Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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Tōya feels the weight of Shōto's stare on him the instant he calls Izuku saiai, and he glances at Shōto with a raised brow, as if to say 'What?' For a moment Shōto's expression is unreadable, and then he smiles faintly, relief etched into his expression, at which Tōya just gives a slight shake of his head. He shifts his focus back onto Izuku, only to find him scrutinizing both of them with a glint of amusement in his eyes. "We should head inside before Aizawa gets here and chews us out some more for being late."

That bit of amusement vanishes and Izuku slides the door to the classroom open, where the teacher is already leading the class through their morning exercises. Everything comes to a screeching halt and all eyes are on them as they enter the room, and there's a distinct difference in the looks that the class gives Izuku compared to the looks they give Tōya and Shōto. Izuku is met with looks of scorn, hate, and disgust while Tōya and Shōto receive looks of confusion and curiosity.

"What is the meaning of this?" the teacher asks harshly with his gaze on Izuku, and Tōya grits his teeth as he suppresses the urge to react.

"Midoriya-san was kind enough to show us the way to class today," Shōto says from beside him, his tone overly polite, and a glance at him reveals that he has a cheerful smile plastered on. "We're your new students, Todoroki Shōto and-"

"Todoroki Tōya," Tōya finishes, and the teacher looks between the two of them for a moment before he checks the class roster.

"I'm not expecting any new students by those names." The teacher looks up from the class roster, his mouth twisting into a distrustful frown as his gaze goes to Izuku. "If this is some sort of excuse to get out of being tardy-"

"It's not," Tōya remarks dryly, and the teacher scowls at him for daring to interrupt him.

"-on top of being absent yesterday then you might as well just go home and not come back," the teacher finishes with a sneer towards Izuku, and Tōya clenches his fists at his sides.

"That won't be necessary," Shōta calls out from the doorway behind them, and he sounds particularly annoyed. "Midoriya, go take your seat," he adds as he breezes past them to go over to the teacher's desk, his mouth twisting into a scowl. "You're needed at the office, Fukuda-san."

"W-who are you?" Fukuda recoils with a glare as Shōta snatches the class roster off of the desk, his face mottling with an ugly red with his anger, and he opens his mouth to spit something out when an ascending tone sounds over the school's Public Address system.

"Calling Fukuda-san to the Faculty Office. Fukuda-san, please come to the Faculty Office," an unfamiliar voice says over the PA, and Fukuda stares up at the speaker for a moment in shock as a descending tone plays to signify the end of the message.

"You should get going, Fukuda-san," Shōta reminds him as he looks over the class roster. "Fuyō and Tesaki, pack your things and head over to 1-D," he adds after a moment, and the two students in question give Shōta looks of confusion while Fukuda shuffles towards the door. "Now."

The two students, boys, jump at the sharpness in Shōta's voice and then quickly start packing their things to leave. As they're in the middle of packing, a very familiar figure stands up from their seat, his palms crackling slightly as he activates his Quirk. "Why the hell are they getting kicked out?! What the hell did you do, you shitty Quirkless Deku?!"

Shōta stares at Bakugō for a long moment while Tōya just stays put and seethes, and he isn't the only one angry because he can feel a slight chill radiating from his left, where Shōto is standing. "I am Aizawa, your new homeroom teacher for the duration of your time here at Aldera Junior High and they are being transferred to class 1-D to make room for the Todoroki brothers," Shōta says as neutrally as possible, and then he motions to them. "Introduce yourselves to the class," he adds, and he gives Tōya a meaningful look.

"I am Todoroki Tōya. My Quirk is Cremation, and I'm Izuku's friend," Tōya casually informs them as he creates a few blue flames in the palm of his hand. He holds them there for a few seconds, his mouth curving into a sharp smirk as he stares directly at Bakugō. "And I won't tolerate anyone bullying him, so consider this your first and last warning, Kacchan."

"And I am Todoroki Shōto. My Quirk is Half-Hot and Half-Cold, and I am also Izuku's friend," Shōto says as he creates a few shards of ice in his right hand and a ball of flames in his left. "And I don't think I need to repeat my aniue's warning."

Shōta stares at Shōto for a few beats, his mouth drawn into a frown while his brows knit together, and then he returns his attention to the rest of the class. "As they have made it clear, bullying of any kind will not be tolerated in this classroom and anyone caught bullying anyone, not just Midoriya, will be promptly expelled, so consider this your only warning, Bakugō."

The crackling from Bakugō's palms ceases as Fuyō and Tesaki quickly finish packing up their things and leave with their heads bowed. They skirt around Tōya and Shōto to get to the door, where Fukuda lingers, his face pale and his eyes wide with shock. Aizawa strolls over to the door after them and promptly slides it shut in Fukuda's face before he turns back to address the class.

"I want everyone to pack up their things and prepare to move seats as I call out your names. These will be your assigned seats for as long as you are here and if you don't like it, you can leave," Shōta says with a manic grin as he waves the class roster for them to see.

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