Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Attend U.A.? Him? Todoroki Tōya, attend U.A.? It's- "Me?" -a step towards what he's always wanted, to be a hero. He doesn't need to surpass All Might, not anymore, but he wants to be a better hero than Todoroki Enji.

"Yes," Nedzu answers with another twitch of his whiskers, his expression nigh-unreadable. "I want you to attend U.A., Todoroki-san, as part of your rehabilitation and because you deserve a chance to prove that you can be a hero too."

It's more than tempting, an offer that Tōya is hard-pressed to refuse, but he hesitates at the word rehabilitation. He doesn't need rehabilitating, like he's some criminal, only he had been one once upon a time and so maybe it is necessary. He still doesn't like how it sounds but he shouldn't let something like this affect his decision. He'd rather ask Izuku…wait a second. "Exactly what age do you intend for Eri-chan to Rewind me to?"

"That is for you to decide, Todoroki-san." Nedzu's expression is still unreadable but his eyes glint slightly as he continues to stare at Tōya.

Tōya looks away from Nedzu and instead focuses on Izuku who is watching him with a very faint frown. "So, say if I want to start at U.A. the same time as Izuku?" He sees the instant that it clicks for Izuku, whose eyes widen with shock and surprise, and Tōya just barely suppresses a grin. "Would that be okay?"

"If that is what you want, I don't see the harm, but if Eri-chan rewinds you now-"

"You'd be in middle school with me," Izuku finishes for Nedzu, and Tōya doesn't even look the rodent's way to take in his expression. Izuku's is the only one he cares about.

"Bingo." And, oh, Tōya is on board with the idea of being rewound to a younger age now. One hundred and ten percent on board.

"We'll have to make the necessary arrangements but that shouldn't be a problem," Nedzu says but Tōya isn't really listening to him anymore.

"Would that be okay, Izuku?" Tōya asks again, this time making it obvious that the question is for Izuku to answer.

"I-," Izuku has another moment of realization, no doubt picking up on why Tōya's wanting to be able to go to middle school, and he blinks. And then Izuku grins. "Yes, of course, it's okay, Tōya."

"I want to go to Aldera Junior High with Izuku." Tōya finally returns his gaze to Nedzu, and Nedzu is still watching him with that sharp smile like he's figured Tōya's reasoning out.

"Consider it done." Nedzu's eyes gleam and Tōya isn't as unsettled by him as he had been last night.

"Are we going to do this now?" Izuku asks after a beat, and he's frowning when Tōya looks back at him. His expression is more thoughtful, however, as he seems to be considering something.

"If Eri-chan is up to it," Nedzu responds and they look over to Eri who is still being held by Eraserhead.

"I can do it," Eri confirms with a brilliant smile, and then she leans in to whisper something to Eraserhead. He quietly sets her down after a few seconds, and Eri makes her way over to Tōya.

"What about visiting your mom though?" Izuku's question comes out softly, just soft enough for only Tōya to hear, and Tōya considers it for a moment.

"I don't want her to see me like this." Tōya's confession is equally soft as he motions to the visible scars that mar his skin, and Izuku nods after a second. "And I don't want Fuyumi, Natsuo, and Shōto to see me like this."

"Then go for it now," Izuku encourages with a warm smile, and then he looks at Eri. "Go ahead, Eri-chan."

"Shouldn't we do this-" Shōta starts to says as Eri reaches out for Tōya's hand, her own glowing a gentle gold. "-somewhere more private?" he finishes a second too late because Eri has a hold of Tōya's hand and she's rewinding him.

It is an admittedly weird feeling and nothing like when Tōya had been holding on to Mei's Rewinder. There's an unexpected warmth as his age goes in reverse, and for a split second Tōya worries about forgetting everything he's been through but none of his knowledge slips away. It stays firmly in place while the warmth suffuses his skin all over, and he watches in wonder as the burns on his arms give way to snowy-white skin.

After what feels like only a second has passed, Eri lets go of his hand and she takes a step back. The horn that usually protrudes from her forehead is gone, indicating that her Quirk is tapped out for now, but Eri beams at him all the same. "All done, Tōya-niisan!"

"Wow," Izuku breathes out, and Tōya looks back at him, arching a brow at the expression Izuku is wearing. It's somewhere between amazement and…is that a blush he spots adorning Izuku's cheeks? "You, uh, wow."

Tōya finds himself grinning at Izuku's stellar articulation and, finally, after so long of not being able to fully feel the pull on his muscles with something as simple as a smile, he realizes that he can feel it. Tōya also belatedly realizes that he's a few inches shorter now, just about the same height as Izuku, but it doesn't bother him at all. "You okay there, Izuku?"

Izuku's blush becomes more prominent but he doesn't break eye contact with Tōya. No, he seems to steel himself, his mouth curving into a beatific smile. "Yeah, I'm good." And then his gaze strays up towards Tōya's hair. "And you don't have to worry about washing that dye out anymore."

Tōya blinks a couple of times at Izuku's observation then reaches up and tugs a lock of pure white hair into view. At least it isn't Enji's damnable red hair, and there's no hope of it regaining that color. The white is more suitable for him and his body because it reminds him of his mother. "I'm ready to give that statement now, Detective."

"We'll have to go to the station for that," Tsukauchi explains after a moment, apparently needing the time to recover from the shock of watching Eri's Quirk in action.

"That's fine," Tōya concedes then looks at Izuku and Eri. "Can they come with?"

"They can come to the station but they can't sit in on the interview I'll have to conduct," Tsukauchi answers with a tentative smile.

"That's fine." Just having them nearby for this will be one less thing Tōya has to worry about. He can worry about him and Izuku being away from Eri when they have to go to school later.

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