Breaking Time

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Tōya can't believe the audacity of these so-called heroes! All Might at least has the excuse that he'd been waiting in the room so he could talk with Izuku but there are no excuses for the rest of them. He glowers at Nedzu in particular, who is bearing the brunt of a glare from Izuku as well, then turns his attention to the incoming track. It's painful to just sit around and wait—they had arrived at Musutafu Station nearly an hour ago—but this is their best chance to intercept Eri.

"I hate this," Izuku grumbles and then leans into Tōya's side. He isn't fairing any better from what Tōya can tell. "What if Overhaul is looking for her?"

"Then we'll do what we do best," Tōya says meaningfully with another glare at Nedzu. "We'll kill the fucker before he can put his hands on Eri-chan ever again." He shifts his glare along the gathered heroes, daring them to object to his declaration, then wraps his arm around Izuku.

"And if Overhaul hasn't done anything to warrant it yet?" Nedzu asks from Eraserhead's shoulder.

"And what about the next villain like Overhaul? Do we kill them too? Is it even justified? Do we start killing people with dangerous Quirks for fear that they might become villains?" Sir Nighteye asks as he stands up straighter and dares to return Tōya's glare.

"Even if Overhaul hasn't done anything to warrant being killed yet he will do something to warrant it down the road," Tōya grits out as he shifts his focus to Nedzu and outright ignores Sir Nighteye.

"Then cut his hands off and he won't be a problem ever again," Eraserhead suggests, giving Tōya a knowing look and of course Eraserhead is going there. It's the smart solution in dealing with Overhaul, removing his ability to use his Quirk completely, but Tōya doesn't care about the smart solution right now and he's certain that Izuku doesn't either.

"Slicing things off ain't my style and, besides, that was to keep him from disintegrating completely," Tōya reminds Eraserhead while Izuku shifts slightly against his side. "But if it's such an issue with your notions of what is right and wrong then go ahead and cut off his hands."

"People like Overhaul and Sensei deserve to be killed," Izuku says sharply as he finally weighs in on the topic and all of the heroes look towards him. "But that should not be the measure in all cases of villainy and criminalism because of how slippery that slope is," he adds, likely in response to Sir Nighteye's questions.

"As extreme as it may be, Young Midoriya and Todoroki-san are correct," All Might says softly, garnering looks of surprise from the other heroes save for Nedzu, who is staring at Izuku intently. All might is in his deflated form, so maybe it's better to refer to him as Toshinori instead. "Their situation is proof that we should reconsider our laws and how we handle villains like Overhaul and…Sensei." Toshinori seems to choke on the moniker for All For One, his distaste at referring to the villain in such a manner evident.

"Among other things," Tōya adds meaningfully as he stares at Toshinori in particular.

"Indeed," Toshinori agrees solemnly.

A strained silence looms over them as the conversation comes to a close, whether because it's uncomfortable for the heroes to be discussing or because they don't have anything else to say, and they go back to waiting for the train. They don't wait too much longer, maybe fifteen minutes before they can hear the train approaching the station. Izuku stands up and takes a few steps away from the bench, his gaze firmly fixed on the point where the train will appear.

Tōya follows suit and shoves his hands into his pockets, his gaze flitting over the heroes before he focuses on the tracks. The train appears a moment later and it doesn't seem to come to a stop fast enough for Izuku, who starts to pace back and forth behind the lines of people making their daily commute and waiting to board the train. Tōya is of half a mind to join him in the restless pacing but one of them needs to keep a level head.

Sure, they should be able to count on the heroes that are essentially chaperoning them right now—which is a joke because Tōya is a fucking adult and doesn't need a chaperone—but their lackluster decision-making in this circumstance is making it hard for Tōya to want to count on them. Toshinori is the only one exempt from being lumped in with them for reasons already covered and because he's been just as horrified by the stupidity of no one going to meet up with Eri sooner.

They don't have to wait anymore, thankfully, because the train comes to a stop and the passengers are let off before the lines of people waiting to start boarding. Izuku goes completely still and watches the legs of the crowds like a hawk for all of five seconds and then he's off like a bolt. "Eri!"

She's much smaller than Tōya remembers—she's three after all—and her hair is shorter, but he'd recognize her anywhere. Eri darts by several commuters who stop and look around because of Izuku's shout, and she goes straight for Izuku. "Izuku-niisan!"

Izuku drops to his knees without any hesitation and gathers Eri up into his arms, and Tōya instinctively moves closer, closing the gap between what is left of his unit to defend them should he need to. There's no sign of Overhaul or any of the lackeys he'd had with him when he had tried to bring the League under his heel but they can't be too careful.

"I'm sorry, Izuku-niisan! I know you said you were going to come and rescue me but when I saw…I couldn't go through that again and I-I used my Quirk on him to make him disappear!" Eri bawls out as she clings to Izuku and Tōya stops scanning the crowd for the danger that apparently isn't coming to watch the two of them.

"You did the right thing, Eri-chan," Izuku says firmly and he stands up, balancing Eri on his hip like it's nothing.

"You certainly did, kiddo," Tōya echoes and Eri's gaze snaps to him.

"Dabi-niisan!" A smile breaks out on Eri's face at the sight of him, marred only by the tears trickling down her cheeks, and Tōya returns the smile with a small one of his own.

"Call me Tōya, Eri-chan," Tōya corrects her gently.

"Okay, Tōya-niisan!" Tōya's heart aches a little at Eri's response and he hopes to make amends with his mother and his siblings soon.

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