Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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A few more things, as it turns out, are a pair of the newest phones for Tōya and Izuku—which Tōya isn't going to say no to—gym memberships to a gym of their choice—not going to say no this one either—and something nice for themselves. Tōya can work with all of that. He's more than happy to use Enji's Black Card on all of them but Inko had quickly shot that suggestion down. She doesn't mind him using it for himself and for Izuku but she'll be getting more than enough from the stipends that they can live comfortably and, yes, that means living comfortably in a larger apartment.

"Your mom is great," Tōya comments when they make it back to Izuku's room—their room now, he supposes—and he turns onto his side to prop himself up onto an elbow so he can watch Izuku move around the room. He seems to be searching for something, which turns out to be a fresh notebook and a plethora of pens and pencils that he brings them over to the bed. "Is that for Quirk analysis?"

"Mhm," Izuku hums out in response as he sits down next to Tōya and cracks open the notebook. He selects a dark blue colored pen to use and writes Cremation across the top of the first page.

Tōya watches in silent fascination as Izuku fills not just one page but several—front and back—with everything he knows about his Quirk, and some of it even manages to surprise Tōya. And then Izuku starts drawing Tōya as he had looked before, covered with his flames and poised to attack, and it's so on point—down to the last surgical staple—that Tōya can hardly believe it.

"So, uh, what do you think?" Izuku asks a bit nervously as he sets his pen down and hands the notebook over to Tōya.

"As I said earlier, Izu, it's amazing," Tōya says, voice full of awe as he flips back to the first page to reread the analysis. "And you get all of this from just watching someone use their Quirk?"

"Well, I had the advantage of watching you use yours up close and personal for the last eleven months, so it's a bit more detailed and informative," Izuku explains meekly and he looks like he's trying to not fidget. "But, yeah, I just have to watch a Quirk being used and can make a pretty decent analysis but sometimes it's better if I can ask a person about their Quirk so I can get a better idea of its limitations."

Tōya hums and nods as he keeps flipping through Izuku's analysis of his Quirk until he reaches the drawing Izuku had done at the end. "Why the drawing though?"

"It's just something I do to go with my analysis," Izuku answers, voice still meek, and he ducks his head a bit. "Is it okay? I can draw you as you are now if you-"

"It's good, Izuku, and I don't mind, really, so don't worry about it." It's not like they're going to be showing it to Toya's mother, at least Tōya doesn't think that they will, so the drawing is fine. "You're crazy talented."

"You really think so?" Izuku quietly asks, and Tōya gently closes the notebook and sets it aside so he can sit up and pull Izuku to him. "What are you-"

"I'm hugging my boyfriend who is in desperate need of some confidence and encouragement, so shush and let me hug you," Tōya interrupts before Izuku can finish his question, and he wraps his arms around Izuku in a firm hug. "You are incredibly talented and amazing, Izuku, and if I have to tell you this every day for the rest of my life then I will."

"You're going to make me cry again," Izuku says after a moment, his voice thick with emotion.

"Then go ahead and cry, Izuku," Tōya whispers and closes his eyes as Izuku trembles in his arms. He brings a hand up into Izuku's hair and cards his fingers through it while Izuku gives a soft whimper and presses his face into his neck. "You are smart and incredible, and kind, and you deserve to be loved and praised and cherished," he murmurs, and Izuku sobs softly as he curls into Tōya's embrace.

Tōya isn't sure how long they stay like this but Izuku eventually falls asleep, and his shoulder's damp. He reaches for the notebook and moves it to the bedside table before he eases them down onto the bed and maneuvers the covers over them, and then presses a kiss to Izuku's forehead. "I'm falling for you, Midoriya Izuku, and I'm falling for you pretty damn hard from what I can tell, and though I don't know what you see in me, thank you for giving me a chance, and thank you for taking a chance on me. You saved me, Izuku, and you've given me so much hope. You're my light, my beacon, and I will do everything in my power to protect you."

He slowly cards his fingers through Izuku's hair a few more times and lapses into silence as he listens to the steady rhythm of Izuku's breathing before falling asleep himself, Izuku's head tucked beneath his chin. There aren't any dreams, at least none that he can recall upon awakening, but his sleep is at least restful, and Izuku is still safely tucked against him and sound asleep. He shifts slightly, just enough so that he can watch Izuku, and his mouth curls into a faint smile. It widens when Izuku scrunches up his face then attempts to burrow his face against Toya's neck again with a groan.

"Good morning to you too, Izuku," Tōya rumbles out, and Izuku mumbles something unintelligible against his neck. He refrains from chuckling and tilts his head just enough to nuzzle the top of Izuku's head with his cheek, his eyes closed halfway. "You'll have to say that again, saiai, because I didn't quite catch that."

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