Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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It's been a long and trying day for the both of them, and Tōya is starting to feel it. The crying certainly doesn't help him any, which is a weird feeling to experience again after spending damn near half his life being unable to, and he's sure that he looks like a mess now but he still intervenes in the growing argument between Izuku and Fuyumi. Izuku at least folds to Tōya but Fuyumi still looks like she has something to say. Well, Tōya has something else to say too. "You're free to disapprove all you want, Fuyumi, and if it's what drives a wedge between us as a family then so be it, you won't have to see me ever again."

"Tōya, no, that's not-I don't want that! I just…" Fuyumi trails off and looks away from Tōya, her expression morphing into uncertainty.

"Just what, Fuyumi? You want me to fit into your ideal of how I should be? Because that is not happening after the shit Enji put me through," Tōya growls out and the temperature in the room starts to rise. He grits his teeth and tries to suppress his rising anger in an attempt to keep himself from bursting into flames but it's hard.

"No!" Fuyumi shouts with a vehement shake of her head, and she returns her gaze to Tōya. Her eyes are wet again, tears just starting to trail down her cheeks, but filled with determination. "I just want my Tōya-nii back!"

It's like having a bucket of ice water dumped over his head, and Tōya's anger just vanishes as he stares at Fuyumi. "Well, I'm right here, Fuyumi," he finally says after what feels like an eternity. "And I'm not leaving again. I promise."

Fuyumi launches herself across the room at Tōya with a sob, and she wraps her arms around him in the tightest hug she can manage as soon as she reaches him, almost like she thinks he'll just up and vanish without a trace again. Her tears are cold where they fall but he doesn't mind it at all and just returns the hug. "We need to get you some better fitting clothes, Tōya-nii. How are you even wearing these right now?" Fuyumi asks after a moment, and she draws back to look him over.

"With a belt cinched as tight as it can go," Tōya huffs out and slowly lets go of Fuyumi.

Fuyumi wipes her face dry with the back of her shirt sleeve then straightens herself up. "Well, this isn't going to work out in the long run, Tōya-nii. I have one of dad's cards, which I'm going to give to you and I want you to take it without putting up a fuss." She reaches into her pocket for her wallet and pulls out a black credit card that Tōya knows doesn't have a limit.

Tōya's mouth stretches into a wide, manic smile and he all but snatches the credit card from Fuyumi's outstretched hand with a sudden laugh. "Oh, I will have no problems spending his money, Fuyumi. Good fire-resistant clothes are expensive and they're gonna be even more expensive if they're going to be able to withstand my flames."

"I think you just made Tōya's day, Fuyumi-san," Izuku comments as Tōya gleefully pockets Enji's credit card.

"Oh, this definitely makes the list, Izu, but it doesn't top you chewing Enji out last night because he just had to come snooping at the first hint that I'm still alive!" The words are out of Tōya's mouth before he can even consider the fact that saying them in front of his mother and sister might just be a bad idea. It's not something he wants to intentionally disclose but now it's out and he can't take it back.

"You did what?!" Fuyumi whips around to face Izuku, her expression incredulous, while their mother just blinks and gives Izuku a look of consideration.

Izuku, however, glares at Tōya for putting him on the spot, and Tōya feels a tad bit guilty for the outburst. "Enji responded to a call that he shouldn't have and I chewed him the hell out for trying to talk to Tōya when it was clear that Tōya didn't want to talk to him."

"What did you say?" The question, strangely enough, comes from his mother, and Izuku takes one look at her, and then he sighs.

"That he didn't have the right to speak to Tōya after all of the abuse he put him through, and that he was a monster for it," Izuku says, purposefully leaving out a lot of what he said to Enji, which is honestly for the best since the rest of it includes Shōto and the bit about Tōya considering becoming a villain out of spite as he had put it.

"And then I told him that monsters like him belong in jail and that I didn't want to hear another word from him unless it was to divorce you and for him to cede custody of Natsuo and Shōto to you," Tōya adds because that much more can't hurt, and the look that his mother gives him is both conflicted and proud.

"You-Oh my god, is that why he didn't come home?!" Fuyumi looks a little horrified, her gaze jumping from Izuku to Tōya and back.

"If it is, then good, it means that he didn't abuse Shōto today," Tōya says firmly, manic smile back in place, and with those words, his mother's expression darkens.

"I need to get out of here. I need to go home," his mother declares suddenly and she looks Tōya and Fuyumi over. "I need to be there for all of you."

"The doctors aren't going to release you right away, Rei-san, but we're going to help Shōto-kun get away from Enji." Izuku gets up from his seat and stands next to Tōya, his shoulders squared. "And Natsuo-san too, of course, but Shōto-kun needs to be away from Enji as soon as possible."

"I couldn't agree more, Izuku-san." His mother gives Izuku a strained smile then looks to Tōya. "What school will you be attending, Tōya? I want Shōto enrolled into the same school."

"We're going to Aldera Junior High," Tōya answers eagerly, and Fuyumi digs out her phone.

"I'll start the paperwork and get Shōto enrolled as soon as possible," Fuyumi half-mutters as she unlocks her phone and starts furiously typing on it.

"See if you can get him put into the same class as us, Fuyumi," Tōya adds and Fuyumi absently nods while their mother focuses on him.

"Tōya, what age were you reversed to?" His mother is giving him a look that's somewhere between hopeful and sad as she waits for his answer, and he hopes that it doesn't bring back any bad memories for her.

"I'm physically twelve again." Just one year away from the age Tōya had been when he had lost control of his Quirk and had died.

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