Breaking Time

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Shōto really can't hide his grin as Tōya joins them over on the sidelines, away from the rest of the class, mainly because Izuku is muttering to himself about flame-resistant fabrics and how Aldera Junior High probably can't afford anything halfway decent, which appears to be true from what he's seen of the school thus far. Izuku stops his muttering as Tōya drops down beside him, effectively sandwiching Izuku between them, and leans against him. "You're lucky your uniform is still intact, niisan," he comments, grin still in place.

"I'm more concerned about whether it's melted onto your skin or not," Izuku says and he experimentally pinches at the singed uniform in a few places to make sure that it is in fact not melted onto Tōya's skin.

"I'm fine, saiai, it hasn't melted onto my skin but it will fall apart if you keep pulling at it like that," Tōya responds with a fair bit of exasperation and grabs Izuku's wrist after the first couple of pinches to the uniform.

"Izuku will have to beat all of the girls down if that happens," Shōto comments somewhat archly, at which Tōya gives an amused snort.

"I don't know about that, otōto," Tōya responds as he lets go of Izuku's wrist, his mouth curving into a grin while Izuku scowls at him. "He'll probably be too busy staring to defend my honor."

"Look, just because I happen to find both of you incredibly attractive don't think that, for one second, I won't beat down anyone else for looking at either of you because I will, especially if you're naked," Izuku declares quite firmly, though his cheeks turn a bit pink at the end. It's adorable and sweet, and Shōto leans against Izuku and rests his head on his shoulder while he grabs hold of his right hand.

"But aniue makes a very valid point, Izuku," Shōto murmurs with a barely suppressed grin, and he chuckles as Izuku pulls his hand free to swat at him. "You'll be too busy staring to beat anyone down."

"I'm divorcing both of you," Izuku retorts, all bark and no bite, as his blush noticeably darkens. "Find someone else who'll defend you from the hoards of hormonal teenagers."

"You wouldn't dare! You'll make mom cry if you divorce us, saiai," Tōya exclaims rather dramatically and he falls over onto Izuku's lap.

"Ew, gross," a voice says quite loudly from nearby, ruining their moment of fun, and they look to see a few of the girls from their class sitting off to the side like they are a good ten feet away from them. "I can't believe they're hanging all over that Quirkless freak like he's something special."

Shōto's expression darkens and he starts to sit up straighter, intending to give them a piece of his mind, when Izuku grabs his hand in a tight grip. It's enough to get him to stop and look at Izuku, who simply shakes his head no. "Izuku-"

"I believe I made myself perfectly clear when I said that bullying of any kind will not be tolerated, Awa. Get your things and leave because you are hereby expelled from this class and this school," Shōta says tiredly as he quite literally appears out of nowhere behind the girls.

"I wasn't bullying anyone, Sensei," the girl, Awa, retorts a bit sharply and then motions to the two girls sitting with her. "I was talking with my friends and you can't expel me for that."

Shōto gives Izuku's hand a squeeze and looks from the Shōta and the group of girls to Izuku. Tōya still has his head on Izuku's lap but he's holding on to Izuku's left hand while he glares at nothing in particular. "Talking badly about someone else is a form of bullying, one that is called relational aggression," he pipes up, his tone particularly flat with his explanation. "And girls tend to be more relationally aggressive than boys, especially during what is to be considered middle school years."

Izuku's mouth curls into a faint smile and he laces their fingers together with a softly murmured, "Thanks," while Shōta repeats his order for Awa to get her things and leave.

"So, how many more do you think it will take getting expelled before it finally fucking sticks?" Tōya asks in a low tone, prompting Shōto to glance at him. He's still angry but it's more subdued now, and he's absently tracing circles on the back of Izuku's hand with his thumb.

"It depends on whether or not the school board will stand behind Aizawa-sensei's decision to expel Awa, which they just might with Nedzu's interference here," Izuku answers softly, and he leans into Shōto. "So, with that in mind, it might only take Awa's expulsion to get it through everyone's heads that what they're doing is wrong or it might take at least a couple more."

"I rather expel the whole lot of them and be done with it," Shōta says quite darkly as he comes over to them, and it really shouldn't be surprising that he wants to expel almost the entire class. "But Nedzu insisted that I show some restraint." And that is surprising, as well as amusing.

"I wasn't aware that you knew what restraint was, Aizawa-sensei," Izuku says a bit teasingly, which has Shōta scowling at him.

"You are aware that I can and will make your time here a living hell, right?" Shōta all but growls out and it's so amusing that Shōto can't help but grin right alongside Izuku.

"Well, as long as you make their time here a living hell too I don't think any of us will mind it," Tōya comments with a sharp smile.

Shōta stares at them for a few beats before he sighs and turns on his heel to go back to the rest of the class, all while muttering about problem children and how it's their fault that he's been dragged into teaching a bunch of brats that won't even make it into a hero school, let alone U.A.

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