Breaking Time

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Shōta is waiting for them when they exit the changing room, and Shōto and Izuku duck their heads as they pass by him while Tōya merely arches a brow at the pro hero. He receives a placid stare in response, and then Shōta turns on his heel to head over to where the rest of the class is waiting. "Now that everyone is here we can begin the physical assessment test, which means that we need to head outside."

The announcement is met with more than few groans from the group of students, as well as a couple of murmurs that the class has already done its physical assessment, but they all obediently trudge outside with a stern glare from Shōta. Apart from their own small group Bakugō seems to be the only other student that doesn't care, though he looks like he's too busy thinking about something to really pay attention to Shōta. Tōya hopes that Bakugō is contemplating the conversation from the changing room because his future as a hero truly depends on if he can figure out what he did and apologize for it, and the sooner the better.

"Now, as you are all aware, this country continues to insist on prohibiting Quirks when calculating the averages of your gym tests, which just isn't rational when some of you are aspiring to be heroes. It's better for you to have a full grasp on your respective Quirks and what you are capable of with them before you even make it into schools like U.A, and even then it isn't a guarantee that you'll get in to, say, U.A. or the hero school of your choice," Shōta drawls out as they come to a stop out in the field, and there's a spark of interest from the students now. "But that's something to be covered later on once I have a better idea of what you can do in these assessments with your Quirks."

"But Midoriya doesn't have a Quirk," someone calls out a bit snidely from somewhere in the middle of the group of students, at which Shōta levels a glare on the whole of them, his hair starting to lift as he activates his Quirk.

"There are plenty of heroes who have Quirks that aren't suited for combat and they make do by using support gear that helps aid them in a fight on top of some form of hand-to-hand combat," Shōta states in a particularly flat tone as he scans the group for the student that spoke up. "And if you want my honest opinion, a Quirk that lets you change the color of your eyes isn't going to make you a good candidate for being a hero if you can't even fight because there will come a time when you need to know how to."

Tōya arches a brow as he notices the student, a girl, duck her head slightly at having her Quirk called out then looks to Izuku to find him frowning. He gives Izuku a little nudge to get his attention and suppresses a smile as Izuku blinks a bit owlishly at him. Instead, he signs, "What's with the frown?"

Izuku blinks again and then, with a quick and surreptitious glance at Shōta, he answers with, "I'm pretty sure I can count the number of heroes with Quirks not suited for combat that know how to fight on one hand, two if I'm being really generous."

Tōya isn't really surprised by the fact that Izuku is counting the heroes that fit the criteria but he is surprised by how few there actually are. He knows that society itself, not just the hero schools churning out heroes, tends to reward those with the flashier Quirks but he hadn't ever really cared enough to stop and consider just how extreme it is. His grievances and rage towards Enji had essentially blinded him to the larger picture, at least up until he had found himself turning against Shigaraki and All For One and in turn landing himself with Izuku and the few who had survived through the fall of heroes and society as a whole.

He's pulled from his thoughts as his name is called and a ball of some sort is sent sailing towards him. It's only thanks to the finely honed reflexes of having to survive in the hellscape that had become their lives for nearly a year that he catches the ball before it hits him in the head, and he stares at it for a few seconds before he looks at Shōta, the one responsible for said ball. Shōta scowls at him, and then wordlessly motions towards a circle that is on the ground.

"Go stand in the circle and throw the ball as far as you can without leaving the circle," Izuku whispers to him, which has Shōta scowling towards him as well.

Tōya gives a faint nod in acknowledgment and then walks over to stand in the center of the indicated circle while some of the other students snicker a little. He ignores them as he experimentally tosses the ball up and catches it a couple of times, testing its weight, before he rolls his shoulders and rotates his arm a few times. It's not a proper warm-up but it's passable, and with that, he winds up and throws the ball as hard as he can.

"Forty meters," Shōta drawls out as the ball impacts the dirt, and then he tosses a second ball at Tōya. "Now do it again with your quirk."

Tōya frowns slightly as he catches the second ball, his gaze going from it to Shōta who looks at him expectantly. "Are you sure this thing can withstand the heat from my Quirk?"

"Pretty sure," Shōta responds wearily and he gives Tōya a look that says 'just get on with it.'

Tōya shrugs and then ignites his Quirk, letting the flames cover him like he's used to, to propel himself up into the air. Once he's about fifty feet in the air he stops and looks down to make sure that he's within the bounds of the circle before he winds up and throws the ball again. It definitely goes further this time, and the children that are his classmates are whispering excitedly amongst themselves when he lands and extinguishes his flames.

"Well, the good news is that you threw the ball 420 meters but you ruined your uniform," Shōta remarks with a fair bit of exasperation, prompting Tōya to look down at his very singed uniform. "We'll have to custom order something more fire-resistant for you. In the meantime, go sit the rest of the exercise out with the other problem children."

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