Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“I don’t believe you,” Cynthia said flatly, eying the girl before her.

“But it’s true!” Skyla said, stamping her foot. She was a bit shorter than Cynthia, but far more curvy. Her figure was part of the reason that Cynthia was skeptical of her claim.

“I know that there are still things that I haven’t come across yet, but there’s just no way I can believe this until I see it,” Cynthia said, though she was hoping to be proven wrong.

“Alright, I’ll show you then!" Skyla said in a bit of a huff. She undressed quickly, almost stumbling a bit in her haste.

Fully nude, the redhead sat down with an oddly determined look on her face. “So what’ll you do when I prove you wrong?” she asked with a grin.

"Frankly, I think that being able to prove me wrong on this account is going to be its own reward. But I’ll let you brag that you proved me wrong, if you like,” Cynthia said with a chuckle.

“I’ll take it! Getting one up on a Champion-ranked trainer like you is awesome," she said, smiling cheerfully. “Now watch closely.”

With that said, Skyla lifted both her legs up and placed them behind her head.

“Easy enough. I could do that if I put my mind to it,” Cynthia said.

“Well, can you do this next part?” Skyla asked as she tilted her head down lower. Inch by inch, she bent further and further, until her face was less than an inch away from her own vagina, Cynthia watched intently as the girl stuck her tongue out, and in one slow motion licked herself from clit to the bottom of her pussy. Her moan was slightly muffled from her odd position, but she kept licking slowly, a faint trickle of her juices running down her rear and pooling up.

Watching in amazement, Cynthia could feel herself growing wet at the sight. Like any other woman, she had tried to do the same thing before, early on in her preteen years, but had never succeeded. Then, of course, she discovered how easy it was to get other girls to do it for her, so that old idea had been abandoned.

Undressing while doing her best to watch Skyla, Cynthia reached down to her own crotch and began to tease herself a bit. It didn’t take long before the Gym Leader came into her own mouth, moaning loudly as she did.

Skyla slowly unfolded her legs, lifting up her head and licking her lips a bit. She grinned at the sight of Cynthia masturbating to her show. “Impressed?’ she asked, crawling over to the woman before her.

“Very much; I can’t wait to see what you can do with a partner,” Cynthia murmured. She closed her eyes and moaned as she had a light cum.

“I think I know just the thing to start off with. Every girl I’ve been with loves this one.” Taking a moment to stretch a bit more, Skyla laid down on her back. Then, lifting her legs in the air, she bent her lower half forward so that her feet rested by her face with her pussy up in the air. Her body was now curved in a semi-circle, with only her mid-lower back touching the ground, while her legs ran a straight bridge between her raised upper half and raised lower half. It looked a tad awkward, but very arousing at the same time.

“I’m sure you know what to do,” Skyla invited, wiggling her hips as best she could in the strange pose. Cynthia chuckled. As odd as it might look, she got the idea just fine. Lowering herself down, she positioned herself so that she was essentially lying belly-down upon Skyla's legs, with her pussy pressed against Skyla’s mouth, and her own mouth inches above Skyla's own snatch. Now wanting to put an uncomfortable level of weight on the girl, Cynthia mostly supported herself with her hands and knees against the ground, more gently resting on Skyla's legs than being held up by them.

Tilting forward, Cynthia gave her a slow lick. Skyla’s flavor reminded her very much of watermelon. Though the action wasn’t much different than a normal sixty-nine, the novelty of the position made it more exciting. But soon enough, Skyla did something that caught Cynthia off guard a little. Both of her hands and feet joined her tongue; fingers and toes alike slipped into her while Skyla’s tongue went right for her clit, lashing against it skillfully.

Cynthia came instantly at the multi-pronged assault. Doubling her efforts, she soon made Skyla cum, as well. Skyla shook a little as her body tightened in pleasure, but maintained her position with ease, and started licking even more vigorously than before. Her tongue was as dexterous as a finger, curling and stroking in ways that Cynthia had never experienced before. The rush of pleasure hit her like a freight train as Skyla's tongue danced within her; it was all she could do not to scream in delight! It was no surprise that Skyla would be one of the most talented pussy lickers Cynthia had ever had the intense pleasure to be with, of course; she had been able to practice her skills on herself, learning every exact pleasure a woman could have by feel. That thought was enough to trigger Cynthia's climax again, and this time she did scream, hard and in jagged waves, just like the pleasure engulfing her every sense. Her shrieks of pleasure echoed in Skyla's pleasure cave, setting her off, as well. This time her pleasure was too much, and she could not hold her position any longer. Her hands and tongue and toes fell away from Cynthia's quim as she slammed herself down against the ground, writhing in delicious pleasured agony. Her movements and position shift pushed Cynthia off of her, and the Champion collapsed to the ground. They both fingered themselves as their orgasms ran their course, extending the pleasure for as long as it would last.

Eventually it was over, and Skyla returned to a normal sitting position. “That was great! Now let’s test your flexibility!” Skyla said, hopping up. She went over to a dresser and pulled out a large doubled-ended dildo.

“Now go over there,” Skyla said, pointing to a large mirrored wall with a metal bar running along the length of it.

Following the suggestion, Cynthia walked over to the wall. The sight of her reflection, that of a beautiful blonde goddess of curves and sexuality, added to her excitement. Skyla joined her quickly and guided her into place, so that she was facing the wall with one hand on the bar, bending over at almost a right angle. Skyla kneeled down and easily slipped the toy into Cynthia’s cunny, giving her a small lick as she did. Cynthia gave a pleased murmur at the lick, and the pleasant feeling of fullness. Her pussy clamped upon it hard, seeking to milk the toy of all possible pleasure.

“Now is where it gets fun!” Skyla said as she got behind Cynthia. She turned her back and pressed her ass against Cynthia’s, then bent herself forward so that she was also leaning at almost a right angle. "Make sure you've got a good grip on that thing, alright?" Reaching back, she grabbed the free end of the toy and guided it into herself, moaning as she did. True to Skyla's request, Cynthia held onto the dong as hard as she could, making sure Skyla's adjustments didn't cause it to fall out of herself.

Facing the mirror, Cynthia could see everything perfectly. And she liked the view. She and Skyla were both standing, bent forward facing away from each other, the backs of one woman's legs almost touching the backs of the other's, connected by the double dildo stuffing each of their pussies. While Cynthia had to use her grip on the bar to help steady herself, Skyla seemed perfectly fine without it, and even had straighter posture in this position than Cynthia did. Together like this, they seemed to form a capital T.

“This might be tricky at first, but I think you’ll love it,” Skyla said, lifting one leg up and back behind her. She kept it straight as she did so, and soon her leg was running straight along the upper half of Cynthia's bent body, coming to an end right by Cynthia's face.

“Now lift your leg up for me,” Skyla instructed, looking down and grinning. Though it wasn’t as easy for her, Cynthia did it, bringing her leg back and up as straight as she could, until her own foot was right by Skyla's cheek. Cynthia held the bar in an iron grip, needing it all the more to stay upright now. She couldn't believe how well-poised and balanced Skyla must be, to be doing all this now on only one leg.

Skyla took hold of Cynthia’s leg, steadying her a little, then set to work, running her tongue along her sole while her fingers danced along the edges. Every tiny movement made the toy move around as Cynthia tried to maintain her balance, her mind attacked by the pleasant sensations of Skyla treating her sensitive foot and the toy filling her considerably more sensitive pussy. Bringing Skyla’s foot closer, she began to lick passionately, worshiping the pretty girl's curvy, delicious foot with all her skill. The best part was watching herself in the mirror...the more sensual and erotic a show she made of pleasing Skyla's foot, the more Cynthia enhanced her own arousal.

Skyla shifted her weight very slightly, sending a powerful ripple through Cynthia as the toy moved around inside her. Sensing Cynthia’s reaction, Skyla repeated the small motion again and again in rapid succession, bringing the blonde to orgasm in no time. Cynthia engulfed the entire top of Skyla's foot at once as her orgasm hit her, muffling her screams around Skyla's tasty wiggling toes as her waves of pleasure shot through her over and over, her cum trickling down the length of the dildo that her pussy was squeezing in delight. Though Cynthia's mind was consumed with her pleasure and with trying desperately to maintain her balance even as her body fought to writhe in bliss, Cynthia was never one to be outdone, and managed to think for a moment about how she would counter this. Her balance wasn’t good enough to do something like Skyla had, so she had to do something else.

Once her orgasm had subsided, Cynthia used her free hand to move Skyla’s leg a bit, the girl happily going with it. She moved Skyla's foot between her breasts, which today were swollen a bit with excess milk, making them slightly fuller and softer. Using her elbow and free hand, Cynthia squeezed her breasts down against Skyla’s foot, cushioning it in their warmth with just her toes peeking out. Cynthia’s tongue quickly began to glide along the exposed digits. It had just the effect that she wanted, with Skyla moaning loudly at the wonderful feeling of it.

Soon enough Skyla came, the pleasure of the toy within her and of Cynthia's treatment of her foot simply too much for her to take. She cried out in a sharp shriek as she trembled in climax, her juices traveling the length of the dildo just as Cynthia's had. It couldn’t have been better timing for Cynthia; the leg she had been standing on was close to giving out. Unable to hold her pose as she came, Skyla drew her foot away and took a few steps forward as her balance was lost, trembling all the while as her muscles seized in pleasure. This released Cynthia, of course, and as Skyla pulled away, she took the toy with her. The feeling of its ridged length exiting Cynthia was delightful, and she shivered, already more than ready for her next orgasm.

Cynthia watched in the mirror as Skyla took out the toy and licked it clean, and her pussy gave a twinge at the erotic sight. Then, Skyla dropped to her knees before a small puddle on the ground, which Cynthia realized must be the combined juices of herself and Skyla that had fallen from the dildo they shared. Skyla shamelessly put her mouth to the floor and began licking and sucking the juices up, and Cynthia gasped in erotic delight at the sight of wanton lust.

Once she was done with that, Skyla laid down on her back and beckoned Cynthia over. “This position will be good for two things,” she said, as she lifted her waist into the air.

"First off, another sixty-nine, then...well, you’ll see,” she said with a grin, looking up at Cynthia.

Lowering herself over the girl’s face, Cynthia began eating her out. Skyla's flexibility was quite amazing, Cynthia reflected to herself, for the girl was able to thrust her lower body so far up that Cynthia barely needed to lean forward to reach her slit. Cynthia also noted that in this position she could plunge her tongue in much deeper than she normally could, and really get at some sensitive spots. Skyla’s tongue was just as flexible as the rest of her, and it was spectacular when combined with the rumbling echo that her moans made against Cynthia's inner walls. Neither woman held out long, each going all out slurping and licking up until they both came together, Cynthia drenching Skyla's face with her fluids as her body clenched in bliss, and Skyla's pussy squirting a few droplets onto Cynthia's face as she climaxed as well.

Lifting herself up for a moment, Cynthia already knew just what to do next. Grabbing the double dildo, she slipped it into her quim, letting out a happy sigh as it filled her once more, and moved over to Skyla, who still had her lower body raised high and proud, her cum trails glistening as they ran down to her belly button. Cynthia grabbed Skyla's hips to keep them in place, and drove the toy down into her. Skyla cried out as Cynthia bounced up and down, fucking her savagely in a sexual pile-driver.

As she pumped into the girl with short, powerful motions, Cynthia brought one of Skyla’s feet up to her mouth and began to lick and suck each toe lovingly, at this point so overcome with her motions of lust that she was almost just running on instinct. Skyla brought her other foot up and pinched one of Cynthia’s nipples between her toes, causing a few droplets of milk to squirt out. Cynthia hadn’t relieved herself recently, preferring to wait whenever possible until another woman would do it for her, and had been uncomfortably full for some time now. This first bit of release was enough to make her cum instantly, and she screamed into the toe she was suckling, her eyes closed and her body swaying in orgasmic heat. As her pussy clenched hard against the toy within her, and her nipple seemed to explode in relieved pleasure, Cynthia transferred the rhythm of her muscles clenching in pleasure into her thrusts, pounding the dildo into Skyla all the harder.

“This seems like it could be a fun game!” Skyla gasped in a tease. Her toes tugged Cynthia’s nipple again, this time trying to direct the squirt of milk into her mouth. She missed several times, coating her face with milk. The sight of the attractive girl's face getting a milk bath turned Cynthia's mind to molten desire; nothing existed in her mind but pleasure, pleasure of the cunt nipples, and beautiful relief of the pressure, and licking, and sucking, and fucking the girl below her harder, faster, harder, harder! Skyla gave a long, hard scream as she was hit by her most powerful orgasm yet, pleasure seeming to soar through her from her toes and cunny through every inch and fiber of her being. Her toes still tugged at Cynthia's teat, and in her orgasmic throes she finally got the aim just right. Milk splashed down and into her mouth, and Skyla's pleasure scream gurgled upon the liquid of life and sex, and Cynthia was driven crazier still. Now every single drop was landing in her waiting mouth as Cynthia continued to ride her, and Skyla never wanted the delicious snack to end.

Having one breasts emptied made the pressure in the other feel all the more uncomfortable. Switching which foot she was focusing on, Cynthia guided Skyla’s other foot to her still full breast. Like before, it took her a few tries to get the stream aimed into her mouth, but she got it soon enough, not that Cynthia cared either way; the pressure being released was heavenly and the sight of Skyla’s face covered in milk was making her cum over and over again. Existence was cumming, again and again and again!

Finally, after Skyla had had a couple more orgasms, she managed to snap Cynthia out of her hedonistic haze, and they broke apart. “Got one more thing that I always like to do,” Skyla said. It was clear in her voice that she was nearing her limit. That was too bad, though nothing new; Cynthia felt like they'd barely gotten started.

Skyla got behind Cynthia, wrapping her legs around the other woman’s waist and bending her legs up so that her feet could rub against the blonde's breasts. At the same time, Skyla’s hands went down to Cynthia’s pussy, slipping her fingers in. She very skillfully began working her fingers in time with her toes. As she stimulated her partner in the strange position, she ground against her back, kissing her neck. It was strange (not to mention heavy; Cynthia did not usually carry an entire human being around on her back), but erotic, and Skyla's toes and fingers were skilled. Cynthia's passions flared once more, and soon she gasped and came once more, fighting not to arch her back so much that she might cause Skyla to fall.

Skyla wasn’t able to hold out much longer herself, humping Cynthia's back with such vigor that she herself came as well. Cynthia shivered in delight at the feeling of Skyla's cum trickling down her back as the girl mashed her pussy against Cynthia all the harder, riding her orgasm as long as she could.

Finally, Skyla unwound herself and stepped away. She sat back with a satisfied look. “It’s been a long time since I was able do all those poses with one person,” she commented in happy exhaustion.

Cynthia leaned in and kissed her. “Well, maybe later we can try some more.”

As Skyla went off to rest, Cynthia stayed and practiced, trying to limber up some more.

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