Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Izuku half expects everything to go in reverse but instead, it's more of a blink and then he's standing in his old bedroom—All Might merchandise smiling at him from nearly every angle—and he's very much alone. For a moment, he wonders if it had all been some terrible dream but then his right hand aches—more specifically his palm and the meat of his fingers—and it feels more like a burn does than if he'd broken it.

Angry red lines are etched into his skin from where he'd been holding on to Mei's Rewinder, and they're all the proof he needs to know that it had all been real. He's really in the past and…Shōto—his Shōto—isn't here with him.

The realization hits Izuku hard and his knees give out, sending him to the floor as a sob tears its way from his throat. He curls in on himself and draws his knees to his chest while hot tears streak down his cheeks and he continues to sob, unaware of the heavy footsteps that race into his bedroom.

Something heavy drops to the floor beside him and then warm arms wrap around him. He's pulled onto someone's lap—Dabi's, he realizes a few seconds later as the man's familiar voice reaches his ears but he can't make sense of the words just yet. It takes Izuku several minutes to calm down enough that he can understand Dabi, who is now softly singing as he cards his fingers through Izuku's hair, and he uncurls just enough to look up at him.

Dabi stops singing with the movement from Izuku and looks down at him, traces of concern in his eyes. "You okay now, Izuku?" He looks like he wants to say more but he leaves it with just that question while he adjusts his hold on Izuku.

"Not really, Dabi," Izuku admits then rubs at his face to dry it, missing the way that Dabi blinks at him in confusion.

"I didn't-Izuku, do you remember me?" The oddness of that question has Izuku dropping his arm and looking at Dabi, and he sees a great deal of desperation in his gaze along with a smidgen of hope.

"Yes, of course, I remember you, Dabi. Why wouldn't I?" Izuku asks, prompting a sigh of relief from Dabi.

"Because you didn't remember who I was when I found you twenty minutes ago and I thought that something had gone wrong when Eri-chan rewound time for us," Dabi explains, at which Izuku frowns.

"So it worked but we didn't come back at the same time, meaning there's a slight time differential for when we remember," Izuku posits as he lifts his right hand to look at the lines there.

"I'm guessing the marks have something to do with it?" Dabi asks and offers up his marked hand for Izuku to see.

"Maybe," Izuku answers, continuing to frown. "Did I have these on my hand twenty minutes ago?"

"I was more concerned about the stammering mess you were than to ask if you had lines burned into your hand," Dabi deadpans as he gives Izuku a very pointed look. "And that you're currently Quirkless and being bullied by Katsuki."

Izuku opens his mouth then promptly snaps it shut, unable to come up with a response. Yes, Katsuki had bullied him and, yes, he was Quirkless. "How far back did we get sent?" he finally asks because it does matter.

"Five years," comes Dabi's reply, and Izuku sighs in defeat.

"What I'm about to tell you cannot be repeated, Dabi," Izuku starts then waits for Dabi to give him a nod or something.

"Tōya," Dabi corrects, making Izuku blink up at him. "Just call me Tōya."

Izuku blinks again then smiles faintly. "Okay, Tōya, promise me that you won't repeat what I'm about to tell you."

"I promise, Izuku," Tōya says without any hesitation.

Izuku nods in acknowledgment then thinks about where to start his explanation. It's probably best that he starts at the beginning but for that… "How much do you know about All For One and his Quirk?"

"The guy that took over Shigaraki's body? Only what you told me when I had joined up with you," Tōya answers with a frown as he thinks back to that conversation. "What does his Quirk have to do with yours?"

"It has everything to do with my Quirk because he created it," Izuku says softly as he drops his gaze back to his burned hand. "He had a younger brother who he had thought was Quirkless and so he used All For One to force a stockpiling Quirk on him. What he didn't know is that his brother did have a Quirk, one that allowed for his Quirk to be transferred. The two Quirks merged and became what is called One For All."

Izuku looks back up at Tōya to find that he's watching him, head slightly tilted to one side as he listens intently. "The brother eventually figured it out and when he couldn't defeat All For One he passed on his Quirk in hope that it could be cultivated enough to finally end All For One. One For All has been passed down a total of eight times, growing stronger and merging with the Quirks of those it was passed down to, and I was the ninth wielder of it. It can't be stolen, which led to All For One hunting down its previous wielders and killing them in an effort to get rid of it…"

"And it's why he was hell-bent on going after you," Tōya concludes for him, fury igniting in his eyes. Small blue flames ignite along his shoulders, just for a few seconds, before he exhales forcefully and tightens his grip on Izuku. "We'll take him out this time, Izu."

"That's the plan," Izuku half-murmurs and leans against Tōya's chest to tuck his head underneath the man's chin, taking care to not disturb any of his surgical staples. "But we have a lot of work to do. I need to get into contact with All Might so I can get One For All again. We need to rescue Eri from Shie Hassaikai, preferably before Overhaul starts experimenting on her. We need to fix your family..."

Tōya hums in response and runs his fingers through Izuku's hair, thankfully not commenting on the fact that he had just mentioned All Might and One For All in the same sentence. He's probably made the connection given how doggedly the League of Villains had pursued All Might's death, or he could be thinking about the mess that is his family. "We'll need help getting Eri from Shie Hassaikai," he says instead, which actually doesn't surprise Izuku. "Get All Might to help us and we can knock out two birds with one stone. We'll worry about my family after."

"Well, I can't get One For All right away. I have to train my body to be able to handle the strain it brings or my body could be blown apart," Izuku explains quietly and Tōya tenses under him. "I have more time to train my body correctly since I wasn't offered it until the start of my last year in middle school."

"Fucking hell, Izuku," Tōya growls out and pries Izuku away from his chest just to glare down at him. "How long did you have your Quirk?"

"I got it the day of the U.A. Entrance Exam," Izuku confesses as he ducks his head to avoid looking at Tōya. "And I didn't really understand how to use it without constantly breaking my bones until I did my internship with Gran Torino."

Tōya sighs after a long moment and pulls Izuku back to his chest. "I'm going to worry myself to death over you, Izu."

"I'm pretty sure you'd worry yourself to death over me anyways," Izuku mutters and tucks his head under Tōya's chin again. "But we can't have that, can we?"

"No, we can't," Tōya huffs out almost fondly and returns his fingers to Izuku's hair.

"You keep doing that and I'm gonna fall asleep on you," Izuku warns but doesn't bother moving from his rather comfortable position. Tōya's very warm and Izuku feels quite drained now, his eyes threatening to close.

"Then go to sleep, Izu," Tōya says softly, so Izuku does just that.

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