Breaking Time

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Izuku keeps a mindful grip on Eri's hand as they enter the police station for Musutafu and are ushered over to an empty break room while Detective Tsukauchi leads Tōya away to an interrogation room. He'd like to at least watch the interview but it's unprecedented enough for them to just be here, so he settles for what they're being allowed and helps Eri into a chair at the table—choosing the side that will let them see the door. He takes a seat next to her while Toshinori, who has decided to accompany them here, sits down across from them.

"It shouldn't take too long, Young Midoriya," Toshinori says in an obvious attempt to comfort Izuku, and while Izuku appreciates the thought it isn't necessary.

"When we were talking earlier, about me taking hand-to-hand combat lessons, you didn't get a chance to answer my question about who would teach me," Izuku says almost offhandedly, his gaze on the table's shiny surface.

"I was thinking of asking Aizawa-san to teach you when he has the time for it." Toshinori's pick makes sense considering that Shōta technically fights as a Quirkless would but he doesn't have a lot of time between teaching and doing underground hero work on top of being married.

"Whatever you're thinking, problem child, you're wrong," comes Shōta's voice from the doorway, and Izuku whips around to find Shōta entering the break room, his arms laden with various bags of takeout. Behind him, and carrying even more bags of takeout, is a very curious Yamada Hizashi, better known as Present Mic, who is unquestioningly in his civilian gear.

"Is that-"

"You haven't eaten anything since yesterday," Shōta says plainly as he sets the bags down on the edge of the table and starts digging through them. He pulls several unlabeled containers out and places them down in front of Izuku while Hizashi watches on in surprise.

"You brought a lot of food," Izuku observes, noting that there are still containers in the bags Shōta had set down, along with whatever Hizashi is still holding on to.

"Some of it is for your not-boyfriend," Shōta deadpans as he places a container in front of Eri and then what looks to be a cup in front of Toshinori.

"And some of it is for us, little listener," Hizashi pipes up with a smile that is a little uncertain. "I'm Yamada Hizashi, a teacher from U.A."

Izuku looks from Hizashi to Shōta only to find that Shōta is helping Eri open up her container. "I'm Midoriya Izuku, a first-year at Aldera Junior High." He shifts his gaze back to Hizashi and offers him a smile of his own.

"It's a candied apple!" Eri happily exclaims once the lid for her container is removed. "Thank you, tōsan!" Shōta promptly chokes on air while Hizashi's mouth drops open and Toshinori nearly drops his cup of what appears to be soup.

Izuku grins to himself and opens one of the containers in front of him to find a meal from his planned dietary regimen to build up his body. "What Eri-chan said, tōsan." And Hizashi bursts into raucous laughter as Shōta continues to choke, his face going a bright red. Toshinori thankfully recovers and sips at his soup with a bemused smile.

"P-problem child," Shōta wheezes out as he tries to catch his breath, his eyes narrowed into a glare that is nowhere near as effective on Izuku.

"Oh, don't worry, tōsan, Yamada-sensei and Yagi-sensei are included in the dad category too," Izuku adds after taking a bite of his food, making Toshinori spit his soup back into his cup so he doesn't choke on it while Hizashi beams. "You should fill papa in since I suspect Nedzu-san will want the rest of the staff at U.A. to be informed."

"Are you okay, chichiue?" Eri asks of Toshinori as he sets his cup on the table.

"I've never been better, Little Eri!" Toshinori boasts with a smile and for a second Izuku thinks he might inflate into his All Might form in front of Hizashi. He doesn't.

"We've been adopted, Shō!" Hizashi all but crows and Izuku hides his smile by continuing to stuff his face, ignoring the glare that Shōta continues to send his way.

"It's best to not fight it, tōsan," Eri says in between bites of candied apple. Shōta's glare wavers and then melts as he focuses his attention on her, and Eri gives him one of her sunniest smiles.

Shōta sighs—a long and drawn out, overly exaggerated sigh—then sits down by Toshinori. "Fine," he mutters quite sullenly, and Hizashi squeals in delight.

"We have kids, Shō!" Hizashi barely manages to drop the bags of takeout he's holding onto the table before he dramatically drapes his arms around Shōta's shoulders. "Two kids!"

"Three if you count my future-boyfriend," Izuku helpfully supplies, and Hizashi perks up at that.

"Three! I must meet this boyfriend of yours, Izu-chan! May I call you that? He better take good care of you or I'll-"

"We're not dating yet," Tōya says from the doorway and Izuku stuffs more food into his mouth as Hizashi whips around, nearly hitting Shōta in the back of the head, to look at Tōya. "And I've already promised to take care of Izuku so threats aren't necessary."

Shōta sighs wearily and looks like he wants to bury his face into his arms, or preferably the bags of food Hizashi had placed in front of him, but he stands up and grabs the back of Hizashi's shirt. "C'mon, 'Zashi, I need to fill you in on everything before you can talk with them any further," he says before Hizashi can bombard Tōya with any questions, and Shōta bodily drags Hizashi from the break room.

"So, Izu-chan," Tōya practically purrs as he takes a seat in the empty chair adjacent to Izuku and looks at the bags of food. "What's all this?"

"They brought us food," Izuku responds once he swallows what he has in his mouth then he reaches across and drags the containers for Tōya over to him. "This is for my not-boyfriend as Aizawa-sensei put it."

Tōya arches a brow and gives Izuku a look of pure incredulity before his mouth curls into a sly grin. "So that's what started the conversation I walked in on?" Tōya starts unpacking his food and his grin widens as he opens up the containers.

"How much did you hear, Tōya-kun?" Izuku asks mostly out of curiosity.

"Just the last bit, Izu-chan," Tōya answers nonchalantly before he digs into his food. "So why don't you fill me in?"

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