Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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"Isn't it?" Izuku wipes away the bloody tears from Tōya's cheek and his resentment towards Todoroki Enji boils over into hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred.

"No," Izuku answers firmly and he lifts his head to check on where Chiyo is at. Still at her desk. "It's Enji's fault and no one else's." Izuku returns his attention to Tōya and moves his hand to Tōya's hair to comb his fingers through it.

Tōya doesn't say anything else but Izuku doesn't expect him to right now. Instead, Tōya cries himself to sleep and Izuku watches over him until he can't fight off the urge to sleep himself.

Izuku wakes up some time later to find Tōya still asleep and the privacy curtain drawn shut around their bed. He stares at Tōya for a moment, scowling slightly at the bloody tracks marring Tōya's cheeks, then he gently lifts Tōya's arm off of his side and carefully sets it down as he quietly slips out of the bed. Tōya's lips purse into a frown but he continues to sleep on and Izuku ducks past the privacy curtain.

Yagi Toshinori sits in the chair across the room, his gaze downcast and a pensive expression on his face. The rustle of the curtain must have drawn his attention because his gaze snaps up to Izuku and he starts to inflate into his All Might form.

Izuku quickly motions for Toshinori to stay quiet, catching him right as he opens his mouth, then glances back at the curtain. "Tōya is still asleep," he signs, his gaze returning to Toshinori. "We can talk somewhere else."

Toshinori immediately deflates and gives Izuku a nod in acknowledgment with an apologetic smile. "Whatever works for you, Young Midoriya," he signs back.

Izuku considers his options, his gaze going from the door to the privacy curtain behind him, then he goes over to the empty seat at Chiyo's desk and sits in it. "This works fine. I don't want to be gone when Tōya wakes up."

"I understand your apprehension, Young Midoriya. You have been through a lot together." Toshinori's smile shifts, a touch of sadness entering his expression as he regards Izuku. "I just wanted to let you know that One For All is yours once you have trained up your body."

"I still remember the training regimen and diet you made for me." Izuku smiles a bit sheepishly with the admission, which earns him a broader smile from Toshinori.

"That's good but since you have more time to train your body I was thinking about adding in some hand-to-hand combat lessons for when you can't rely on One For All."

Izuku blinks at the idea of learning hand-to-hand combat, which is admittedly smart because he shouldn't rely on One For All too heavily, and then wonders about who could teach him. "Who would I learn from?"

Toshinori doesn't get the chance to answer because the door to the room slams opens and a harried-looking Mirai strides in. The privacy curtains burst into blue flames a second later.

Izuku doesn't know if words alone will reach Tōya so he scrambles out of the chair and rolls under the burning curtains before Toshinori or Mirai can react. He pops up inside the ring the curtains make and finds Tōya staring at him, eyes wide with panic and his arm outstretched. Blue fire dances in Tōya's hair and licks along his arm, and the heat is just a tad unbearable but Izuku remains calm. "Tōya, what do you need?"

"I-Izu?" Tōya asks, his voice wavering.

"I'm right here, Tōya." The flames flicker slightly but don't go out as Tōya continues to stare at Izuku, not quite comprehending where they are. "What else do you need, Tōya?"


"Recovery Girl's office at U.A." The panic in Tōya's eyes starts to subside at Izuku's response and he sucks in a shuddering breath as he drops his arm. "That's it. Breathe slowly and count to ten with me."

"One." The heat diminishes in intensity.

"Two." The flames sputter.

"Three." Tōya's breathing starts to slow.

"Four." The flames are dwindling.

"Five." The heat becomes bearable.

"Six." Tōya's breathing steadies.

"Seven." The flames finally go out.

"Eight." The temperature is back to normal.

"Nine." Tōya reaches out for him.

"Ten." Izuku climbs onto the bed and curls up with Tōya, ignoring the fact that the privacy curtains are now a pile of ashes forming a ring around the bed and the bed itself needs to be replaced. Chiyo is going to be upset over the state of her office but Izuku doesn't even think about that. No, he's leveling a glare at Mirai because this is his fault and he should know better.

"What part of we have lived the last goddamn year on the run from All For One did you not fucking get?" Izuku hisses the question out with enough venom that Mirai shrinks in on himself. "I don't care why you barged in here like a goddamn maniac, you do not slam doors to rooms with people who have been in a fight-or-flight mode for a year open, especially when they're asleep!"

"My apologies, Midoriya-san," comes Nedzu's voice from behind Mirai, and Shōta squeezes past him to enter the room. Nedzu is perched on Shōta's shoulder and he takes in the state of the room before focusing on Izuku. "A girl matching the description you gave us for Eri was spotted on a train leaving Naruhata."

Izuku sits up at the information, dislodging the arm that Tōya has curled around him, and looks from Nedzu and Shōta to Mirai. "Are you sure it's Eri-chan?"

"One hundred percent sure," Nedzu declares while Mirai gives Izuku a stiff nod.

"And you're here telling us this instead of going to get a three-year-old girl wandering around on her own because?" Tōya asks acerbically from behind Izuku and the bed shifts as he too sits up.

"Because we thought it would be best for the two of you to retrieve her." Nedzu's smile is sharp and his gaze is boring straight through them, and Izuku returns his gaze with a glare of disapproval.

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