Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

Cynthia let out a small sigh, looking out the window of her villa. She was bored. Ever since she had become the League Champion, she hadn’t had a single challenge. Every trainer who challenged her was crushed with no real effort. And on top of that, because of her reputation, a lot of people were to intimidated to even approach her at all, so she hadn’t even had a chance to get laid for nearly a month.

Deciding to try and find some relief from her boredom, she flipped on the T.V. and began to channel surf. After a few minutes, she found something that sparked her interest. It was a show all the way from the Kanto Region, talking about the Gym Leaders. Right away Cynthia knew that she had found a way to relieve both her boredom and sexual frustration at the same time.

A few weeks later

Cynthia stepped off the S.S Anne in Vermilion City. The ride had been nice, since no one seemed to know who she was this far away from her home country. But even so, she had avoided fooling around with any of the girls she had met. After all, if she was going to do this, she was going to do it right. She headed to Cerulean City, getting there around sunset. Not wanting to wait any longer than she already had, she went straight to the gym.

Unfortunately it seemed that the gym was closed. (Like I’m really going to let this stop me), Cynthia thought to herself, before loudly knocking on the door. After a few seconds, there was no answer, so she tried again, this time finding that it wasn’t closed all the way. She pushed it open and walked in. There was a small sign that read, “Gym Leader Misty, The Tomboyish Mermaid!” Cynthia thought about the photos she had seen on the T.V. special, and licked her lips in anticipation.

The interior of the gym was basically a giant pool. There was what appeared to a floating bridge folded up and leaning against one of the walls, and in the middle of the pool was her target. Misty was floating on her back, completely nude. Of note to Cynthia were her small but perky breasts, flat toned belly, and powerful thighs toned by years of swimming. Her bright red hair seeming to shimmer in the slight waves of the water. The sight of it was enough to make Cynthia’s heart nearly skip a beat.

(Mermaid is the perfect word for her, but tomboy? Hardly!) she thought to herself.

The girl in the pool seemed completely lost in her own world, giving Cynthia a rather naughty idea. Going back to the door as quietly as she could, she pulled it closed and made sure to lock it. Shen then began to strip. Slipping off her high heels first, her long, elegant feet touched the cool, smooth floor, which sent a small shiver through her entire body. Next came her jacket, shirt, and lacy black bra, revealing her own medium but very shapely breasts. Last were her skirt and panties, which perfectly matched her bra. Her hips were wider than Misty’s, but lacked the firm, muscular tone, possessing a more womanly curve that led down to long slender legs.

Again as quietly as possible, she walked back to the pool, dipping a few of her toes into the water and finding it pleasantly warm from the heaters that must have been built into it. Cynthia slipped into the pool entirely, and swam toward Misty, who was thankfully in the shallow end. As soon as she got close, the red head snapped out of her trance, having felt the approaching ripples.

“Ahh!” she let out a small shriek of surprise, and ducked her body under the water up to her neck, using her hands to cover her body as best she could. “W...Who are you?” she stammered, blushing brightly, seeming more embarrassed than angry.

Cynthia couldn’t help but chuckle lightly. “I’m Cynthia, Champion of the Sinnoh Region,” she said, politely extending her hand and smiling gently.

Misty still seemed rather suspicious. “Then what are you doing here?” she asked, still covering herself with her hands.

Cynthia chuckled lightly. “I’ve grown rather bored, and decided that I wanted to have a bit of fun with all of the pretty female Gym Leaders in the world...starting with you,” Cynthia said in a completely sincere tone.

Misty’s face went even redder than her hair. “What?!?” she asked, nearly sinking under the water. "Wh...but...why would...why would I be first!?"

"Because you're beautiful," Cynthia said simply.

Misty had always been known as a tomboy all her life, and even though she enjoyed the hobbies and personality that had earned her that title, this had always made her a little sensitive about her feminine qualities. Hearing this drop-dead gorgeous woman, who could easily have pretty much anyone she ever wanted with no effort at all, call her beautiful made Misty blush furiously with pleasure at the remark.

Without saying another word, Cynthia stepped closer, putting one hand on Misty’s hip and another on her shoulder. She leaned in and kissed the younger girl on the lips. Misty was caught completely off guard, her mind racing as she tried to fully absorb the situation. By the time Misty had regained her senses, they had parted from the kiss.

“That was...kind of nice,” she murmured. Cynthia grinned. Since she had first come to understand sexuality and her preferences at the age of 10, seducing girls had been almost as easy for Cynthia as Pokemon battles, and as she had grown into a gorgeous woman and international celebrity and idol, it had only gotten easier. But unlike battles, which were only fun when going up against someone strong, getting sexy girls was always satisfying no matter how hard or easy it was.

Cynthia pulled Misty closer, gently cupping her ass, their clits lightly brushing as she did. Both women let out a small moan at the feeling of it. Misty began rocking her hips, while Cynthia massaged her ass, rocking herself slightly, the warm water adding slightly to the pleasure for both of them. It didn’t take very long for Cynthia to cum. After nearly a month without so much as masturbating (Cynthia's feelings were that the only orgasms worth having were the ones a lovely girl could give you, so she rarely gave in to her frustrations when she was alone), the wonderful feeling of Misty’s tribadism was more than she could take. She pumped her own hips a bit harder, holding Misty firmly in place as she kissed her deeply. Misty herself came quickly, moaning into the kiss.

They parted, Misty’s eyes a little hazy as she gasped for air. “You're really just so cute,” Cynthia said, leaning in and giving her another light kiss.

“I’m, I'm not...not usually interested in other women, but...but you're just're just too beautiful!” Misty said breathlessly, nuzzling into Cynthia’s cleavage as she reached back and gave her ass the same kind of firm squeeze that the older blonde had done to her.

Cynthia smiled. No matter how many times she heard a girl say that, it never stopped amusing her. Everyone, regardless of their prior orientation...all it took was one kiss and they were putty for her. And when she gave them more than just the kiss...well, you could find a lot of lesbians and bisexual women in Cynthia's wake, but not nearly as many straight women as there had been before she'd come along. “Let’s get out of the pool and have some real fun.”

This time Misty was the one to grin. “Why? There’s plenty we can do in the water.”

She pulled Cynthia out to the deeper part of the pool, so that their feet were no longer touching the bottom. Right away Misty disappeared under the surface. Before Cynthia could wonder what the girl had planned, she felt some bubbles brush against the soles of her feet, making her moan lightly. While most women have feet sensitive enough to be considered erogenous zones, Cynthia's feet had always been unusually sensitive and as capable of sexual pleasure as her breasts, and the sudden stimulation nearly caused her to have an orgasm right then and there. She let out a surprised yell and jerked at the sudden, strange, yet so strongly sexual sensation. Misty blew a few more bubbles against Cynthia’s feet, making the woman pant and tremble as her pussy began to get wetter than the pool itself, before moving up, gently caressing her cunny with her finger while blowing more bubbles against her clit.

(Looks like I made a good choice coming here first!) Cynthia thought to herself as she groaned in ecstasy. Misty continued to blow bubbles all over her, while gently touching her at the same time. Misty slipped a pair of fingers into Cynthia, while latching her mouth over her clit, giving it a flick with her tongue. The feeling of it happening underwater was rather strange, but definitely in a great way. It was taking all of Cynthia’s concentration to stay floating as Misty started pumping her fingers faster, twisting them slightly and bringing Cynthia to orgasm for a second time. As Cynthia's cum mixed with the pool water and she squealed in pleasure, Misty took her mouth off Cynthia's clit, and began to blow bubbles against it as hard as she could. The sensation was not as strong or constant as it had been with her mouth and tongue, but it was incredible in a very different way, and the sensation added to Cynthia's pleasure a lot.

(I usually don’t cum this easily!) she thought after her orgasm had ended, as Misty resurfaced.

“So, how was that?” Misty asked.

“Very interesting, and in a very good way!” Cynthia answered, smiling. “Now how about we get out of the water, so I can properly repay you.”

Misty nodded, and swam to the shallow end, getting out of the pool with Cynthia close behind. Cynthia couldn’t help but marvel at the way small rivulets of water ran down Misty’s slender, athletic body. Part of her wanted to grab her, pin her to the floor, and lick every inch of her supple frame, but that would call soon enough.

“Um...I don't want to kill the mood, but, what you said really mean it? I think I'm beautiful?” Misty asked, looking back at Cynthia, while feeling a twinge of excitement from looking at her curvy, mature figure. Her eyes went from top to bottom, lingering on her large, full breasts for a few seconds longer than any other part. A twinge of jealousy mixed with her desire.

“I may be a smooth talker, Misty, but I never say anything I don't mean entirely. You're pretty, you're young, you're energetic, you're tough, and you're sexually attractive. I wanted to start my journey with a real bang, one of the most beautiful of all the leaders of Pokemon, and I just knew that you had to be the first girl I played with. I'm going to be with many beautiful women, but only so many of them will surpass or even match you, and I wanted you to be the first before all the rest.”

Hearing that made Misty shiver a little, in a way that she had never felt before. Being complimented so greatly, by this gorgeous creature...her pussy became an inferno, and she knew she wanted Cynthia to touch her more than she'd ever wanted anything else before in her whole life.

Misty went over to the wall and picked up a pair of large towels, tossing one to Cynthia while using the other to dry herself. Once both of them were dry (besides one part of them...), Misty led Cynthia to the back half of the gym where she lived. Just as one would expect of a Water Gym Leader, the whole living room seemed to have an oceanic feel, with lamps in the shapes of different Water-type Pokemon and blue walls.

“Very cute,” Cynthia said, looking around.


They went straight to Misty’s bedroom, which was decorated much the same as the living room. But the thing that stood out the most was a huge water bed in the shape of a sea shell, with light pink sheets covering it. Misty went over to it and sat down in the middle.

“You look like a pearl,” Cynthia said, admiring the lithe, pale girl in front of her. She crawled onto the bed, small ripples shaking it as she approached, gently pushing her down and kissing her.

Cynthia ran her tongue against Misty’s lips before plunging it in, greedily sucking on the younger girl's tongue for several seconds before parting. Cynthia began kissing along Misty’s neck, slowly working her way down to her chest. “Such cute little boobs,“ she whispered, gently flicking her tongue against one of the hardened nubs of her nipples. "So cute, and so sexy."

Misty cooed softly as Cynthia kissed her way across her chest, giving the second nipple the same treatment as the first. She moved back and forth between them, giving each one a small lick before kissing back to the other one. After a few minutes of playing with them, Cynthia began to work her way down Misty’s toned belly, stopping for a second at her bellybutton and dipping her tongue into it. She swirled the tip a bit, making Misty twitch in anticipation of what was coming shortly.

Once she got down to Misty’s crotch, Cynthia took a moment to lick all along her inner thighs, making sure to get the bit of love juice that had gathered there from her earlier teasing. She noted that Misty’s taste was a little bit salty, in a way that almost made her think of the sea.

(This girl really was born with the ocean in her blood), Cynthia thought as she moved in closer. She pushed her tongue in as deeply as she could, moaning very lightly, which nearly made Misty cum right then. Cynthia began to move her tongue in and out very slowly, while going side to side at the same time. She gently hummed as she did this. She could feel Misty’s inner muscles flexing and squeezing all around her tongue.

Cynthia flicked her thumb over Misty’s clit, instantly sending her over the edge. She began cumming directly into Cynthia’s waiting mouth. She quickly drank in every last drop, savoring the taste of the Gym Leader.

“T...That was amazing!” Misty said, sounding a little breathless.

“Better than any of the guys I’ve ever dated,” she added. "By a lot!"

“I’ve been told that a lot of times,” Cynthia replied while licking her lips, wanting to make sure she didn’t miss a drop of the delicious nectar.

Cynthia laid down, pulling Misty into her arms and kissing her again. “How long are you going to stay here, anyways?’ Misty asked once they parted.

“A day or so. After all, there are plenty of other very pretty Gym Leaders out there. But if you ever want to have some fun again, I’ll be more than happy to pay you a visit some time,” she said, reaching down and running her fingers along Misty’s slit, letting the tips just barely slip in enough to tease her. Misty began to do the same, fingering Cynthia as they kissed yet again. Both moaned a few minutes later as they came in unison.

As they pulled their hands up, Cynthia took Misty’s and brought it to her own lips, licking it clean even as she offered Misty hers. Cynthia loved the sweet, unique taste of her own juices; she had yet to find any woman's that tasted quite as good. Misty gently took Cynthia’s long, elegant fingers into her mouth and licked away her own salty cum, moaning softly. After they were done, Cynthia rolled over on top of Misty.

“You're pretty good, considering this is your first time with another woman,” Cynthia said as she started rocking her hips again. Misty grinned.

“I just did what I like done to me,” she said, kissing Cynthia’s neck and running her hands down, giving her ass a firm squeeze.

After a few hours, Misty was lying on her back, panting. “I...I can’t go on...any more...I'm sorry, but please, please stop, it's...too much...” she muttered as best she could.

Cynthia ceased licking Misty's snatch. She got up and brushed back some of her golden blonde hair, which by now was messy from sweat and cum, and sighed. “Sorry, sorry. Don't feel bad, it’s alright. I haven't met a woman yet who could keep up with me by herself,” she said lying down. In fact, most women couldn't manage to last as long as Cynthia even with partners; it usually took at least three girls working together for any of them to outlast her in sex. “But this was still fun. And you lasted longer than most!”

She gave her another quick peck on the lips, and curled up, falling asleep while holding Misty close.

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