Breaking Time

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Shōto is admittedly confused as to why Aizawa Shōta is taking over Izuku's first year Junior High School class when he should be at U.A. teaching but he accepts it anyway, knowing that Tōya and Izuku will explain everything to him after school. And isn't this strange? Him attending Junior High School not only with Izuku but Tōya as well, and he wonders if Eri has anything to do with Tōya looking their age. It doesn't change the fact that Tōya is his nii-san though, and he doesn't dare to even think of calling him anything but that.

"Todoroki Shōto, take the seat to the right of Midoriya," Shōta calls out to him, pulling him from his thoughts, and Shōto scans the classroom to find where Izuku is sitting, which happens to be at the back of the classroom.

Shōto makes his way to the back of the classroom to take his assigned seat, feeling slightly like the odd one out because he's the only person not wearing a school uniform. Izuku beams at him, though, and he returns the infectious smile as he takes the seat next to Izuku.

"Todoroki Tōya, you have the seat to Midoriya's left," Shōta calls out, and it's no surprise that he's purposefully seated them on either side of Izuku, leaving Shōto to wonder at just how much Shōta knows.

Watching as Tōya saunters to the back of the classroom to join them, his mouth curving into a smirk of smug satisfaction, Shōto decides it's best to not worry about that either. Instead, he starts to scan the students, children compared to the three of them, around them and he makes a note of all of the ones that look their way. He makes special note of the ones that shoot Izuku nasty looks, suspecting that they'll lash out on the misguided notion that this is somehow his fault.

Even if Izuku might have something to do with Shōta being here, it wouldn't be necessary if they didn't bully Izuku. If anyone is truly to blame, though, then they need to blame Katsuki for being the main source of the bullying that has brought this upon them. It seems like it's too much to expect of these children though, for now at least.

"Okay, now that we've got the seating arrangement settled go get changed into your gym clothes and meet me at the gym," Shōta drawls out with an all too familiar manic grin. "As for our new students-" His gaze lands on Shōto and then shifts in Tōya's direction, and he produces two sets of gym uniforms from the bright yellow sleeping bag that is now tucked behind his desk. "-I have your gym uniforms right here."

There's a sullen air to the room as the rest of the students get up and slowly file out to go to the gym and the changing rooms. Izuku stays behind while Shōto and Tōya collect their respective uniforms from Shōta, who gives Shōto a rather scrutinizing look.

"It's good to see you again, Aizawa-sensei," Shōto says with a slight curve to his mouth as he takes the uniform from Shōta.

Shōta sighs, the sound drawn out and suffering, and then he looks at Izuku, who is over by the doorway. "Explain," he orders curtly.

"I think there was a smaller prototype of some sort that was used for testing but I don't really know beyond that," Izuku tentatively answers, his gaze flicking towards Shōto and then to Tōya before it fully settles on Shōta. "Eri-chan should know more about it so I can ask her if there were any more."

"That would be for the best," Shōta says after a beat, though he looks uncomfortable with his own response. His expression smooths out, becoming neutral, in the blink of an eye, and then he motions to the door. "Now go and get changed for gym."

Shōto quietly tucks his uniform under his arm and follows Izuku out into the hallway with Tōya right behind him. "So, why is Aizawa-sensei here and not at U.A.?" he asks as Izuku leads him and Tōya down to the first floor where the gym and changing rooms are.

"It seems to be part of Nedzu's solution to dealing with all of the bullying I had experienced here the first time around," Izuku answers in a low voice, and he glances at them over his shoulder. "Which Aizawa-sensei didn't seem to be expecting at all considering he promised Eri-chan he would visit her while we are in school."

"And where is Eri-chan now?" Shōto quietly asks as they reach the doors that lead into the gym.

"She's with my mom," Izuku responds in an equally hushed voice, his hand hovering just a few inches away from the door in preparation to open it. "Any more questions will have to wait until after school is over," he adds sternly before he opens the door.

Shōto nods then looks into the gym where the rest of the class is already changed and waiting, all except Katsuki who is nowhere to be seen. Why becomes apparent when they step into the changing room, where they find him waiting, leaning up against one of the lockers with his arms crossed over his chest. He looks up at the sound of their footsteps and a dark scowl steals over his face at the sight of them.

"Too scared to go anywhere without your new bodyguards, Deku?" Katsuki sneers out, hatred in his voice and in his expression as he focuses solely on Izuku. He unfolds his arms and pushes away from the locker, his hands flexing as if he's preparing to use his Quirk.

"First off, Katsuki, my name is Izuku," Izuku says in a firm and even tone as he straightens up to his full height and squares his shoulders. "And believe it or not, Tōya and Shōto are my friends, true friends, unlike you who has done nothing but bully me since we were four."

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