Breaking Time

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Izuku is dead-tired by the time he and Tōya finish with the retelling of their lives for the past couple of years, and though they can't see outside he's certain that dawn is just around the corner. He sinks back against Tōya and looks at the assembled adults to gauge their reactions, his eyelids drooping slightly.

Toshinori is trembling slightly, his hands balled into fists as he glares down at the ground. Shōta is glaring at Toshinori, though he does turn his glare in their direction—at Tōya—at least once. Mirai looks absolutely shaken and is staring at Toshinori like he wants to repair their friendship right here and now. Tsukauchi looks positively ill and Nedzu… Nedzu is still staring at Izuku very intently.

"You've given us much to discuss, Midoriya-san, and the two of you look like you could use some sleep so I recommend that you go rest in Recovery Girl's office while we decide the best way to approach all of this." Nedzu gives them not quite a smile and motions towards the door. It's a clear enough indication that they should go and there's something to Nedzu's tone that suggests that they should let the heroes handle what comes next.

Izuku isn't going to let himself be kept out of the loop now after all the shit he's been through just because he's tired. He's alert enough to notice that Tōya is tapping a pattern out against his left side—hidden by the fact that Tōya's arms are wrapped around him—and he waits for Tōya to finish. You lead, I follow. Izuku smiles to himself. "We're used to running on little to no sleep for days at a time, Nedzu-san, and we would like to personally oversee our little sister's rescue operation."

"Absolutely not," Mirai says sharply. "You had the benefit of One For All in your last encounter with the Shie Hassaikai and barely won because of the girl's uncontrolled Quirk. You're-"

"Mirai," Toshinori interrupts, and there's a weight to his voice. "I know that you have young Midoriya's best interests in mind but I believe that he and Todoroki-san should be there for little Eri's rescue. Quirk or not, young Midoriya is a hero through and through."

Izuku blinks in surprise at Toshinori's declaration and then his eyes start to tear up with the unexpected rush of emotions that follow it. He shouldn't be so affected by it, not anymore, but it hits him as deeply as the first time Toshinori had told him that he could become a hero, and he can't keep the tears from falling. "Thank you."

"As you've made it abundantly clear from your explanation you will involve yourselves anyways and it is preferable that your involvement is done under our supervision," Shōta says in his 'you are a problem child' tone that Izuku remembers all too well. "But you should still go get some sleep since it will take some time for a plan to be put together."

"A plan that you intend to make without our input," Tōya accuses as he tightens his arms around Izuku. "We know the Shie Hassaikai better than any of you do but we decided to ask for your help because we knew it was too risky to do by ourselves. We decided to trust you despite how broken and corrupt the goddamn system is."

"I am aware of how badly the current system needs a total reform, Todoroki-san, so I give you my word that we will not betray the trust you have placed in us, and we all could use a proper rest after which we will put together a plan to rescue Eri," Nedzu calmly states with his gaze firmly fixed on Tōya.

"We'll go get some sleep," Izuku finally acquiesces as he wipes his face dry. Tōya's hold on him loosens enough to let him get up and Izuku glances at Tōya to check on him after he takes a few steps away from the couch. "You okay?" Izuku signs with his left hand held to his side so that the others can't see.

Tōya gives Izuku a flat stare in response—not really, it says—then stands up to follow him. Three heroes and one cop watch them leave with varying degrees of concern. Nedzu is smiling.

"That went swimmingly." Izuku's tone is chipper though it doesn't match his expression. He wears a frown the instant they're outside of the staff lounge and he looks back at the door that clicks shut behind Tōya. "C'mon," he says after a moment and grabs Tōya by the hand.

"Where to?" Izuku flashes Tōya a grin at his question then tugs him down the hall.

"Well, they want us to get some sleep so we're going to Recovery Girl's office," Izuku answers as he navigates the halls he hasn't seen in a year. "And we'll get some sleep."

"What are you plotting, Izu?" Tōya immediately asks and Izuku flashes him another grin.

"I'm not plotting anything, Tōya." Not really. "I'm just going to join you for our mandatory rest." And they arrive at Recovery Girl's office right as Izuku relays his intentions.

Tōya lets out a huff and ruffles Izuku's hair with his free hand. "I should have figured as much."

"You can rinse the dye out of your hair before we go to sleep," Izuku suggests as he ducks away from Tōya's hand then opens the door. Shūzenji Chiyo stands on the other side of the door, cane in hand, apparently waiting for them. "Good morning, Recovery Girl."

Chiyo looks them over, her gaze lingering on Tōya's scars before she gives them a warm smile. "You must be the boys that Principal Nedzu called me about. Come on in, dearies, and let me have a look at you."

"We just need to get some rest," Izuku explains as he leads Tōya into the room.

"I'm more than aware," Chiyo says kindly and motions them over to the beds. "But I need to have an idea of my patients' overall health."

"And how thorough is this going examination going to be?" Izuku has the sneaking suspicion that Nedzu is putting her up to this but he doesn't want to make the accusation just yet.

"We have to do this at some point so let's just get this over with, Izuku," Tōya states wearily before Chiyo can respond and he lets go of Izuku's hand. "I'll go first." And he starts taking off his coat.

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