Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
Category: Pokemon > Yuri - Female/Female
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Leaning back in her seat, Cynthia licked her lips in anticipation. Elesa was giving her a private fashion show as a warm-up to their real fun. She had donned one outfit after another, each stylish, each creative and unique, each made gorgeous by the beauty they accessorized, and each getting progressively skimpier as the show went on...and she was near the end. Cynthia herself was already nude, and gently teasing her rings, toying with them, flicking them back and forth and up and down, enhancing the arousal Elesa was inspiring in her. She was getting flushed as her excitement built up with every outfit and every movement of the metal embedded in her pleasure spots.

(I can't believe I went for as long as I did without these things), Cynthia thought to herself, taking her eyes off the show for a moment so she could look down appreciatively at the loops she was playing with. (They add a whole new layer to pleasure and's like discovering masturbation all over again!)

“So, do you like this?” Elesa asked, stepping out from behind a curtain in the corner of the room. Not for the first time that day, Cynthia took a long moment to fully appreciate the model’s looks. Her hair, still dyed black, was pulled back in a high ponytail, and her trademark headphones still in place. They framed her face, enhancing her makeup, vibrant yellow mascara and black lipstick with yellow streaks of painted lightning through it, standing out brilliantly against her pale skin.

Her clothing, though, was just as eye-catching, a black corset with yellow ribbons laced through it. The garment came up just under her breasts, lifting them and drawing attention to them quite nicely. At her waist was a garter holding up fishnet stockings over each of her legs, legs that were already long and shapely, that seemed to beg to be stroked and worshiped...and to push them from beautiful to divine was a pair of bright yellow high heels.

Cynthia had been with many beautiful women, even some whose beauty she considered as great as her own, but no woman alive was quite so utterly striking in her beauty as Elesa, and her unrivaled understanding of fashion and appearance only multiplied that effect...and that was just under normal circumstances. Now, dressed with the intent to sexually please, she was simply incredible to gaze at.

The sway of her hips and the light click of her heels as she approached was the final straw; Cynthia's primed body could take no more. A light moan slipped past her lips as she jerked in the plush chair, sinking in a bit deeper as her cum splashed against it.

“I guess you approve,” Elsa said with a small chuckle, leaning in and kissing Cynthia lightly. Cynthia moaned weakly into the kiss, utterly enthralled by the beauty in front of her. She wondered if this was how other women felt when they were with she herself, this feeling of being utterly overwhelmed by a beauty that one almost couldn't believe could exist.

Reaching down, Elesa lightly pulled on one of Cynthia’s nipple rings. “I've heard these are new. They're good on you. They compliment your body well and make you look more attractive than ever," Elesa told her seriously. Cynthia knew that Elesa wasn't expressing sexual approval, the way other women had done, but was just making an honest assessment of Cynthia's new accessories, speaking to her with professional, objective judgment as a master in appearance. And somehow, that made it all the better.

"I'll be getting my own at some point," Elesa mentioned conversationally, giving the ring a small twist, which rekindled the passionate flames in Cynthia's loins that had been lessened for a few moments thanks to her orgasm. "I'm still planning it out, though, considering their design, and what looks they'll go well with. I can't go with anything metal (considering I work solely with Electric Type), which makes it more complicated, but there are plenty of other materials to choose from...they just require a little more thought about what coloring and looks they'll coordinate well with."

"Too bad, the metal ones really do go with everything, I think," Cynthia murmured, though her mind was mostly just on the pleasure Elesa's small twists were giving her.

"True, but that gives them less real personality, anyway," Elesa replied, now gently pulling the rings, one and then the other and back again. "In fact, although they do compliment you and accentuate your beauty, you should consider replacing these rings, or adding to them, with something more unique to yourself. You're a striking, one of a kind person...your most intimate, important accessories should show it."

"I'll think about that," Cynthia promised, whimpering a little from the delicious sensations. She kissed Elesa deeply, moaning softly into it. Without parting, Elsa lowered herself into the deep, cushy chair. Her thighs pinning Cynthia’s legs, the model pressed her clit against Cynthia’s belly and began to grind against her.

Reaching back, Cynthia traced her hands along Elsa’s rear, letting her fingers dip into the top of her stockings. Her skin was as smooth and lovely as the silk of their bands. Just seeing and touching this incredible beauty was driving Cynthia's arousal as high as actually being pleasured. Parting for air, Elesa leaned back a little, grinning mischievously, the brilliant golden streaks on her dark lips catching a bit of light.

“Let’s move somewhere a little more comfortable,” Elesa suggested, getting up from the chair and beckoning Cynthia to follow her (not that she really needed to; Cynthia would have followed the beauty to hell and back of her own choice).

Elesa led the blonde to a nearby bed and sat down, stretching out one of her lithesome legs, a proud baring of the slender, curved work of natural art clothed in netting that accentuated its beauty. That alone was all the direction Cynthia needed. Kneeling down, she nuzzled against the shoe-clad foot, tracing her fingers along the pointed heel. She couldn’t help but get all sorts of ideas from its elegant shape. Moving her cheek along her leg, Cynthia inched her way up toward Elesa’s quim, but stopped short. She wished to tease the other woman a little, though the overwhelming desire to know this gorgeous female intimately throbbed within Cynthia so greatly that she realized she was teasing herself at least as much as she was Elesa. She comforted herself with the soft, sexy feeling of Elesa's thigh against her cheek. The stockings themselves felt great, and the bit of skin that peeked through made it so much better.

“I think you should know...these shoes have never been worn anywhere but this room, and only ever on the most important and personal of occasions. They are made from a special latex that has a rather pleasant taste,” Elsa told her, bringing up her other foot and stroking Cynthia’s chin with the latex shoe.

Getting the meaning, Cynthia licked the sole of the shoe. True to her words, the shoe actually had a faint, pleasant flavor, though she couldn’t identify it. Running her tongue along the bottom of the shoe, Cynthia moaned a bit, looking up at Elsa, whose face, tensed with pleasure, almost suggested she could feel every caress of Cynthia's tongue along the sexy footwear. Maybe she somehow could...Elesa was so connected to her personal fashion that Cynthia wouldn't have doubted it. As for Cynthia...the sensation of running her tongue languidly along the pleasantly flavored high heel, licking at this indescribably elegant foot dressing connected to the perfect, classy legs of a woman who was the very picture of refined feminine was exquisitely pleasing to do so, and Cynthia let out another moan just at the thought of what she was doing, with whom, and the pleasure of servicing this elegant woman in such a way. Left to her own devices, Cynthia knew that her excitement would only keep building from this, and that she would, sooner or later, cum fantastically just from the delight of servicing Elesa in this way.

As Cynthia licked away at the shoe, Elesa brought up her other foot and pressed it against Cynthia's pussy. She turned it, rubbing softly against Cynthia's genitals with the top of her foot as well, giving her a combination of skin, stocking and shoe all at once. The pleasure and the situation were more than Cynthia could handle, and she let out a deep, lusty moan as she came again. As the waves of pleasure rolled pleasantly over her, she took the heel between her lips, sucking it softly.

As Cynthia gently sucked her heel and moaned as her body quivered in climax, Elesa leaned back as best as her corset would allow, one hand at her breast, massaging the mound slowly, while her other hand went to her pussy, fingers dancing along her slit. She moaned softly. Despite all this, Cynthia’s view as she came down from orgasm was drawn only to Elesa's face, the way her eyes fluttered lightly and lips parted a bit, her light pink tongue gliding across the slick black and gold colors that coated them. Once more, Cynthia felt nothing short of completely overcome by this gorgeous woman, a picture of sexual elegance, and Cynthia's pussy began to tremble as she sucked on the woman's heel, at least as much from the sight before her as from the ongoing motions of Elesa's other foot against it, harder and harder as she got more worked up.

Both women came at the same time, Cynthia coating Elesa's foot with her juices, and Elesa letting out a lusty sigh as her pussy dribbled her cum. She watched it, sighing in pleasure, as it trickled down her thigh.

After she had recovered, Cynthia drew back and away from the heel she had been polishing, a trail of saliva joining her to Elesa's footwear following her for a moment, before the distance broke it. Elesa lowered that leg, and raised the other, so that the foot and shoe that had been pleasuring Cynthia was now before her face. Cynthia began giving it the same treatment, though this time she could taste herself more than anything else.

As before, Cynthia wrapped her lips around the sheer heel of the exquisite shoe, running her tongue over it, kissing it, sucking softly upon it, all slowly, sensually, her eyes ever on Elesa's. Elesa shuddered at the sight, and though she did not speed up her hands' motions of massaging her breast and luxuriously running along her slit, her breathing nonetheless quickened, and her body trembled, and eventually she shuddered as another orgasm struck her, leaking additional cum down her thigh.

Cynthia moved up Elesa’s legs, dragging her tongue along them all the way, until she reached the woman's vagina, having deliberately avoided the parts of Elesa's thighs that were slick with her cum. Unable to hold back any longer, Cynthia dove into her pussy, the delicate taste of lychee filling her mouth. "Yesssss," Elesa moaned slowly, deep delight rumbling through her body, and she reached down and dug her fingers into Cynthia’s hair, rocking her hips a bit as Cynthia’s tongue worked. Moaning and shuddering, Elesa wrapped her legs around Cynthia, her heels brushing against her back. She threw her head back and enjoyed Cynthia's skilled tongue to its fullest, digging her heels softly into Cynthia's back every now and then when the woman hit a particularly enjoyable spot. Eventually, Elesa groaned once more in bliss as she was pushed over the edge. Cynthia drank her delicately flavored juices down, moaning a bit, and loving the small gasp that slipped from Elesa's lovely as she shuddered a bit more.

Once Elesa had calmed, she gently pushed Cynthia down onto her back, grinning. “I know that this is going to be something you enjoy,” Elesa teased, tracing her heel along Cynthia’s cunny. Cynthia closed her eyes and gasped happily at the feeling of the wet heel's contact against her opening, and leaned back to allow Elesa easier access. Using both heels, Elesa skillfully caught both of the rings in Cynthia’s labia, one heel through each, and gently pulled them, spreading her wider. She began to gently but firmly move her feet in and out, back and forth, playing, opening and closing Cynthia's pussy over and over with her heels.

The odd teasing was both pleasurable and very erotic to watch and feel, more than enough to make Cynthia collapse onto her back and moan in delight as she came, overcome with the sight and feeling of being so elegantly played with by this woman of such beauty. As her muscles tensed in pleasure, Elesa moved one heel out of its ring and hooked it instead on the ring through Cynthia's clit. She tugged it up softly, increasing Cynthia's pleasure so greatly that she was hit by a second orgasm before the current one had ended.

As Cynthia shook in pleasure, Elesa unhooked her heel from Cynthia's clit ring, and gently moved the foot down and forward, until she was pressing the bottom of the shoe's toe tip against Cynthia's pleasure button. She applied some substantial pressure, and Cynthia howled in enjoyment as the shoe's latex being crushed against her clit sent shrieking pleasure racing through her body, enhancing and lengthening her orgasm. And as Cynthia's climax seemed to be dying down, Elesa gently pushed the heel into her quim, rubbing her inner walls with the same delicate, dexterous skill as her fingers. Cynthia screamed as her needy pussy was finally invaded by this shoe digit and stroked so expertly by it. She reached up and grabbed her breasts as Elsa played with her pussy, cumming yet again. Elesa brought her free foot forward to Cynthia's mouth, and the moment she did, Cynthia grabbed it and pushed it in, engulfing the tipped front of it within her mouth, sucking and licking it furiously as her body convulsed in bliss.

When Cynthia's body finally ceased its fits, and she lay in happy afterglow, Elesa pulled both her feet away from her. She brought the one that had been pleasuring Cynthia up for the Champion to lick clean, which she did so very eagerly. Once she was done, Elesa leaned down and kissed her passionately, pulling her up as she did. Once they were both standing, Elesa fell back again, now bringing Cynthia with her to rest on top of her.

Breaking the kiss, Cynthia inched up a little so that her nipples were at perfect mouth level for Elesa, who used her tongue to circle and flick at Cynthia's nipples. As she did this, Cynthia ground against her waist, at the spot where silky skin met with the slightly stiff texture of the corset's hem.

Cynthia rose up and moved down, , so she could start sliding along Elesa’s legs. The fishnets and her skin against her pussy was divine, and Cynthia let out a pleasurable purr at the sensation. She reached up and gently slid a finger into Elesa, who mimicked her own happy sound at the intrusion. For nearly an hour, Cynthia simply rode against Elesa’s legs and fingered the other woman, bringing both to orgasm again and again, until finally Elesa could stand no more.

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