks up a bowl. He takes it over to the table and sits down to dig into the meal.

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