Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Tōya's scared. He's scared that his mother will take one look at him and know everything he's done, which is irrational, and as much as he tells himself that, it doesn't help assuage the fear. Still, he needs to do this, so he steels himself as he walks through the front doors and up to the reception desk. Izuku thankfully sticks to his side without Tōya even needing to ask him to, and it makes it just a little bit easier for him to go through with this.

"I would like to see Todoroki Rei please." Tōya's voice wavers only a little, and the receptionist looks up from her computer to take him in. Her gaze flicks to Izuku after a few seconds and she purses her lips before something else seems to catch her attention behind them.

"I'm Detective Tsukauchi and I called earlier to inquire about visitation for Todoroki-san," the Detective speaks up from behind them, and the receptionist's expression changes from obvious annoyance to faux cheeriness.

"Why, of course, I just need to see your ID, Detective," the receptionist says in a voice that matches her expression, and the Detective steps up next to them to hand over his ID. "Just sign the visitor log to receive your visitor badges and you'll be good to go," she adds after she verifies Tsukauchi's ID and Hans it back.

Tōya frowns at the implication that he'd have been turned away if the Detective hadn't spoken up but says nothing as he signs his name on the next empty space of the sheet. He silently passes it off to Izuku so he can do the same, which he does without question before handing it back to the receptionist.

"Good, everything is in order. Todoroki-san is in room 38 in the Psychiatric Ward," the receptionist informs them as she passes the visitor badges over for Tōya and Izuku.

Tōya clips his on to his coat, which is now a little large for him since being rewound, and he checks to make sure Izuku has his on before they attempt to find his mother's room. The hospital is pretty much straightforward compared to U.A.'s maze of halls but Izuku ends up taking point the closer they get to their destination.

"We can wait for a moment if you need to, Tōya," Izuku suggests only for Tōya to shake his head no. Izuku frowns at him but grabs hold of his hand and gently squeezes it. "Just remember that I'm here, okay?"

Tōya nods and grips Izuku's hand like it's a lifeline, and he's immediately glad for it because Fuyumi turns the corner with their mother barely fifteen feet ahead of him and Izuku. It takes a few seconds for Fuyumi to notice them, to notice Tōya, but their mother sees him right away and Tōya knows it from the way her face turns ashen like she's seeing a ghost.

"T-Tōya?!" Todoroki Rei's voice trembles and Fuyumi's head whips in his direction and Tōya's throat feels like it's closing up so he can only nod and continue holding on to Izuku's hand. It's all the confirmation his mother needs to sprint towards him, and Tōya doesn't want to let go of Izuku but he doesn't have much of a choice as Rei wraps her arms around him and gives him a crushing hug while she sobs almost incoherently.

"Tōya-nii, is that really you?" Fuyumi's voice is full of surprise and maybe just a little bit hurt and sounds closer than it should be.

"Y-Yes," Tōya manages to choke out over the panic trying to claw its way through him, and he needs space right now or he's going to-

"I'm right here, Tōya," Izuku says softly, and the familiar grip on his hand returns. "I really hate to say this but you need to give Tōya some space." It's said louder, loud enough to shock Rei back to her senses and to get her to let go of him.

Tōya's knees give out but Izuku is right here to help ease him to the floor while instructing him to slowly breathe in and out with him as he counts to ten, and Tōya latches on to his voice as a focal point, just like during his panic attack earlier today. It helps, and Tōya is thankful that he didn't ignite into flames this time because he's clinging to Izuku when the panic subsides. He doesn't dare look at his mother or Fuyumi right now, for fear of the looks that they might be giving him, and instead closes his eyes with a sigh. "I hate this."

"You can't help having panic attacks," Izuku murmurs, and just because what he's saying is true doesn't mean Tōya hates it any less. "But you can work on recognizing the symptoms and managing them."

"Speaking from experience, hm?" Tōya enquires, if only because Izuku knew just what to do for both of his panic attacks.

"Remember the stammering mess you met yesterday? Panic attacks were a daily thing for me," Izuku answers, his tone somewhat wry. "I had to learn how to cope with them on my own, and it was hard but I did it."

"You're giving me more reasons to kick Bakugō's ass, Izu, so stop if you really value his life," Tōya warns in a low voice, hoping that his mother and Fuyumi aren't close enough to hear him. He cracks open his eyes and peeks in their direction, and his mother looks torn between holding herself back and wanting to hug him again, her face streaked with tears that continue to fall. Fuyumi herself is on the verge of tears, and she's biting into her lower lip and looking like she has something to say or ask. Nothing judgmental or pitying as he had feared. "I think I'm good now, Izu."

"Well, you can let go of me if you're good," Izuku says with a small laugh, and, oh yeah, Tōya's still clinging to him.

Tōya reluctantly lets go of Izuku, opting only to keep hold of his hand, and slowly stands up to face his mother and sister. "So, uh, hi, mom? And Fuyumi?"

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