Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Izuku refuses to put Eri down even when they reach the safety of U.A. and Tōya has all but glued himself to Izuku's side, which Izuku really doesn't care about or mind. It keeps their hero chaperones at bay, for the most part, Toshinori being the only one able to approach them without Tōya glaring murderous intent at him, and Izuku is still pissed at them—Nedzu in particular—for not sending someone to just shadow Eri. He's almost tempted to reconsider letting Nedzu mentor him down the road because of how grievous an error this is for Nedzu to make, and it better not be a damn test of some sort. Izuku is not in the mood.

"Midoriya-san," Tsukauchi calls out as they enter the staff lounge and Izuku belatedly realizes that he hasn't seen the Detective since before they had been dismissed to Recovery Girl's office. "Todoroki-san and this must be Eri-chan?"

Eri twists around in Izuku's hold at the mention of her name and she smiles widely at Tsukauchi. "Yep!"

"It's nice to meet you, Eri-chan. I am Detective Tsukauchi and I work for the police," Tsukauchi explains to her in a kind tone.

"He knows about us so we can trust him, Eri-chan," Izuku says softly enough for only Eri and, by his immediate proximity to Izuku, Tōya to hear.

"It's nice to meet you again." Eri gives Tsukauchi another smile then turns back around in Izuku's grasp and looks at the heroes following them into the school. "Do they know too?"

"Yes, they know too, Eri-chan," Tōya answers, his tone neutral enough despite the way that he narrows his eyes at three of the heroes in particular.

"Can Aizawa-sensei hold me, Izuku-niisan?" Eri asks softly and she gives Izuku a pleading look.

Izuku doesn't want to let go of Eri yet but he can't say no just because he's feeling a little protective of her. "I don't mind if he does, Eri-chan, but you need to ask him first." So Izuku sets her down and lets her head over to Shōta, and all of the heroes stop to watch her out of curiosity.

Eri stops in front of Shōta and wrings her hands together as she looks up at him. "Will you hold me, Aizawa-sensei?"

Shock writes itself across Shōta's face, followed by uncertainty as his gaze darts from Eri to Izuku and Tōya, as though seeking their permission. Izuku gives him a subtle nod and Shōta smiles awkwardly as he returns his attention to Eri. "Of course, Eri-chan." And Shōta kneels to pick Eri up, his expression still uncertain.

"While it is a relief that Eri-chan is safe now there are still quite a few things that we need to discuss with the two of you in regards to your plans for the future," Nedzu says from behind Shōta, and he walks around him to look at Izuku and Tōya directly. "Especially you, Todoroki-san."

Izuku blinks and then frowns, his gaze going from Nedzu to Tōya, who is sporting a frown of his own. "I plan to better prepare myself for handling my Quirk and going to U.A.," he says slowly.

"I figured I could infiltrate the League-"

"That won't work if you plan to make a case against Endeavor," Nedzu says sharply, interrupting Tōya before he can finish speaking, and he looks at Izuku in particular. "Given that your chances for doing so haven't been jeopardized by your confrontation with him last night."

"Enji had no business responding to that call last night," Tōya grits out from beside Izuku.

"No, he didn't," Tsukauchi says firmly. "And to build a solid case against him I will need to get a sworn statement from you, Todoroki-san, along with a promise from you to steer clear of him and to stay out of trouble."

Izuku's brows knit together as he frowns and he looks from Tōya to Tsukauchi and then to Nedzu. "What about his mom? Will Tōya be able to go see her?"

"That can be arranged," Tsukauchi confirms for them, and a look of relief sweeps across Tōya's face. "As well as visitation with your siblings."

"I'd like that," Tōya says softly. "And I'll make a sworn statement," he adds, almost as an afterthought.

"Good." Nedzu's whiskers twitch and he gives them a sharp smile. "Now I would like to put forward a suggestion for you to consider, Todoroki-san. Should Eri-chan be amenable to it, and I believe it is possible, I want her to use her Quirk on you to Rewind you to a younger age."

Izuku is immediately suspicious of Nedzu's intention behind the suggestion and he tries to come up with a reason that doesn't have anything to do with the age gap between him and Tōya. "Why?"

"Some people would view the difference in your ages rather distastefully once you decide to pursue a relationship together," Nedzu starts explaining, and Izuku bristles in anger.

"The only thing that matters is that Izuku will be of age when we pursue a relationship together," Tōya growls out, taking offense to Nedzu's reason for his suggestion. "So, no, I don't want Eri-chan to Rewind me."

"And besides, it would be better if Eri-chan uses her Quirk to Rewind All Might to how he was before his last fight with All For One," Izuku argues because Toshinori being able to use One For All to its fullest is what makes the most sense.

"While I appreciate your concern for me, Young Midoriya, I don't want to risk losing any of the stockpiled power before I transfer One For All to you," Toshinori says softly, mindful of the fact that they're out in the school's lobby even though it's just them right now.

The thought is just enough to make Izuku pause, though the anger at Nedzu's reasoning for his suggestion is still there, and he frowns. "I didn't consider that," Izuku admits.

"I would also like for you to consider it so that you can attend U.A., Todoroki-san," Nedzu continues as though he hadn't been interrupted, that sharp smile still in place.

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