Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Izuku knows that Katsuki isn't going to change overnight but for a moment he looks taken aback, and then it vanishes beneath the ever-present anger that Katsuki seems to thrive off of. Tōya is at Izuku's side in an instant, and the heat radiating off of him is a sure enough sign that he's angry too but on Izuku's behalf, whereas Katsuki's is from the misguided notion that Izuku looks down on him. "I have always admired you, Katsuki, because I know you can become a really great hero…but a hero doesn't pick on others for being Quirkless or weaker than them. They don't assault and leave scars on people who can't even defend themselves, or tell them to take a swan dive off of a roof and hope for a Quirk in their next life. Those are the actions of a villain, Katsuki."

Katsuki bristles at Izuku's words and flexes his hands again, his gaze darting from Izuku to Tōya and back, and then he balls his hands up and angrily storms past them. Well, he attempts to but Tōya moves to block his obvious retreat.

"Thirty-three," Tōya says almost cryptically as he stares Katsuki down, and it takes a second for Izuku to remember that that's the number of scars he currently has from Katsuki. "I want you to think long and hard about that number and what it's for, and if you can't give me a proper answer by the time you need to take the entrance exam to get into U.A. then you better forget about ever becoming a hero."

Katsuki's expression darkens but he doesn't respond, at least not verbally. His shoulders tremble a little and a muffled crackling comes from his clenched fists, and once Tōya steps out of his way he bolts out of the changing room.

"Well, that was something," Shōto says after a beat, and he's staring in the direction Katsuki had gone. "What's the deal with thirty-three?" he asks, turning his gaze to Tōya first and then to Izuku.

"It's how many scars I currently have from Katsuki," Izuku answers quietly and he moves over to the locker that Katsuki had initially been leaning against. He almost doesn't want to open it up for fear of finding his gym uniform destroyed but he steels himself and pulls the door open. His gym uniform is surprisingly untouched, and he sighs in relief. "Well, the physical ones," he adds as he starts to shrug out of his school uniform.

"That's…" Shōto trails off, seemingly at loss for words, but when Izuku glances at him over his shoulder, he finds Shōto watching him. Rather, he's taking in the same scars that Tōya had when Recovery Girl had examined them. "I always knew it was bad but this…"

"It's unconscionable," Tōya grits out darkly as he comes up beside Izuku, and he's still radiating heat with his anger. His gaze rakes over the scars before settling on Izuku's face, at which his entire demeanor softens and the air around him cools off as he sighs.

"You know, you could have hit him just then," Izuku points out as he gives Tōya a meaningful look, and then he finishes removing his school uniform. "Why didn't you?"

"Because even though he probably deserves it, it wasn't what you wanted," Tōya admits softly, his shoulders slumping. "And it probably wouldn't have helped the situation any."

Izuku nods slightly, not in agreement but in acknowledgment, and then starts pulling on his gym uniform. "So what do you think Aizawa-sensei will have us do for gym class, Shō?"

"A physical assessment like he did on our first day at U.A.," Shōto answers almost immediately. "But I don't think we'll be using our Quirks on this assessment?"

"Well, knowing Aizawa-sensei, he'll probably have everyone use their Quirks even though it's technically not allowed," Izuku responds with a thoughtful frown. "Not that I currently have a Quirk to use."

"Oh, right." Shōto grimaces slightly and then he gives Izuku an apologetic look. "You don't get yours until the day of U.A.'s entrance exam."

"Well, I'll be getting it earlier this time, which will give me more time to get used to it and hopefully let me develop Full Cowling earlier." Izuku offers Shōto a reassuring smile over his shoulder and finds that he's already changed into his gym uniform. A glance at Tōya reveals that he's just now finishing getting changed into his own gym uniform, and that's when Izuku realizes that neither of them has lockers to use at the moment. "You can stick your clothes in with mine until you get assigned a locker of your own."

"And hopefully without breaking your arms as much this time around," Shōto says rather sternly as he comes over to join Izuku and Tōya by the lockers. He reaches between them to put his clothes in the locker with Izuku's, which is admittedly doesn't have much space to start with so it takes some effort from all of them to get his and Tōya's clothes to fit in it as well. "It might have been easier to just take over the lockers of the two that were forced out of the class."

"Well, there's always tomorrow for that, otōto, or whenever we're supposed to have gym next," Tōya informs him a bit archly, his mouth curling into a slight smile. "But for now I'd like to see this physical assessment test that you were talking about."

Izuku blinks a little at Tōya's enthusiasm, his gaze flitting to Shōto, who simply shrugs in response, before it returns to Tōya. "It's just the standard physical assessment that everyone has to do in…Junior High School… You were homeschooled, right?"

"Up until the whole incident where my Quirk went out of control and then I was living on the streets for the past, oh, seven years," Tōya answers with an air of unconcern like it isn't too big of a deal. "So this is going to be quite an interesting experience."

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