Breaking Time

BY : Demonized
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"I'm sorry for crying all over you, Rei-san," Izuku says as he pulls away from Rei a few minutes later, and he awkwardly wipes at his face in an attempt to clean it up some.

"I don't mind it at all, Izuku," Rei says kindly, her mouth curving into a warm smile. "And I should thank you for the help you've given to my Tōya, so thank you for all that you've done."

"Oh, no! I haven't done-" Tōya silences Izuku with a squeeze to his hand and a glare before Izuku can even finish the denial, and Izuku stares at him for a few seconds before he sighs. "Right, uh, thank you as well, Rei-san."

Rei looks the both of them over somewhat critically, her smile fading for just a second, and then she nods. "As much as I would like for you to continue explaining how Tōya can safely train his Quirk, it is getting late and both of you have school tomorrow, yes?"

"Yes," Tōya answers while Izuku settles for nodding, and just a second later Fuyumi groans in frustration.

"Dad's gonna have to sign these and I'm not sure he will," Fuyumi complains as she lowers her phone, her shoulders sagging in defeat.

"The papers for Shōto's enrollment?" Rei asks as everyone looks towards Fuyumi. "I can sign them," she states before Fuyumi can confirm it, and everyone's attention shifts back to Rei. "What? The only way I'd lose my parental authority was if I divorced my...if I divorced Enji. All parental authority would go to him, which is what we initially agreed upon before we were married but we don't have a written agreement so it would be up to the courts to decide which of us gets custody."

"A written agreement?" Izuku echoes as a question and furrows his brows in thought.

"A prenuptial agreement but they aren't done here in Japan because it would imply that we were thinking of divorce," Rei explains, her smile tinged with sadness for a moment. "And I'm glad because that means I can divorce him without any repercussions and I will make my case for getting custody of Shōto and Natsuo."

"We're already building a child abuse case against him," Tōya remarks, and Izuku wheezes softly as Rei and Fuyumi's gazes fix on both of them. "And both of you should talk with Detective Tsukauchi about it since you're witnesses to the abuse."

"That's…a really good idea," Izuku admits and he frowns to himself. "Natsuo-san will also make a good witness but Shōto-kun especially needs to make a statement as he is also a victim."

"I will get in touch with Detective Tsukauchi and make the necessary arrangements," Rei says after she takes a moment to process what they've revealed to her, and her smile is brighter now. "Now, you two should get going."

"Detective Tsukauchi brought us here, actually, so we can send him this way," Izuku suggests, and Rei blinks a couple of times in response.

"That-yes, please do send him my way." Rei looks like she had wanted to say something else, and Izuku can only guess why, but she motions for them to head to the door. "We can talk more on your next visit, and I expect both of you to visit me."

"Y-You want m-me to v-visit you again?" Izuku stammers out in surprise, not quite expecting that Rei wants him to visit her again.

"Well, yes, I would like to get to know my future son some more." Izuku gapes at Rei while Tōya gives a breathy little chuckle of disbelief from beside him, and Rei gives them a knowing look in return. "I'm sorry, is it too presumptuous of me to call you that, Izuku?"

"I-no, Rei-san, but-"

"Then you can call me mom, Izuku, but only if you want to." Izuku's brain all but short circuits at Rei's request and Tōya groans.

"Mom! You literally just met him!" Tōya complains and he lets go of Izuku's hand to grip him by the arm instead.

"And I see how you look at each other," Rei says archly, her gaze alight with mirth. "Or am I mistaken?"

"No, you're not mistaken," Tōya admits after a few beats and Izuku can feel him slouching in resignation.

"Then that settles it," Rei says decisively then motions to the door once more.

"Now hold on a damn minute! You can't just drop that on Izuku and then expect us to just leave!" Tōya snaps out a bit heatedly.

"At least give us another hug, mom," Izuku finally pipes up, his brain just now kicking back into gear, and Tōya gives a breathy little chuckle, his grip on Izuku's arm loosening.

"Oh, of course." Rei beams and sweeps the both of them into a tight hug, and holds on to them for a long couple of minutes. "Take care of each other, and when Shōto starts at your school-"

"We know, mom," Tōya cuts in, his voice thick with emotion. "We'll look out for Shōto and take care of him too."

"Thank you," Rei breathes out, and then she lets go of them.

"I better be getting a hug before you go too," Fuyumi says a bit sharply as she puts her phone away for the moment. "From both of you," she adds and she gives Izuku a rather pointed look. "Otōto." And then her gaze shifts to Tōya.

"Don't you even think about calling me anything but big brother, Fuyumi," Tōya warns her, and Fuyumi pouts a little.

"But you're-"

"Still older than you, Fuyumi," Tōya says dryly but he goes and pulls her in for a hug. "I'll visit you, Natsuo, and Shōto once I figure out a good time for it."

"You better, Tōya-nii," Fuyumi mumbles as she returns the hug. She pulls away after a few seconds and turns to Izuku, drawing him into a hug as well. "And you better come with him."

"I will, Fuyumi-nee," Izuku responds with a smile, and he hugs Fuyumi back.

"Thank you for bringing Tōya back to us, otōto," Fuyumi whispers for only Izuku to hear before she lets go of him.

"But I-" Izuku starts to protest but Fuyumi gives a sharp shake of her head and puts a finger to her lips before she smiles at him. Izuku shuts his mouth with a click and looks from her to Rei, and he wonders just how much they've figured out on their own.

"C'mon, Izu," Tōya says, and he takes Izuku by the arm again to lead him out of the room.

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