Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Cynthia grinned as Phoebe entered the room, wearing a bikini without her usual sarong. She was carrying a tray covered in a wide variety of foods. “I have to admit, this is one of the few fetishes that I don’t have a lot of experience with,” Cynthia said as the dark-skinned girl set the tray down.

“Well, I've never done this with a woman before, so that makes us even," Phoebe replied, smiling eagerly. "But I'm sure we'll both love the new experience.”

She sat down next to Cynthia on the couch. “Let’s have a little warm up, so I can get used to this,” she said, leaning over and kissing the blonde.

As their tongue danced against each other, Cynthia slipped a hand down Phoebe’s bikini bottom, gently running her fingers along her slit. The ghost trainer broke the kiss for a moment, moaning sharply. "I-I said a warm up! You just dive right in, don't you?" she gasped. Cynthia smiled and continued to tease Phoebe. She could feel her fingers getting a good coating of arousal. Her own panties were getting fairly damp as well, but she could wait for a while longer.

Just as Phoebe was getting right on the edge, Cynthia pulled her hand away. Phoebe let out a small whimper, but offered no further compliant as Cynthia licked her fingers clean, the sweet and exotic taste of passion fruit filled her mouth. (I bet she’ll be even sweeter once we get into that), Cynthia thought, looking at the assorted foods sitting next to them.

Reaching over, Phoebe picked up a jar of honey with a few large chunks of honeycomb suspended in the golden viscous goop. “Take off your coat,” she ordered. "And get it well out of the way, or else we're going to ruin it."

Cynthia did so right away, tossing it aside many feet away. Once it was out of the way, Phoebe leaned in and gently kissed across her neck. Moving down to the tops of her breasts, she lightly ran the tip of her tongue over them before she lifted the jar up and tipped it over, letting it slowly drizzle out over Cynthia’s breasts. The thick, sticky feeling of it slipping into her cleavage sent a shiver through her.

The viscous fluid slowly dribbled down her shirt, soaking into her bra. The faint grittiness of the sugar in it rubbing against her nipples created a wonderful feeling. A bit of the comb fell out, landing right between her cleavage. Right away Phoebe leaned forward and caught the chunk of wax between her lips, her tongue slipping out in the process to scoop up some honey, licking Cynthia’s exposed skin as well. She rose up, still holding the honeycomb in her mouth, and moved in to kiss Cynthia. Cynthia met her, taking the sweet into her own mouth as she did. The sugary, warm taste of honey made the kiss all the better. As they kissed, a bit of the honey dripped down from between them, landing on Phoebe’s chest, making her moan a bit.

Pulling back, Phoebe reached up and grabbed Cynthia's breasts through her clothes. A bit of the honey oozed out of the fabric, leaking between her fingers. The dark-skinned woman massaged the mounds for several seconds, working the mess in deeper with every motion. After a few moments she let up. She pulled her hands back and licked a bit of the sweetness off of them, before reaching back and undoing her top. As it fell away, she grabbed her breasts, squeezing them together, with her hands coating them in a bit of honey.

Cynthia tiled her head down, and in one long, slow swipe, licked away all of the honey, with an extra flick over each of Phoebe’s nipples. With a little effort, Cynthia was able to remove her shirt without getting any honey in her hair. Her bra was easier. The less experienced girl lapped away at the honey slowly, sloppily, spreading the mess more as she gave small kisses. Once it was all gone, she told Cynthia to lie down.

As she leaned back on the couch, Cynthia could see Phoebe going for the next item, a bowl of grapes of various sizes. Phoebe unbuttoned Cynthia’s pants and pulled them off with a little help from the blonde. Once they were out of the way, she took a good look at the large, damp spot in the middle of her panties. She leaned in and gave it a quick swipe of the tongue. Cynthia shivered a bit at the contact, but it was only for a few seconds.

“This bit is something I’ve never had a chance to do to someone else before,” Phoebe said, pulling Cynthia’s panties aside. She grabbed a few grapes. Cynthia had a fair idea what was going to happen, but it still caught her off guard as Phoebe slipped a few grapes inside of her cunny. The slippery coldness of the grapes was an odd sensation, even to Cynthia. She could feel them rubbing against each other inside of her, her inner walls squeezing down on them, slightly crushing them, which released tiny bursts of juice into her. Each juice squirt nearly made her cum.

Once the bowl was about half empty, Phoebe slipped off her bottom, giving Cynthia a good view of her neatly shaved cunny. A bit of cum was leaking down her thighs. “I remember the first time I did this to myself...feels great, doesn’t it?" she asked as she shoved a few pieces of fruit into her own pussy, moaning softly as she did. Cynthia only made a small squeak to answer; most of her focus was on keeping her muscles under control and not smashing all of the grapes, but the slippery orbs sliding around and rubbing around inside of her was making it pretty difficult to control her inner quakes.

As the last grape disappeared into Phoebe, she let out a sharp moan, a bit of juice gushing out of her and splashing against Cynthia’s chest. Before Cynthia could swipe it up, Phoebe leaned in and licked it away herself. “You’ll be getting plenty soon enough,” she teased, before joining Cynthia on the couch in a sixty-nine position. Not wasting a second, the Ghost-Type Trainer went to work, plunging her tongue into Cynthia’s pussy. Her tongue curled around one of the grapes. She rolled it around against the others, brushing Cynthia’s inner walls at the same time. Cynthia gasped sharply at the feeling of the grape being pulled out, only to be slipped back in as another received the same treatment.

Once she had a chance to catch her breath, Cynthia gently kissed all along Phoebe’s cunny, inhaling the scent of her cum mixed with the grapes. (It’s one of the sweetest things ever!) she thought to herself as she got a small taste, Phoebe's natural hint of passion fruit combining with the juice of the grapes. Cynthia began to lap away every bit of juice that leaked out, only just letting the tip of her tongue dip into the girl every little bit. Every time she did, Phoebe would moan against her mound, causing her to clench down and crush a few more grapes within herself. The cool mush of them sliding around made every moment, every movement, more intense. Finally, after several minutes of teasing, Cynthia started to apply her real skill to her lover. Her tongue would slip in, pushing the grapes this way and that, stirring the crushed remains, mixing it with her cum more and more.

Phoebe was the first to cum, a flood of her juices mixed with that of the grapes flooding into Cynthia’s mouth. There was too much even for her to swallow all at once. The excess dribbled from her mouth down her chin, and all over her breasts. That feeling, along with the sharp cry of pleasure from Phoebe’s orgasm, was enough to push Cynthia over the edge as well. She cried out as her inner walls began to clamp down hard on the grapes, mashing them to a juicy, sweet pulp, causing spurts of cum and juice to erupt from her pussy as the cool, sweet sensation of the grapes stimulated her through her orgasm in new ways. She could feel Phoebe literally sucking the juices out of her cunny as it went on, making it all the more wonderfully pleasurable.

The moment Cynthia was done, Phoebe shifted around and kissed her passionately, a good amount of the cum and juice still held in her mouth now trickling into Cynthia's. As they both drank it down, the dark-skinned girl pressed her breasts against Cynthia’s own sticky chest, rubbing their nipples together. The sticky combination of drying cum and juice created a slightly unpleasant feeling that was at the same time oddly enjoyable. At the same time their pussies were also pressed together. The same mixture hadn’t yet dried, and only made it slicker. The sensation made them both groan, spilling a few droplets of their saliva, cum, and juice down onto their chins, and they began to press against one another harder, rubbing until they both came again.

“That was one of the best meals I’ve ever had,” Cynthia said in a half joking voice.

“Meal? Ha! That was the appetizer at most! I hope you saved room for the main course,” Phoebe joked back as she stood up. “The next part of it is in the kitchen,” she said, offering a hand to Cynthia.

Once they entered, Phoebe went straight to the refrigerator and opened the door. Cynthia tried to peek around her, but could only see her nicely shaped butt. This did not upset her.

After a few seconds, Phoebe turned around, holding a couple of pies. “Coconut custard, in case you're wondering," she said as she set them down on the table. She grabbed two more as well, and set them on the floor. Cynthia appreciated just how prepared Phoebe was for all this. She was by no means squeamish about her first time with a woman, and Cynthia liked that.

“Well, come on over,” she said, pointing to the pies on the floor. Doing as she was asked, Cynthia stepped into each pie, her feet sinking slightly as the cold, slippery filling squished in between her toes, completely covering both feet. She'd never felt something like this in a sexual setting; it somehow felt very erotic to feel the custard caked around her feet's contours. As she wriggled her toes a bit, the cream shifted and jiggled with every movement she did, turning her on further. She could feel it dribbling down into the pies, adding a hint of warmth to their coldness.

“Lean forward now,” Phoebe ordered softly as she fingered herself to the sight. Cynthia tilted forward, until her nipples were just barely touching the pies. She could see small ripples going across the gelatinous surface as she breathed in and out.

With one last small movement, she pressed herself into both pies. They ran over a bit as her breasts smashed into them. The custard fully molded to the shape of her mounds, and every breath caused them to shake it around them a bit more. As Cynthia savored the feeling brought on by the sweets, Phoebe pulled a bottle of thick cream out of the fridge, and walked up behind Cynthia. She pressed her crotch against Cynthia's, and began to slowly grind against her. At the same time she poured a bit of the cream onto Cynthia’s shoulders. It ran down her back and over her ass, and down between the two of them as they pressed together.

The contrasting feeling of the coldness of the cream and the heat of Phoebe’s body, along with the pies squishing against and around her sensitive feet and breasts, was more than Cynthia could take, and she moaned in helpless abandon as she shook and came again. But the Elite Four member didn’t let up. She poured more of the cream out, directly onto Cynthia’s ass. Using a free hand, she spread it around, before reaching down and jamming her fingers into Cynthia’s cunny, pumping them hard and fast. The cool cream on her fingers contrasted the heat of their sex, and drove Cynthia once again to the highest heights of pleasure. Cynthia came again, and as she did, Phoebe brought her hand out and cupped it, then poured cream into it. She moved it upwards, and cupped Cynthia's crotch, pressing the cream against and into it. Cynthia moaned louder still at the cool liquid's sensations during her orgasm, and curled her toes into the pies as her pleasure just kept increasing. Phoebe went back to fingering her as her orgasm receded, and kept pouring the cream over her ass the whole time, letting it dribble into her crack and pussy as it was being fingered, until the cream had run out and Cynthia had cum yet again.

As Phoebe backed away, she gave the panting Cynthia another set of orders. “Get up on the table. Use one of the pies as your seat.”

Cynthia did as she was told. The feeling of the custard against her cream-dripping rear made Cynthia squirm a bit, which only made it spread more. It was uncomfortable, and yet as erotic as everything else. As she tried to get comfortable in the soggy mess that had once been a pie, she could see Phoebe pushing the ones on the floor aside as she knelt down on front of her. She took one of Cynthia’s feet, still coated in coconut cream, and began to lick it away, fingering herself as she did. Cynthia began to finger herself as well, plunging her digit into her cream, juice, and cum-soaking pussy. She removed her finger, and pushed both hands down into the other pie on the table, gathering its contents into her hands as well as she could. She then reached up and smeared it across her chest, fondling herself as she did so. She moaned and gasped in sexual abandon, she could feel every swipe of Phoebe's tongue across her foot, every squishy bit of pie coating her other foot, every inch of her rear that sat in the cold, squashed pie, every drip of cream-mixed arousal that leaked from her pussy, every drip that ran down her breasts and stomach, and she loved it all! She cried out as she came yet again from the sensation overload, her cum dribbling down into the pie she sat in.

Once Phoebe had cleaned both of Cynthia’s feet, she moved up to her breasts, giving them the same treatment. As she did, Cynthia grabbed her ass with her messy hands, kneading it with the very mess that she was licking away.

Phoebe helped Cynthia up off the table, and took her place sitting in the pie, moaning as she did. The feeling of cum and cream all over her backside was enough to set her off instantly. Cynthia pulled her into a kiss. Reaching down, she began fingering her, rubbing some of the sloppy mixture against her cunny as she did. It wasn’t long before Phoebe came again. Her throes of pleasure sent a bit of the goop splashing out against Cynthia’s belly.

As she stepped back, Cynthia wiped a bit of the pie off her stomach and tasted it. The mixture of Phoebe’s cum, the grapes, the pie, and her own cum all at once was once of the most wonderful things she had ever experienced. She almost wanted to cum right there from the taste and the knowledge of everything that had gone into creating it, but she focused, and knelt down in front of the girl. She began to lick away the mess from her pussy, dipping her tongue in as she did.

Phoebe gently pushed Cynthia back. “That’s enough, that's enough! Stop!" she said, chuckling at how tenacious a pussy licker Cynthia was. "It’d be a shame if you got full before the last course!” She stood up, a bit of pie crust falling to the floor.

“There’s more?” Cynthia asked, putting a hand over her stomach. (I never thought I’d actually have to worry about gaining weight from sex!) she thought to herself.

Phoebe grinned. “Go take a shower while I get the next bit set up. It’ll take a few minutes.”

Cynthia made her way to the bathroom, following Phoebe’s directions. The floor was covered in plastic sheets. (She really had this planed out!) Cynthia couldn’t help but admire the foresight the girl took with her fetish. As the water flowed down her body, taking all the sticky mess with it, Cynthia couldn’t help but feel an odd mixture of relief and disappointment. Getting clean did feel good, even refreshing, but the feeling of everything clinging to her skin, of the wanton, messy results of their sex, had been strangely exciting. The pie's custard and crust clinging to her, the cream moistening her bottom and running down her legs, the sticky grape juice staining her pussy and thighs...the discomfort of the mess had been outweighed by the raw, animalistic feel of being sexily filthy!

(I'll be lucky if I don't cream my panties every time I see a pie for the rest of my life), Cynthia thought to herself, then laughed. ("Cream," indeed!)

As Cynthia lathered up, she looked over the ingredients of the soap. They were all natural and completely neutral, no scent or colors at all, probably so it wouldn’t alter the taste of whatever food was being prepared next.

Once she was fully clean, Cynthia stepped out of the shower and saw Phoebe, also cleaned, standing in the doorway holding a towel. “Make sure to dry off very thoroughly,” she said. Just to make sure that the blonde was dry, she gave her a once over herself, Cynthia’s breasts receiving an extra bit of attention.

Once that was done, Phoebe lead her through the house to a second bathroom. The first thing Cynthia noticed as she entered the room was a powerfully sweet aroma.

“I only do this rarely, because it’s a bit expensive. But when you called me, I knew I had to do it!” Phoebe said, barely able to hold back her excitement as she practically pulled Cynthia to the bathtub.

As she looked in, she realized just what the girl meant about it being pricey. The tub was filled nearly to the brim with thick, rich-looking cream, with dozens of peaches and strawberries floating in it. Without a word more, both woman climbed in. The cream was nearly thick enough to be solid, almost like the pies, only now it engulfed Cynthia’s entire body. They simply sat there, loving the cool, calm, soothing, yet sexily engulfing feeling of the thick cream enwrapping them. Cynthia lay deep within it until only the top of her face was visible at its top, then rose out of it, letting out a small gasp at the sensual feeling of the cream running down her skin.

After a few quiet moments of enjoying their setting, the women got to business. Sitting at the opposite end from Cynthia, Phoebe stretched out her leg through the milk bath and brushed her toes against Cynthia’s pussy. She removed her foot quickly, and grabbed a slice of peach between her toes. Then, bringing it back down, she started rubbing it along Cynthia’s slit.

As Phoebe teased her cunny with the sexy fruit, Cynthia lifted her feet out of the cream and began to use them to massage Phoebe’s breasts. The white cream running down her dark skin only made the sight all the more erotic as Cynthia pinched her hardened nubs between her slick toes, pulling them slightly. Phoebe gasped, and decided to up the ante.

The moment the peach slice slipped into her, Cynthia came hard, sending ripples through the cream, as she jerked, her juices warming the area right around her.

When she was able, Cynthia moved her feet down from Phoebe’s chest and began to play with her the same way the Ghost Type trainer had done to her before, while Phoebe began to mimic Cynthia’s breasts massage. The two of them continued to rub each other with their feet for several minutes before changing positions, with Phoebe on all fours, a few peaches half sticking out of her cunny as cream and cum leaked out around them.

Cynthia eagerly ate every last bit out of Phoebe's pussy, before offering Phoebe the same treat. Cynthia laid on her back, letting the cream cover every part except for her face once more, as Phoebe laid on top of her, grinding against her. She leaned down to lick cream off her breast. Occasionally a peach would drift between her cleavage, which they would share with a kiss.

When the cream started to get a bit too warm, they both got out. "Thank you," Cynthia said, truly grateful as she wrapped her cream-dripping arms around Phoebe. "This has been an amazing new experience."

"Same here," Phoebe said, hugging back. "I think I might try seeing women regularly!" She broke away, and smiled mischievously. "Of course, there IS one small drawback to all this..."

"What's that?" Cynthia asked.

"Clean-up. Let's each get a shower, and take care of all this mess."

"Uh, I should be going, actually," Cynthia said. "Lots of women to see...I need to keep up my schedule, and all..."

"Oh, no you don't!" Phoebe said, sticking her tongue out playfully. "You had half the fun, and you corrupted my nice, comfortable heterosexuality, so you help clean the mess! Now hurry up and get in the shower. This has been fun, but getting dried cream out of your hair isn't."

Cynthia pouted, but headed for the shower, saying, "Alright, alright, you win. Just answer me one thing."

"What is it?"

Cynthia looked back at her and grinned. "How do you stay so trim?"

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