Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Getting out of the water, Cynthia stood, completely nude, enjoying the sunlight for a moment, before making her way to one of the lounge chairs.

“I have to say, Amy, I like your taste and I love your style,” she said, looking around at all the other girls chatting and sunbathing around the pool. There were over a dozen present, and all of them were nude, just like Cynthia.

“That’s quite the compliment, coming from you,” Water Club Master Amy said, lifting up a little from her chair, also naked. Cynthia could fully apprentice her figure, trim and sexy, rather like Misty, though with Amy's intense eyes, short and wave-styled dark hair, and fuller breasts, the figure was where the similarities with Misty ended. "On this island, I'm one of the big-shots, like your Gym Leaders--well, why not live it up and enjoy the perks of that? I figure, if you're not spending your free time lounging by the water surrounded by adoring floozy ass, then what the hell was the point of getting famous to begin with?"

Cynthia chuckled and grinned. It was a bit of a crude philosophy which she didn't entirely agree with--but on the other hand, she herself was using her own fame for an international booty call marathon, so who was she to judge?

“Anyways, now that you’ve had a dip, what do you say we get to it? Seeing the nude Sinnoh Champion in my swimming pool is turning me on, and I can tell the rest of the girls are getting antsy, too. Swimming and lounging is great, but at this point, it's really just time to fuck,” Amy said bluntly.

Cynthia had no problem with that bluntness, though, and wasted no time in laying on top of Amy so they could sixty-nine. As they began, the various other woman started to gather around them, openly and loudly masturbating to the sight. The sounds alone were getting Cynthia turned on, to say nothing of the hot, lean woman below her.

Amy had a lovely taste of plums, but that wasn’t all. The scent of all the other women around her was making Cynthia heady with arousal, making Amy taste even better. Amy’s tongue skills were nearly on par with Cynthia herself, and it took very little time for Cynthia to cum, moaning into Amy as she twisted her tongue. Amy soon came as well.

As they continued licking away, a few of the other girls moved in, running their hands along every inch of exposed skin, dipping their fingers into Cynthia’s cunny or cupping her breasts. She gasped and moaned at the feeling of half a dozen fingers all battling for access to her overstuffed pussy and her throbbing clit, feeling them competing with Amy's tongue for space within her. She purred at the feeling of so many hands caressing, running over, and gripping her breasts, kneading them, flicking her nipples, giving tiny, delicious pinches. Like her feet, Cynthia's breasts had lately been getting more pleasurably sensitive, and having them held and fondled by a half dozen hands each, having every inch of them touched at the same time, was delightful.

A few of the girls even rubbed themselves off against her back, grinding themselves against her perfect, smooth skin. More than once one of them would take one of Cynthia's hands and bring it to their pussy.

The feeling and scent of so much cum, alongside the taste of Amy, was incredible. After a while, some of the other girls began to lick away the cum that was beginning to coat her body. The feeling of all those tongues on every bit of skin from her neck down to her feet, along with Amy’s skilled tongue and the handling of a dozen hands and fingers, very quickly brought Cynthia to orgasm, and kept her cumming several times.

After what must have been the tenth time, everyone backed off, letting Cynthia stand up. “That was a lot of fun, and pretty intense, even for me,” Cynthia said, a little out of breath.

There was a bit of giggling from all the girls. “Oh, that was just the usual warm-up for us,” Amy told her with a devious grin.

Before Cynthia could say anything, several of the girls grabbed Cynthia’s arms and legs and lifted her off the ground. One of them kissed her deeply, while another two of them latched onto her breasts, sucking and licking at her nipples. A few more went to her pussy, stroking along her inner thighs and labia. Each individual toe got a girl to lavish it with the sweet love of her mouth and tongue.

Amy stood back, fingering herself for a few moments, before joining in. Kneeling down, she ate out Cynthia while fingering a pair of girl on each side. This was kept up until Cynthia came a few minutes later, moaning loudly as every girl present felt her orgasmic shakes. With this climax, the girls stopped for a moment, and several of them changed places with one another, including one girl who took Amy's spot. Amy took that girl's place at one of Cynthia's toes. As the girl began to eat Cynthia out as Amy had, the rest of them continued what they had been doing, pleasuring Cynthia from top to bottom. Every time Cynthia came, some of the girls would trade places, until finally every woman had had a turn at her muff.

Finally, they carried Cynthia, who by this point was drunk off orgasms, over to one of the chairs. They laid her out across it, and stood over her, masturbating and fingering each other. For her part during this, Cynthia managed to regain enough of her wits to spread her arms and legs and find cunnies and clits to fill and tweak, returning the pleasure she had just received. By the time everyone, including Cynthia, was too satisfied and exhausted to continue, Amy and the girls had completely coated Cynthia in their cum.

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