Breaking Time

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They don't even wait for signs of any response to the green flare—and there's only one blue flare to their east that goes off thirty seconds after theirs—before they book it out of the alleyway. Katsuki and Shōto take the lead while Izuku maintains the rear with Dabi, the blue flame wielder close enough that Izuku can feel the heat radiating off of him. Up ahead, flames start sprouting from Shōto's left arm and Eijirō is hardening his upper body while Katsuki flexes his hands as they pelt towards the Nōmu between them and their goal.

Shōto unleashes a wave of ice that freezes the Nōmu's lower half before it has a chance to notice them and then Katsuki launches himself up at its head. He dodges the swing of its arms with a well-placed explosion and pulls the pin on his right gauntlet in its face at point-blank range just as Eijirō vaults off of Shōto to launch himself at its midsection. The Nōmu sways slightly at the impacts but it doesn't go down. Instead, it roars and tries to grab Eijirō and swing at Katsuki again at the same time.

Katsuki propels himself over its arms and behind it where he pulls the pin to his left gauntlet, aiming directly for the Nōmu's exposed brain. It staggers forwards, breaking through the ice encasing its legs before it starts to collapse.

Eijirō tries to leap away from the Nōmu only to get caught in one of its meaty hands as its body jerks and its head begins regenerating. He hardens the rest of his body just as it clasps another hand around him and attempts to crush him.

Izuku activates Full Cowling at sixty-five percent and loops his arm around Dabi's waist as Shōto glides around the Nōmu on the ice still covering the street and freezes up its legs once more, this time making the buildup even thicker than before. In the next second, they're flying at the Nōmu, and Izuku slings Dabi up at its head while he aims for its gut. He turns midair and drives his foot into its abdomen, forcing it to drop Eijirō while bright blue flames wreathe its newly reformed head.

Eijirō lands heavily at the Nōmu's feet, the ice cracking from the impact, and he rolls away from the Nōmu just in time for Shōto to add several more layers of ice. He climbs to his feet and looks up to find Izuku restraining the Nōmu's arms with Blackwhip while Dabi works on reducing its head to ashes. It takes one full minute—precious time that they don't have—for the Nōmu's Super Regeneration to give up and for it to slump over, finally dead.

Izuku lets go of the Nōmu's arms and catches Dabi from the air with a tendril of Blackwhip then picks up the rest of his group with the Quirk. He takes off with them right as a shriek sounds from high above them, another Nōmu—possibly the one that had flown overhead earlier—come to join the fray. They don't have any more time to waste on it and their destination is right in front of them.

Izuku all but rockets them into the Tokyo Metro Lines, an abandoned labyrinth of tunnels that have become their only hope for survival—their only hope for fixing this absolute nightmare that is their lives. Mei and Eri are holed up down here—have been down here working on the solution for the last ten and a half months.

He navigates them through the twists and turns of the tunnels at breakneck speeds—hopefully making up for the lost time because he's certain that All For One is heading for them—following the trail of lights that Mei had set up for them just for this instance. By the time the trail ends—at a doorway in the Underground Mall of Shibuya Station—he's almost dizzy.

"I think I'm gonna throw up," Dabi mutters from behind him as he deactivates Blackwhip.

"I think I did throw up," Shōto admits from his left.

Katsuki snorts from somewhere to his right then walks over to the door. "We need to keep moving. Stick to the rear of the group if you're gonna hurl," he says as he yanks the door open. He doesn't wait for a response from the rest of them and enters a narrow hallway that leads further underground.

"Just take it easy," Eijirō advises with a kind smile before he follows Katsuki into the hallway.

"Sorry about that," Izuku says sheepishly as he turns to examine Dabi and Shōto. They still look a little queasy but Dabi waves the apology off.

"We didn't have a choice," he huffs out as he leans against a wall and digs in his pockets for some of the ginger chews he keeps on hand for his motion sickness. "Better to deal with this than All For One and the Nōmu." He pulls two out and tosses one to Shōto before he unwraps his own and pops it into his mouth.

"Thank you, niisan," Shōto says softly as he snags the chew out of the air. In one deft motion, he unwraps it and pops it into his mouth, his nausea ebbing away as he chews on it.

"No need to thank me, otōto," Dabi responds with a dismissive wave of his hand then pushes off of the wall, looking somewhat better than he did a few seconds ago. "Let's go before Bakugō decides we're taking too long."

Izuku nods and leads them into the hallway—Dabi pulling the door firmly shut behind them—which is very dimly lit. He can barely make out Katsuki and Eijirō ahead of them, the two having stopped about fifteen feet away from the doorway to wait for them.

Katsuki scowls at the three of them for a few seconds then turns around with a sharp huff to continue leading all of them down the hallway.

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