Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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“I won’t deny that the idea has entered my mind before. More than a few times, actually,” Cynthia admitted as Diantha looked at her, the glamorous star's face a mixture of trepidation and defiant pride after having revealed her fetish.

“I'm glad to hear it. I’ve never told anyone before, but considering the wide range of your experience, I thought you might understand.” The relief in her voice was clear, as her face visibly relaxed. “While have a sexual relationship with Pokemon is not technically illegal, it does have a very strong stigma attached to it. A very strong, and very, very unfair stigma,” she said, casting her gaze down.

“Pokemon are not animals, at least not any more than people are. Many are as intelligent, or even smarter, than the average person on the streets. And nearly every trainer has a very deep emotional bond with their team. We can respect Pokemon as sentient beings and intellectual and emotional equals enough for them to be our friends, even our brothers and sisters, but not our lovers? Why? How can you look at an individual you can connect with on every other meaningful level, and arbitrarily decide that this one bond is unacceptable?” Diantha’s tone was a mixture of anger and sadness. “The fact that I have to keep my love a secret is so unfair!” She balled her fist, glaring at no one in particular.

“I agree wholeheartedly. Love is love, and so long as all involved are consenting, and intelligent enough to understand what they are consenting to, it shouldn’t matter who or what they are,” Cynthia said, reaching out and putting her hand on Diantha’s, easing her mood. “But let’s put the heavy political stuff aside for now, okay?”

Diantha’s expression lightened again. “Right. Sorry; I know that isn’t what you’re here for.” Getting up from the table, she walked to a shelf where several Pokeballs rested. "I usually just let everyone out and about as they like, but I thought it might be a little crowded for your visit, so I asked everyone to let me put them in their Pokeballs for your visit. This way we can keep things simple with you," she explained, running her fingertip along each orb, contemplating. “Since this will be the first time you’ve ever been with a Pokemon I think you should be with someone who will make things easy.” Finally deciding on one, she lifted it from the display.

“You might want to go ahead and undress ahead of time. This one tends to be rather messy,” Diantha said, taking off her own clothing as she spoke. This was hardly the first time Cynthia had seen Diantha naked, of course, but it was the first time seeing her in person. Diantha had, after all, been in dozens of movies, and had more than a few nude scenes, though they were always very tasteful. And while Cynthia could very much appreciate the artistic nature of the shots, she had always wanted to see a bit more.

Diantha was slim and perfect, that was all there was to it. Her skin was pale and flawless, aside from a small beauty mark right next to her navel. She held herself with style and grace, exuding a confident sophistication that would draw anyone in. Diantha was a glamorous, classy woman, and to see her like this made Cynthia's heart race in excitement and appreciation. She also noticed that Diantha was looking her over with just as much interest.

“As good as she is, I don’t think Viola really did you justice,” she commented. Cynthia couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. Diantha was widely considered to be nearly on par with herself in terms of beauty. Not that Cynthia really cared; after all, every woman she had ever been with had her own special kind of beauty that made them all near equals as far as she was concerned.

“Now then...I’d like you to meet Goodra,” Diantha said, tossing the ball into the air. A bright flash of light filled the air, before coalescing into a medium-sized dragon. Looking her over the way she did all lovers, Cynthia took careful note of every feature. The Pokemon stood just a little taller than either woman. She had large, friendly eyes that gleamed with excitement, and a broad smile that Cynthia couldn’t help but return. As for her figure, Cynthia was definitely intrigued. Though she had never really looked at any Pokemon in a sexual light, before she had to admit that Goodra was strangely attractive. The sleek curves of her body were unlike any human's, with wide legs that were equally inhuman...yet there was something familiarly feminine in these qualities. Her curves called to mind some sort of fertility idol, boarding exaggerated but sill within the realms of what she considered attractive. The thick tail that ended in a small curl, and the long horns that were flexing very slightly with each breath, seemed to hold quite a bit of potential for new and interesting positions that a human lover could never offer.

And of course, the most notable trait of her species: the slime. Glistening in the light of the room, it was clearly thick and sticky, making Cynthia recall that viscous lotion that Marina had mixed into the bath. But there was something much more to it than that. The way it flowed along her body made her look so slick that it was a guarantee that rubbing against her would feel wonderful, and adding to it even more was the thought of what her cum must be like, a wonderful slippery mess that would leave Cynthia looking very much like the Pokemon standing in front of her. But that wasn’t all. Even from the other side of the room, she couldn’t help but notice that there was a pleasantly light, sweet smell in the air, a sign of being ready for mating for Goodra, from what she recalled.

Goodra immediately turned to Diantha and let out a happy "Dra!" as she rushed to her trainer and embraced her in a gooey hug. Diantha laughed happily and returned the hug. "Well hello to you, too, sweetie! Silly girl, you've only been in that ball for less than an hour, did you really miss me this much already?"

Goodra drew back and nodded that she had. She then lowered her neck so that her face was directly in front of Diantha's, and drew forward, pressing her snout against Diantha's lips. Diantha returned the kiss, and Cynthia had to smile at the tender affection in the kiss and the woman's eyes as she did so.

As Goodra pulled away, she turned to look over at Cynthia, then back at Diantha. Lips shining with the residue of her gooey kiss, Diantha nodded and smiled. In a moment, the Dragon had approached Cynthia, trilling happily as her arms stretched out and wrapped around Cynthia, pulling her to a tight hug. The slime was as thick and sticky as Cynthia had thought, but there was far more to it than just that. It was warm, and created a pleasant tingle everywhere it touched, and through the slime Cynthia could feel Goodra’s skin, rubbery and soft, almost toy-like.

As Cynthia was hugged tightly against the warm, sticky dragon, Diantha approached her. “Even amongst Goodra, I think my big sweetie here is unusually affectionate,” she said with a smile, running her hand along Goodra’s side, earning a soft coo from the Dragon that Cynthia could feel through the embrace. “I think I’ll let her have some fun with you alone first. She’s never been with anyone other than me, so I'm sure it will be interesting and fun for her...and I know it'll be fun for me to watch!” Diantha said with a chuckle.

As if to prove her trainer and lover's words, Goodra tilted her head down and gently licked Cynthia’s face. Her tongue was slightly rough, but not unpleasantly so, and her saliva, which was thicker than the slime coating her body, sent a new rush of pleasure through Cynthia’s body. Goodra continued to lick all along Cynthia’s face, not leaving a single spot dry. Finally she slipped her tongue into Cynthia’s mouth and began to explore it with a simple enthusiasm. Even with all her experience, this kiss was strange and new for Cynthia, and exciting. Goodra’s tongue was much thicker than any human’s, and its roughness was very stimulating. As Goodra kissed her, the amount of drool and saliva seemed to increase with each passing second, enough that Cynthia was forced to swallow some of it as it trickled down her throat. Not that she minded. Even though it was kind of thick, it had a pleasant taste that called to mind bubblegum. As she drank down more of the wonderfully sweet, slippery, syrup-like drool, she could feel a heavy warmth in her belly that seemed to be spreading throughout her entire body. Her head was growing heavy and hazy, almost like she was a little drunk.

“Careful, Goodra. This is her first time; she's not used to you like I am. We don’t want her to overload,” Diantha said as she ran her hand along her Pokemon’s side, gathering a handful of slime “I’m sure you’ve begun to notice that her slime is a super potent stimulant, one that enhances sensitivity. Most women cum right away just from absorbing it through their skin, though I figure with as much as you’ve done, this will be a bit more effective,” she explained, her voice clearly quivering a little as she began to run her goo-covered hands along her own body. "Even after making love to Goodra every day for years now, still affects me, v-very strongly!" Cynthia could only moan in response, the pleasure building more within her with each gulp.

Setting Cynthia down gently, Goodra took a step back, several strands of goop hanging between their bodies. Cynthia’s head was swimming in a warm haze.

“Goo,” the Pokemon said softly, putting her hands on Cynthia’s shoulders. With very little effort she was guided down onto her knees. Even though she had never been with a Pokemon before, it was not hard to figure out what she was supposed to do. Running her fingers along Goodra’s belly, Cynthia found a thin slit. The slime around it was much warmer to the touch, and had a notably sweeter scent. As she ran her fingers along the slit, Goodra began to moan slightly, though it might be better described as a purr.

As Cynthia stroked the length of the slit, it opened a bit more, and Cynthia was pleasantly surprised to find that there was indeed some difference between a human woman’s cunny and a dragons. Goodra’s quim a light shade of magenta, for starters, though a bigger difference was the shape, being much rounder than a human woman's, almost circular, with small ridges visible around the edges.

Experimentally she gave one of the bumps a small flick with her tongue, gently grazing it with her tip and then knocking against it with her stud. The skin was as soft and smooth as the rest of her body, but there was a firmness under it, almost like bone. That bit of contact was enough to make the Pokemon squeal in delight and cum. A flood of cum came splashing out against Cynthia, more than any woman she had been with before (and she had been with some copious squirters!), coating her face and chest in the slick and sticky fluid.

Cynthia took a moment to gather up some of the bubblegum-esque-flavored slime to drink it down, smearing the rest along her chest, loving the odd tingly felling of it seeping into her skin. Wanting more, she leaned in and began to lick around, avoiding the ridges to tease the Pokemon. The odd rubbery texture covered in the warm thick slime was definitely something Cynthia could learn to love, as Diantha obviously had. Though Cynthia knew there was certainly far more to it for Diantha than just the physical aspects of attraction.

As Cynthia ate her gooey lover's liquid cunny out, she considered the bonds she had with her own Pokemon. Some of them were male, but there were a good few female Pokemon that had been with her for quite some time, and she and they cared very strongly for one another...she wondered if any might be interested in exploring a sexual connection. It could be interesting, fun, and very pleasurable...and if nothing else, it might give Cynthia more options for satisfaction for times when she had no one else to turn to for her insatiable, burning lusts, which only seemed to get more frequent and powerful each day. It was something to think about, at any rate. For now, she was focused on pleasuring Goodra.

Exploring the opening, she added her fingers in alongside her tongue, something that seemed almost necessary with the size of Goodra’s cunny. Probing deeper, she found more of the bony ridges within the Pokemon, forming smaller and smaller rings. Touching each ridge made Goodra’s entire body quiver and release a new gush of slime and cum. As Cynthia brought one orgasm after another to the Pokemon, she began to be aware of slime from the rest of Goodra's body beginning to gently flow down onto Cynthia's head in oozing drips, giving her hair a viscous, sweet-smelling bath. Very strongly sweet-smelling, almost like...

Diantha spoke suddenly. “Mmm, you're as good as they say,'s only the greatest of lovers that can pleasure a Goodra so much that she begins to cum from her whole body,” she in a throaty moan. Cynthia moaned in delight at the thought that the pleasure she was giving was so great that the dragon could not help but secrete its climactic joy all over, her pussy unable to handle the gush of spunk by itself. Glancing over at Diantha, Cynthia saw that she was masturbating wantonly to the sight of her lover being pleasured by another woman.

Deciding to make it better for both of them, Cynthia folded her hand and guided it as deep as she could into Goodra, just a little past her elbow. This deep, she could feel the ridges squeezing down hard, trying to pull her in even deeper, and with each twitch of her dragon pussy, a new thick wave of cum would ooze out of her, adding to the large pool Cynthia was now kneeling in, as well as dribbling down Cynthia's head to coat back. Using her free hand, she scooped up a large amount of the slime and began to rub her own pussy, lifting her hips so that she could show off to Diantha a bit more. The tingling pleasure it gave her eager cunt was wonderful as it seeped into her favorite parts, causing Cynthia to tremble and moan as she came, adding her own light fluids to the viscous goop soaking her in lust.

With the thick, hot lube coating her hand, she found could nearly fist herself, and after hearing the way Diantha was moaning, decided to do just that. With some effort, she was able to get most of her hand into her own quim and began pumping it slowly, working it around, making herself moan loudly into Goodra while giving Diantha the best view she could. She felt her pussy clamping down on her own hand hard, devouring the lusty lube as she quaked in orgasm again.

"Please, darling, I need your fingers right now!" Cynthia heard Diantha gasp. Looking over, she could see that Diantha had released a Florges from her Pokeball. Diantha laid back and let the voluptuous Fairy Pokemon begin to pleasure her with dainty little fingers, as Diantha kneaded her own breasts and watched Cynthia and Goodra hungrily. Turned on all the more by her audience's helpless lust, Cynthia turned back to the lady Dragon before her, and began to lick her, and fist both the Pokemon and herself, with new, lusty vigor.

For nearly an hour Cynthia licked around Goodra’s pussy while working both hands with all the effort she could manage to fist herself and the dragon at the same time, as Diantha watched and came on Florges's fingers. The longer she went on, the more of that wonderful sweet and haze-inducing slime was swallowed and was soaked into her. Her entire body was drenched in it, hair plastered thickly with the goop. There was a symphony of moans and squeals and shallow breathing as woman and Pokemon came and came again, over and over.

Though she was rather reluctant to do so, Cynthia decided it was time to move on to something else. She was ready for dozens more orgasms, but Diantha would not be as completely insatiable as Cynthia was, and Cynthia didn't want to go this entire time without touching her fellow Champion. Inspiring voyeuristic climaxes was very fun, but Cynthia didn't go on a journey just for that--she was here to have direct sex with Diantha! She finally pulled her limb out of Goodra, with some effort, the ridges seeming to lock around her hand to prevent her from escaping. The moment she did, it was like a cork was removed, and a powerful gush of slime and cum splattered out, coating her in an extra thick and potent layer. It was so powerful that Cynthia wailed and came just from the pleasure of feeling it soak against her, falling trembling to the ground as a new wave of bliss swept over her.

Goodra made a disappointed chirp, but as Cynthia's orgasm died down she stood up, and gave Goodra a small kiss. “Don’t worry, I’ll play with you some more in a bit. But right now, I'd like to have some fun with your girlfriend,” she said, gesturing to Diantha, who was still on her bed, legs splayed wide as Florges stroked her clit. Goodra nodded, curling her tail up and rubbing it along her own slit.

Diantha guided Florges back, and told her gently, "Okay, darling, that's enough for now. I'll have some more fun with you specially later, okay? But right now, I think Cynthia has something in mind for me." Florges nodded, and Diantha gently tapped her with her Pokeball, drawing her back into it.

Cynthia moved onto the bed, pressing herself against Diantha. The slime coating her body seemed to grow even warmer upon contact with the other woman. Pulling her into a kiss, she rubbed against her fellow Champion, loving how every inch of her body felt so slick and soft against Diantha. The kiss was slow and tender, each moaning into the others mouth as their nipples brushed together, the slickness of the slime and the sensitivity of her rings making it all the more wonderful for Cynthia.

Diantha ran her hands through Cynthia's hair and down her back, gathering up a couple handfuls of ooze. Once she reached Cynthia’s ass, she gave the firm globes a squeeze, and moved one hand down lower, slipping a finger into her pussy. Cynthia broke the kiss, crying out loud as she came.

“This stuff is really amazing,” she said as she came down from her climax, feeling Diantha's slick finger moving around inside her pussy.

“Oh, this is nothing. You should experience what it's like during her mating season, or right after a really good battle. She's at least three times as potent then! I have to be careful at that point not to even touch her until I know we're alone and won't be interrupted, because the second I do, I won't be able to control myself until I'm too exhausted to go on.”

Cynthia nodded, considering how horny a good battle would leave herself feeling, too. “We'll have to have a friendly match some time,” she whispered, already thinking about which of her own team would be the most open to this...her Milotic had always been very affectionate, and she certainly was a beautiful creature...

Diantha nodded. “Sounds like a fine idea to me!”

While the thoughts were tempting, Diantha was Cynthia's focus for now. Shifting her position, Cynthia pressed her knee into Diantha's crotch, grinding into her. With the slime and Diantha's own wetness giving the pressure a slick pleasure, it was easy to bring her over the edge in only a few moments.

“Now, time to get to the real fun,” Cynthia murmured, moving down and kissing along Diantha's stomach. She stopped for a moment to kiss at the beauty mark there before continuing down farther. Once she reached the Kalos Champion's pussy, she began to lick away the coating of Goodra slime. She could get only a faint taste of Diantha's own flavor through it. Hooking Diantha's legs over her shoulders, Cynthia set to it with loving diligence, cleaning away every last drop of sweet Dragon love gel. Once the last trace of bubble-cum was gone, she plunged into Diantha's cunny and began to loudly slurp away at her, getting a taste of pumpkin, only sweeter.

Diantha moaned and writhed as Cynthia ate her out. “It's, It's been so long since I was with another human, I'd for-forgotten that it could be so good!” she gasped loudly as she teased her own breasts.

"You didn't forget; you just never had it so good as me!" Cynthia boasted into Diantha's pussy, the sound vibrations of her words as she licked and sucked adding to Diantha's pleasure. If a human being allowed to eat this Champion out was such an unusual privilege, Cynthia intended to make sure she earned it!

Cynthia moved up, latching onto Diantha's clit, and began to lash it hard and fast. The stud in her tongue seemed to almost vibrate with the impact of Diantha's pleasure, making both of them moan passionately. Cynthia reached back and began to tease herself.

All at once Cynthia felt something thick, warm, and very slimy press against her quim. Breaking away for just a second she looked back and saw that Goodra was licking her pussy. More than happy to receive as she was giving, Cynthia spread her legs, letting the Dragon get better access.

After about four orgasms, Diantha finally pushed Cynthia away. “I...I need a little rest, please! My stamina isn't anywhere near on par with you or Goodra,” she said weakly.

“Goo!” the Dragon muttered, sounding slightly disappointed.

“Aww, don't be down, you big sweetie. I have plenty of energy left for you!” Cynthia said, turning to face the Dragon once more.


A few days later saw Cynthia finally returning to her home, her journey finally over with. (Well, this has been an incredible experience, that's for sure. I feel like I'm almost an entirely different person than I was when I first set a good way, though. Like I've grown into who I really always was meant to be.

(Too bad I didn't get to bag absolutely everyone I wanted to), she thought, remembering the absence of the Unova Champion, (but missing out on only one of dozens is a pretty good success, I think! And I'm coming back with all sorts of souvenirs, wonderful piercings, a new love for myself, a new perspective on food, so much more sensitivity and this wonderful, unquenchable arousal, my milk, and so much more.)

She opened the door to her villa. As she stepped in, she saw a figure standing near one of the windows...judging by the size, it was a young girl.

"Hello, Cynthia." The figure turned around. It was Iris, wearing a cocky grin. "Took you long enough.

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