Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Izuku pads into the kitchen on silent feet and is greeted by the sight of Tōya halfway through a bowl of katsudon and talking with Inko. Tōya pauses mid-sentence and looks in Izuku's direction, which also draws Inko's attention to him, but Izuku makes his way over to the counter where a bowl of katsudon is waiting for him. "My mom makes some really good katsudon, ne Tōya?" he asks ever so casually as he picks up the bowl and then takes the seat beside Tōya.

"It's good," Tōya agrees and takes another bite of his katsudon. "I hear it's your favorite food, Izu," he says after taking the time to chew and swallow the bite of food.

"There was a time when it was the only food he'd ask for," Inko helpfully supplies with a fond smile.

"Well, your katsudon is just that delicious, mom, but we won't be able to have it very often if we want to get in shape." Izuku knows that the subject of their training has to have been brought up to Inko so he decides to test the waters with his comment.

"I know you still plan on becoming a hero, Izuku, and while I can't help but worry over you, Yagi-san assured me that you have what it takes to fulfill your dream so I will support you as I should have from the moment we found out you were Quirkless," Inko says after a long moment, her gaze downcast as she speaks. "I should have never given up on you, and I should have never said that you couldn't become a hero…it was awful of me and I've always regretted it since, and I hope that you can forgive me, Izuku."

"I'll admit that it hurt a lot and that all I wanted to hear you say was that I could become a hero no matter how impossible it seemed at the time but I do forgive you, mom," Izuku says softly, his mouth curling into a faint smile as he stares down at his katsudon. "I can't promise that I won't make you worry because hero work is always fraught with danger but I can promise that I'll do my best to come home in one piece."

"Izuku'll always have me to back him up and I don't plan on letting him get hurt so you can count on me to make sure that he makes it home in one piece," Tōya says firmly and Inko gives him a faint smile.

"While I do appreciate that, it would be far too selfish of me to be okay with it, especially since you just got back in touch with your mother, yes?" Inko waits for the slight nod that Tōya gives before she looks down at her hands where she has them folded together on the table. "I don't know a lot about your home situation, and I won't ask about it, but you also have to think about your mother and how she will feel."

"She tried to talk me into becoming something other than a hero when it became apparent that my Quirk was ill-suited for me," Tōya says softly, and he absently pushes his food around as he looks down at his bowl. "I said some awful things to her because of it and it was the last time I had seen her before today."

Inko's expression becomes stricken as she lifts her gaze to look at Tōya, and she looks like she wants to say something but is at a loss for words. After a moment she drops her gaze back down to her hands, which she's curled into fists—her knuckles a stark white—as her eyes glisten with tears.

Tōya looks up from his bowl and grimaces when he notices the state that Inko is in. "I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable but you should probably know what happened before it all becomes public."

"No, you don't need to apologize, dear. I appreciate that you feel comfortable enough to share it with me even if it is a bit heavy," Inko says gently and she wipes at her eyes. "And you are right in that I should know what happened but why would it become public?"

"We're building a child abuse case against Endeavor with Detective Tsukauchi's help, mom. Tōya isn't his only victim," Izuku answers quietly, and Inko's gaze darts to him as she stiffens at the information. "His youngest brother Shōto is also a victim, which is why we're trying to get his mom out of the hospital so she can get custody over Shōto."

"Natsuo too, but Enji doesn't care about him as much," Tōya adds, anger seeping into his voice. "He only cared about producing a child that has a combination of his Hellflame Quirk and my mom's Absolute Zero Quirk, and Shōto is his masterpiece as he calls him."

"That's…" Inko's voice trails off as she tries to puzzle all of the information together, her complexion rapidly paling as she seems to come to a conclusion. "Did he…"

"Buy my mother for a Quirk Marriage and attempt to play god with genetics? Yes, yes he absolutely did." Toya's voice becomes cold while there's a slight spike in the temperature of the air around him, and his irises seem to glow like they're lit by his Quirk.

Inko's expression hardens, her face flushing with anger, and she looks at both of them. "Which hospital is your mother staying at, dear, and how soon can I meet her?"

"She's in the Psych Ward at Musutafu General and as soon as you'd like," Tōya answers in a low voice.

Inko looks pensive for a moment and then she gives a firm nod of her head. "Then I'm going to visit her tomorrow while the two of you are in school," she states and then looks the both of them over critically. "And if I'm not back before you get home-"

"We're going clothes shopping after school, mom," Izuku cuts in before she can finish, making her blink slightly.

"Oh, right, you did say something about getting new clothes," Inko says with a glance at Tōya, and he nods in affirmation. "And that your sister gave you money?"

"She gave me our father's Black Card," Tōya slowly admits and Inko blinks again. "She insisted on me taking it and I certainly wasn't going to refuse it. Good quality fire-resistant clothes are expensive."

"Well, if you won't get in trouble for having it, there are a few more things you should pick up." Inko smiles, and it's not the warm motherly kind but one that is cold and calculating.

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