Breaking Time

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The ride to U.A. is mostly quiet, which Tōya spends staring out of the window while Izuku uses his shoulder as a pillow. He's totally not looking at his reflection in the glass and wondering if he needs to wash the black dye out of his hair now that Enji knows that he's alive. He doesn't sneak glances at Izuku every so often, just to check on him and his well-being like he's had to for the past eleven months when it had mattered. He doesn't do any of that at all. Nope.

"I can hear you thinking," Izuku mumbles, and Tōya peers at him. Izuku peers back and arches a brow at Tōya inquisitively.

"I want to wash the dye out of my hair." The admission comes out easily enough and Tōya doesn't have to explain why because Izuku already knows. Izuku even gives him a genuine smile.

"Not that the black doesn't look good on you, because it does, I just think you look hotter with white hair." Izuku's smile sharpens into a smirk while Detective Tsukauchi coughs suspiciously up in the driver's seat.

Heat creeps across the unmarred skin of Tōya's cheeks and he bites into his lower lip harder than he means to because now he can taste blood. He silently curses the lack of feeling where his scars are, as well as Izuku for hitting on him. "Izuku!"

"Last I checked it isn't illegal for me to think and say that you're hot, Tōya." Izuku bats his pretty green eyes at Tōya as Tsukauchi coughs again, this time a bit louder.

"Be that as it may, Midoriya-san, such comments can lead to trouble for Todoroki-san. Please refrain from making them." Tsukauchi's reprimand comes right as he brings the patrol car to a stop and a glance out of the window reveals that they're at their destination. "We're here."

"Fine." Izuku pouts, which Tōya thinks should be illegal altogether for the simple fact that Izuku is fucking jailbait and is pushing his buttons. "I'll behave."

Tōya sighs in relief and lets his head drop back against the seat while they wait for Tsukauchi to let them out. "Believe me when I say I know how frustrating it feels, Izu, because I would love nothing more than to kick Bakugō's ass for bullying you but I can't."

"That's not the same thing, Tōya," Izuku complains, causing Tōya to lift his head and give Izuku a stern look.

"Same concept, different context, Izu," Tōya deadpans. "But if you're not satisfied with that comparison I could list everything I want to do to you once you're of age."

Izuku considers it for a moment, his face turning a bright red, then vehemently shakes his head. "There's no need for that."

"Good, now hurry up and get out." Tōya motions towards the door that Tsukauchi is holding open on Izuku's side of the vehicle, the Detective doing his best to look uninterested in their conversation.

"This must be our esteemed guests for the evening," greets them as they climb out of the vehicle, and standing there off to the side is Nedzu. "Midoriya Izuku and Todoroki Tōya?" Sharp black eyes scrutinize them for a few seconds and then Nedzu gives them a smile that has warning bells going off in the back of Tōya's mind. "Right this way, please."

"Thank you for letting us come, Nedzu-san," Tsukauchi says as they follow Nedzu up to the gates.

"I couldn't very well turn down a matter that involves All Might, Detective, though I am curious as to why one of my staff is being included." Nedzu's tone is amicable enough but the warning bells going off in Tōya's head only get louder.

"I'm certain that you've already deduced why, Nedzu-san," Izuku says with the same sort of smile and tone, making Nedzu pause and give Izuku a look of consideration. "And the answer will be yes."

Tōya blinks in surprise at that last bit, not knowing what it's about, but he doesn't ask. Now isn't the time for questions when they're still out in the open.

"Wonderful, Midoriya-san!" Nedzu resumes leading them onto U.A.'s grounds where they're met with the sight of a tired-looking Eraserhead, a somewhat anxious All Might, and a stone-faced Sir Nighteye waiting at the school's entrance. "Everyone's here! Good!"

"What is this about?" Sir Nighteye looks Tōya and Izuku over like he's dissecting them where they stand, then scowls.

"All in due time, Sasaki-san." Nedzu waves all of them towards the entrance and they all file in, some looking more disgruntled than others, particularly Eraserhead and Sir Nighteye. "While I'd like to take this discussion to my office it isn't equipped to accommodate these numbers so the staff lounge will have to make do."

A large, steaming pot of tea and seven cups are waiting for them when they reach the staff lounge, which Tōya pegs as Nedzu's doing. Tōya drops onto a comfortable looking couch, Izuku taking the spot next to him, and watches as Eraserhead slumps into what must be his usual seat while Sir Nighteye seems keen on sitting as far away from All Might as possible. Tsukauchi takes a seat next to All Might and Nedzu chooses to sit in an armchair directly across from Tōya and Izuku.

"Would anyone care for some tea?" Nedzu begins pouring himself a cup and prepares one for Izuku who raises his hand. Two more cups are prepared for Tsukauchi and All Might while Tōya steals a sip from Izuku's cup, which earns them a few raised brows and a cup for Tōya.

"So, I'm Midoriya Izuku and I'm the one who requested this meeting through Detective Tsukauchi." Izuku looks around at them, his hands curled around his cup, then looks at Tōya.

"Todoroki Tōya, companion to Izuku." Tōya gets another few raised brows from the other adults and a scrutinizing look from Nedzu.

"Just to be clear, we are not romantically involved at the moment nor are we engaging in anything sexual." Izuku waits for his words to sink in, all of a few seconds really then looks directly at All Might. "We're technically mentally five years older than we appear because we come from five years in the future where I am the ninth."

All Might and Sir Nighteye sit up straighter with this information while Eraserhead looks puzzled. Tōya can't really discern Nedzu's expression but Nedzu is watching Izuku like he is the most intriguing thing ever.

"They're telling the truth," Tsukauchi confirms before All Might can even ask. "And there's more."

"All For One is still alive." All color washes out of All Might's face and then his form quite literally deflates, leaving him in the skeletal form that Tōya remembers circulating in the news for quite some time after the pro hero had fought and beaten All For One in Kamino ward.


"There's a lot involved in that answer, and a lot more that I have to explain, so I should probably start with how I became the ninth and go from there." All Might gives a tenuous nod, his permission for Izuku to divulge the secret of One For All, and so Izuku starts explaining everything.

Tōya helps Izuku by filling them in on what he can when it comes to the League of Villains, which earns Tōya a couple of dark and distrustful looks from most of the heroes throughout their explanation, at least until Tōya reveals that he had melted off half of All For One's face in the newly possessed body of Shigaraki Tomura before switching sides. By that point, Izuku's perched himself on Tōya's lap, much to the irritation of the heroes and one police officer, and he's finished all of Tōya's tea along with his own.

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