Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Izuku tries to not think about whatever Nedzu decided to tell his mother in regards to their situation, if only because dwelling on the possibilities will make his thoughts spiral out of control, so he tries to distract himself by tracing circles on Tōya's arm again. It doesn't help to distract him as much as it occupies him, and Tōya doesn't seem to mind it any, so Izuku pretends to not worry about what all his mother knows for the ride home. It doesn't quite hit him until they're standing in front of the door to his-their apartment and Toshinori is ringing the doorbell.

"It's going to be fine, Izuku," Tōya whispers, his presence a light and comforting pressure against Izuku's side. "Just breathe."

Izuku gives Tōya a shallow nod and exhales shakily before he forces himself to breathe in slowly. The door swings open on his next exhale and his mother, her eyes red and puffy from crying, stands there. She takes one look at Yagi, blinking a little in confusion at his presence before her gaze lands on the rest of them and it zeroes in on Izuku. "Hey, mom," he manages to get out weakly.

"Oh, Izuku, why didn't you tell me you were still being bullied?" Inko pushes past Toshinori, who thankfully moves aside to give her room, and she pulls Izuku into a hug. "That nice gentleman, Nedzu-san, told me all about it, and about your friend who helped you out yesterday. If I had known that he was hiding out from his abusive hero parent I wouldn't have called the police! I would have understood, Izuku, but you need to tell me these kinds of things from now on, instead of letting me find out like this!"

Izuku's mind races as he processes what he's picking up from his mother's rambling and once he fits everything together for their cover provided by Nedzu, he gently eases out of the hug a bit so he can look Inko in the eye. "I'm really sorry I didn't come to you with any of this, mom, but I didn't know who I could turn to with it. I promise I won't keep anything else like it from you, and I'll tell you if I have any more problems at school." It's not a lie, not really, and he does intend to keep the half of the promise to tell her about him having any more problems at school, so that isn't a lie either.

"Good," Inko says rather firmly, and then she looks from Izuku to Tōya and Eri. "You must be Izuku's friend. Nedzu-san told me that there was an incident with a time Quirk of some sort and that you would look different. I'm so very sorry for putting you at risk like that."

"We're sorry for the confusion and the fallout, Midoriya-san," Tōya says politely and with a half bow. "I am Todoroki Tōya and my father is the number two ranked hero Endeavor."

Inko's face becomes ashen with the reveal of Tōya's father, making it obvious that Nedzu had left out some details, and she gently places a hand on Tōya's shoulder. "Please, that's not necessary, uh…"

"Just Tōya will do until we can get my mom out of the hospital and she can get divorced from my father," Tōya answers with a faint smile as he comes out of the bow.

"Okay, Tōya-san." Inko musters a weak smile of her own and withdraws her hand. "I promise to take care of you until your mother is once again able to, and I hope that I can meet her so I can thank her for raising such a kind-hearted young man. And, also, thank you for helping Izuku out. It means a lot to me."

"You can come with us when we go visit her again, Midoriya-san," Tōya offers, his expression twisting just a little with Inko calling him kind-hearted, and Izuku has to refrain from laughing. "She'd probably like to meet you as well, seeing as Izuku helped me out quite a bit too."

"I'd love that," Inko says sincerely, and then she focuses on Eri. "And you must be Eri-chan."

Eri partially hides behind Tōya and bashfully peers at Inko, and Toshinori chooses to clear his throat to draw Inko's attention to him. "Eri-chan also comes from a terrible home situation, Midoriya-san. She's become quite attached to Young Midoriya and Tōya-san, and we didn't want to separate her from them."

"Nedzu-san said as much," Inko confirms and she finally looks up at Toshinori. "Thank you for bringing them home…?"

"Yagi Toshinori," Toshinori says slowly as he stares at Inko with something akin to recognition and shock. In fact, he almost looks like he's seen a ghost.

"Ah, yes! Nedzu-san spoke quite highly of you, Yagi-san. Why don't we all head inside so we can discuss you mentoring Izuku?" Inko motions for all of them to enter the apartment with a fuller smile. "Boys, go get cleaned up first and then have some of the katsudon I made," she instructs in a kind but firm tone.

"Okay, mom," Izuku agrees then turns and kneels so that he's at eye level with Eri. "My mom is really nice, Eri-chan, so you can trust her," he tells her in a low voice, and she nods after a couple of seconds. "We'll see you after we get cleaned up."

"Okay, Izuku-niisan!" Eri comes out from behind Tōya and approaches Inko, who shifts her focus down to her with a small smile. "Hello!"

"Hello to you too, Eri-chan," Inko says warmly and takes the hand that Eri offers to her. "Let's get you something to eat!"

Izuku stands back up with a smile as he watches his mother, Eri, and Toshinori head inside first. "That went a lot better than I thought it would," he says quietly and Tōya hums faintly in response. "So, I guess I should officially welcome you to my home, which is now yours too for the foreseeable future."

"Tadaima," Tōya murmurs as he crosses over the threshold.

"Okaeri," Izuku responds warmly, even though he's technically returning home too, and he follows Tōya inside.

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