Cynthia’s Fantastic Lesbian Adventure

BY : Imasuky
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Waiting for the show to start, Cynthia brought up a bit of her hair to look at. She couldn't help but feel a slight fascination with it at the moment, for the black dye was still present. She had never actually dyed it before until her recent fun with Rosie, and it was such a strange feeling to see something she was so familiar with now look so different. The difference was enough that she had been able to go about a bit more easily, too, with considerably fewer people recognizing her. Amazing how much the color of one's hair could change the signature style and look of a person...She really did prefer her normal blonde, but until she had a proper chance to restore her natural color, she might as well have fun with the new one. The music started up as the show began, and she wondered just what Sashay would think when she saw it.

From her seat, Cynthia had a wonderful view of Sashay’s performance. Not only was she a top ranked trainer, but a renowned dancer, and every day she would put on a show. Cynthia had received a special ticket signed by the girl telling her to come to her show, as well as inviting her to her suite after the show. She liked the implications.

Looking at the girl’s trim figure elegantly moving across the stage, twirling her ribbons in rhythm with the music, Cynthia found herself becoming more and more excited. The constant limber movement was a turn-on to be sure, and Sashay's face had a certain innocent charm, quite different than Taylor's but still very cute. And the brightly colored ribbons completed her dark complexion wonderfully, unlike Rosie, who was mostly covered by her outfit.

By the time the show was over, Cynthia was pretty turned on, but she knew she’d have to hold back a little bit so that Sashay could clean up. Taking a little time before going to the girl’s suite, she only got hornier thinking about just what she would get to do when she got there.

Once she judged a reasonable amount of time had passed, Cynthia made her way to Sashay's room, and knocked on the door. “The door isn’t locked,” came the muffled response.

When Cynthia entered, she was caught off guard by the change in Sashay’s appearance. She now had at least four small silver studs in each eyebrow, a ring through her nose's center, and dozens of earrings of different styles lining the sides of her ears. Her nipples has a set of rings piercing them, which were connected by a chain which also linked to a ring in her belly button, the rest disappearing around her waist. Just below that was a heart-shaped tattoo with lines tracing down to her clit, which had a small barbell through it. Her labia had a few plug-style rings spreading them wide, with so many smaller rings going down each labial lip that Cynthia almost couldn't see the flesh below them. Sashay gave a small twirl, showing her back side. The chain that was connected to her nipples and belly button came around the back along her hips, and then rose up in two draping, almost regal lines to a ring just where her back met her neck. Turning around again, she stuck out her tongue, revealing two lines of barbells along its length, as well as a few rings on its outside edge.

Chuckling, the pierced girl grinned again. “Pretty surprised, huh?” she asked.

“To say the least,” Cynthia admitted. The change in appearance was rather jarring, but not unattractive. Cynthia had been with a handful of girl who had one or two piercings (beyond the usual earrings), but never this many...but in a strange way, the look seemed to fit the girl quite nicely.

“I normally don’t wear all of it at once. People think it’s a bit much. I only get to put them all in and feel truly myself in my private time.” Sashay pouted a bit, some of her rings clinking against each other as she did.

“Well, I think it looks very good,” Cynthia assured her, slipping off her clothes with a practiced ease, down to her panties alone before she had fully crossed the room.

Pulling Sashay into a kiss, Cynthia reflected the feeling of the lip rings against her own bare lips was a bit strange, as were the ones through her nipples against Cynthia's own chest. The chain brushing against her stomach was different, too. Right away Sashay slipped her tongue into Cynthia‘s mouth. All the small rings she had rubbing against her own filled her with curiosity as to how wonderful it would feel in her pussy.

Happily, she knew she wouldn't wonder for long.

Cynthia ran her hands along the younger woman’s back, following the small chains running up it and feeling each tiny metallic link. It was strange, but kind of fun, tracing the pattern of them down the chain and back around to her front.

At the same time, Sashay was groping Cynthia's backside, letting her nails sink in a little bit, earning a pleased moan from Cynthia as she did. After a little bit they broke away, the faint feeling of those rings still on Cynthia's tongue.

Pulling Cynthia into her bedroom, Sashay pushed the woman back onto her bed. “You know, I think the new look is pretty sexy, though I have to admit I like blondes better,” Sashay commented as she kneeled down between Cynthia’s legs.

Before Cynthia could reply, Sashay slipped her tongue into her cunny. The rings along her tongue stroked Cynthia's inner walls in a truly delightful way that she hadn’t experienced before. Licking away, Sashay moved up to Cynthia’s clit, wrapping her lips around the small bud, her lip and tongue rings digging in a tiny bit, just enough to add a pleasantly strange sensation to the intense pleasure that suddenly raced through Cynthia's body.

Bombarded with a new kind of pleasure, it took little time for Cynthia to cum. Sashay loudly drank down every drop of her juices, slurping exaggeratedly so that her oral rings clinked together, a set of erotic chimes.

Getting up, Sashay straddled Cynthia, pressing their pussies together. The rings in Sashay’s cunny rubbed against Cynthia labia. The delightful moving, bumpy, smooth sensation of all the rings pressing this way and that against her sex as they clinked together with Sashay's movement, alongside their nipples rubbing against each other, brought Cynthia back to the edge quickly. When Sashay kissed her deeply, catching her tongue and stroking it with the piercings along her own, that was the final push, and Cynthia came, shuddering under her as her juices flowed and spat up to splatter against Sashay's metal-saturated vulva.

Still grinding her hips a bit, Sashay lifted up, grinning widely. “Getting you to cum twice so quickly...I think I’m doing pretty well so far!” the girl bragged. She certainly wasn't doing badly, but obviously the implication that she was doing better than anyone else ever did was not true...but Sashay was putting forth a lot of effort, and that was what mattered most. Besides, just like with Courtney, Cynthia's interest was in making her girls happy, not being petty enough to deflate their ego. So she said nothing, and just grabbed Sashay’s hips, giving her a small slap.

Taking the invitation, the purple-haired girl moved forward and put her pussy right against Cynthia’s mouth. Reaching down, she hooked her fingers into her rings and spread her lips especially wide for Cynthia. Plunging her tongue in, Cynthia was greeted with the delicious taste of blackberries. Lapping away, Cynthia reached up and gently tugged on the long chain that ran down and behind Sashay’s body, making her moan intensely from the mild pain of her sensitive flesh being pulled upon.

Tugging more, Cynthia began to suck and nip at her clit as Sashay ground against her, pushing and prodding and pulling at the ends of the small silver barbell that went through it, tugging her clit this way and that as a result. The heavily pierced girl moaned long, deep, and loud, and finally came, all her jewelry clinking and jingling with her every spasm. Cynthia lapped hungrily at her blackberry-flavored cum, and let her fingers take over with Sashay's clit, flicking the barbells, pushing them in and out, even pulling them a little at times. Sashay's moan grew steadily as her body kept shaking in climax, as her spasms intensified, until she came even harder a second time, on top of her first orgasm.

Once Sashay had finished her orgasms and had had a few minutes to recover, she got up and grinned down at Cynthia. “Wow, that was good! You know your way around a woman's piercings, that's for sure. You know...I was thinking that you’d look good with a few yourself.” She cocked an eyebrow her own piercings, which seemed to glint a bit brighter at the words.

“I’m...not sure," Cynthia responded. "I mean...they do look good, but there's pain involved, and with the ones you're talking about, that's pain in some places very dear to my heart. Even besides that, it would mean that I wouldn’t be able to have sex for a little while...which is awful enough to think about as it is, but the League isn't going to let me stay on vacation forever, and I have so many more girls to go. I really couldn't take the time for my body to recover from them...” She frowned, chewing her lower lip a little.

"Oh come on, Cynthia! Who do you think you're talking to?" Sashay replied, her grin growing and becoming very prideful. "I'm the very best piercing expert in the world! Where do you think all these things came from? I did every single one myself! Look, I've got you covered." She went to her nightstand and rummaged through the drawers for a moment, and produced a bottle of liquid.

"Erika herself formulated this for me. It's a Full Restore that's been modified specially for humans. Normally Pokemon medicine is only slightly effective on humans, but this is's not good for any real injuries or wounds, but a few dabs of this on and in a tiny puncture wound, and in a minute you'll be as healed up as if a month had gone by! Though the actual piercing still hurts, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits right away--and trust me, they are spectacular!” Sashay licked her lips, the rings clinking together lightly as she did.

Thinking it over for a moment, Cynthia nodded. She'd always heard about how pleasurable genital piercings could be, and if Sashay's special medicine did what she said it would, there was no downside beyond the initial puncture.

“Alright, but I'd like to keep it simple for now, if that's alright,” she said, gesturing toward the many pieces that the other woman had. Though Sashay did look positively enticing, it wasn’t a look Cynthia wanted for herself.

"Sure thing. We can get hardcore later," Sashay agreed cheerfully. "What kind do you want?"

In a matter of moments Sashay had her kit out. Cynthia was no expert, but she couldn't imagine any professional kid could compete with Sashay's. It had a complete array of tools and replacements for them, with a wide variety of studs, barbells, and rings to choose from. After a quick bit of sterilization, and Cynthia choosing which piercings she wanted (she settled on a set of small rings; she felt that rings had an elegance and appeal that studs and barbells lacked), Sashay brought the piercing gun up to Cynthia's chest.

Alright, get ready," she told Cynthia. "This is going to sting."

"O-Okay," Cynthia replied nervously. "Um...I should probably mention that I'm lactating. Will that be a problem?"

"For most people, yeah," Sashay told her with a shrug. "It's easy to do serious harm in a situation like that, and infection's more likely. But the medicine's going to heal you before infection could have a chance at you anyway, and as I said, I'm the world's greatest expert at this. I guarantee your milk will be fine, Cynthia. I wouldn't dare try this if I didn't have complete confidence in myself--if I caused your milk to be lost, I think the world's women would probably hunt me down and destroy me!"

She very carefully did both of Cynthia’s nipples. There was sharp twinge of pain that made Cynthia take a hissing breath, but it faded instantly when the Full Restore was dabbed and sprayed across her chest, replaced by a faint numbness that called Rosie to mind. That too faded quickly, and soon her breast felt nearly the same. The only difference was the small weight of the rings that now dangled from her nipples.

“Now for the lower ones.”

Both women had to keep themselves under control as Sashay prepped Cynthia’s quim. Just as before, there was a twinge of pain as the gun broke the skin in five quick movements. And just as before, the medicine eased the pain instantly.

“I know I said it before, but I've got to say it again: I really do the best work with this,” the dancer said, stepping back and letting Cynthia look down at her newly adorned vulva.

There were now five rings adorning her cunny. One dangled adorably from her clitoris, and below, there was a pair of slightly larger rings, one through each of her outer lips. Slightly further down were a pair of rings slightly smaller than the ones above them but larger than the one in the clit, one through each of her inner lips. In all, they seemed to form a star.

Reaching down with one hand, Cynthia gave each a small, experimental flick. She gasped and closed her eyes in pleasure as a jolt of bliss went through her each time. Bringing her other hand up, she brushed the nipple rings, getting the same tingle.

Sashay grinned. "Don't be afraid to be a bit rougher! With that medicine, it's like those things have been in for months, even years! Give yourself a little tough love!" She down herself and hooked her fingers into Cynthia’s outer pussy rings. She tugged them a bit harder than Cynthia had herself. Cynthia's mind reeled as her body shuddered in pleasure and pain, never having felt anything like the sensation of having her cunny sharply pulled outward. It was enough to make Cynthia cum. A deep, pleased moan tore through her as she tossed her head back.

Shifting around a little, Sashay straddled Cynthia’s thigh. Her many rings rubbed against Cynthia roughly. Pressing her knee into Cynthia’s cunny, Sashay leaned in and began to flick her tongue against Cynthia's left nipple's ring, batting it up and down rapidly and sending the most amazing rapid pulses of excitement through the woman. Sashay brought her hand up to Cynthia's other breast as she licked at the left one's ring. She gripped the right nipple ring between her thumb and forefinger, and gave a sudden, gentle, but insistent tugging twist, flipping the left and right sides of the ring over themselves and forcing the nipple to twist with them. Cynthia let out a yelp of agonized bliss as a new form of painful pleasure shot through her. As she was panting and whimpering in the throbbing after-pleasure of the pain, a few droplets of milk escaped her right tit.

"Oooh, it appears your breast really liked that, huh?" Sashay asked mischievously, before going back to batting the left ring up and down with her tongue.

"It...certainly did!" Cynthia gasped, still trying to recover from the sensation. What an incredible understatement! Already she was berating herself within for having waited this long in her life to bless herself with these wonderful piercings.

Cynthia could only whimper and grind against the girl as waves of pleasure washed over her from her pussy and breasts. Sashay brought her to the edge several times, before letting her cum at last. But when it finally came, the sensation of her new rings pulling and twisting and jiggling her most pleasurably sensitive flesh a dozen ways at once, all overloading her mind with white-hot bliss...Cynthia came and she came hard, hard, hard!

Once her body had finished quaking and her lungs had finished screaming, Cynthia got up and chuckled. “You teased me for a pretty long time just now,” she said, getting up and finding a couple of the ribbons that Sashay usually wore.

Before the dancer could react, Cynthia pushed her down onto the bed and laced the ribbons through her pussy rings, and tied them to her leg. She did so while pulling them good and taught, leaving Sashay's pussy wide open and vulnerable. “And now, I’m going to have my fun.”

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