Breaking Time

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Tōya knows that it is an incredibly bad idea to curl up with Izuku on his bed—Izuku's physically twelve after all and just doing so could land him with quite a few unsavory charges if someone gets the wrong idea—but old habits die hard. It doesn't help that Izuku has his shirt and his coat in a death grip, so he curls up with Izuku on his bed and falls asleep. Whatever happens, as a result, is going to happen and they'll deal with it because this is the best damn sleep he's had in a long while, and it's been longer for Izuku.

So, when a high-pitched shriek wakes them up several hours later—the both of them bolting upright and prepared to kill the intruder before they realize it's Izuku's mother—he doesn't regret it. Not even as the frantically crying woman calls the police. He extinguishes the flames dancing on his fingertips and opts to lay back down instead, his arm curling around Izuku to pull the boy back down with him.

Izuku doesn't fight him, not even a little, and snuggles into him with a soft sigh. "There's no point in trying to talk sense into her right now, and it's not like we can call the police ourselves and go: Hey, I know this sounds really, really bad, officers but we were literally just sleeping in the same bed. With our clothes on. Nothing illicit going on here."

"Who do you think they'll send to come to rescue you from me?" Tōya asks as he closes his eyes to rest them for however long it will take the police to arrive.

"I hope they send Detective Tsukauchi because he knows about All Might and One For All but considering you were seconds away from burning my mom to a crisp and she probably told them you have a fire-based Quirk, they might send Midnight to handle what they think is a hostage situation," Izuku answers in a low voice even though his mother is in the living room, alternating between wails of how her precious boy is being corrupted by a villain and talking to the police operator on the phone. "I'd prefer they send Eraserhead but he's an underground hero."

Tōya hums faintly in consideration and after a moment cracks open his eyes to look at Izuku. "So, Izu, have I corrupted you?"

"I dunno, Tōya, have you corrupted me?" Izuku counters with a playful smile, prompting Tōya to chuckle.

"Brat," Tōya huffs out affectionately and brings his hand up to ruffle Izuku's hair.

"What if I want you to corrupt me?" Izuku asks and for a few seconds, Tōya thinks he's not serious but the playful smile is gone, and, oh shit, he's serious.

"Izuku, I can't," Tōya says immediately, hand frozen in Izuku's hair while his mind races as he tries to figure out where this is coming from. Izuku must be upset over what Shōto did by sacrificing himself so that they could make it and so he's attaching himself to Tōya. It doesn't help that he likes the kid enough to want to take him up on that offer—when he's older, of course—but he doesn't want to be some sort of replacement. The thought hurts something fierce and he doesn't know if he'll be able to handle it if that's the case.

"We can wait until I'm older if that's the problem," Izuku says slowly with a frown, his gaze searching Tōya's. "Or is this because of Shōto? Because if it's about Shōto, he was the one who noticed that I was interested in you before I even realized it, which was last week, and he said that I should talk to you about it but there wasn't a good time to, and-mmph!"

Tōya covers Izuku's mouth with his hand because it is the safest option he has, and sighs in relief. "I believe you," he states quietly before he shifts his hand back to Izuku's hair.


"When you're sixteen," Tōya says firmly just before Izuku's bedroom door swings open and the overhead light comes on.

"That was fast," Izuku comments mildly as he props himself up to look at his doorway. "Can we talk this out peacefully, Midnight-san?"

"We can," Midnight confirms after a long moment of silence. "Under the condition that the gentleman removes himself from your bed."

"I'll let you put me in Quirk suppression cuffs," Tōya offers as he shifts enough to look at Midnight over his shoulder.

"Well now, I like the sound of that! Sit up slowly and put your hands together for me!" Midnight orders and waits for Tōya to follow her instructions before she approaches him. She frowns slightly at the scarring on his arms and carefully secures him in the Quirk suppression cuffs that she pulls off of her belt.

"Is Detective Tsukauchi on his way?" Izuku asks as he also sits up.

"He is indeed on the way," Midnight admits with a frown as she looks between the two of them now that she has the situation under control. "He'll get this cleared up in a jiffy."

"That's what we're hoping for," Izuku says with a smile and Midnight's frown deepens.

"What were the two of you really doing?" There's a fair amount of suspicion in her voice like she's starting to doubt the reason why she is here.

"Sleeping," Tōya answers impassively when Midnight looks at him.

"Huh," a voice says from the doorway, drawing their attention to a man whom Tōya assumes is the Detective. "Nothing untoward?"

"No, I decided to wait until Izuku is sixteen," Tōya says as he stares Tsukauchi down.

"I see." Tsukauchi gives him a pleasant enough smile then pulls out a little notebook and pen. "And you are?"

"Todoroki Tōya." Tsukauchi freezes at Tōya's answer, pen hovering over his notebook while his face turns ashen. "Yes, that Todoroki Tōya," he clarifies and Tsukauchi snaps his notebook shut.

"Remove the cuffs, Midnight," Tsukauchi orders in a strained voice, and Midnight arches a brow at him but moves to unlock the Quirk suppressant cuffs.

"Detective Tsukauchi, we need to speak to Yagi Toshinori," Izuku pipes up and Tsukauchi stiffens oddly at the request.

"I can take it from here, Midnight," Tsukauchi says right as a cat-headed man appears behind him in the doorway.

"Endeavor is outside demanding to be told about the situation," the cat-headed man reports, his gaze flitting from Tōya to Izuku before it settles on Tsukauchi.

"Fucking great," Tōya mutters under his breath while Izuku tenses beside him. "I don't want to see him right now," he says a bit louder, prompting Tsukauchi to sigh wearily.

"Midnight, Sansa, please go handle Endeavor. No details," Tsukauchi orders as he pinches the bridge of his nose. He waits for them to leave and closes the door behind them before he focuses on Izuku and Tōya. "You first," he says, pointing at Izuku.

"We're from five years in the future where I was the ninth wielder of One For All," Izuku states as plainly as possible. "And All For One is still alive."

"Let me make a phone call," Tsukauchi says weakly after he processes the information and he looks positively ill.

"Actually, I need you to call a few more people," Izuku says with an apologetic smile.

"Okay," Tsukauchi acknowledges without questioning Izuku. "We'll need to go somewhere more secure."

"U.A. is pretty secure," Izuku says after a moment of consideration. "And Principal Nedzu is one of the people I would like to be present. Aizawa Shōta, Sasaki Mirai, and yourself are to be included as well."

Tsukauchi nods faintly at each name that Izuku lists then pulls out his phone to start making the necessary calls. "If you two will come with me," he says and turns around to open the door, coming face to face with Izuku's mother.

"What's going on, Detective?" the woman asks as she wrings her hands together. "Is my baby okay?"

"Your son is fine, Midoriya-san, but he and his companion need to come with me. It is a matter of national security so, no, you cannot attend," Tsukauchi explains as gently as he can.

"But Izuku's only twelve!" Izuku's mother argues then shifts her gaze to Tōya. "What did you drag my baby into?!"

"Mom! He didn't drag me into anything!" Izuku says sharply as he climbs off of the bed. He crosses the room to stand in front of his mother and looks her dead in the eyes. "I love you very much but I have to go without you."

"You can't go without my permission!"

"Your permission is not necessary for this instance, Midoriya-san," Tsukauchi cuts in wearily before Izuku can respond. "Matters of national security supersede parental rights and if you try to keep your son from going you will not like the consequences."


"It'll be okay, mom," Izuku says softly in an effort to comfort his mother and he hugs her.

Tōya watches as she returns the hug, tears welling up in her eyes, and is suddenly hit with the longing to see his own mother. He'll have to visit with her when he has time and make amends, hopefully before he has to confront his father.

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