Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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"So, what was so important that Fuyumi didn't want anyone else to hear?" Tōya asks as they make their way back to the hospital's entrance, and he glances at Izuku.

"She said thank you for bringing you back to them." Izuku's mouth curls into a frown and his brows furrow slightly into an expression Tōya has come to regard as Izuku's thinking face. "But we didn't tell either of them anything that would even give them an idea like that."

"Well, in a way, you did bring me back to them so Fuyumi isn't wrong but they can't know the truth either. It's better to let them speculate and draw their own conclusions than to tell them that Shōto sacrificed himself in a future we're trying to prevent so that we could make it back using Mei's invention." Tōya watches Izuku carefully, catching the way his eyes dull with grief, then makes the decision to grab him by the hand. It seems to ground Izuku, and an appreciative smile is sent his way.

"So, about the whole future son thing," Izuku says after a couple of beats of silence and they both stop short of the doorway that leads out into the lobby. "I'm not too sure I want to take on the Todoroki name because it's Enji's but I'd also rather, you know, down the road…"

"Do what down the road?" Tōya's mouth curls into a grin as he tries to prod Izuku into saying the words himself instead of leaving them unspoken and Izuku's cheeks quickly turn a pretty pink.

"I'd still take your name if-"

"When," Tōya corrects automatically and the pink becomes a lovely red.

"-when we get married," Izuku finishes with the correction, and he ducks his head slightly.

Tōya hums lightly then tugs on Izuku's hand to get him to follow as he crosses the threshold into the lobby. "My family name will probably be Himura by then," he says in an almost off-handed manner. "Shōto's will be too," is added like it's an afterthought but it makes Izuku pause and stare at him, his expression somewhat pained. "I know you love him, Izuku, even now, and you'll probably fall in love with him all over again the moment you see him and I don't care if you do. I want you to be happy, and I'll be fine with whoever you decide you want to be with so long as you are happy."

"Goddamnit, Tōya, I don't want to choose between either of you but Shōto probably won't even feel the same way this time, so please don't say stuff like that." Izuku's shoulders tremble and his eyes start to glisten, and Tōya pulls him into his arms.

"Then be his friend first and see how things go from there," Tōya whispers as he hugs Izuku. "And if he does fall in love with you then you don't need to wait for my permission to date him." Izuku doesn't say anything in response but he gives a shallow nod before he leans into Tōya and buries his face against Tōya's neck with a sniffle. Tōya lifts a hand to Izuku's hair and cards his fingers through it with a soft sigh. "Let's go get Detective Tsukauchi so we can get you home, yeah?"

Izuku nods against Tōya's neck after a moment then slowly pulls out of the embrace and wipes at his eyes with a sniffle. "My mom's probably worried sick right now."

Tōya hums in agreement and takes Izuku by the hand again to lead him over to where their escorts are waiting with Eri. "My mom and sister would like to speak to you, Detective Tsukauchi," he says once they're a couple of feet away from the group, his voice purposefully low.

"Can I trust you to take them home, Yagi-san?" The Detective looks past Shōta and Hizashi to focus on Toshinori, making it clear who he trusts the most out of the three heroes present.

Toshinori sits up straighter at the question and smiles widely. "Of course! I'd be happy to see them safely home!"

"Thank you, Yagi-san," Tsukauchi says deferentially and he bows slightly before he focuses on Izuku and Tōya. "I will be in touch."

Tōya nods in acknowledgment then looks to Eri, who has sandwiched herself between Shōta and Hizashi. "Ready to go home with me and Izuku, Eri-chan?"

"Hai!" Eri happily chirps and then she squirms her way out from between the two heroes. "Bye, tōsan! Bye, papa!" she tosses at them over her shoulder with a beaming smile then wedges herself between Tōya and Izuku.

"Goodbye, my children!" Hizashi cries out dramatically and Shōta rolls his eyes before mouthing goodbye to Eri.

"We'll see you again for our hand-to-hand lessons, tōsan," Izuku says cheekily as he picks Eri up and balances her on his hip, and Shōta slouches in his seat with a groan.

"Get used to regular exercise first before you harass me for your lessons, problem children," Shōta grumbles as he looks away from them.

"So we'll see you in a month or two then, tōsan," Tōya says with a grin and Shōta gives him a look that reads 'Not you too.'

"You have to visit me, tōsan! I want to see you again sooner!" Eri puffs up her cheeks and gives Shōta a pleading look, and Tōya smirks while Izuku softly chuckles as Shōta takes one look at Eri and crumbles.

"I'll be sure to visit you, Eri-chan, while the problem children are in school." Shōta's statement, which might as well be a promise, prompts Eri to cheer and it eases Tōya's worries about them being away from her while they have to go to school.

"I'll come visit too," Hizashi declares and Shōta not-so-subtly kicks him in the shin.

"You have classes to teach!" Shōta reminds him while Hizashi gives him a wounded look and rubs at his shin.

"It's not fair! You keep expelling your classes!" Hizashi all but whines and he clings to Shōta. "I want to visit our daughter too!"

"I think we'll get going now," Izuku says, his voice purposefully quiet as to not distract Hizashi and Shōta from their discussion, and he slowly backs away from them with Tōya. Toshinori takes it as his cue to get up as silently as possible, and they all quickly make their way outside so they can head to the Midoriya's apartment.

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