Breaking Time

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It does take some finagling, because Hizashi and Shōta do tag along, but they all manage to squeeze into a van, which Tsukauchi is required to drive since it belongs to the police, and they make their way to the hospital where Todoroki Rei is admitted. Izuku leans up against Tōya for the duration of the ride, mostly because he selfishly wants some form of contact with him, and to keep Tōya distracted by tracing circles along the inside of his wrist. It works for the most part from what Izuku can tell, with Tōya occasionally attempting to catch his hand every few minutes only to let Izuku resume tracing on his wrist.

It's a nice distraction for Izuku too, seeing as Eri has taken it upon herself to sit in between Hizashi and Shōta and is happily chatting with them. Izuku only half-listens in on the conversation, and he can tell that Tōya is listening in on it too with the way his head is tilted. And yeah, they really can do with getting some therapy the more he thinks about it.

"What'cha thinking about, Izu?" Tōya's voice is purposefully low, almost matching the raspy and gravelly quality it had before he was rewound but noticeably smoother now, and Izuku pauses midway through tracing another circle on Tōya's wrist.

"How badly we need therapy," Izuku admits, and his mind pulls up more troubling instances from the past twenty-four hours. "We could have killed my mom," he whispers, horrified at how flippantly he had brought that up last night like it had been a joke.

Tōya tugs his arm out of Izuku's loose grasp to put it around Izuku's shoulders and tug him just that little bit closer. "We could have but we didn't, and we'll be getting the therapy we need."

"I didn't think we needed it at first but what we've been through is a lot different than all the times Katsuki bullied me," Izuku quietly says after a moment. "And even so, under normal circumstances, I would have received therapy for the bullying but because the teachers always swept Katsuki's behavior under the rug I never got the therapy I needed for that."

"And you can still get it with Inui-san," Tōya points out, and Izuku nods slightly in agreement.

"And I won't have to worry about Bakugō bullying me anymore either," Izuku comments with a small grin and he lifts his head to look at Tōya. "At least give him one warning before you shatter his ego."

"How many scars did he give you, Izuku?" Tōya's tone becomes sharp and serious, and the blue of his irises darkens by several shades.

"I…stopped counting the scars he gave me a long time ago," Izuku confesses softly and lowers his gaze.

"I will give him the one warning but only because you're requesting it and because you're too nice for your own good sometimes." Tōya's voice softens a little and Izuku closes his eyes as Tōya tightens his arm around him. "Did Shōto know?"

"Shōto didn't know all of it but he figured a lot of it out. Something about abuse recognizing abuse," Izuku whispers, throat tightening as Shōto is brought up. The urge to cry wells up, his eyes prickling with tears, but he pushes it down for now. "And he tried to beat Bakugō's ass black and blue when he did figure it out. Stopping him was not easy."

"I almost wish you hadn't stopped him but you probably batted those pretty green eyes of yours at him like you just did to me and asked him not to." There's a hint of amusement and affection in Tōya's voice but no jealousy, and Izuku feels his face start to warm up.

"I kissed him and then asked him not to," Izuku admits, his face heating up even further. He tries to hide it against Tōya's side but he's pretty sure that Tōya can tell that he's blushing. And Izuku had tried being flirty with Tōya last night! Why is he suddenly embarrassed?

"I see." And now Tōya's voice oozes with amusement. "You went straight for the kill, Izu-chan. I didn't think you'd do something like that."

"I-You make it sound so bad!" Izuku whines and now he wishes he hadn't told Tōya how'd he kept Shōto from attacking Katsuki.

"I'd respond to that but you're so red right now you look like you might pass out if I tease you any further, Izu-chan," Tōya all but purrs, and then his fingers are combing through Izuku's hair. "Besides, we're almost at the hospital."

Izuku takes a moment to get his blush under control and the van comes to a stop by the time he finally stops hiding his face against Tōya's side. "You're lucky that I like you too much to get mad at you," he signs, unable to trust his own voice right now.

Tōya leans towards him, his mouth curling into a smile, until their faces are inches apart, and his irises almost look like they're glowing. "In case I didn't make it obvious, and in case you do need to hear it, I like you too, Izuku, and I'm very lucky to have met and know you."

"We're here, little listeners!" Hizashi loudly announces before Izuku even has the chance to process half of what Tōya had said to him, and they both jerk apart. Izuku turns to find Hizashi peering at them, a mischievous little grin in place, over the back of his seat, and Izuku scowls at him. "Your signing is impressive, Izu-chan!"

"It's rude to eavesdrop on a private conversation, Yamada-san," Tōya growls at Hizashi, and Hizashi recoils slightly with an appropriately abashed expression working its way across his face.

"It wasn't my intention!" Hizashi tries to explain before he's being yanked out of the van by the back of his shirt by Shōta. He lets out an undignified squawk at being manhandled in such a manner, which Shōta seems to ignore in favor of dragging him further away from the van.

"Well, that happened," Izuku mutters then turns back to Tōya, who is frowning faintly as he looks in the direction of the hospital doors. "You don't have to do this now, you know?"

"I know but I want to- I need to because I didn't get a chance to see my mom before everything went from bad to absolute shit," Tōya explains, voice soft, and Izuku understands, after all, he hadn't seen his own mother since before the initial assault against the Paranormal Liberation Front until Eri had successfully rewound time with Mei's invention. And Izuku's just now realizing that he's been too focused on making sure that All For One's plans are ruined, and that Endeavor's career goes down in flames and all the other little details that need to be handled to process just how badly his first interaction with her after getting back to this time had gone.

"I need to apologize to my mom when we make it back home," Izuku says with a sigh as he climbs out of the van.

"We both need to apologize to your mom," Tōya corrects him as he joins Izuku out on the sidewalk. "After I apologize to mine first."

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