Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Izuku's eyes snap open and he's certain that he's awake because his heart gives a funny little jolt at the moniker that Tōya had used for him, and he tips his head back to look up at Tōya. Tōya stares back, his eyes hooded and his mouth curled into an affectionate smile, and Izuku's heart gives another jolt. "Uh, hi?"

Tōya chuckles, the sound low and throaty, and he runs his fingers through Izuku's hair. "You're usually more articulate than this," he comments, his irises nearly aglow as he gives Izuku an amused look.

"I just-you…" Izuku flounders, his mind going blank, and Tōya's expression becomes softer, tenderness and love in his gaze.

"Take your time, saiai," Tōya murmurs and Izuku feels heat crawling up his neck and face. "Am I being too forward?" he asks after a moment, concern laced through his voice and in his expression.

Izuku vehemently shakes his head no then focuses on breathing while he tries to kickstart his brain into properly working, and Tōya rubs soothing circles on his back. It takes about five minutes for Izuku to properly gather his wits, though his face still feels like it's burning, and he clears his throat. "S-sorry, I was just thrown for a loop is all."

"Then it's okay for me to call you saiai?" Tōya asks tentatively, and Izuku nods instead of giving a verbal response. He smiles and leans in to touch just their foreheads together, his fingers curling into the hair at the nape of Izuku's neck. "I know it seems like a huge leap but I did some thinking last night after you fell asleep and I can say that I'm falling in love with you."

"Tōya," Izuku breathes out, his voice thick with emotion, and he blushes all over again. "I don't know what to say…"

"You don't have to say anything, saiai," Tōya says softly and he shifts just enough to nuzzle the tip of his nose against Izuku's. "Actions speak far louder than words do, and you've done more than enough that lets me know that you love me so I don't need to hear you say it."

Izuku finally nods and pulls back, still blushing. "We should get up," he says faintly but doesn't move to free himself from Toya's grasp.

"Mm, we do have school." Tōya grins now, almost maniacally, and he lets go of Izuku to sit up. "And I am looking forward to putting Bakugō in his place."

"Please don't instigate anything with him, Tōya," Izuku pleads as he also sits up, and he has to lean back slightly as Tōya expertly climbs over him to get off of the bed.

"I make no promises if he calls you those fucking insults where I can hear them, Izuku," Tōya says darkly and Izuku sighs in resignation because he knows that he won't be able to dissuade Tōya from this.

"Just remember-"

"I haven't forgotten, Izuku. He gets the one warning and then I'll beat his ass black and blue." Tōya pauses and he gives Izuku a considering look for a moment, after which he nods slightly. "I will promise to not use my Quirk on him."

"I already know you won't, Tōya, I just don't want you to get in trouble on my account," Izuku says wearily and he climbs off of the bed.

"From what you said about your time in Aldera Junior High I gather that I'll be fine…but I'm more concerned that they'll try to pin the blame on you," Tōya says, finishing his response with a frown, and he furrows his brows slightly as he stares at Izuku. "Did they pin the blame on you before?"

"Hypothetically, if I said that they did pin the blame on me, what would you do?" Izuku watches Tōya carefully, taking note of the way he tenses and his expression darkens. "You can't fight the teachers, Tōya, or the rest of the school staff. Besides, I'm pretty sure Nedzu has plans for dealing with them."

"Fine. I'll let Nedzu handle the teachers and the staff," Tōya acquiesces after a long moment of strained silence. "But the students are mine to deal with."

Izuku refrains from sighing again and decides that his energy is better spent elsewhere. Besides, he kind of wants his childhood bullies to get their comeuppance and if it means letting Tōya mete out the well-deserved retribution then Izuku is just going to sit back and watch. "You're going to have to wear my spare uniform until yours come in," he says as he goes over to the dresser and pulls the spare uniform out for Tōya.

"Shouldn't you wear it since yours is in the laundry?" Tōya asks, making Izuku pause at the realization that one of them won't have a uniform to wear for the day.

Barely a few seconds pass before a soft knock comes from the door and Inko calls out from the other side, "Izuku, dear, are you up? I have your school uniform-"

Izuku darts across the room and yanks open the door before Inko can finish the rest of her statement, and sure enough, she has his uniform in hand. "Thanks, mom! You're the best!" He takes it from her, just on the verge of snatching it out of her grasp, then promptly shuts the door in her face.

"You're welcome, Izuku," Inko calls out from behind the door, sounding more amused than upset. "Hurry up and get changed so you can have breakfast before you leave!"

"We're getting changed now, mom!" Izuku calls back and then tosses the spare uniform at Tōya. "We'll be out in a couple of minutes!"

"Talk about lucky," Tōya comments under his breath as he catches the spare uniform. "We're good for today but we can't keep washing these every day."

"Well, we'll just have to hope that your uniforms come in soon," Izuku says as he starts to strip out of his nightwear, and Tōya gives a faint hum in agreement as he starts to get changed as well.

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