Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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"Finally!" Mei exclaims as they step into the boiler room that serves as her and Eri's living space and, more importantly, her laboratory. She rushes over to them and pulls Izuku into a tight hug before he can even open his mouth to greet her then bodily drags him over to her work desk where Eri is sitting.

"Izuku-niisan!" Eri cheers and raises her arms for Izuku to pick her up. "I've missed you!"

"Hey, Eri-chan, I missed you too," Izuku responds with a bright smile as he frees himself from Mei's hold so he can pick Eri up. He hoists her up off of the desk and easily balances her on his left hip. "I heard that you and Mei finished up the device that will let you rewind time."

"Yep!" Eri beams and wraps her arms around Izuku's neck, giving him a hug of her own. "We couldn't practice with it a lot because I had to save up my power but it does work! I can rewind time!" She chirps, drawing Izuku's attention to the horn that protrudes from the right side of her forehead. It's larger than Izuku can recall ever seeing in the time he's known her.

"I'm so proud of you, Eri-chan." She's come a long way in such a short amount of time but he wishes that she doesn't have to do this for them. After everything she's been through, she deserves to grow up doing all the things that kids normally get to do. "I promise I'll rescue you as soon as I can when you send us back, and we'll have all the candied apples we can eat, we'll have a festival just for you and we'll all have so much fun together."

"I'd like that a lot, Izuku-niisan," Eri says quietly and she hugs him again.

"I'd love to go over all of the finer points of what's going to happen but we're on a bit of a time crunch," Mei says as she picks up a black, disc-like object from her desk. It's a couple of inches thick and almost a foot across, with six handholds built into it, and Mei holds it out to Izuku.

The entire room shakes as Izuku grabs the disc by one of its handholds and then the ceiling starts disintegrating. "I found you, Midoriya," comes the voice of Shigaraki Tomura, only it isn't him. It's All For One in control of Tomura's body.

Katsuki grabs Izuku by the back of his shirt before he can react and shoves him towards Shōto with a growled, "Take Eri and that damn thing and get the fuck out of here!" He doesn't wait for a response and propels himself up through the growing hole in the ceiling in an attempt to delay All For One. "You're gonna have to get through me first, fucker."

"I'm gonna stay and help Katsuki," Eijirō declares with a look of determination in his eyes and he activates his Hardening across the entirety of his body as he goes to stand underneath the hole.

"Here! These will help you get up there!" Mei pulls a pair of boots out from under the work desk and tosses them at Eijirō, who catches them with ease. Without even missing a beat she reaches back under her work desk to pull out another pair of boots, which she starts to tug on. "You need to be holding on to the Rewinder for it to work," she explains as she reaches under the work desk again and pulls out a pair of gauntlets this time. "Eri, you need to Rewind yourself with them, okay? Gotta keep you away from old ugly up there."

"Got it!" Eri says with a fervent nod of her head and she tightens the hold that she has on Izuku's neck.

"Guess I'll stay-" Dabi starts to say only for Shōto to cut him off with a sharp, "No." He blinks in confusion as Shōto pushes Izuku towards him, the green-haired teen looking equally confused, then opens his mouth to argue. Shōto beats him to the punch.

"I've been thinking about this for a while," Shōto begins, catching Izuku's gaze first and then Dabi's. "Who goes back matters. You can do a lot more than I can if you go back, so it should be you, niisan. You, Izuku, and Eri."

"But Shōto…" Izuku's voice cracks and his vision blurs as tears start to well up in his eyes with the realization that Shōto intends to stay behind. He can't. He has to come with! Izuku-

"It has to be you three, Izuku," Shōto says softly as he reaches up to cup the side of Izuku's face with his left hand. He leans in and gently presses a kiss to Izuku's lips, effectively silencing his mind before his thoughts can spiral any further out of control. "You can do this," he whispers before he pulls away and shifts his gaze back to Dabi's. "Take care of Izuku for me, niisan."

"I will, otōto," Dabi promises and then there's a wall of ice separating them from the rest of the room. He watches Shōto through the ice for a few seconds then looks at Izuku and notices that he's trembling. Without even hesitating, he wraps an arm around Izuku and pulls him closer. "We should go," he murmurs as he reaches around to grab onto one of the handholds on the disc.

"Yeah," Izuku says half-heartedly and awkwardly wipes at his face with the crook of his right arm. "We're ready, Eri-chan," he sniffles out after a few seconds.

"Okay," Eri responds quietly then she reaches out and grabs onto the disc as well. She closes her eyes and focuses on her power and what she wants it to do. As she does so the circuit traces that cover the disc begins glowing.

Izuku feels Dabi tense up against him and looks up from the disc just in time to see the ice in front of them crumble away into nothing. Standing on the other side of it, the right half of his face heavily scarred, is All For One.

"There you are, Midoriya," All For One rasps out with a crazed smile. It falls for a second and then widens when he notices Dabi behind Izuku. "And the final traitor is here too. I'm going to enjoy this."

"Fuck you," Dabi sneers but doesn't let go of Izuku or the device. It's a good thing he doesn't because the device flashes and then they're gone.

All For One screams out his frustration.

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