Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Aldera Junior High looks normal at first glance but Tōya knows better than to be deceived by the plain façade and the smiling staff members that greet him. He can see the disgust in their eyes when they turn their gazes to Izuku, who is at his side, poorly hidden behind the smiles that become forced. It is only Izuku's third day in his first year here and they are already treating him like he is something to turn their noses up at, and all because he doesn't have a quirk.

Tōya is about to consider what he can get away with when Izuku isn't paying attention to him, consequences be damned, when a very familiar face walks into the Faculty Office. Scratch that, three familiar faces walk in, and Tōya can't help but gawk at the sight of Fuyumi and Shōto following Aizawa Shōta into the Faculty Office. He knows that he's only starting at Aldera Junior High today because Nedzu had his enrollment expedited but Fuyumi had only applied to have Shōto enrolled last night and it usually takes more time for an enrollment to be processed. The only plausible explanation is that Nedzu found out and has gotten himself involved in Shōto's enrollment as well, which he honestly doesn't mind. And then he remembers Izuku is standing next to him.

Izuku looks like he's on the verge of tears and Tōya automatically grabs hold of his hand to give it a gentle and firm squeeze to help ground him. He squeezes back a few seconds later, faintly, and then he gives Tōya a weak smile of gratitude. "Thanks," he says quietly, his voice wavering a little.

"Oh! Tōya-nii! Otōto!" Fuyumi calls out to them and then proceeds to guide Shōto, who looks rather bewildered and very surprised to see Tōya, over to them. "I wasn't expecting Shōto's application to be processed so quickly but the school called us this morning to let us know that he starts today."

"That would be Principal Nedzu's doing," Shōta explains tiredly as he looks all of them over, and he gives Tōya and Izuku a more pointed look when his gaze lands on them.

"Principal Nedzu?" Fuyumi frowns in thought then gives a slight shake of her head. "There isn't a Nedzu at this school."

"Nedzu is the Principal of U.A.," a new voice calls out from the opposite end of the Faculty Office, and a thin, sallow-looking man with a greasy smile steps out from the door labeled Principal. "I am Yoshida Dakatsu, the Principal of Aldera Junior High," he continues, rubbing his hands together as he approaches them. "And you two must be our new students." His smile widens as he looks from Tōya to Shōto, and he almost reminds Tōya of a snake. "It's wonderful to have such a prestigious name as-"

"I'm going to stop you right there because you were warned against bringing up their family name and if you try to use their family name to boost this school's reputation this school will promptly be shut down and you will have legal action brought against you," Shōta interrupts before Tōya can react in anger, and Shōta gives Tōya a stern look before he glares at Yoshida.

Yoshida winces at the reminder and his smile becomes forced as he focuses on Shōta. "Ah, yes, forgive me. I was merely excited. You must be-"

"Aizawa Shōta, and I'll be overseeing their class for the next three years here," Shōta answers, motioning to Tōya, Izuku, and Shōto. "And if you have any complaints about that be sure to forward all of them to Nedzu."

Yoshida pales and his smile vanishes as he gives a faint nod. "R-right. I'll keep that in mind."

"You do that." Shōta turns away from the Principal and turns his attention to Izuku, who looks rather amused by the turn of events. "Where's your class, Midoriya?"

"Uh, about that-" Yoshida starts to interrupt but he withers under Shōta's glare and falls silent.

"Part of the agreements for their enrollments is that they are in the same class as Midoriya Izuku or are you telling me that they've been placed elsewhere?" Shōta's expression darkens as he stares Yoshida down, and Yoshida nervously wrings his hands together.

"Well, I am aware of that but we here at Aldera Junior High are concerned that he'll just be a distraction-"

Tōya starts to move before the Principal can finish expressing his concerns, the temperature around him spiking sharply, but Izuku keeps a firm hold of his hand and Shōta glowers at him, his Quirk activated to keep Tōya from using his own. "I wasn't going to-"

"Do anything except go to class, Todoroki-san." Shōta's tone is calm and his voice is even as he speaks, and he glares at Tōya a little longer. "I will be there shortly after I finish talking with Principal Yoshida."

"Fine," Tōya all but hisses out and he lets Izuku drag him out of the Faculty Office and into the hallway. Fuyumi and Shōto follow after them, and both of them are staring at him. He doesn't care to figure out the looks that they're giving him and instead he focuses on Izuku. "I know that Nedzu is handling the staff and I know that I said I would let him handle the staff but I want nothing more than to turn them into ashes right now."

"Tōya!" Fuyumi sounds rather scandalized as she picks up on what he is saying but Tōya pointedly ignores her and he waits for Izuku to respond.

"I get that it's upsetting but they're not worth it, Tōya," Izuku says softly and he offers him a weak smile. "Besides, they tend to ignore me more often than not."

Tōya gives a hard shake of his head and brings his free hand up to brush his knuckles along Izuku's jaw. "That still doesn't make what they're doing okay, saiai."

"Okay, I'm going to ignore the fact that you just said you wanted to murder someone, and instead I'm going to ask what in the hell is going on." Fuyumi stands with her hands on her hips, and Shōto is beside her, his mouth drawn into a frown as he stares at Izuku.

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